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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1296

International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management for Innovative Greenhouses: GreenSys2019

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Conveners   P.E. Bournet, E. Brajeul, H. Fatnassi 
Editors   P.E. Bournet, E. Brajeul, H. Fatnassi 
23 November 2020 
ISBN   978-94-62612-94-5 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   148 
Place   Angers, France 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1296 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Future-oriented integrated approach of aerodynamics and energy engineering for revolutionizing greenhouse design and control (In-Bok Lee)
Study on application status of solar thermal technology in solar greenhouse of China (G. Wu, Y. Zhang, H. Fang, Q.C. Yang)
Experimental investigation of a dual axis tracking linear Fresnel lens system installed in a small-scale greenhouse (R.M.C. Jansen, L.A.A. Bunthof, P.J. Sonneveld, M.A. Smit)
Adaptive architecture towards portability of greenhouse models (L. Miranda, G. Schillaci)
Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to improve high tunnel ventilation (D. Lewus, A.J. Both)
Energy balance and climate control assessments in greenhouse projects using Hortinergy, a friendly scientifically based web tool (V. Stauffer, T. Leseur, A. Grisey, P. Colin de Verdière, P.E. Bournet, E. Chantoiseau, N. Julien, T. Boulard, B. Darfeuille)
Effect of temperature on tomato fruit growth: a modelling-based proposal for optimal temperature distribution within heated greenhouse (E. Legast, E. Brajeul, V. Truffault)
Growing strawberries with superimposed levels: effect on fruit yield and quality (J.-P. Bosc, A. Grisey)
Measurement of the CO2 exchange of a tomato canopy inside an Almería type naturally ventilated greenhouse (F.D. Molina-Aiz, A. López, D.L. Valera, T. Zormati, H. Najjari, Y. Boussoffara)
Evaluation of water saving technologies at Estidamah research center in Saudi Arabia (J.B. Campen, K. Al Assaf, A. Al Harbi, M.Y. Sharaf, F. de Zwart, W. Voogt, K. Scheffers, I. Tsafaras, O.M. Babiker, M. Qaryouti)
A theoretical comparison of costs between greenhouses and indoor farms: a case analysis in Ohio (C. Kubota)
Effects of roof-mounted flexible photovoltaic panels on solar radiation and tomato yield in Canarian greenhouse (K. Ezzaeri, H. Fatnassi, A. Wifaya, A. Bazgaou, L. Gourdo, A. Aharoune, A. Bekkaoui, L. Bouirden)
Estimation of the light environment inside a tomato canopy in a greenhouse by using the ray tracing method (Y. Ohashi, Y. Ishigami, E. Goto)
Response of tilapia and tomato to the complementation of nutrients in an aquaponic system (J. Pineda-Pineda, I. Miranda-Velázquez, A. Ramírez-Arias, M. Vargas-Herández, D. Montalvo-Hernández, S. García-Galván, N.M. García-Ramírez)
Approaches for sensitivity and uncertainty analyses of dynamic mathematical models of greenhouse climate: an overview (I.L. López-Cruz, E. Fitz-Rodríguez, R. Salazar-Moreno, A. Rojano-Aguilar)
Study of the vertical temperature profile in a tomato greenhouse equipped with lighting, two screens and a VentilationJet system (I. Tsafaras, A. de Gelder, B.H.E. Vanthoor)
Optimal control of non-smooth greenhouse models (A. Della Noce, M. Carrier, P.-H. Cournède)
Simulation of night-time condensation on cucumber leaves in single slope solar greenhouse (R. Liu, J. Liu, A.X. Ren, H.Y. Liu, J.L. Guzmán, J.F. Bienvenido, X.T. Yang, M. Li)
Relative humidity variation in greenhouses as affected by CO2 enrichment at high temperatures resulting in energy saving (A. Martzopoulou, D. Vafiadis, V.P. Fragos)
Greenhouse soil warmed by capillary network and its effect on the growth of cucumber (Xun Li, N. Gruda, Jinlong Dong, Zengqiang Duan)
Microclimate analysis of healing and acclimatization tunnels using COMSOL Multiphysics (I.-L. Dumitrescu, A.-G. Ghiaus, V. Fatu)
Computational fluid dynamic time evolution of crop transpiration and heat transfer inside a Venlo greenhouse (R. Errais, A. Senhaji, M. Mouqallid, A. Bekkaoui, Y. El Fellah, H. Majdoubi, H. Fatnassi, K. Guissi, D.O. Maliani)
Effects of the increase of ventilation surface area on the microclimate and yield of a tomato crop in Mediterranean greenhouses (F.D. Molina-Aiz, D.L. Valera, A. López, M.A. Moreno, P. Marín, M. García-Valverde)
Ventilation surface area: key to modify morphology, quality and photosynthetic activity of tomato crops in Mediterranean greenhouses (D.L. Valera, F.D. Molina-Aiz, M.A. Moreno, A. López, P. Marín)
Greenhouse dehumidification by an air-air heat pump under Mediterranean conditions (I. Lycoskoufis, G. Lambrinos, G. Mavrogianopoulos)
Effects of infrared radiation (IR) on growth parameters of eggplant cultivation and greenhouse energy efficiency (A. Kavga, F. Evangelopoulou, C. Koulopoulou, M. Zografou, I. Lycoskoufis)
Performance of a passive solar heating system in multi-span Moroccan greenhouse (L. Gourdo, H. Fatnassi, K. Achgar, A. Chraibi, B. Ouaddich, A. Wifaya, R. Bouharroud, H. Demrati, A. Bekkaoui, A. Aharoune, L. Bouirden)
Productivity and photosynthetic characteristics of the facultative halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum grown indoors with LED lighting under different salinities (J. He, L. Qin)
Modeling translocation and metabolism in lettuce (M.P.N. Gent)
Extended control of downy mildew and Phytophthora root rot on ornamentals with the novel fungicide oxathiapiprolin (B.R. Harlan, M.K. Hausbeck)
Application of mechanical stimulation for overgrowth retardation to tomato grafted seedlings using air circulation fans in greenhouse (H.S. Hwang, H.W. Jeong, H.M. Kim, H.M. Kim, S.J. Hwang)
Control of Phytophthora capsici diseases in greenhouse squash by fast-flow filtration (S. Jeon, C.S. Krasnow, G.D. Bhalsod, B.R. Harlan, M.K. Hausbeck, S.I. Safferman, W. Zhang)
Effect of different light-emitting diodes wavelengths on the growth of grey mold (N. Rasiukevičiūtė, A. Brazaitytė, A. Valiuškaitė, V. Vaštakaitė-Kairienė, A. Bylaitė, P. Duchovskis, G. Samuolienė)
Enhancement of gene expression related to phytochemical accumulation in plant leaves via exposure to environmental stresses in a plant factory (E. Goto, M. Ide, Y. Saito, S. Hikosaka)
Optimizing production of tomato seedlings 'Florida 47' and 'Shin Cheong Gang' for grafting using lower DLI and CO2 supplementation in precision indoor propagation systems (B. Huber, R. Hernández)
The impact of elevated CO2 on yield of vegetables (Jinlong Dong, N. Gruda, Xun Li, Zengqiang Duan)
End-of-day treatments as a way of controlling growth in ornamental pot plants (K.-J. Bergstrand, H. Asp)
Integrated greenhouse production in new light: prospects on improved LED-assisted biocontrol of foliar diseases (B.W. Alsanius, K.-J. Bergstrand, M.E. Karlsson)
Influence of priming methods on seed germinability and transplants performance in six vegetable species (M. Giordano, A. Pannico, C. Cirillo, G. Fascella, C. El-Nakhel, R. Maiello, S. De Pascale, Y. Rouphael)
Effect of cutting angle in the speed of healing under splice grafting method (A. Carreño-Ortega, J.L. Pardo-Alonso, M. Díaz-Pérez, A.J. Callejón-Ferre)
Hairy root disease: digitized images based method to monitor the hairy root development on eggplants growing on soilless substrate in greenhouse (S. Eberle, C. Gilli, Y. Fleury, C. Camps)
Effect on temperature of lightweight plant cover enveloping papaya fruit (Carica papaya L.) in a naturally ventilated Mediterranean greenhouse (M.N. Honoré, L.J. Belmonte-Ureña, F.D. Molina-Aiz, F. Camacho-Ferre)
Importance of a realistic leaf shape in light modelling (J. Vermeiren, S. Villers, J.R. Coussement, L. Wittemans, W. Vanlommel, K. Steppe)
Modelling evapotranspiration in off-line simulations of greenhouse climate control (I. Seginer, G. van Straten, P. van Beveren)
Optimizing production by varying leaf number and stem density in high-wire cucumber (A. Elings, J. Janse)
Applications of radiative transfer models to greenhouse vegetation (N. Vilfan, J.A. Dieleman, A. Elings, G. Polder)
Using CFD modeling to assess the impact of water input restriction on an impatiens crop grown inside a greenhouse (P.E. Bournet, H. Bouhoun Ali, P. Cannavo, E. Chantoiseau)
Combining flow-MRI method and modeling approach to assess the impact of conducting tissues on water fluxes in tomato fruit (J. Simon, M. Cardoso, E. Alibert, P. Valsesia, G. Vercambre, J.-L. Verdeil, C. Goze-Bac, N. Bertin)
A functional-structural plant model of greenhouse-grown cucumber under LED lighting (G.H. Buck-Sorlin, X. Cornilleau, S. Rahme, V. Truffault, E. Brajeul)
Physiological modelling shows the options for a grower how to sustain high production levels with constrained supply of CO2 fertilizer (P.H.B. de Visser, A. de Gelder)
Sugar availability is involved in rose bud outgrowth stimulation following a temporary light intensity restriction during the vegetative development of the main stem (A. Schneider, F. Boudon, S. Demotes-Mainard, L. Ledroit, M.D. Perez-Garcia, N. Brouard, C. Godin, S. Sakr, J. Bertheloot)
An integrated fruit model toolkit: combining fruit biophysical processes with central carbon metabolism (J.L. Chen, B. Beauvoit, S. Colombié, L. Roch, C.B. Cakpo, G. Vercambre, M. Génard, M.-H. Andrieu, D. Jacob, N. Girollet, A. Moing, E. Gomès, Y. Gibon, Z.W. Dai)
Evaluation and estimation of light interception and photosynthetic rate of lettuce plants grown under LEDs using 3D-scanned plant modelling (J. Kim, W.H. Kang, D. Kim, I. Hwang, H.J. Lee, J.E. Son)
Plant growth in greenhouses using CO2 enrichment at high temperatures with a passive solar system (D. Vafiadis, A. Martzopoulou, A. Denizopoulou, V.P. Fragos)
Using deep learning to predict plant growth and yield in greenhouse environments (B. Alhnaity, S. Pearson, G. Leontidis, S. Kollias)
Blue light associated with low phytochrome activity can promote flowering: a comparison with red light in four bedding plant species (Y. Kong, K. Schiestel, Y. Zheng)
Validation of an adapted soil-plant model to study the water and nitrogen flows of Colombian greenhouse tomato systems (R. Gil, C.R. Bojacá, R. Heuts, E. Schrevens)
Determination of the performance of DME combustion gas application on physiological parameters of hot pepper plant in controlled greenhouse (J.K. Basak, F. Khan, F.G. Okyere, W. Qasim, J. Park, E. Arulmozhi, Y.J. Lee, H.T. Kim)
Year-round production of tomato fruits by low node-order pinching and high-density planting in subtropical area in Japan (H. Yamaura, S. Fujita, K. Ikeda, N. Takano, K. Kanno, S. Matsuo, T. Zhao, A. Nakano, Y. Iwasaki)
Design and development of a simulation-based decision support tool to improve the production process at large-scale greenhouses in Japan (K. Kanno, T. Higashide)
Prediction of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium uptake using a photothermal model (A. Martinez-Ruiz, P. Sánchez-García, J. Pineda-Pineda, J.V. Prado-Hernández, A. Ruiz-García)
In-situ leaf-surface micro-topography - the case of stomata detection (R. Klose, J. Graefe, O. Körner)
Estimation of water needs of young and aged rose plants with the use of two simplified transpiration models (M. Zografou, Ch. Lykas)
The influence of the hybrid and the duration of vernalization of tuberous roots on photosynthesis and flowering in Ranunculus asiaticus L. (G.C. Modarelli, C. Arena, S. De Pascale, R. Paradiso)
A methodology to identify a target DLI to control supplementary lighting (J. van Roy, F. de Ridder, G. Janssen, H. Marien)
Effect of temperature and CO2 concentration on leaf expansion in a tomato crop canopy (W. Yu, O. Körner)
Melon and potato crops productivity under a new generation of optically active greenhouse films (S. Lemarié, V. Guérin, A. Jouault, K. Proost, S. Cordier, G. Guignard, S. Demotes-Mainard, J. Bertheloot, S. Sakr, F. Peilleron)
Evaluation of the spectral properties and the effect on photosynthetic efficiency of spectrum conversion films (H.I. Yoon, J.Y. Shin, J.K. Kwon, K.S. Park, J.E. Son)
Energy saving greenhouse systems for sweet pepper production (A. de Gelder, F. Kempkes, M.G.M. Raaphorst)
Increase of light transmission by 10% in the Venlo-type greenhouse: from design to results of a cucumber experiment (F. Kempkes, J. Janse, G.L.A.M. Swinkels, S. Hemming)
Highly efficient diffuse glass for greenhouse coverings (L. Álvarez-Rodrigo, A. Huignard)
Calculating and reporting key light ratios for plant research (T. Shelford, C. Wallace, A.J. Both)
Use of far-red radiation in sole-source lighting for floriculture crops (Y. Park, E.S. Runkle)
Optimal artificial light intensity for protected tomato cultivation under LEDs (W. Vanlommel, M. Huysmans, L. Bosmans, R. Vanderbruggen, T. Van Delm)
Climate-based annual daylight modelling for greenhouses with supplemental electric lighting (I. Ashdown)
LED lighting strategies in cut flowers: balancing plant physiology and biological control of pests (J.A. Dieleman, H.M. Kruidhof, K. Weerheim)
Effects of over-night lighting by red light emitting diodes on the growth and photosynthesis of lettuce under CO2 enrichment (N. Fukuda, N. Kanesaka, L. Okushima, S. Sase)
Photosynthetic activity of high-wire cucumber crops is reduced under led lighting: a matter of light spectra? (V. Truffault, A. Cheminant, E. Brajeul)
Does “blue“ light invariably cause plant compactness? Not really: a comparison with red light in four bedding plant species during the transplant stage (Y. Kong, K. Schiestel, Y. Zheng)
Improving adventitious rooting in Kalanchoe blossfeldiana cuttings using sole source targeted LED lighting spectra (A. Rasool, T. Graham, C. Dayboll, J.A. Stoochnoff, Y. Zheng, M.A. Dixon)
The relationship between color profiles of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) spears and light intensity in Fusekomi forcing culture (T. Kumano, H. Araki)
CO2 enrichment with light control improves photosynthetic response and flower quality in Phalaenopsis Queen Beer 'Mantefon' (A.R. Cho, S.W. Chung, Y.J. Kim)
Impact of sub-radiation with LED light during cultivation of Mentha spicata on growth responses and leaf coloring (L. Schenkels, A. Lauwers, W. Saeys, M.P. De Proft)
Blue-light-promoted elongation and flowering are not artifacts from 24-h lighting: a comparison with red light in four bedding plant species (Y. Kong, D. Kamath, Y. Zheng)
Evaluation of the quality of watermelon and squash seedlings produced indoors (F. Bantis, A. Koukounaras, A. Siomos, K. Radoglou, C. Dangitsis)
Effect of supplemental UV-A radiation on mineral elements content and nitrate variation in Brassica microgreens (A. Brazaitytė, A. Viršilė, G. Samuolienė, V. Vaštakaitė-Kairienė, J. Miliauskienė, J. Jankauskienė, P. Duchovskis)
High green light proportion in mixed red and blue lights enhanced production of water spinach in plant factory (M. Kitayama, D.T.P. Nguyen, N. Lu, M. Takagaki)
An overview of methods for the reduction of heat load in protected crops under warm climatic conditions (M. Teitel)
Effects of supplemental lighting and temperature on summer production of tomato in Norway (M.J. Verheul, H.F.R. Maessen, A. Panosyan, M. Naseer, M. Paponov, I.A. Paponov)
A concentrating solar system to reduce greenhouse heat load and generate energy (P.J. Sonneveld, T. Eeuwes, L.A.A. Bunthof, E. Stapel, M.V. van der Sluys, H. Cremer, M.A. Smit)
Energy behaviour of the green layer in green façades (F. Convertino, I. Blanco, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, E. Schettini, G. Vox)
Using solar energy to heat, cool and dehumidify tomato greenhouses in France: a feasibility study (A. Grisey, C. Levaillant, D. Martin, V. Stauffer)
Collecting and storing solar energy for greenhouse heating (D. Vuillermet, B. Darfeuille, V. Stauffer, T. Boulard, A. Grisey, D. Huffschmidt)
Seasonal energy storage for greenhouse production (F. de Ridder, J. van Roy, B. de Schutter, W. Mazairac)
Analysis of energy consumption for tomato production in low technology greenhouses of Mexico (A. Ramírez-Arias, V. Campos-Salazar, J. Pineda-Pineda, E. Fitz-Rodríguez)
Prediction of the ion concentration of root-zone macronutrients using long short-term memory in closed-loop soilless culture of sweet pepper (T. Moon, T.I. Ahn, J.E. Son)
Reuse of cucumber drainage nutrient solution in secondary crops in greenhouses: initial results (N. Katsoulas, C.M. Demmelbauer-Benitez, A. Elvanidi, E. Gourzoulidou, J.F.J. Max)
Effect of inoculation with rhizobia and reduced water supply in yield and biological nitrogen fixing activity of cowpea (G. Ntatsi, I. Karavidas, G. Giannikos, A. Tampakaki, D. Savvas)
An open loop solution for precise and uniform drip fertigation in soilless culture (J.I. Arango, A.F. Diaz, G. Barbieri)
Growing media and organic fertilizers affect microbial activities and nutrient availability in soilless horticulture (L. Paillat, R. Guénon, L. Huché-Thélier, F. Barraud, P. Cannavo)
Estimating evapotranspiration in screenhouses using artificial neural network models (J. Tanny, M. Neiman, V. Lukyanov, S. Cohen, M. Teitel, I. Seginer)
Analysis of plant and fruit growth and yield under a micro sap flow sensor automated irrigation in substrate hydroponics for tomato cultivation (B.H. Yoon, E.K. Cho, J.H. Baek, J.H. An, K.Y. Choi, J.H. Lee, E.Y. Choi)
Irrigation scheduling for container grown Spiraea japonica based on cumulative vapor pressure deficit (K. Keary, J.A. Stoochnoff, T. Graham, M.A. Dixon)
Evaluation of four soilless substrate systems for greenhouse strawberry production (T. McKean, M. Kroggel, C. Kubota, R. Naasz)
Performance evaluation of commercial ion-selective electrodes for hydroponic cultivation system (M. Chowdhury, B.E. Jang, M.S.N. Kabir, D.H. Lee, H.T. Kim, T.S. Park, S.O. Chung)
The possibility of tomato cultivation in greenhouse using treated waste water from a rural sewage treatment plant (M. Eguchi, K. Kameyama, Y. Iwasaki)
Coco-peat effluent and organic manure based hydroponics for greenhouse crop cultivation (W.M.D.K. Ethulgama, H.M.N.K. Herath, W.A.P. Weerakkody, A. Gunasena, D.M.D. Bombuwela)
Effect of salinity application on yield and quality in the hydroponically grown baby-leaf vegetables (M. Takahama, S. Nicola, T. Suzuki, H. Araki)
Growth and quality response of potted ornamental shrubs under salt stress (G. Fascella, Y. Rouphael, C. Cirillo, A. Pannico, C. El-Nakhel, S. De Pascale)
Comparison of different compost materials for growing strawberry plants (F. Khan, F.G. Okyere, J.K. Basak, W. Qasim, J. Park, E. Arulmozhi, Y.J. Lee, H.T. Kim)
Possible use of soluble organic manure for coco-peat grown cucumber (Cucumis sativus) (F.B.D.U. Kumari, S.M.M.R. Mawalagedera, W.A.P. Weerakkody)
Impact of nitrogen supply level and NaCl on the metabolism of Cichorium spinosum L. (M. Chatzigianni, G. Ntatsi, I. Livieratos, K.A. Aliferis, D. Savvas)
Translocation and distribution of photosynthates in Japanese and Dutch tomato cultivars with low node-order pinching and high-density planting under salt stress condition (K. Maeda, M. Johkan, S. Tsukagoshi, T. Maruo)
Analysis of water retention capacities of various compost and its relationship to strawberry moisture level (A. Elanchezhian, F. Khan, J.K. Basak, J. Park, F.G. Okyere, Y.J. Lee, H.T. Kim)
Effect of alternating red and blue irradiation on the growth of leaf lettuce (H. Shimizu, S. Takasu, H. Nakashima, J. Miyasaka, K. Ohdoi)
Crop productivity in plant factories (M. Nichols, D. Duggan-Jones)
Bioactive compound accumulation and growth of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) under different types of white LED lights in plant factory (D.T.P. Nguyen, M. Kitayama, N. Lu, M. Takagaki)
Tipburn occurrence and growth of lettuce as affected by electrical field in a plant factory with artificial light (Y.X. Tong, J. Lu, L. Li, Q.C. Yang)
Cultivar screening: assessment of plant growth, morphology, tipburn occurrence, and quality characteristics of six lettuce cultivars grown in a plant factory (N. Lu, D.T.P. Nguyen, X. Ren, M. Takagaki)
Exploring the possibility to use energy from solar panels to provide artificial light through LEDs in a vertical hydroponic crop of lettuce (D. Savvas, O. Voutsinos, M. Mastoraki, G. Liakopoulos, K. Dekoulis, G. Ntatsi)
Effect of light emitting diodes (LED) light on the productivity and quality of selected crops in a modular agricultural production system (K. Sugumaran, A. Al-Roumi, B. Thomas, V. Kumar, M. Albaho)
Growth, morphology, photosynthetic performance, and energy use efficiency as affected by different combinations of light wavelength in a plant factory with artificial light (L. Li, Y.X. Tong, Q.C. Yang)
Improving lettuce plant growth and preventing tip-burn occurrence by using a multi-fan system in a plant factory (H.A. Ahmed, Y.X. Tong, Q.C. Yang)
Current developments in greenhouse robotics and challenges for the future (J. Hemming)
Remote control of greenhouse cucumber production with artificial intelligence - results from the first international autonomous greenhouse challenge (S. Hemming, I. Righini, F. de Zwart, A. Elings)
Factors affecting the accuracy and precision of ion-selective electrodes for hydroponic nutrient supply systems (M. Chowdhury, B.E. Jang, M.S.N. Kabir, Y.J. Kim, K.D. Na, S.B. Park, S.O. Chung)
Real-time monitoring of chemical water quality in closed-loop hydroponics (Ø.M. Jakobsen, M. Schiefloe, Ø. Mikkelsen, C. Paille, A.I.K. Jost)
UV-C irradiation after sunset increases control of powdery mildew in strawberries with side-effect on mite populations (M. Vervoort, K. Stoffels, D. Baets, P. Melis, T. Van Delm)
Development of an automatic water-stress control system by image analysis for the production of high-quality tomato (S. Hikosaka, K. Inoue, Y. Ishigami, E. Goto)
Diagnosing for the influence on strawberry growth by EC management using a 3‑D depth sensor (H. Umeda, Y. Mochizuki, M. Takahashi, Y. Kawagoe)
Measurements of environmental parameters inside and outside a greenhouse using open-source software device (G. Papagrigoriou, P. Karnoutsos, A. Martzopoulou, M. Karagiovanidis, T. Tsolakis, V.P. Fragos)
Application software for supporting labour management in large‑scale plant production systems: a conceptual design (K. Ohyama, J. Fujioka)
Contribution of hyperspectral imaging to monitor water content in soilless growing cucumber crop (A. Elvanidi, J. Zinkernagel, J.F.J. Max, N. Katsoulas)
Development of LAI and fruit load estimation method using a three-dimensional shape measurement sensor (M. Takahashi, S. Kaneko, C. Yoshida, O. Koike, H. Umeda, Y. Iwasaki)
Digital robotic system for grafting vegetable seedlings (M. Bogoescu, M. Doltu, M. Singh, B. Iordache)
New challenges for organic greenhouse horticulture in Sweden (B.W. Alsanius, A.K. Rosberg, K. Löfkvist, K.-J. Bergstrand, F. Fernqvist, S. Khalil, M. Dorais)
Optimizing potassium application in organically-grown high tunnel tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) in the northeastern United States (R.G. Sideman, B. Hoskins, M. Hutton, H. Bryant, E. Sideman)
NLOS-OG: a management tool for nitrogen fertilization in organic greenhouses (P.P. Dion, M. Thériault, D. Hunt, S. Bittman, S. Pepin, M. Dorais)
GREENRESILIENT - applying agroecology to organic greenhouse production (F. Tittarelli, B.W. Alsanius, L. Kemper, K. Koefoed Petersen, K. Willekens)
Experimental results of a solar cooling system for greenhouse climate control (G. Puglisi, G. Vox, C.A. Campiotti, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, E. Schettini)
Research on performance of active heat storage-release system for canopy warming (Q.L. Ma, Q.C. Yang, X.L. Ke, Y.K. He, J.F. Zhang, G.X. Song, Y. Zhang)
Innovative greenhouse cultivation in compost barn (S. Friis Pedersen, M. Ebbesvik)
Ebb and flood nutrient delivery system for sustainable automated crop production (G.A. Giacomelli, P.A. van Weel, C. Blok)
The risk associated with heavy metals contamination in vegetables growing in urban and peri-urban areas (R. Salazar-Moreno, E. Fitz-Rodríguez, I.L. López-Cruz, A. Rojano-Aguilar, C. Pérez Figueroa)
Does optimized agrochemicals management help to reduce the environmental impact in tomato production? A comparative analysis between greenhouse and open field systems (R. Gil, C.R. Bojacá, E. Schrevens)
Use of chitosan-polyacrylic acid (CS-PAA) complex, chitosan-polyvinyl alcohol (CS-PVA) and chitosan hydrogels in greenhouses as a carrier for beneficial elements, nanoparticles, and microorganisms (M. Cabrera-De la Fuente, H. Ortega-Ortiz, A. Juárez-Maldonado, A. Sandoval-Rangel, S. González-Morales, G. Cadenas-Pliego, A. Benavides-Mendoza)
Evaluation of the potential for producing vegetables in screenhouses in Mozambique (G. Joaquim, F.J. Baptista)
Analysis of economic sustainability of tomato greenhouses in Almería (Spain) (F.D. Molina-Aiz, D.L. Valera, A. López, R. Bouharroud, H. Fatnassi)

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