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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1136: I International Symposium on Grapevine Roots

Production of propagating material of grapevine rootstocks in the EU and Italy

Authors:   C. Zavaglia, M. Pecile, M. Gardiman, L. Bavaresco
Keywords:   Vitis, grafting, nursery, statistics
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1136.9
Stock nurseries of rootstock cultivars, in the EU, account for 7,466 ha, according to the “Comité international des pépiniéristes viticoles” (2012) while 6,052 ha are devoted to stock nurseries of V. vinifera cultivars. The main rootstock producing countries are Spain, France and Italy, which represent 87% of the total area, while about 60% of total area for stock nurseries of V. vinifera cultivars are located in Italy and France. In 2012, the production of grafted cuttings in the EU was about 546 million, whilst nursery cuttings were about 10 million. The rootstock cultivars grown in the three main producing countries are 41; 110 Richter (1,940 ha), SO 4 (774 ha), 1103 Paulsen (765 ha), 140 Ruggeri (511 ha), Kober 5BB (391 ha), 41B (300 ha), 161.49 Couderc (290 ha), 3309 Couderc (241 ha), Fercal (188 ha), 420A (130 ha), 101.14 Mgt (102 ha), Gravesac (89 ha), 775 Paulsen (42 ha) and 779 Paulsen (37 ha). In Italy, five rootstock cultivars account for 82,5% of total rooted cuttings and grafts produced, as follows: 1103 Paulsen (22%), Kober 5BB (24%), SO 4 (22%), 110 Richter (9.5%), 420A (7%). The remaining production is split among 27 other rootstock cultivars. The rootstock cultivars grown in Italy are 36 and the most important are: 1103 Paulsen (499 ha), Kober 5BB (351 ha), SO 4 (305 ha), 110 Richter (188 ha), 140 Ruggeri (176 ha), 420A (101 ha) that account for 88% of total area. The remaining area is planted with 30 cultivars. Under EU legislation, production and marketing of propagating material of rootstock standard category is no longer allowed.

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