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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1136

I International Symposium on Grapevine Roots

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Convener   D. Tomasi 
Editors   F. Gaiotti, F. Battista, D. Tomasi 
30 July 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-21-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   36 
Place   Rauscedo, Italy 
Online articles:
Grape quality starts at the roots (D. Tomasi)
Grapevine rootstocks: origins and perspectives (N. Ollat, L. Bordenave, J.P. Tandonnet, J.M. Boursiquot, E. Marguerit)
'Star 50' and 'Star 74': new dwarfing grape rootstocks (C. Intrieri, I Filippetti, G. Allegro, G. Valentini, C. Pastore)
Grape rootstock-scion interaction on root system development (L. Kocsis, E. Tarczal, G. Molnár Kocsisné)
A report on Vitis riparia in Ontario, Canada (A. Rahemi, A. Dale, H. Fisher, T. Taghavi, A. Bonnycastle, J. Kelly)
Rootstock effects on vegetative growth of 'Furmint' (Z. Bihari, J.P. Tóth, Gy. Zsigrai, P. Balling, R. Fischinger, S.né Éles)
Influence of different rootstocks on grape and wine quality of Montenegrin autochthonous grapevine cultivar 'Vranac' (V. Mara¿, V. Kod¿ulović, J. Raičević, A. Gazivoda, M. Peri¿ić)
Rootstock effects on productive characteristics of 'Princess' seedless table grapes in Apulia region (southern Italy) (L. Tarricone, A.M. Amendolagine, D. Di Gennaro, G. Masi, G. Gentilesco)
Production of propagating material of grapevine rootstocks in the EU and Italy (C. Zavaglia, M. Pecile, M. Gardiman, L. Bavaresco)
Grapevine roots: interaction with natural factors and agronomic practices (J.J. Hunter, E. Archer, D. Van Schalkwyk, A.E. Strever, C.G. Volschenk)
Grapevine root system strength in an area susceptible to shallow landslides for slope stability assessment (M. Bordoni, C. Meisina, A. Vercesi, G.B. Bischetti, E. Chiaradia, C. Bassanelli, C. Vergani, R. Valentino, M. Bittelli, S. Chersich)
Grapevine root and shoot growth responses to photoselective nets: preliminary results (N. Corvalán, R.M. Bastías, C. Umanzor, I. Serra)
The effects of sustained deficit irrigation and re-watering on root production and turnover in warm climate viticulture (E.J. Edwards, A. Pearce, A.F. Lawlor, J. Pech, M.G. McCarthy, S.D. Tyerman)
Effect of soil water availability on root respiration in grapevines - importance for plant carbon balance (E. Hernández-Montes, M. Tomás, H. Medrano, J.M. Escalona)
Root system distribution and density of 'Pinot Gris': effect on yield and grape quality (F. Battista, F. Gaiotti, G. Bragato, D. Tomasi)
Compost amendment effects on grapevine root density and distribution (F. Gaiotti, P. Marcuzzo, F. Battista, N. Belfiore, D. Petoumenou, D. Tomasi)
Effect of water and salt stress on energy partitioning of two grapevine rootstock genotypes: a quantitative assessment (F. Meggio, A. Pitacco)
Cultivar and rootstock interaction affects the physiology and fruit quality of table grape with different water management - preliminary results (R. Perniola, P. Crupi, R. Genghi, D. Antonacci)
Alternative nursery propagation for vineyards establishment (A. Pisciotta, G. Fazio, M.G. Barbagallo, R. Di Lorenzo)
How rootstocks influence salt tolerance in grapevine? The roles of conferred vigor and ionic exclusion (H.F. Vila, M.L. Di Filippo, M. Venier, M.F. Filippini)
Molecular advances in rootstock-scion interaction in grapevine (C. Marè, E. Mica, L. Cattivelli)
Transcriptome pathways in leaf and root of grapevine genotypes with contrasting drought tolerance (M. Corso, A. Vannozzi, E. Maza, N. Vitulo, F. Meggio, M. Bouzayen, G. Valle, C. Bonghi, M. Lucchin)
Comparative analysis of genes involved in iron homeostasis in grapevine rootstocks characterized by contrasting tolerance to iron chlorosis (A. Vannozzi, M. Corso, I. Zen, C. Bonghi, M. Lucchin, S. Donnini, G. Zocchi)
Use of beneficial bacteria Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 on grapevine rootstocks grafted with 'Sangiovese' (A. Toffanin, C. D¿Onofrio, G.P. Carrozza, G. Scalabrelli)
Effect of N and water supply on xylem composition in 'Semillon' and 'Riesling' (M.C. Müller, J.P. Smith, A.C. Clark, B.P. Holzapfel)
Implication of nutrition on root development (D. Porro, S. Pedò)
Sensitivity of grapevine rootstocks to changes in zinc concentration in the soil (G.W.B. de Melo, L.S. da Silva, G. Brunetto, J. Zalamena, J.B. Albarello)
Rootstock effect on the K/Mg ratio in leaf petioles of 'Cerason' grapevine (P. Pavlou¿ek)
Screening root morphology in grafted grapevine using 2D digital images from rhizotrons (C. Dumont, N. Cochetel, V Lauvergeat, S.J. Cookson, N. Ollat, P. Vivin)
Root and stem water dynamics of rainfed grapevines in the Douro region (A.C. Malheiro, M.I. Ferreira, N. Conceição, S. Green)
Methods to dissect grapevine rootstocks responses to drought stress (D. Grossi, F. Emanuelli, G.S. Di Lorenzo, L. Brancadoro, O. Failla, M.S. Grando, A. Scienza)
Soilborne fungal pathogens affecting grapevine rootstocks: current status and future prospects (J. Armengol, D. Gramaje)
Not just sweet: phylloxerated roots indicate complex plant response mechanisms (A. Forneck, N.C. Lawo, K. Schoedl-Hummel, F. Liebner, T. Zweckmayr, M. Griesser)
Evaluation of grapevine rootstocks against soilborne pathogens associated with trunk diseases (D. Gramaje, S. Alaniz, P. Abad-Campos, J. García-Jiménez, J. Armengol)
The decline of the young vines grafted onto 161-49 C (A.S. Spilmont, C. Sereno, N. El khoti, L. Torregrosa)
New rootstock hybrids with Vitis cinerea and their resistance to phylloxera and callus formation (P. Pavlou¿ek)

ISBN-13: 9789462611214

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