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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1375

XXXI International Horticultural Congress (IHC2022): International Symposium on Plant Nutrition, Fertilization, Soil Management

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Conveners   L. Kalcsits, P. Cannavo 
Editors   L. Kalcsits, P. Cannavo 
30 September 2023 
ISBN   978-94-62613-74-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   58 
Place   Angers, France 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1375 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Properties of organic compost from vineyard pruning residues and wine lees and evaluation when used in substrates for grapevine saplings under various irrigation treatments (E. Lampraki, P. Baltzoi, G. Patakioutas, I. Tsirogiannis, N. Mantzos, D. Kyrkas, D. Hela, N. Malamos, G. Gizas)
Evaluation of the growth and metabolic response of grapevine saplings in different doses of five commercial biostimulants (V. Papantzikos, G. Patakioutas, E. Lampraki, P. Beza, P. Baltzoi, D. Kyrkas, N. Mantzos, V. Stournaras, K. Fotia, K. Zisis, A. Panagiotou)
Gulupa (Passiflora edulis Sims f. edulis) postharvest performance in the Colombian Amazon (F.J. Muñoz-Ordoñez, P. Uribe, O. Martínez, M.S. Hernández, J.P. Fernandez-Trujillo)
Genotypic differences in N response, N efficiency traits and spectral reflectance behavior among six common broccoli cultivars (F. Besand, B. Mausolf, K.-U. Katroschan)
The future of frass: a sustainable fertilizer with biostimulation properties (E. Caron-Garant, A. Massenet, S.F. Lange, C. Warburton, P. Charbonneau)
A regulatory opportunity for lab to field transfer of biostimulant substances (Y. Davillerd, P. Marchand)
Changes in yield and quality features of sweet pepper as modulated by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and molybdenum biofortification (B.B. Consentino, L. Torta, G. Mirabile, G. Ntatsi, S. La Bella, C. De Pasquale, L. Sabatino)
The response of celeriac yield, quality and soil nitrate residue to nitrogen fertilization and supply (K. D’Haene, D. Callens, G. Hofman)
Optimizing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilization for pomegranate fruit and juice quality (A. Dag, Y. Lyu, R. Porat, Y. Heler, U. Yermiyahu)
Alternative method of compost application in organic vegetable cropping systems (E. Ebrahimi, J. Zinkernagel)
Plant-based liquid anaerobic digestate to sustain horticultural crop nutrition (T.J. Escott, I.C. Dodd, A. Wannop, W. Tuer, P.M. Haygarth)
Soil sampling depth for calculation of nitrogen base fertilization in field-grown spinach (C. Frerichs, D. Daum)
Measurement of the nitrogen supply via mineralization in field-grown spinach (C. Frerichs, D. Daum)
Crushed fibrous bamboo as a potting substrate for French marigold (T. Fudano, Y. Akiba)
Reduced fertilizer use – increased risk? Qualitative and quantitative analysis of economic risks and risk perceptions of German vegetable growers (H. Garming, H. Burger, L.K. Bork, H. Wildenhues)
Effect of co-composted biochars on nitrogen availability to spinach (J. Görl, D. Lohr, E. Meinken)
Impact of fertilization level during flowering phase on blueness of Hydrangea sepals and plant visual quality (V. Guérin, H. Roman, L. Huché-Thélier, B. Ley-Ngardigal, E. Herbommez, T. Eveleens, N. Leduc)
Sensitivity of capsicum germplasm to magnesium deficiency growing in the solution culture (P.T. Nguyen, M.J. Bell, S.M. Harper)
No fertilization or reduced irrigation of hydrangea in autumn: an eco-friendly tool to favour leaf senescence without consequences on flowering quality (L. Huché-Thélier, H. Roman, N. Brouard, R. Fewou, T. Eveleens, V. Guérin, N. Leduc)
Nutrient status, canopy size, crop load and fruit quality of a fire impacted ‘Royal Gala’ orchard: implications for orchard management (O.D. Idowu, T. Pitt, K. Dodds, J. Golding, J. Fearnley, P. Petrie, B.P. Holzapfel)
Effect of nutritional elements on the productivity of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) (D. Juškevičienė, R. Karklelienė, A. Radzevičius, D. Kavaliauskaitė)
Biomass production of five cover crops in relation with some soil-quality indicators and colonization by arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi (S. Kabalan, K. Juhos, E. Tóth, B. Biró)
Suitability of organic amendments in production of Brassica oleracea in western Kenya (A.N. Karanja, E.M. Njoroge)
Organic nutrients impact on the productivity of carrots (Daucus sativus Röhl.) and onions (Allium cepa L.) (R. Karklelienė, A. Radzevičius, D. Juškevičienė)
Effect of rootstock on apple tree nutrition (D. Kviklys, V. Abukauskas, J. Lanauskas, N. Uselis)
Organic matter amendments on nutrient and water status within subtropical peach orchards (B.T. Lawrence, J.C. Melgar)
Effect of environmentally friendly organic solvent on nitrogen release and membrane properties of polymer coated controlled release urea (Junsong Liu, Lina Huang)
Soil organomineral fertilization in carrot crop (J.M.Q. Luz, R.C. Oliveira, M.R.A. Maximiano, H.F. Rosa, J.R. Silva, A.F.E. Silva)
Silicon application influences the imbalance between nitrogen and potassium fertilization in young olive plants (I. Martos-García, M. Benlloch-González, R. Fernández-Escobar)
Diagnosis of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) grown in Tunisian oases of Tozeur by the approach of the compositional nutrient balance between its ten essential nutrients (M. Bendaly Labaied, L. Khiari, A. Zouba, N. Kadri, F. Ben Hmida, M. Ben Mimoun)
Extending the growth period of green manure can reduce the risk of soil organic matter loss due to priming effects (K. Miyazawa, Y.C. Chen, S. Ishiguro)
Mitigating soil compaction and improving vegetable yield and quality using immature compost (K. Miyazawa, S. Takanari)
Enhancing growth, yield and nutritional quality of pepper using mineral fertilizer together with moringa leaf powder (MLP) (B.L. Ngcobo, I. Bertling)
Characterization of new endophytic bacterial strains isolated from brachiaria grass (Anh Le Phuong, Linh Vu Thi, Huong Bui Thu, Giang Van Nguyen)
Impact of organic and conventional cultivation systems on nutrient concentration of broccoli (I. Karavidas, G. Ntatsi, T. Ntanasi, A. Ropokis, L. Sabatino, P.P.M. Iannetta, D. Savvas)
Development of a pyrolytic aqueous phase derived from resinous wood and having a biostimulant action for plant growth (S. Ouertani, S.F. Lange, P. Ontchangalt, A. Massenet, H. Pakdel, C. Roy)
RUSTICA – demonstration of circular biofertilisers and implementation of optimized fertiliser strategies and value chain in rural communities (C. Marjolet, L. Perez)
Macroelement composition of nettle in hydroponic production (M. Petek, S. Radman, N. Opačić, S. Voća, L. Čoga, S. Fabek Uher, B. Benko, N. Toth, J. Šic Žlabur)
Apple trees enhance soil organic matter and soil microbial activity in a garden-orchard system (T. Ramananjatovo, J. Peugeot, P. Guillermin, E. Chantoiseau, M. Delaire, G. Buck-Sorlin, R. Guénon, P. Cannavo)
Long-term results of water protection measures to reduce nitrate leaching from vegetable cropping in water protection areas in Baden-Württemberg, Germany (K. Rather)
Effect of different Al supplies during vegetative phase on sepal blueing in hydrangea inflorescence (H. Roman, V. Guérin, L. Huché-Thélier, B. Ley-Ngardigal, E. Herbommez, T. Eveleens, N. Leduc)
Nutrient deficiency affects growth, flower quality and yield of American marigold (Tagetes erecta) (C. Inkham, K. Panjama, S. Ruamrungsri)
Irrigation management is a key farmer practice for a more efficient nitrate use: a case study in an intensive open field endive crop (A. Barth, F. Abbatantuono, J.L. Ruiz-García, D. Hortelano, R.M. Martínez, M. Parra, D.S. Intrigliolo, J.S. Rubio-Asensio)
Struvite as a reliable and more environmental friendly alternative of nutrients for vegetable crops (J.S. Rubio-Asensio, F. Abbatantuono, J.L. Ruiz-García, M. Parra, R.M. Martínez, D.S. Intrigliolo)
Soil acidifying treatments do not improve ‘Honeycrisp’ apple fruit quality (B. Sallato, H. Ragab, R.T. Peters)
Groundcover management strategies for improving fruit set by alleviating abiotic stresses in an irrigated sweet cherry orchard in Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada (M. Sharifi, Hao Xu, B. Rabie, D. Ediger, S. Gafner-Bergeron, S. Damin)
Dynamics of extractable cadmium and soil pH as influenced by poultry manure application (A.O. Shokalu, M.T. Adetunji, J.G. Bodunde, H.A. Akintoye, J.O. Azeez)
Lime and phosphorus fertiliser application to improve shallot bulb yield in extremely acid soil conditions (G.A. Sopha, C. Hermanto, H. Kerckhoffs, J. Heyes, J. Hanly)
Influence of different doses of organic fertilizer from poultry fertilizer pellets on melon and cucumber crops (G. Sovarel, I. Scurtu, S.S. Hogea, G. Sbîrciog)
Floral elemental content and its potential influence on pollination in avocados (Persea americana Mill.) (M.S. Stanton, E.S. du Toit)
Effects of foliar application of zinc oxide nanoparticles in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) plants (R. Sutulienė, J. Miliauskienė, A. Brazaitytė, S. Tučkutė, M. Urbutis)
Yield, quality, and antioxidants of greenhouse grown ‘miniplum’ tomato as affected by biostimulant treatment duration in southern Italy (A. Tallarita, L. Vecchietti, E. Cozzolino, A. Sekara, N. Golubkina, M. Mirabella, A. Cuciniello, R. Maiello, V. Cenvinzo, R. Troncone, G. Caruso)
Improving nitrogen fertilization management in organic vegetable farming with decision support systems (S. Tietjen, K. Egenolf, R. Fischer, P. Schad, A. Sradnick)
Response of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. ‘Kiara’) plants, grown on own root or grafted onto different rootstocks, to high nutrient solution concentrations (E. Topalova, A. Vasilev, V. Petkova)
Mineral nutrition and internal defects in vapour heat treated mango fruit (M.A. Ullah, D.C. Joyce, A. Khanal, P.A. Joyce, N.A. White, A.J. Macnish, R.I. Webb)
Predicting fruit skin background colour retention using fruit nitrogen content in ‘Conference’ pear (B. Vanhoutte, B. Rombouts, A. Gomand, S. Vandenwijngaert, J. Vercammen, S. Reynaert, P. Janssen, B. Colpaert, K. Steppe, P. Boeckx, D. Bylemans, S. Remy)
Does fertilized nitrogen form affect the nutritional value of the tuber crop Raphanus sativus ssp. sativus under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration? (J. Zinkernagel, M. Prince, M. Koppel, S. Rubo, L. Schmidt)
The role of mineral nutrition in future fruit production (E. Lötze, P. Cannavo)

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