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V International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology: From Consumer to Laboratory-Sustainable Approaches to Managing Postharvest Pathogens

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Convener   M.H. Jijakli 
Editors   M.H. Jijakli, M. Wisniewski, S. Droby 
25 October 2021 
ISBN   978-94-62613-23-2 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   50 
Place   Liège, Belgium 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1325 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Single-spore isolation protocol for characterization of postharvest pathogens causing bitter rot of apple in South Tyrol (G. Amaral Carneiro, S. Baric)
Storage spoilage in Swedish apple production and novel ways of predicting storability (J.M. Sjöstrand, I.I. Tahir, H. Persson Hovmalm, H. Stridh, M.E. Olsson)
The application of information technology to diagnose postharvest diseases of apple (S. Baric, G. Guizzardi, F. Stella, M. Zanker)
Volatiles as biomarker for detection of soft rot during potato storage (S.H.E.J. Gabriëls, M.J.M. Paillart, M.A. Nijenhuis, B. Brouwer, F.I.D.G. Pereira da Silva, E.J. Woltering)
Effect of hydrocooling in electrolyzed water on reducing fruit rot diseases and maintaining postharvest quality of rambutan (K. Sripong, A. Uthairatanakij, P. Jitareerat)
Dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA): a chance for sustainable storage of fruit, maintaining quality and better volatile profile (D.A. Neuwald, N. Klein, F.R. Thewes, V. Both, A. Brackmann)
Extension of shelf-life of Penicillium digitatum infected sweet oranges by vapor heat treatment (A.T. Aborisade, O.O. Elufisan)
Management of ethylene production, superficial scald and fruit quality in 'Granny Smith' apple using organic oils and ozonised cold storage (R. Malekipoor, Z. Singh, A.D. Payne)
Preliminary investigations on the effect of low-pressure treatment on in vitro and in vivo growth of Penicillium sp. in oranges (J. Archer, P. Pristijono, Q. Gallien, L. Houizot, M. Bullot, L. Palou, J.B. Golding)
Apple lenticel rots: state of knowledge on the epidemiology of Neofabraea vagabunda (M. Giraud, C. Coureau, J. Perrin, P. Westercamp)
Black mold of stored onion bulbs caused by Aspergillus welwitschiae (I. Vico, M. Lazarevic, N. Duduk)
Bull's eye rot development in storage is related to the timing of apple fruit infection by Neofabraea vagabunda in the orchard in Chile (M. Lolas, M. Cáceres, J.A. Reyes, G.A. Díaz)
Exploiting the effector repertoire of Monilinia fructicola as a breeding strategy for disease resistance (L. Vilanova, C.A. Valero Jiménez, D. Schreurs, J.A.L. van Kan)
Identification and characterization of isolates of Botrytis obtained from blossom blight and fruits with calyx-end rot in apples in Chile (E.E. Ferrada, J. Biche, M. Lolas, G. Lobos, G.A. Díaz)
Identification of Monilinia spp. from stone fruits in the Marche region of Italy (V. Mancini, S. Makau, L. Landi, G. Romanazzi)
Susceptibility of quince fruit to postharvest fungal pathogens (N. Duduk, N. Vučković, I. Vico)
Whole-genome sequence of the brown rot fungal pathogen Monilinia fructigena Mfrg269 strain isolated in Italy (L. Landi, R.M. De Miccolis Angelini, S. Pollastro, D. Abate, F. Faretra, G. Romanazzi)
Combined effects of hot water vapor, sodium chlorite, and PVC film on postharvest decay and browning of trimmed aromatic coconut (K. Payuhamaytakul, K. Sripong, A. Uthairatanakij, P. Renumarn, P. Jitareerat)
Effect of precooling with a solution of sodium carbonate on fruit rot and physiological changes in organic netted melon (A. Uthairatanakij, K. Sripong, P. Jitareerat)
Antifungal edible coatings for postharvest preservation of fresh fruit (L. Palou, M.B. Pérez-Gago)
Control of postharvest anthracnose in papayas (Carica papaya L.) by hot water and chitosan (S. Valencia-Chamorro, G. Chicaiza, R. Vilaplana)
Selecting a resistant Penicillium digitatum isolate to imazalil from 'W. Murcott' and 'Nova' mandarine fruits (E. Nuñez, L. Aragón, A. Casas)
Promising technology to control bitter pit and other postharvest pathologic diseases (V.A. Gudkovskii, L.V. Kozhina, A.E. Balakirev, Y.B. Nazarov, A.I. Kuzin)
The effect of postharvest treatments on produce losses during long-term storage of acorn squash (A. Adeeko, F. Yudelevich, R. Regev, L. Avraham, S. Alkalai-Tuvia, H.S. Paris, E. Fallik, C. Ziv)
Traditional and alternative strategies to protect apple fruits against scald (V.A. Gudkovskii, L.V. Kozhina)
Alternative postharvest treatment of mango: potential use of essential oil with thymol to control anthracnose development caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides (M. Chillet, J. Minier, M. Hoarau, M. Ducrocq, E. Canaguier, J.-C. Meile)
Antifungal activity of essential oils and their combinations against postharvest fruit pathogen (J.G. Oliveira Filho, G.C. Silva, H.M.C. Azeredo, M.D. Ferreira)
Antifungal activity of Zingiber officinale Roscoe (ginger) oil and extracts, associated with carnauba wax nanoemulsions, on fungal control of harvest papaya (M. Miranda, X. Sun, O.B.G. Assis, C. Ference, M.D. Ferreira, E.A. Baldwin)
Effect of carnauba wax nanoemulsion coating on postharvest papaya quality (N.M. Zucchini, C. Florencio, M. Miranda, K.R. Borba, F.C.A. Oldoni, J.G. Oliveira Filho, N.S. Bonfim, K.A. Rodrigues, R.M.D. de Oliveira, M.C. Mitsuyuki, S.Z. Hubinger, J.D. Bresolin, M.D. Ferreira)
Effect of hot water treatment on postharvest control of Penicillium expansum and Botrytis cinerea of apples (N.C. Mbili, K.S. Yobo, M.D. Laing)
Effects of carnauba wax and chitosan bilayer edible coating on shelf life of fresh-cut apple (G.C. Pestana, K.A.F. dos Santos, M. Miranda, P.C. Spricigo, M.C. Mitsuyuki, J.D. Bresolin, S.Z. Hubinger, O.B.G. Assis, M.D. Ferreira)
Hot water dipping of apple - not living up to its promise? (M. Naets, B. De Coninck, W. Keulemans, A.H. Geeraerd)
In vitro and in vivo screening of yeast isolates on Penicillium digitatum and Galactomyces citri-aurantii of citrus (N.C. Mbili, S.S. Buthelezi)
In vitro antifungal activity of lemon (Citrus limon L.) waste extracts against Alternaria alternata and Alternaria citri (K. Papoutsis, C.E. Stathopoulos, M.C. Bowyer, J.B. Golding)
Infectivity of cashew pseudo-apple by Gilbertella persicaria exposed to ultraviolet-B (A.T. Aborisade, A.O. Ogunmola)
Isolation and in vivo screening of yeast antagonists for the control of Botrytis cinerea and Penicillium expansum of pome fruit (N.C. Mbili, K.S. Yobo, M.D. Laing)
Ozone as an alternative method to control postharvest diseases on apples (S. Gabioud Rebeaud, P.Y. Cotter, D. Christen)
Postharvest quality of papaya fruit wrapped with polyvinyl chloride film added with silver (K.S. Sapelli, K.R. Borba, M. Miranda, P.C. Spricigo, J.D. Bresolin, M.M. Foschini, D.S. Correa, M.D. Ferreira)
Semi-commercial hot water treatments to control apple bull's eye rot (Neofabraea alba) (K.R. Everett, L. Hasna, I.P.S. Pushparajah, C. Middleditch, L. Ramos, M.J. Vergara, P.N. Wood, B.M. Fisher, S. Olsson, A. Nangul, J. Cho, A.B. Woolf)
Volatile organic compounds produced by Aureobasidium pullulans inhibit the growth of Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria alternata (S.M. Yalage Don, L.M. Schmidtke, J.M. Gambetta, C.C. Steel)
Exploration of microbial communities associated with fruitlet core rot (FCR) disease in 'Queen' pineapple from Reunion Island (M. Hoarau, J. De Stefano, L. Filippi, B. Barral, M. Chillet, J.-C. Meile)
Geographical and cultivar features influence the epiphytic microbiota associated with mango (A. Taibi, C. Amoyal, R. Rivallan, F. Carlin, V. Broussolle, S. Lortal, F. Constancias, J.-C. Meile)
On-field microbial community influences postharvest root rot in sugar beets (P. Kusstatscher, T. Cernava, K. Harms, J. Maier, H. Eigner, G. Berg, C. Zachow)
The apple fruit microbiome: influence of orchard management, cultivar, storage time and storage atmosphere (E. Britt, Y. Bösch, S. Perren, A. Naef, J.E. Frey, A. Bühlmann)
Behavior of Listeria innocua on cut cantaloupe during sanitization and refrigerated storage (S. Callahan, J.J. Perry)
Preliminary evaluations of postharvest organic treatments against Monilinia and Botrytis cherry decay (J.B. Golding, F. Lidbetter, L. Tesoriero)
Apple fruit deterioration by fungal decays as a function of temperature in post-storage supply chain simulation (L.C. Argenta, D.A. Neuwald, C. Ogoshi, P.A. Luzzi)
Comparison of the shelf life and surface mold population of Hungarian Prunus cerasus cultivars following different pre- and postharvest treatments (K. Mihály, Cs. Kovács, A. Nagy, F. Takács, E. Sándor)
Pre- and postharvest factors determining carrot storability (M.G. Thomsen, T. Johannesen, E. Molteberg, A.-B. Wold, A. Hermansen, A.-K. Løes, H. Riley)
Salicylic acid and chitosan retained strawberry fruit quality and phytochemical contents and decreased decay extension during cold storage (M. Asghari)

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