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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1298: I International Symposium on Botanical Gardens and Landscapes

Site analysis and development of strategy to enhance the identity of Lycabettus Hill in Athens and support sustainable management

Authors:   M. Papafotiou, A.T. Paraskevopoulou, A. Akoumianaki-Ioannidou, V. Myroforidou, M. Galati, C. Andreopoulou, A.-M. Vissilia, K. Choundas, I. Kontos, T. Porfyraki, F. Christara-Papageorgiou, D. Gogolos, E. Papakonstantinou
Keywords:   Mediterranean flora, thematic routes, urban forest, zoning for biodiversity protection and resilience
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1298.56
Lycabettus is a cretaceous limestone hill in the centre of Athens, being the highest point of the city. It stands opposite the Acropolis, pine trees cover its base, and the breath-taking view at its top make it one of the main tourist destinations. The main principle of our proposal for the regeneration of Lycabettus Hill was to combine the natural, historical, and cultural values of the Hill, while protecting the character of the Attica landscape. Based on understanding the landscape, we propose an indicative zoning of the hill with the aim of building resilience and establishing a balance between uses and biodiversity, taking into account the interaction of the human element with the natural element and the geomorphology of the Hill. The site analysis poses as a strategic basis for the harmonious integration of architectural interventions into the place; the promotion and protection of the flora, the highlight of the element of water and its connection with the historical and cultural elements, and the emergence of the particular geological elements of the Hill. The strategic proposal for the activation of the Hill based on the above, concerns the creation of three thematic routes, based on existing paths, which will highlight the natural characteristics of the Hill: the Botanical, the Geological, and the Water Route. Existing old small quarries will be part of the above Routs, converted into a botanical garden with native and endemic plants, a geological “Garden” exhibiting types of rocks found on the Hill, and a Rain Garden.

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