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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1258

XXX International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: XIX Symposium on Horticultural Economics and Management, VII Symposium on Supply Chains, II Symposium on Economics, Marketing and Consumer Research and VIII Symposium on Education and Consultancy

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Conveners   I. Boz, P.J. Batt, R. Kahane 
Editor   P.J. Batt 
12 November 2019 
ISBN   978-94-62612-55-6 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   28 
Place   Istanbul, Turkey 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1258 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Comprehending and capitalising on market trends for fresh fruit and vegetables (P.J. Batt)
Exchange rate uncertainty and Egyptian exports of horticultural commodities into the EU (A. Abu Hatab, A. Nsabimana)
Social effects of climate change on smallholder farmers in Akinyele, Oyo State, Nigeria (O. Adebisi-Adelani, M. Akeredolu, O.M. Adewale, O.M. Adeogun)
Effect of capacity building on knowledge of farmers about improved citrus nursery practices in NIHORT adopted villages (O. Adebisi-Adelani, L.O. Olajide-Taiwo, F.B. Olajide-Taiwo, I.O. Amao, O.O. Oyedele)
Ensuring quality and safety of horticultural products through the implementation of good agricultural practices (GAP) in Indonesia (I.W. Arsanti, M.H. Böhme)
Impact of best practice hubs (BPHs) and vegetable technology immersion cluster (VTICs) on vegetable productivity and welfare of rural farm households in Mali (B.A. Awotide, T. Chagomoka, C.M. Sobgui, W. Bihon, V. Afari-Sefa, A. Tenkouano, K. Ndiaye, O. Diouf)
Happier in a home with plants? A study on the relationship between human wellbeing and ornamental plants in private households (G. Bermejo, K. Sparke)
Effect of transportation conditions and pre-storage treatments on the quality and shelf-life of fresh tomatoes in selected South African supply chains (K. Cherono, T.S. Workneh)
Transportation planning model for the supply of fresh tomatoes in South Africa (K. Cherono, T.S. Workneh)
Multi-criteria evaluation of sustainable land use in rural areas of northern Vietnam (Q.M. Dao, M.H. Böhme)
Agroecology in higher education: a multidimensional vision as a resilience strategy to climate change (M.C. Dussi, L.B. Flores, M.E. Barrionuevo, S.E. Dussi)
Economic evaluation of aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) applications in 'Williams' pear cultivar (M. Emre, S. Butar, M. Cetinbas, R.A. Emre)
Constraints in apple chains in Lebanon (M. Frem, N. El Hachem, M. Zgheib, D. Nandwani)
Household expenditure on fruit and vegetables: a case study of rural southwestern Nigeria (R.B. Ibe)
The current situation and problems with producing fruit nursery trees in Turkey (D. Karamürsel, F.P. Öztürk, E. Kaçal, A. Bayav, M. Emre, C. Oğuz, Ö.F. Karamürsel, S. Akol, A. Sarısu, M. Altindal)
Food chain partnership - a bridge to the world for Turkish horticultural produce (M. Kaya, C. Nadir, M. Hingant, İ. Ercan)
Strategic decisions and economic evaluation of horticulture farms in Finland (A.M. Koivisto, E.K. Liski, T.E.A. Mattila, M. Väre)
The difference in color profiles of green asparagus spears between spring open field production and winter Fusekomi forcing culture production (T. Kumano, H. Yu, H. Araki)
Producer organisations that add value: a case study in Papua New Guinea (N. Mwayawa, M. Lyne, N. Lees, S. Trafford)
Causes of decline in the Japanese tulip bulb industry (Y. Niisato, T. Takeda)
Potential of walnut (Juglans regia L.) nursery production and its economic importance in Turkey (H.I. Oğuz, O. Gökdoğan, M.F. Baran, I. Oğuz)
Analysis of market flow of tomatoes among smallholder farmers in Oyo State (O.O. Oyedele, I.B. Adeoye, I.O. Amao, K.M. Bamimore, A. Ogundeyi)
Sustainability and environmental management in the Mexican vegetable sector (L.E. Padilla-Bernal, A. Lara-Herrera, A. Vélez Rodríguez, M. Loureiro)
An integrated analysis of tomato supply networks in Nigeria to improve efficiency and quality (M. Sibomana, L. Clercx, J.W.H. van der Waal)
The adoption of good agricultural practices for chilli farming in Thailand (Y. Sriwaranun, W. Paku-Thai)
Strategic information flows within an Australian vegetable value chain (J. Teese, P. Currey, S. Somogyi)
What do intern horticultural engineers expect from the internship process? (Ş. Uysal)
Investigation of cyberloafing and job satisfaction levels of technical personnel within horticultural services (Ş. Uysal)

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