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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1273

XXX International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: II International Symposium on Soilless Culture and VIII International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops

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Conveners   M. Raviv, A. Gül, H.Y. Daşgan 
Editors   A. Gül, H.Y. Daşgan, D.I. Leskovar, A. Korkmaz, H. Yetişir 
23 March 2020 
ISBN   978-94-62612-71-6 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   60 
Place   Istanbul , Turkey 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1273 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Integrated rootzone management for successful soilless culture (Youbin Zheng)
Coconut fiber: evaluation of physicochemical properties and enzymatic activity in soilless culture during three cycles of organic cultivation (P.A. Mejía, M.C. Salas, M.J. López)
Particle density of substrate components measured by gas pycnometer (P.C. Bartley, A. Amoozegar, W.C. Fonteno, B.E. Jackson)
Evaluating the efficiency of two automatic fertigation systems in soilless crops: substrate moisture sensors vs. timer systems (M.C. Salas, P.A. Mejía, N. Domínguez, J.L. Ruiz)
Off-seasonal soilless production of green vegetables in reused substrates in Mediterranean unheated greenhouses (G.B. Oztekin, A. Gul)
Monthly variations in fruit quality of hydroponic tomatoes grown in high technology greenhouses (M. Bonakdarzadeh, F. Sen, A. Gul)
The effects of glycine betaine on pomology, yield and biochemical characteristics of strawberry plants under soilless culture (N. Adak, I. Tozlu)
Volcanic tuff substrate improves growth and flower quality of Asiatic lily (M.G. Al-Ajlouni, Y.A. Othman)
Effect of hydroponic crop set system powered by various types of energy on the growth of green oak lettuce (T. Sumet)
Impact of nutrient solution concentration and growth period on baby leaf purslane production in floating system (G.B. Oztekin, T. Uludag, Y. Tuzel)
Effects of salinity on iceberg lettuce production in floating hydroponics (A. Gul, G.B. Oztekin, Y. Tuzel, İ.H. Tuzel, M. Tepecik)
Effect of different salinity levels on rocket production in a floating system (H. Duyar, C.C. Kılıç)
Root-zone CO2 enrichment increases biomass accumulation in lettuce and pepper grown hydroponically and aeroponically (E. Leibar-Porcel, M.R. McAinsh, I.C. Dodd)
Optimization of root spraying time for fresh onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivation in aeroponics (B. İkiz, H.Y. Dasgan, S. Dere)
Comparison of substrate, hydroponic and aeroponic cultivation systems for the production of carrot root (S.N. Yıldız, H.Y. Dasgan, S. Dere)
Aquaponics using Asian leafy vegetables - potential and challenge (M.H. Böhme, M. Dewenter, A. Gohlke)
Study of a bacterial community in the aquaponic closed-loop system of Gembloux Agro Bio-Tech (M. Eck, S. Massart, M.H. Jijakli)
Zero liquid discharge in soilless greenhouse horticulture: solutions to save water and the environment while ensuring an optimal production (E.A. van Os, E.A.M. Beerling, C. Blok, R. Leyh, J.P.M. van Ruijven, M. van der Staaij, J. Janse, R. Kaarsemaker, W. Roosen)
Strategy to minimise nitrogen load to finish a zero discharge cultivation (R. Leyh, E.A. van Os, C. Blok, J.P.M. van Ruijven, R. Kaarsemaker)
Implementation of purification equipment for removal of plant protection products from horticultural discharge water (J.P.M. van Ruijven, E.A. van Os, M. van der Staaij, B. Eveleens-Clark, E.A.M. Beerling)
Impact of grafting and different strains of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on tomato plants grown hydroponically under combined drought and nutrient stress (P. Kalozoumis, G. Ntatsi, G. Marakis, E. Simou, A. Tampakaki, D. Savvas)
Use of microalgae (Chlorella vulgaris) to save mineral nutrients in soilless grown tomato (G. Aydoner Coban, H.Y. Dasgan, Y. Akhoundnejad, B. Ak Cimen)
Effects of microalgae Chlorella vulgaris on hydroponically grown lettuce (O. Ergun, H.Y. Dasgan, O. Isık)
Effects of mycorrhiza and irrigation programs on strawberry production in substrate culture (N. Unal, Y. Tuzel, İ.H. Tuzel, G.B. Oztekin)
The effects of rootstock to improve melon growth and physiological responses in salt stress (S. Avcu, H.Y. Dasgan, Y. Akhoundnejad, O. Ergun)
Soilless cultivation of strawberry (Fragaria sp. 'Holibrite') with salt stress treatments in a tropical environment for improving fruit quality (M.A.F. Falah, D.R.S. Brigita, P. Okky, E.K. Novita, K. Nafis)
The effect of chelating Zn, Cu and Mn on plant Fe nutritional status of hydroponically grown tomato plants (L.M. Bin, R. Moerkens, A. Noordam, R. van Aert, M.H.J. Bugter)
Effects of boron foliar sprays on tomato cultivation (W.P. Sturiăo, J.J. Lucena, H.E.P. Martinez, S. López-Rayo)
Sulfur fertilization enhances ajoene accumulation in hydroponically grown garlic (M.T. Naznin, Y. Kitaya, H. Hirai, B.W. Alsanius)
Effect of calcium on pistachio (Pistacia vera L. 'Siirt') seedling growth (N. Aslan, K. Sarpkaya, N. Kalkancı, T. Simsek, A. Yılmaz)
Comparing nutrient disorder symptomology of Lactuca sativa 'Salanova Green' and 'Salanova Red' (J.B. Henry, P. Cockson, I. McCall, B.E. Whipker)
Characterization of nutrient disorders of Dieffenbachia maculata (P. Cockson, D. Cockson, I. McCall, B.E. Whipker)
Dahlia foliar nutrient sufficiency ranges and growth response to fertilizer concentrations (J.B. Henry, I. McCall, P. Cockson, B.E. Whipker)
Plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs) toward sustainable plant production (T. Kozai, E. Hayashi, Y. Amagai)
Green light penetrates inside crisp head lettuce leading to chlorophyll and ascorbic acid content enhancement (S. Saengtharatip, N. Goto, T. Kozai, W. Yamori)
Light quality and photoperiod influence crop growth, productivity and produce quality in hydroponic vegetable production (B.M. Thomas, D.G. Awadh)
Hydroponic forcing of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) (F.-G. Schroeder, D.R. Lozoya, P. Ruser)
Seed quality is crucial to successful seedling production in horticulture (A.A. Powell)
Seed health and quality of selected vegetable cultivars from different seed producers (M.M. Slabbert, R. Kleynhans)
Good seed and plant practices – an example of a process approach to preventing Cmm from entering the tomato propagation chain (C. Peusens, E. Lesprit)
Seed germination and emergence of two Cyrtanthus species (N.N. Sibande, R. Kleynhans, B. Matsiliza-Mlathi)
Do seed harvest period and drying method affect the seed quality and yield in onion? (G. Baslar, H. Ilbi)
An approach to determine pepper seedling quality grown in cylindrical paper pots (T.C. Seo, S.W. An, C.W. Nam, H. Chun)
Control of transplant height in tomato using plant growth regulator prohexadione calcium (N. Ozbay, D.A. Hassan)
Emergence, transplant vigor, stand establishment and juvenile growth of soursop (Annona muricata L.) seedlings as affected by seed weight and nursery media (N.A. Okoli, J.C. Obiefuna, I.I. Ibeawuchi, R.A. Alagba, L.C. Emma-Okafor)
Effect of nitrogen and pot volume on pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) and eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) seedlings development (G. Dumičić, M. Cukrov, G. Lemić, K. Žanić, B. Urlić)
Onion set cultivation as a system for overcoming yield reduction by the unstable climate during the establishment period (H. Araki, L. Huang)
Effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria and olive waste compost on organic tomato seedling production (Y. Tuzel, G.B. Oztekin, K. Ekinci, N. Varol, H. Ozaktan, G. Besirli)
Tray seedling density and transplanting date impacted onion yield and bulb size (M.A. Macías-León, D.I. Leskovar)
Effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria combined with composts obtained from rose oil processing wastes on organic tomato seedling production (G.B. Oztekin, Y. Tuzel, K. Ekinci, H. Ozaktan, G. Besirli)
Pretransplant-N concentration of the nutrient solution influences growth and yield of hydroponic lettuce (D. Djidonou, D.I. Leskovar)
Microbial seed coating as a tool to enhance crop growth and stress tolerance (M. Vosátka, I. Rocha, Y. Ma, E.B. Švecová, R. Oliveira)
Ameliorative effects of some priming treatments on germination and emergence of lettuce seeds under high temperature conditions (N. Ozbay, M.J. Muhamed)
Impact of seed pelleting on germination potential, seedling growth and storage of tomato seed (T. Javed, I. Afzal)
Changes in melatonin content of pepper seeds during storage (G. Yakupoğlu, Ş. Köklü, A. Karaca, E. Düver, A. Klicic, A. Korkmaz)
Improvement of seed germination of caper (Capparis spinosa L.) through magnetic fields (M. Juan, N. Pascual-Seva, D. Iranzo, B. Pascual)
Seed treatment with tryptophan improves germination and emergence of pepper under salinity stress (A. Korkmaz, A. Gerekli, G. Yakupoğlu, A. Karaca, Ş. Köklü)
Rootstocks for increasing yield stability and sustainability in vegetable crops (C. Martínez-Andújar, A. Albacete, F. Pérez-Alfocea)
Effects of rootstocks with vigorous root system on growth and development of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) inbred lines (F. Ulas, H. Yetisir, A. Ulas)
Growth of pepper inbred lines as affected by rootstocks with vigorous root system under salt stress conditions (O.M. Al Rubaye, H. Yetisir, F. Ulas, A. Ulas)

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