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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1362

XXXI International Horticultural Congress (IHC2022): International Symposium on Breeding and Effective Use of Biotechnology and Molecular Tools in Horticultural Crops

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Conveners   V. Bus, M. Causse 
Editors   V. Bus, M. Causse 
30 March 2023 
ISBN   978-94-62613-61-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   85 
Place   Angers, France 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1362 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Field investigation of consequences from the genetic modification resulting in the fire blight resistant cisgenic apple line C44.4.146 (I. Schlathölter, G.A.L. Broggini, B. Studer, M. Meissle, J. Romeis, A. Patocchi)
No unintended changes in the proteome and metabolome of the cisgenic fire blight resistant apple line C44.4.146 (I. Schlathölter, B. Studer, A. Patocchi, G.A.L. Broggini)
An LTR retrotransposon may activate the PsMYB10.2 gene expression and promote anthocyanin biosynthesis in the fruit flesh of Japanese plum – a success story of CRISPR-Cas9 enrichment sequencing strategy (A. Fiol, F. Jurado-Ruiz, S. García, C. Dujak, E. López-Girona, I. Pacheco, R. Infante, M.J. Aranzana)
Genome editing of apple – establishing a workflow for the generation of homohistont mutant lines (S. Schröpfer, H. Flachowsky)
Study of rose RoFT transgenic plants (L. Hamama, J. Bosselut, L. Voisine, J. Chameau, S. Foucrier, S. Pierre, J. Jeauffre, L. Ogé, T. Thouroude, F. Foucher, L. Hibrand-Saint Oyant)
A marker-free cisgenesis/genome editing system, a new tool to produce fortified citrus fruits (A. Ciacciulli, H.D. Pappalardo, M. Caruso, M. Pindo, S. Piazza, M. Malnoy, C. Licciardello)
Establishing a genome editing platform of banana in Ecuador: challenges and regulation (E. Santos, E. Sánchez, L. Villao)
The evaluation of CRISPR-Cas9-mediated editing efficiency using endogenous promoters in tetraploid blueberry (M. Omori, H. Yamane, K. Osakabe, Y. Osakabe, R. Tao)
Chromosomal dominance in apple after whole genome duplication (T. Lallemand, S. Aubourg, J.-M. Celton, C. Landès)
The role of epigenetic modifications in the transcriptional regulation of long noncoding RNAs in Brassica rapa vegetables (Y. Kamiya, S. Shiraki, H. Mehraj, M.A. Akter, S. Takahashi, M. Seki, E.S. Dennis, K. Osabe, R. Fujimoto)
VacciniumCAP, a community-based project to develop advanced genetic tools to improve fruit quality in blueberry and cranberry (M. Iorizzo, M.A. Lila, P. Perkins-Veazie, C. Luby, N. Vorsa, P. Edger, N. Bassil, P. Munoz, J. Zalapa, R.K. Gallardo, A. Atucha, D. Main, L. Giongo, C. Li, J. Polashock, C. Sims, E. Canales, L. DeVetter, M. Coe, D. Chagné, A. Colonna, R. Espley)
Genetic information from phased SNP array data can improve assemblies of whole genome sequences (S. Vanderzande, C. Peace)
Identification of genes responding in apple replant disease (ARD) affected Malus roots using an RNA-sequencing approach (S. Reim, A. Cestaro, T. Winkelmann, H. Flachowsky)
Molecular control of flowering regulation in mango (Y. Bal Krishna, S.N. Vyavahare, S.I. Patil, P.V. Sane)
The role of histone modification in gene expression in Brassica rapa vegetables (S. Shiraki, Y. Kamiya, H. Mehraj, S. Takahashi, M. Seki, E.S. Dennis, R. Fujimoto)
Genomic selection in apple: lessons from preliminary studies (H. Muranty, M. Jung, M. Roth, X. Cazenave, A. Patocchi, F. Laurens, C.-E. Durel)
A strategy for aggregating multi-source historical phenotypic and genotypic data sets containing homonyms for global genomic prediction in apple (Malus domestica) (D. Edge-Garza, K. Evans, E.M. Ross, S. Jung, D. Main, C. Hardner)
Approaches to implement genomic selection in three Swiss apple breeding programs (M. Jung, S. Bühlmann-Schütz, M. Hodel, M. Kellerhals, N. Bolliger, M. Köhle, M. Kobelt, H. Muranty, B. Studer, G.A.L. Broggini, A. Patocchi)
Flexible linear mixed models for complex data in horticultural tree breeding (C. Hardner, J. De Faveri)
RNA-seq analysis of tomato genotypes resistant to bacterial spot (Xanthomonas perforans) race T4 (R. Shi, D.R. Panthee)
Genetic control of tomato fruit quality: from QTL to GWAS and breeding (J. Bénéjam, E. Bineau, M. Brault, J. Zhao, Y. Carretero, E. Pelpoir, K. Pellegrino, F. Bitton, M. Causse)
A novel source of food – garden rose petals (M. Vukosavljev, I. Stranjanac, B.W.P. van Dongen, R.E. Voorrips, M. Miric, B. Bozanic Tanjga, P. Arens, M.J.M. Smulders)
SNP and haplotype-based genomic prediction of fruit quality traits in sweet cherry (Prunus avium) (N. Munyengwa, C. Peace, N.L. Dillon, D. Ortiz-Barrientos, N. Christie, A.A. Myburg, C. Hardner)
Characterization of floral bud and anther development with stages of microspore in chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) (T. Jaingulueam, P. Suwor, K. Saetiew, W.S. Tsai, S. Techawongstien, T. Tarinta, S. Kumar, N. Jeeartid, O. Chatchawankanphanich, S. Kramchote)
Molecular analysis of double mutants for flower fragrance and coloration in fragrant cyclamen (R. Mikami, P. Loetratsami, S. Morimura, Y. Akita)
Use of X-ray-induced mutation in sweet cherry breeding (P. Suran, V. Nekvindová)
New breeding technology approaches to improve apple and pear cultivars (C. Domenichini, P. Negri, M. Defrancesco, S. Alessandri, L. Bergonzoni, I. Verde, M. Malnoy, G.A.L. Broggini, A. Patocchi, A. Peil, O.F. Emeriewen, L. Dondini, S. Tartarini)
Apple cultivar breeding for multigenic resistance to multiple diseases: the New Zealand experience (R.K. Volz, N. Proffit, C. Marshall, B. Orcheski, D. Bowatte, D. Chagné, E. López-Girona, V.G.M. Bus)
Bunchstem and bunch structure of grape cultivars and its implication for abiotic and biotic stress (B. Holzapfel, G. Rossouw, B. Bittau, A. Meunier, I. Dry)
Marker-assisted breeding (MAB) on apple and pear and new approaches for QTLs and major gene genotyping involved in disease resistance (A. Petiteau, C. Denancé, H. Muranty, C.-E. Durel, B.E. García-Gómez, M.J. Aranzana, F. Lebreton, P. Guérif, M. Cournol, B. Petit, A. Guyader, F. Laurens)
De novo assembly of Citrus limon and target-sequence genotyping toward the detection of genes involved in tolerance to ‘mal secco’ disease (M. Di Guardo, M. Moretto, M. Moser, C. Catalano, M. Troggio, Z. Deng, A. Cestaro, M. Caruso, G. Distefano, R. Russo, S. di Silvestro, C. Arlotta, D.P. Paolo, G. Russo, S. La Malfa, L. Bianco, A. Gentile)
Phenotyping of strawberry cultivars for agronomic performance and disease resistance (K. Ziane, L. Ghaouti, N. Chtaina, A. Zahid, M. Arbaoui)
Gene actions of resistance to anthracnose (Colletotrichum acutatum) of six F1 hybrid chili cultivars at the mature green fruit stage (P. Sangarun, P. Suwor, K. Saetiew, W.S. Tsai, S. Techawongstien, T. Tarinta, S. Kumar, N. Jeeartid, O. Chatchawankanphanich, N. Phironrit, S. Kramchote)
Forty years of scab resistance breeding in apple at Agroscope (S. Bühlmann-Schütz, M. Hodel, E. Dorfmann, M. Jung, G.A.L. Broggini, A. Patocchi, M. Kellerhals)
Phenotyping and genotyping of a lemon segregating population to mining genetic resistance to the two-spotted spider mite attack (C. Catalano, G. Licciardello, S. Seminara, G. Tropea Garzia, A. Biondi, S. La Malfa, A. Gentile, G. Distefano)
Evaluation of molecular markers associated with tobamoviruses resistance genes in pepper landraces of the Basque Country (northern Spain) (M. Ojinaga, A. Aragones, M. Hernández, B. Juaristi, S. Larregla)
Development of a viral vector based on the beta-satellite associated with Ageratum yellow vein virus (Y.H. Cheng, F.C. Lin)
Some Coffea liberica SH3-LRR-coding sequences are highly distinguishable (P.C.S. Angelo, L.F.P. Pereira, G.H. Sera, E.T. Caixeta)
A major QTL conferring downy mildew resistance in ‘Couve Algarvia’ (Brassica oleracea var. tronchuda) is located on chromosome 8 (P.S. Coelho, J.D. Carlier, A.A. Monteiro, J.M. Leitão)
Preliminary evaluation of Bulgarian pepper landraces for resistance to four viruses (G. Pasev, V. Radeva-Ivanova, V. Pashkoulova, A. Nankar, D. Kostova)
The role of salicylic acid responsive genes in disease resistance in Brassica rapa vegetable (M.A. Akter, N. Miyaji, M. Shimizu, T. Takasaki-Yasuda, E.S. Dennis, R. Fujimoto)
Deciphering the role of three specific flavonoids produced by carrot as potential breeding markers for resistance against Alternaria dauci (M.-L. Ramaroson, J.-J. Helesbeux, L. Hamama, L. Ogé, D. Breard, S. Huet, A. Suel, P. Hugueney, R. Baltenweck, P. Claudel, V. Le Clerc, M. Briard)
Genetic expression of anthocyanins and their profiling in an F2 population of tropical carrot (Daucus carota) (R. Selvakumar, P. Kalia)
Resistance to Neonectria ditissima in apple: insights from metabolomics and lipidomics analyses (L. Garkava-Gustavsson, J. Skytte af Sätra, F. Odilbekov, I. Abreu, A.I. Johansson, E. van de Weg, T. Zhebentyayeva)
Profiling of flavonoid compounds in tropical Indian cultivars and their hybrids in carrot (Daucus carota) (R. Selvakumar, P. Kalia)
Role of phytosterols in olive flower opening and early fruit development (J. Corbacho, C. Inês, J. Labrador, A. Cordeiro, M.C. Gomez-Jimenez)
Transcriptome analysis of Cynara cardunculus in southern Portugal (A. Paulino, R.C. Pires, I. Fernandes, J. Santos, T. Brás, D. Rosa, O.S. Paulo, M.F. Duarte, L. Marum)
Morphological and molecular characterization of fibrousness in mangoes (M. Ish-Shalom, A. Doron-Faigenboim, S. Tsaidi, H. Zemach, A. Sherman, Y. Cohen)
Direct-injection spectrometry and whole-genome genotyping unravel the genetic regulation of fresh and roasted kernels of almond (M. Di Guardo, B. Farneti, I. Khomenko, L. Luca, G. Modica, A. Mosca, G. Distefano, L. Bianco, M. Troggio, F. Sottile, S. La Malfa, F. Biasioli, A. Gentile)
Key genes for olive breeding: role of olive polyphenol oxidase genes (R. Sánchez, L. Arroyo, C. Sanz, A.G. Pérez)
Identification and validation of QTLs for tuber quality related traits in yam Dioscorea alata (G. Arnau, A.E. Ehounou, E. Maledon, E Nudol, H. Vignes, M.C. Gravillon, A.S.P. N’guetta, P. Mournet, A.M. Kouakou, H. Chaïr, F. Cormier)
The unique LcFT1 gene sequence linked to early-flowering in the tropical litchi ‘Khom’ (J. Chang, Y.W. Ho, C.N. Tao, J.W. Chang)
Deciphering the genetic basis of tocopherol biosynthesis in almond kernel (G. Almeida, A. Faustino, R.C. Pires, D. Soldado, L. Cachucho, M.M. Oliveira, E. Jerónimo, L. Marum)
Transcript profiling of olive fruit tissues in late development reveals complex vesicle trafficking and hormonal regulation involved in cell wall modifications (B. Briegas, J. Corbacho, M.C. Camarero, J. Labrador, M. Gallardo, M.C. Gomez-Jimenez)
Changes in the distribution of cell wall hemicelluloses during fruit abscission in olive (R. Parra, M.C. Gomez-Jimenez)
Progress towards early identification of factors important for scion-rootstock compatibility in Litchi sinensis in South Africa (K. Hannweg, O. Maphanga, Z. Shezi, M. Penter, E. Hajari, M. Booyse)
Insights into the use of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase as a marker for the selection of olive cultivars with improved virgin olive oil functionality (P. Luaces, E. Mahjoubi, M. Pascual, A.G. Pérez, C. Sanz)
Primary structure of the XTH gene family members from Carica papaya (R.R. Rodríguez-Domínguez, R. Rosas-Quijano, M. Salvador-Figueroa, A. Vázquez-Ovando, D. Gálvez-López)
Using genome wide association to assist new apple cultivar development in mitigating climate change (X. Chen, S. Kumar, C. Deng, B. van Hooijdonk, E. Varkonyi-Gasic, C. Wiedow, J. Millner, S. Sofkova-Bobcheva, J. Lempe, A. Peil, H. Flachowsky, V.G.M. Bus)
The genetic control of apple high temperature browning and its implication for crop resilience in a changing climate (B. Orcheski, E. López-Girona, A. Tattersall, D. Chagné, F. Elliott, D. Hunter, A. Karlstrom, R.K. Volz, J. Johnston)
Occurrence and mechanistic basis of 2n gamete formation in apple (Malus × domestica) (H. Palmers, M. Rymenants, N. De Storme)
Male gametophyte is a powerful screening tool for drought and heat tolerance in garden bean (Y. Arnaoudova, S. Sofkova-Bobcheva, B. Arnaoudov)
Genetic engineering approach for enhancing abiotic stress tolerance in Sapa lily (Lilium poilanei) (T.T.H. Bui, H.G. Dong, M.T. Ho, C.H. Ha, T.B. Le)
Assessment of flesh browning diversity in apple germplasm collections phenotyped by image analysis (C. Miranda, P. Irisarri, J. Arellano, F.J. Bielsa, A. Valencia, J. Urrestarazu, A. Pina, L.G. Santesteban, L. Castel, P. Errea)
Characterization of the genetic diversity of red-fleshed pear accessions from the Emilia-Romagna region (L. Bergonzoni, L. Dondini, S. Alessandri, C. Domenichini, V. Ancarani, G. Caracciolo, M. Pietrella, G. Baruzzi, S. Tartarini)
Molecular strategies for prickly pear (Opuntia sp.) studies and its improvement (S. Guerrero-Garibay, F. Olvera-Martínez, D. Aceves-Monreal, P.L. López de Alba, A. Cruz-Hernández)
Rapid papaya crop improvement through accelerated in vitro breeding and molecular diagnostics (J.C. Puthiyaparambil, M. Pagie, S. Teressita, P.M. Jay, N. Bongani, F. Paul, M. Candy, M. Mark, M. Marion, M. Ian, L. Sanskruti, M. Nitin)
Organelle genome-based markers in deciphering mitonuclear conflict displaying floral malformations and distinguishing cytoplasm types in snowball cauliflower (S. Singh, S.S. Dey, R. Bhatia, R. Kumar)
Cultivar identification and comparative analysis of genetic diversity in yardlong bean using morphological characters and ISSR analysis (A. Tira-umphon, P. Pornsuriya)
SSR-based genetic characterization and varietal identification of potato cultivars grown in Pakistan (A. Muhammad, S. Noor, I. Hussain, K. Ali, A. Shahzad, M. Numan, K. Adil, M. Aqeel, H. Hafeez, M. Zeshan, G.M. Ali)
Value chain stakeholder preferences are misaligned with economic weights derived from the bio-economic model: what is the effect on the ranking of candidates? (S. Kern, B. Santos, B. Topp, R. Cave, G. Bignell, S. Mulo, C. Hardner)
Variation of morphological and yield traits in a banana (Musa acuminata) breeding program of triploid populations: lessons for selection procedures and criteria (L. Toniutti, S. Rio, G. Martin, J.Y. Hoarau, F. Salmon)
Onion (Allium cepa) hybrid breeding in India: status and prospects (H. Singh, A. Khar)
A public-private consortium approach for sustainable bitter gourd breeding and production in Asia (N.P.S. Dhillon)
Breeding hazelnuts resistant to eastern filbert blight (S.A. Mehlenbacher, B.J. Heilsnis, R.T. Mooneyham, J.W. Snelling)
INRAE & NOVADI collaboration: a partnership always at the forefront of new apple cultivars breeding (D. Ray, C. Auvinet, F. Lebreton, C. Pitiot, A. Petiteau, B. Petit, F. Laurens)
Two new hybrid strawberry cultivars with increased fruit phytochemical contents for health consumption (M. Sirijan, P. Chaiprasart)
Fruit quality and yield-related traits of intraspecific recombinant inbred lines developed for novel fruit color of tomato (Solanum lycopesicum L.) (I. Tringovska, S. Grozeva, G. Pasev, V. Stoeva, D. Ganeva, D. Kostova)
Evaluation of F1 papaya cultivars in Thailand and their marketing potential (J.H. Guo, S.L. Chen, K.D. Chiou, Z.Z. Xu, W.L. Lee, S. Nontajak)
Advances in tsiperifery (Piper spp.) domestication: its propagation and cultivation (F.F. Ramahavalisoa, E. Rafitoharson, V. Rakotoarimanana, J.M. Bouvet, J.M. Leong Pock Tsy, J. Queste, P. Danthu)
Cider apple breeding in France (M.C. Vergneaud, R. Bauduin, Y. Gilles, B. Petit, F. Laurens)
Pollen germination and behavior in different lemon cultivars (F. Córdoba López, M. Moreno Verdú, M. Rabadán Mínguez, C. Rodríguez Sánchez, M. Pérez-Jiménez, O. Pérez-Tornero)
Preliminary results of self- and cross-incompatibility and parthenocarpy in lemon (F. Córdoba López, M. Moreno Verdú, M. Rabadán Mínguez, C. Rodríguez Sánchez, M. Pérez-Jiménez, O. Pérez-Tornero)
The effects of pollinizers, pollen and pistil quality, and fruit set of Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) cultivars and perspective hybrids (E. Kaufmane, S. Ruisa, K. Karklina)
Development of synthetic cultivars to improve production of desired steviol glycosides in stevia (R.M. Warner, P.J. Abeli, R.M. Beaudry)

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