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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1342

I International Symposium on Reproductive Biology of Fruit Tree Species

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Conveners   E. Costes, H. Flachowsky 
Editors   E. Ortega, E. Costes 
30 June 2022 
ISBN   978-94-62613-41-6 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   50 
Place   Montpellier, France 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1342 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Auxin polar transport as a signaling mechanism for fruit presence in fruit trees (D. Haim, L. Shalom, Y. Simhon, L. Shlizerman, A. Sadka)
What else don’t we know about biennial bearing? Phytohormone profile of seeds and seed number per fruit differ between a biennial and a non-biennial apple cultivar (A. Milyaev, Y.A. Tandron-Moya, N. von Wirén, D. Neuwald, H. Flachowsky, J.N. Wünsche)
Apple genotypes exhibit specific architectural and physiological profiles linked to their flowering behaviours (F. Belhassine, S. Pierru-Bluy, S. Martinez, D. Fumey, B. Pallas, E. Costes)
Ethylene evolution of flowers of different apple cultivars varies in timing and intensity (P. Francescatto, B. Carra, G. Fontanella Sander, T.L. Robinson)
The effect of exogenous sugar supplementation on the dynamics of microRNA156 and SPL gene expression in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) in vitro cultures (G. Vighi, N. De Storme)
Potential role of apple SOC1-like transcription factors in gene regulatory networks involved in bud dormancy (V.S. Falavigna, E. Severing, J. Estevan, I. Farrera, V. Hugouvieux, L.F. Revers, C. Zubieta, G. Coupland, E. Costes, F. Andrés)
QTL mapping of bud break in apple aimed at facilitating breeding of cultivars resilient to climate change (J. Lempe, X. Chen, H. Flachowsky, S. Kumar, V. Bus, A. Peil)
Non-targeted metabolomics unveil ABA and ascorbic acid as two key molecules for endodormancy release in almond (J. Guillamón-Guillamón, Á.S. Prudencio, J.E. Yuste, F. Dicenta, R. Sánchez-Pérez)
Characterization of female and male sterility in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) (A. Calle, N. Santolaria, A. Hedhly, A. Wünsch)
Inhibiting the inhibitor to allow flowering in Citrus: the seasonal epigenetic resetting of CcMADS19 (C. Mesejo, A. Marzal, A. Martínez-Fuentes, C. Reig, M. de Lucas, M.A. Blázquez, M. Agustí)
Chilling requirements of sweet cherry genotypes for endodormancy release (T. Litschmann, V. Danková, R. Vávra)
Perspectives for molecular-based phenological modelling: the example of two models developed for sweet cherry bud dormancy (B. Wenden)
Chill and heat requirements of Japanese plum-type cultivars growing at two areas in Spain (B.I. Guerrero, M.E. Guerra, J. Rodrigo)
Temperature requirements for blooming in 12 sweet cherry cultivars (E. Fadón, J. Rodrigo, E. Luedeling)
Apricot flowering time prediction using growing degree hours (R. Vávra, T. Litschmann)
Estimation of chilling and heat requirements of six sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars (V. Imperiale, M. Cutuli, A. Marchese, D.A. Trippa, T. Caruso, F.P. Marra)
Spatial distribution of kiwifruit quality and yield as affected by edaphoclimatic factors in northwest Portugal (M.D. Antunes, J. Panagopoulos)
Dioecy in fruit trees (R. Tao, T. Akagi)
Floral biology of Malaysian ‘Tekam Yellow’ jackfruit (S. Mijin, P. Ding)
Floral characteristic of red-fleshed dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) grown under Malaysia climate (C.L.Y. Joanna, P. Ding)
Novel counting methodology and its use in diagnosing avocado (Persea americana Mill.) pollen abnormalities (M.S. Stanton, E.S. du Toit)
How the specificities of citrus reproductive biology drive the strategies for the selection of seedless varieties? (F. Luro, Y. Froelicher, P. Ollitrault)
Trends in bisexual and male flower production and fruit set during blooming of pomegranate (P. Drogoudi, G.E. Pantelidis, A. Manganaris)
Floral production of European pear cultivars in south of Brazil (B. de Castro, G.A.B. Marodin, P.H.G. Ferreira)
Pollination, fertilization and fruit production in fruit tree species (E. Ortega)
Assessing the causes of the low productivity of cider apple orchards in the Spanish region of Gipuzkoa (C. Miranda, S. Crespo, O. Oneka, M.J. Laquidain, J. Urrestarazu, L.G. Santesteban)
Does gibberellin treatment inducing parthenocarpy affect development of fruits from fertilization in pear (Pyrus communis ‘Conférence’) ? (M. Quinet, C. Buyens, A.L. Jacquemart)
Will secondary buds be savior to pecan spring freeze damages? (L. Zhang, A. Kaur, N. Maness, J. Moss)
Self-compatibility and cleistogamy in Japanese plum (M.E. Guerra, C. Casadomet, J. Rodrigo)
Potential pollinizers for the new Uruguayan apple cultivar ‘GVU Yvyrá’ (B. Carra, M. Dini, J. Pisano, R. Zeballos)
Morphology, viability and pollen germination of European pear cultivars in the south of Brazil (B. de Castro, G.A.B. Marodin, P.H.G. Ferreira)
Floral visitors of European pear trees ‘Clapp’s Favourite’ in southern Brazil (B. de Castro, G.A.B. Marodin, P.H.G. Ferreira)
Controlled pollination test in ‘Clapp’s Favourite’ European pear trees (B. de Castro, G.A.B. Marodin, P.H.G. Ferreira)
Catch a match: new insights into the genetics of self-(in)compatibility in fruit tree species (A. Hegedüs, J. Halász)
Characterization of the molecular function of MGST, the pollen-part modifier of the gametophytic self-incompatibility in Prunus species (K. Ono, D. Matsumoto, R. Tao)
S-allele determination of Pillnitzer apple cultivars (A. Peil, M. Höfer, H. Flachowsky)
Pollination requirements of new apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) cultivars (S. Herrera, J. Lora, J.I. Hormaza, J. Rodrigo)
Detection of S-alleles in a sweet cherry collection from Azerbaijan and Turkey using next generation sequencing (S. Schröpfer, M. Schuster, H. Flachowsky)
Self- and inter-(in)compatibility relationships of new interspecific hybrids of Japanese plum (B.I. Guerrero, M.E. Guerra, J. Rodrigo)
Optimum sucrose concentration for testing the pollen germination of apple cultivars (A. Delgado, M. Quinet, E. Dapena)
Insights from a recent alternate bearing (AB) review: 
a new conceptual model (E.E. Goldschmidt)
Artificial pollination of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) using a platform mounted robotic pollination system (drone) (Z.F.R. Ahmed, M.A.S. Alyafei, A. Al Dakheel, M. Almoosa)
Artificial pollination as a mean to improve ‘Hayward’ kiwifruit productivity and nutritional quality (M.D. Antunes, A.M. Afonso, A. Guerreiro, C. Gago, J. Panagopoulos)
Zinc fertilization increases flowering and fruit yield of ‘Improved Meyer’ lemon (J.P. Morales-Payan)
Challenges to interpreting internal and external factors limiting apple fruit growth, set and abscission (A.N. Lakso)
Weather conditions contributing to crop failure in ‘Improved French’ prune grown in California (F.J.A. Niederholzer, L. Milliron, W. Krueger, K. Jarvis-Shean, C. DeBuse, P. Gordon, D. Lightle, M. Gilles, R. Buchner)
Effects of adverse environmental factors on fruit set in a peach and apricot cultivar evaluation orchard (G.E. Pantelidis, K. Ziakou, K. Kazantzis, M. Pitsiouni, P. Drogoudi)
Flower and fruit production of ‘Wilson’ avocado in response to paclobutrazol (J.P. Morales-Payan)
Biostimulants and nitrogen affect pomegranate flowering and fruiting (J.P. Morales-Payan)
Early flower bud development and plant growth regulators to improve return bloom of pears (B. Carra, P. Francescatto, A.P. Kovaleski, G.F. Sander, M.S. Pasa, J. Racsko, T.L. Robinson)

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