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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1315

I International Conference and X National Horticultural Science Congress of Iran (IrHC2017)

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Convener   K. Arzani 
Editors   K. Arzani, K. Funnell 
30 July 2021 
ISBN   978-94-62613-16-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   102 
Place   Tehran, Iran 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1315 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Repeating cycles of ON and OFF yields in alternate bearing olive, pistachio and citrus trees - different mechanisms, common solutions (E.J. Fichtner, Y.Y. Chao, L. Ferguson, J.S. Verreynne, L. Tang, C.J. Lovatt)
Propagation of walnuts by summer inoculation (S. Khokhlov, V. Baskakova, E. Panyushkina, V. Melnikov)
Prospects for the use of European peach cultivars in Nikita Botanical Gardens (O. Fedorova, A. Smykov, Iu. Ivashchenko, N.V. Mesyats, T. Shishova)
Evaluation of new nectarine cultivars for growing in the Crimea (S. Tsiupka, E. Shoferistov, Iu. Ivashchenko)
Primary compatibility study of Greek olive cultivars in Tarom environmental conditions of Zanjan Province (I. Arji, M. Norizadeh)
Effect of salicylic acid on growth, yield, and active substances of Citrullus colocynthis L. (A. Akbari, M. Sanikhani, A. Kheiry)
Antioxidant activity, total phenol, anthocyanin, and ascorbic acid contents in four cultivars of strawberry fruits (M.S. Hosseini, S.M. Zahedi, M. Karimi, H. Gheisary)
Morphological, biological, and biochemical characteristics of Satureja subspicata Bartl. ex Vis (Lamiaceae) introduced in the Nikita Botanical Gardens (N.V. Marko, Yu.V. Plugatar)
Biochemical and morphological response of Carrizo citrange and Volkameriana rootstocks to putrescine and water stress (M. Mahdavian, H. Sarikhani, M. Hadadinejad, A. Dehestani)
Asian and European pear scion-rootstock interactions and pyrodwarf rootstock root growth and distribution (M. Karbasi, K. Arzani)
Evaluation of chilling requirement and heat accumulation in three European pear cultivars and genotypes (M. Ebtedaei, K. Arzani, S. Sarikhani)
Native cultivars of sour and sweet cherries in Croatia: main characteristics and potential of production in marginal areas (A. Vokurka, V. Židovec, N. Jeran, K. Karlović, H. Li, B. Duralija, J. Wang, D. Dujmović Purgar, S. Bolarić)
Canopy re-establishment after severe winter cold damage of mature olive (Olea europaea L.) trees cultivars 'Blaidy' and 'Mission' grown under Tehran environment condition (B. Karimi, K. Arzani, M. Pedram)
The National Asian Pear (Pyrus serotina Rehd) project in Iran: compatibility and commercial studies of introduced cultivars (K. Arzani)
Some factors affecting in vitro propagation of Kaempferia rotunda (C. Sotthikul, S. Potihongsa)
Transient expression of HDA19 recombinant protein in Nicotiana benthamiana (M. Jamshidnia, S.K. Kazemitabar, C. Lindermayr, H. Najafi Zarini)
Genetic resources of fruit trees in the north of Iran: morphological and molecular diversity (A. Asadi Abkenar)
Genotype variation in drought tolerance and associated DNA markers in Fragaria sp. (F. Razavi)
Enzymes activity of phenylpropanoid pathway in red flesh apples (S. Faramarzi, H. Halbwirth, A. Yadollahi)
Optimization and overexpression of pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase to increase cold stress tolerance in three commercial petunias (M. Jamshidnia, B.E. Sayed Tabatabaei, C. Ghobadi, A. Yamchi)
Potato seed certification scheme in Iran (M. Naderpour, R. Shahbazi, F. Ramazani, O. Khaleseh, F. Hassani)
Karyotype analysis in diploid and polyploid species of Iranian wild asparagus (S.J. Mousavizadeh, M.R. Hassandokht, A. Kashi)
Effectiveness of usage inducible site-specific recombinase and a bifunctional selectable gene for production of marker-free fruit crops (V.R. Timerbaev, T.Yu. Mitiouchkina, A.S. Pushin, S.V. Dolgov)
Late leafing FaBaAg1 Persian walnut (Juglans regia L.) promising genotype as the new selection from Tarbiat Modares University fruit trees breeding program (S. Sarikhani, K. Arzani, M.R. Roozban)
The breeding priorities of blackberry processors: a case study within the southern region of the Caspian Sea (M. Hadadinejad, T. Azizi-Khalkheili, F. Shafiee)
Evaluation of auto-fertility in some Iranian promising apricot cultivars (R. Gharesheikhbayat, J. Dejampour, E. Ganji Moghaddam)
Banana industry of Pakistan: opportunities and challenges (A. Muhammad, I. Hussain, K. Ali, M.Z. Hyder, N. Faqir, M.M. Shahid, G.M. Ali)
Structure of vegetative organs in essential oil rose under standard culture conditions and long-term conservation in vitro (I.V. Mitrofanova, V.A. Brailko, N.P. Lesnikova-Sedoshenko, N.N. Ivanova, O.V. Mitrofanova)
Evaluation of some apricot hybrids obtained in Romania (V.A. Oprita, C. Gavat)
Gene pool collection of Ficus carica L. and principal breeding directions (E. Shishkina)
Achieving self-compatible apricots by controlled crosses among selected cultivars (R. Gharesheikhbayat, E. Taheri, D. Davoudi)
Identification of alliin lyase (alliinase) genes from Iranian endemic Allium species: first new report (V. Sayadi, G. Karimzadeh, M.R. Naghavi, S. Rashidi Monfared)
Quince (Cydonia oblonga) germplasm and breeding strategies in Iran (H. Abdollahi)
Contribution of molecular evidence and historic miniatures confirms the role of Silk Road in evolution of pear cultivars (H. Abdollahi)
Thirty-three half-sib apple clonal rootstocks tolerant to crown rot produced in a 14-year pathology breeding program (H. Hajnajari)
Breeding Zizyphus jujuba Mill. cultivars with high quality fruits in Nikita Botanical Gardens (I. Chernobay, E. Shishkina, T. Litvinova)
Study of agronomic traits and identification of self-incompatibility alleles in some almond cultivars and genotypes (M. Rasouli)
The efficiency of research on the stone fruit crops breeding in the Nikita Botanical Gardens (L.D. Komar-Tyomnaya, V.M. Gorina)
Establishment of a micropropagation method for in vitro rooting of Callistemon viminalis micro-cuttings (S. Shokri, H. Zarei, M. Alizadeh)
Evaluation of genetic diversity of some walnut genotypes based on morphological characteristics in Khorasan Razavi province (S. Attar, G.-H. Davarynejad, L. Samiee, M. Moghaddam)
Morphological effects of magnetic field on New Guinea impatiens explants (F. Didaran, H. Salehi)
Preliminary assessment of morphological and pomological characteristics of mature walnut (Juglans regia L.) genotypes in the north of Hamadan Province, Iran (A. Rezaei, K. Arzani, S. Sarikhani)
Preliminary assessment of cytological characteristics of two European pear (Pyrus communis L.) cultivars (S. Kadkhodaei, K. Arzani, A. Yadollahi, G. Karimzadeh, H. Abdollahi)
Screening by SSR markers revealed synonyms among 38 Iranian local apricot cultivars propagated by nurseries (M. Rezaei, A.R. Kavand, M. Hemati)
Isolation of cycloeucalenol cycloisomerase (CYC1) by expressed sequence tag mining in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) (S. Aminkar, A. Shojaeiyan, S. Rashidi Monfared, M. Ayyari, M. Nasirzadeh)
Preliminary assessment in genetic diversity of mature apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) genotypes grown under Kashan environment conditions (S. Fallah-Barzoki, K. Arzani, N. Bouzari)
Cloning and in silico characterization of GAI gene and its promoter region from dwarf/precocious and vigorous/non-precocious Persian walnut genotypes (M. Mohseniazar, K. Vahdati, S. Aliniaeifard, Y. Wang)
Evaluation of cold tolerance of almond cultivars and genotypes in open flower stage (N. Hadavand, A. Imani, M. Esnaashari, A. Ershadi, R. Haghjooyan)
Protected cultivation in Mediterranean region (Y. Tüzel, N. Katsoulas)
Genetically determined expression and inheritance of grapes resistance to pathogens as a manifestation of co-evolution (V.A. Volynkin, S.V. Levchenko, I.A. Vasylyk)
Studying the effects of dust on date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) pollination and fruit set (A. Torahi, K. Arzani, N. Moallemi)
Salinity map of the root zone of tomato plant under saltwater (H. Kaman, A. Kurunç, H. Demir, A. Tezcan, A. Sayıcı, M. Can, U. Gökçen)
Drought resistance of ornamental peach cultivars with a different origin (L.D. Komar-Tyomnaya)
Drought tolerance and photosynthetic activity of the foreign peach cultivars under conditions of the Crimean southern coast (A. Smykov, Iu. Ivashchenko, Yu. Ivashchenko, O. Fedorova, S. Tsiupka)
Identification of some drought resistance mechanisms in four pistachio seedling rootstocks under water stress (M. Ghasemi, K. Arzani, A. Yadollahi, H. Hokmabadi, R.D. Guy)
Effect of different water deficiency levels on some enzymatic activities of watermelon accessions (M. Yoosefzadeh-Najafabadi, F. Soltani, H. Noory)
Biochemical changes of some olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars under water-deficit stress (I. Arji, S. Ahmadipour, A. Ebadi, V. Abdosi)
The effect of Thiobacillus and sulfur on quantitative and qualitative properties of Cucurbita pepo under deficit irrigation (S. Masoodi, L. Hakimi)
The reaction of pepper plant to deficit irrigation (H. Kaman, A. Tezcan, A. Sayıcı, M. Can, U. Gökçen)
Achieving resistant rootstocks to Rosellinia root rot in Iranian local greengage (Prunus domestica subsp. italica) genotypes (S.M. Hosseini, N. Bouzari, H. Sadeghi Garmaroodi)
Glycine betaine induced changes on morphological traits and osmolyte compounds in cucumber under salinity stress (M. Moosavi-Nezhad, A. Estaji, H.R. Karimi, H.R. Roosta)
Investigation of Agrobacterium-mediated transient GFP expression in leaf explants of plum (T.N. Sidorova, S.V. Dolgov)
Importance of chemical sources in salt-induced salinity on plant growth characteristics in pepper (M. Ahmadi, M.K. Souri)
Drought pretreatment mitigates chilling stress of tomato seedlings through altering gas exchange parameters (F. Ghanbari, M. Sayyari)
Effect of fig mosaic disease on carbohydrates metabolism and pigments content of fig leaves (H. Zare, A. Zamanifar, M. Yassaie)
Effect of drought stress on some morphological and physiological characteristics of Echinacea spp. (S. Heidari, R. Fotouhi Ghazvini, M. Kafi, M. Zavareh)
Effects of ozone concentrations and exposure times on the mortality of the Indian meal moth in different amounts of dried fig fruits (H. Zare, S.V. Attaran, A.A. Heidarian)
Morphological and phytochemical variations in Leonurus cardiaca L. under water deficit stress (M. Shokrpour, F. Borna Nasrabadi, V. Nazeri, F. Ghaziani)
Effect of water deficit on chemotypic and phenotypic attributes of some Thymus daenensis Celak. ecotypes from Iran (M. Shokrpour, J. Khorshidi, V. Nazeri)
Investigation of suitable time for removal vines from the soil or mud for preventing spring frosts (H. Hoseinabadi, A. Ebadi, M. Rasouli, A. Ershadi, M.A. Nejatian)
Sustainable irrigation water management in horticultural crops in dry environments (K. Chartzoulakis)
Measurement of soil profile water content with the Profile Probe (H. Kaman, Ö. Özbek)
Response of tomato plant to ammonium and nitrate nutrition using the relative addition rate technique (H.R. Roosta, J.K. Schjoerring)
Orchards management for reducing pomegranate aril browning disorder (M. Kavand, K. Arzani, M. Barzegar, M. Mirlatifi)
How nozzle type, boom height and wind speed affect the sedimentation spray drift as measured in a wind tunnel (M. Alheidary, J.P. Douzals, C. Sinfort)
Evaluation of the effects of superabsorbent and mulch in rainfed almond orchards for determination of compatible cultivars in Alborz province of Iran (L. Mirzaei, A. Yadollahi)
Foliar application of ZnSO4 and KNO3 on quantitative and qualitative properties of Punica granatum L. grown in Iran (A. Safa, L. Hakimi)
Effect of different nutrient solution EC during growth stages on fruit and vegetative characteristics of strawberry in hydroponic system (L. Pourhosseini)
Effect of various nitrogen sources on yield, antioxidant activity and active substances of Crocus sativus L. (H. Parsa, A. Kheiry, M. Sanikhani, F. Razavi)
Response of sweet pepper to different culture media under soilless growing techniques (open system) in cooled greenhouse (270 m2) at Rumais (M.S. Al-Rawahi, F.S. AlRaisi, W.S. Al-Abri, F.N. Al-Ghafri, S.A. Al-Rawahy)
Influence of soilless media on rooting and growth characteristics of ¿difficult to root¿ Damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) cuttings (M. Karimi, N. Ahmadi, M. Moghaddam)
New architectures and rootstocks impacts on vigor, yield efficiency, fruit quality, photosynthesis, and mineral partitioning in modern apple orchards (E. Fallahi, Ik-Jo Chun, B. Fallahi, M.J. Kiester)
Effect of hot water, essential oil and edible coating on postharvest quality of Mexican lime inoculated by Penicillium digitatum (S. Atrash, A. Ramezanian, M. Rahemi)
Geographical regions and genetic variation of SAD2 gene affect olive oil quality of 'Mari' and 'Shengeh' cultivars (S. Mahmoudi, M.M. Sharifani, A. Yamchi, M. Alizadeh)
Evaluation of local apple germplasm in Iran: study of sensory and physicochemical characteristics with emphasis on acceptability (S. Damyar, R. Dastjerdi, D. Hassani, A. Soleimani)
Quality of fruits in apricot cultivars introduced and bred in Nikita Botanical Gardens (V.M. Gorina, V.V. Korzin, N.V. Mesyats, N.Yu. Marchuk)
Dynamics of phenolic components during the ripening of grapes from sub-Mediterranean climatic zone of the Crimea: influence on the quality of red wines (S.V. Levchenko, E. Ostroukhova, I. Peskova, P. Probeigolova)
Effect of savory essential oil, edible coating and hot water on the physicochemical properties of Mexican lime peel inoculated with Penicillium digitatum (S. Atrash, A. Ramezanian, M. Rahemi)
Identification of the tolerant pomegranate genotypes for the aril browning or aril paleness disorder (M. Kavand, K. Arzani, M. Barzegar, M. Mirlatifi)
Effect of high CO2 atmospheric packaging on postharvest quality of fresh pistachio fruits ('Badami') (A. Sheikhi, S.H. Mirdehghan)
The reduction of physiological disorder of pomegranate white arils by foliar application of Fe and Zn fertilizer (E. Asadi, E. Ganji Moghaddam, A. Mohammadi Ghehsareh, M. Hodaji, H.R. Zabihi)
Investigation into polyploidy induction on seed quality and quantity traits of calendula (Calendula officinalis L.) (S. Alavipour, M. Chehrazi, E. Khaleghi)
Pre-harvest chelated or nano-chelated zinc treatment impact on enzymatic browning in apple (M. Rasouli, M. Koushesh Saba)
Fatty acid composition of lipids of Juglans regia L. fruits cultivated in Crimea (S. Khokhlov, E. Panyushkina, V. Vasipov, A. Petrov, E. Chupahin, I. Kruchina-Bogdanov, I. Gorbunov)
Effect of ascorbic acid on morpho-physiological characteristics and production of Stevia rebaudiana (Bert.) (A. Rastgoo, M. Sanikhani, A. Kheiry, M. Aelaei)
Evaluation of total phenol content and antioxidant capacity of Indian jujube (S. Faramarzi, S. Pacifico)
Changes in the antioxidant system in response to exogenous ethylene during development in 'Maroussia' cut rose (Rosa hybrida) (M. Bayanati, K. Razavi, A. Tehranifar, N. Ahmadi)
Ascorbic acid preserved phenolic compounds of cold stressed fresh walnut kernels (A. Habibi, N. Yazdani, M. Koushesh Saba, K. Vahdati)
Non-destructive 'Delicious' apple fruit assessments for watercore using DA meter in response to harvest date, and Harvista and ReTain applications (K. Arzani, J.F. Nock, C.B. Watkins)
Persian gardens: then and now (G. Rouhani)
Hybridization and assessment of new genotypes of Iris germanica (M.H. Azimi, M. Karimi Alavijeh)
Ground water management in connection with drought conditions in California (M. Lahsaiezadeh)

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