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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1248

XII International Conference on Grapevine Breeding and Genetics

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Convener   S. Delrot 
Editors   S. Delrot, N. Ollat, P. Gallusci 
30 August 2019 
ISBN   978-94-62612-45-7 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   82 
Place   Bordeaux, France  
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1248 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Breeding, consumers and market issues: main evolutions in the vine and wine industry (H. Hannin)
Impact of grapevine breeding for disease resistance on the global wine industry (L. Bavaresco)
Synonyms and homonyms in Herzegovinian and Dalmatian grapevine cultivars (A. Mandić, M. Žulj Mihaljević, M. Leko, J. Primorac, J. Beljo)
OSCAR, a national observatory to support the durable deployment of disease-resistant grapevine cultivars (S. Guimier, F. Delmotte, A.S. Miclot, F. Fabre, I. Mazet, C. Couture, C. Schneider, L. Delière)
Isolation and amplification of ancient DNA from herborized grapevine leaves collected by Spanish botanist Simón de Rojas Clemente y Rubio in 1803-1804 (P. Gago, V. Laucou, J.L. Santiago, S. Boso, T. Lacombe, M. Velayos, D. Legrand, J.‑M. Boursiquot, M.C. Martinez)
Recovering ancient grapevine cultivars in the Spanish provinces of Alicante and Valencia (A. Yuste, F. Martínez-Gil, S. García-Martínez, D. López Lluch, R. Peiró, C. Jiménez, J.J. Ruiz, C. Gisbert)
Genetic gains of selection in ancient grapevine cultivars (E. Gonçalves, A. Martins)
Preservation via utilization: minor grape cultivars on-farm (E. Maul, T. Schreiber, F. Carka, J. Cunha, J.E.J. Eiras Dias, M. Gardiman, A. Gazivoda, D. Ivanišević, L. Koop, E. Lipman, L. Maggioni, E. Maletić, V. Maraš, M.C. Martinez, G. Muňoz Organero, D. Nikolić, F. Regner, F. Röckel, A. Schneider, R. Töpfer, G. Zdunić, M. Ziegler, T. Lacombe)
Inventory and descriptions of wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris) from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (G. Zdunić, E. Maul, K. Lukšić, A. Mucalo, K. Hančević, T. Radić, L. Butorac, I. Budić Leto, M. Leko, M. Regvar, M. Likar, A. Piltaver, M. Žulj Mihaljević, I. Pejić, E. Maletić)
Genotyping-by-sequencing-derived single-nucleotide polymorphism catalog from a grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) germplasm collection that includes the most representative Apulian autochthonous cultivars (M.M. Miazzi, N. D'Agostino, S. Gadaleta, V. Di Rienzo, V. Fanelli, W. Sabetta, C. Montemurro, F. Taranto)
Genetic variability in grapevine clones of 'Muscat of Alexandria' (C. Esteras, R. Peiró, J.X. Soler, F. Martínez-Gil, J.J. Ruiz, B. Picó, C. Gisbert)
Genetic resources for table-grape breeding in Brazilian tropical semi-arid regions (P.C.S. Leão)
True-to-type confirmation of 20 unknown grapevine accessions at a grape germplasm collection in Split, Croatia (K. Lukšić, G. Zdunić, A. Mucalo, K. Hančević, E. Venison, I. Pejić, M. Ordidge)
New cold-tolerant grapevine cultivars for red wines (Е. Ilnitskaya, T. Guguchkina, A. Talash)
Postharvest evaluation of cold-hardy table-grape breeding lines (L. Moreira, A. Underhill, M. Clark)
The Fondazione Edmund Mach grapevine breeding program for downy and powdery mildew resistances: toward a green viticulture (S. Vezzulli, C. Dolzani, D. Migliaro, E. Banchi, T. Stedile, A. Zatelli, M. Dallaserra, S. Clementi, C. Dorigatti, R. Velasco, L. Zulini, E. Peressotti, M. Stefanini)
Field performance of five white Pilzwiderstandsfahige (PIWI) cultivars in the south of Brazil (E. Brighenti, A.L.K. Souza, A.F. Brighenti, M. Stefanini, O. Trapp, J.P.P. Gardin, V. Caliari, M.A. Dalbó, L.J. Welter)
Rootstock breeding for resistance to grapevine decline and dieback in southern Brazil (M.A. Dalbó, A.L.K. Souza)
Identification of downy mildew resistance genes Rpv10 and Rpv3 by DNA-marker analysis in a Russian grapevine germplasm collection (Е. Ilnitskaya, S. Tokmakov, M. Makarkina, I. Suprun)
Phylogeny of Vitis species based on a VvMybA1 marker analysis (A. Kerekes, K.A. Tóth-Lencsés, E. Kiss, A. Szőke)
Phenology and thermal requirements of disease-resistant genotypes (PIWI) grown in the Goethe Grape Valley region of Brazil (M. Stefanini, T.C. Tomazetti, M.D. Rossarolla, A. Costa, E. Dela Bruna, L.I. Malinovski, A.L. Silva, R.O. Nodari, M.P. Guerra)
Application and optimization of the CRISPR/Cas9 system in grape (C. Ren, E.K. Gathunga, S. Li, Z. Liang)
Exploring the use of transposon mobilization to produce a gene-tagged population for grapevine (R. Bicknell, C. Winefield, D. Lizamore, T.-H. Chan, T. Millar, S. Thomson, J. Larrouy, P. Barrell, M. Thompson)
Synthesis of grapevine chimeras (D. Preiner, Z. Marković, I. Šikuten, A. Mihovilović Bošnjak, J. Karoglan Kontić, E. Maletić, M. Žulj Mihaljević)
Toward identification of haplotypes that control seedlessness of grape by genome resequencing (Y.Y. Hur, M.S. Kim, S.C. Jeong)
In-vitro embryo rescue in table-grape breeding for semiarid tropical regions of Brazil (P.C.S. Leão, N.F. de Melo, B.T.G. Nunes, E.R. da Silva)
Use of the microvine and plant gene switch system for functional studies of genes involved in the control of ripening initiation in Vitis vinifera (S. Gouthu, L.G. Deluc)
Generation of mildew-resistant grapevine clones via genome editing (L. Giacomelli, T. Zeilmaker, M. Malnoy, J. Rouppe van der Voort, C. Moser)
Control of the grapevine moth Lobesia botrana through genetic engineering manipulation of host-plant volatiles (U. Salvagnin, S. Martens, G. Anfora, S. Angeli, M. Tasin, M. Malnoy)
INRA-ResDur: the French grapevine breeding programme for durable resistance to downy and powdery mildew (C. Schneider, C. Onimus, E. Prado, V. Dumas, S. Wiedemann-Merdinoglu, M.A. Dorne, M.C. Lacombe, M.C. Piron, A. Umar-Faruk, E. Duchêne, P. Mestre, D. Merdinoglu)
Integrating spatial variations in the vineyard to enhance quantitative trait locus (QTL) detection (X. de Badts, V. Dumas, N. Jaegli, L. Ley, D. Merdinoglu, E. Duchêne)
Overview of genetic loci for traits in grapevine and their integration into the VIVC database (L. Hausmann, E. Maul, A. Ganesch, R. Töpfer)
Genome-wide association study of a diverse grapevine panel: example of berry weight (T. Flutre, R. Bacilieri, I. Bécavin, G. Berger, Y. Bertrand, J.-M. Boursiquot, A. Fodor, T. Lacombe, V. Laucou, A. Launay, L. Le Cunff, C. Romieu, P. This, J.P. Péros, A. Doligez)
Annotation of whole-plastid genomes of wild grapes (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris) from the south Caucasus, Europe and the Mediterranean Basin (I. Pipia, L. Roma, V. Tabidze)
Unraveling the key molecular events of grape berry ripening (M. Fasoli, C.L. Richter, S. Zenoni, E. Bertini, N. Vitulo, S. Dal Santo, N. Dokoozlian, M. Pezzotti, G.B. Tornielli)
Singular effect of soil and climate on grapevine development and berry traits in two Italian cultivars, 'Glera' and 'Corvina' (C. Perin, M. Lucchin, A. Vannozzi)
Phenoliner: a multi-sensor field phenotyping platform (A. Kicherer, K. Herzog, N. Bendel, H.C. Klück, A. Backhaus, M. Wieland, J.C. Rose, L. Klingbeil, H. Kuhlmann, U. Seiffert, R. Töpfer)
Phenotyping tools for genetic improvement of table grapes in Chile (P. Cid, M. García, A. Pinolef, P. Barba)
'BRS Vitória': a new seedless table-grape cultivar for the São Francisco Valley, northeast Brazil (P.C.S. Leão, B.T.G. Nunes, J.H.B. do Nascimento, M.C. de Souza, J.I.S. Rego)
Molecular characterization of wine grape cultivars from Calabria (V. Fanelli, M.A. Savoia, S. Gadaleta, L. Piarulli, C. Montemurro, P. La Notte, M.M. Miazzi, M. Bruno, M. Falbo, F. Petrillo, V.N. Savino, V. Roseti)
Whole-genome sequencing and gene annotation of Georgian grape cultivars (V. Tabidze, I. Pipia, M. Gogniashvili, N. Kunelauri, T. Beridze)
A few main parents contributed to the traditional grapevine cultivar assortment in north-western Italy, as revealed by microsatellites and single-nucleotide polymorphisms (S. Raimondi, P. Ruffa, P. Boccacci, S. Abbà, A. Schneider)
Extensive genotyping of a large collection of rootstocks, population structure analysis and core collection extrapolation for new breeding programs (D. Migliaro, G. De Lorenzis, G.S. Di Lorenzo, B. De Nardi, M. Gardiman, O. Failla, L. Brancadoro, M. Crespan)
Quantitative trait locus mapping of downy mildew and botrytis bunch rot resistance in a Vitis aestivalis-derived 'Norton'-based population (S.D. Sapkota, L.L. Chen, S. Yang, K.E. Hyma, L.E. Cadle-Davidson, C.F. Hwang)
Breeding for mildew resistance in grapevine to improve environmental and socio-economic sustainability in hotspot areas of Veneto (B. De Nardi, F. Santellani, T. Possamai, R. Velasco)
Genetic variation for grapevine reproductive development (J.M. Martínez-Zapater, P. Carbonell-Bejerano, C. Royo, R. Torres-Pérez, N. Diestro, J. Grimplet, N. Mauri, J. Ibáñez)
Molecular analysis of bunch architecture in grapevine (E. Zyprian, R. Richter, S. Rossmann, K. Theres, R. Töpfer)
Determination of genetic loci in the control network of grapevine flowering (A. Schwandner, I. Ochßner, L. Hausmann, R. Töpfer)
Mapping the genetic architecture of grapevine bud growth-cycling quantitative traits (A. Fennell, D. Alahakoon, J. Luby, M. Clark)
Characterization of the reproductive performance of a collection of grapevine cultivars (S. Ibáñez, J. Grimplet, E. Baroja, S. Hernaiz, J. Ibáñez)
Transcriptomics analysis of 'Cabernet Sauvignon' berry skins from Reno and Bordeaux in the late stages of ripening (G.R. Cramer, N. Cochetel, R. Ghan, A. Destrac-Irvine, S. Delrot)
Developing a model system to identify the main mechanisms involved in nitrogen growth responses of grafted grapevines (L. Rossdeutsch, P. Schreiner, P. Skinkis, L.G. Deluc)
Understanding scion-rootstock interactions at the graft interface of grapevine (S.J. Cookson, D. Prodhomme, C. Chambaud, C. Hévin, J. Valls Fonayet, G. Hilbert, C. Trossat-Magnin, T. Richard, G. Bortolami, G.A. Gambetta, L. Brocard, N. Ollat)
Rootstocks for table grape 'BRS Maria Bonita' in the São Francisco Valley, northeast Brazil (P.C.S. Leão, M.M.C. de Lira, D.S. de Moraes, E.R. da Silva)
Rootstocks for table grape 'BRS Clara' in the São Francisco Valley, northeast Brazil (P.C.S. Leão, M.M.C. de Lira, D.S. de Moraes, E.R. da Silva)
Genetic dissection of grape berry ripening control: defining a role for NAC transcription factors (S. Zenoni, E. D¿Incà, G.B. Tornielli)
Biochemical and transcriptomic analysis in berries of wild and cultivated grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) (D. Carrasco, A. Bellido, R. Torres-Pérez, J. Grimplet, L. Ruíz-García, E. Revilla, R. Arroyo-Garcia)
Genetic dissection of the natural dry-on-vine (NDOV) trait in grapevine (J. Fresnedo-Ramírez, S.A. Lee, C.A. Ledbetter)
Prolonged ripening on the vine affects the polyphenolic profile of grapes and wine of 'Plavac Mali' (Vitis vinifera L.) (A. Mucalo, G. Zdunić, E. Maletić)
Methyl jasmonate application to increase volatile compounds of Vitis labrusca L. grape berries cultivated under subtropical conditions (L. Moro, N.T. da Silva, N.M.A. Hassimotto, E. Purgatto)
Condensed tannins in the pericarp of diverse Vitis species (C. Romieu, R. Bacilieri, H. Fulcrand, G. Billerach, C. Marchal, C. Dentraygues, J. Jiang, M. Musayev, M. Reynders, P. Nick, D. Maghradze, M. Grisoni, J.M. Brillouet)
Investigating variability of the cultivar 'Pinot blanc' under different aspects (F. Regner, C. Philipp, M. Reichl, B. Zöch, R. Hack, N. Prammer, A. Rockenbauer)
Valorization of autochthonous Apulian grapevine cultivars for spumante production (V. Fanelli, M. Volpicella, A. Giampetruzzi, P. Saldarelli, C. Leoni, L.R. Ceci, V. Di Rienzo, P. Venerito, F. Taranto, P. Giannini, F. Bozzo, C. Montemurro, W. Sabetta)
Characterization of deletions causing berry-color variation in Garnacha and Tempranillo (C. Royo, M. Rodríguez-Lorenzo, P. Carbonell-Bejerano, N. Mauri, F. Cibríain, J. Suberviola, A. Sagüés, J. Ibáñez, J.M. Martínez-Zapater)
Grape color variation involves genetic and micro-environmental changes that alter berry phenolic and aromatic composition (P. Carbonell-Bejerano, M. Rodríguez-Lorenzo, C. Royo, N. Mauri, G. Hilbert, C. Renaud, J.L. Rambla, G. Diretto, A. Granell, S. Delrot, J.M. Martínez-Zapater)
Proteome analysis to identify anthocyanin transporters in grape cells (M. Taki, H. Sakamoto, R. Harada, Y. Fukao, T. Mori, R. Nakabayashi, K. Saito, K. Shiratake)
Can transcriptomics shed light on the "old-vine" character of wines? (B. Coetzee, H.J. Maree, J.T. Burger)
Grapevine adaptation to abiotic stress: an overview (N. Ollat, S.J. Cookson, A. Destrac-Irvine, V. Lauvergeat, F. Ouaked-Lecourieux, E. Marguerit, F. Barrieu, Z. Dai, E. Duchêne, G.A. Gambetta, E. Gomès, D. Lecourieux, C. van Leeuwen, T. Simonneau, L. Torregrosa, P. Vivin, S. Delrot)
Short sequence repeat (SSR) genotyping and sodium exclusion phenotyping of a Vitis hybrid population ('K51-40' × 'Schwarzmann') (J.D. Dunlevy, D.H. Blackmore, J.L. Watkins, E.J. Edwards, R.R. Walker, A.R. Walker)
Grapevine rootstocks differentially regulate root growth and architecture in response to nitrogen availability (N. Cochetel, C. Hévin, P. Vivin, N. Ollat, V. Lauvergeat)
Physiological and biochemical responses to drought stress in some autochthonous grapevines of Turkey (M. Koç, Ö. Kamiloğlu, R. Cangi, K. Yıldız)
A perspective on breeding and implementing durable powdery mildew resistance (L.E. Cadle-Davidson)
Pyramidizing resistance genes in grape: a breeding program for the selection of elite cultivars (S. Foria, C. Monte, R. Testolin, G. Di Gaspero, G. Cipriani)
Use of the NeoViGen96 chip to understand the defense status of cultivars and resistant genotypes of Vitis vinifera (M.F. Corio-Costet, A. Bellée, M.C. Dufour, D. Merdinoglu, C. Coppin)
Growth and development of Pierce's disease-tolerant hybrid bunch grapes in the southeastern USA (E.D. Coneva, Y. Hu, A. Svyantek, E. Vinson)
Subtilisin-like proteins and lipid signalling events: the missing links in grapevine resistance to Plasmopara viticola (A.R. Cavaco, J. Figueiredo, G. Laureano, M. Sousa Silva, A.R. Matos, A. Figueiredo)
Early detection of Plasmopara viticola-infected leaves through FT-ICR-MS metabolic profiling (M. Maia, A. Maccelli, R. Nascimento, A.E.N. Ferreira, M.E. Crestoni, C. Cordeiro, A. Figueiredo, M. Sousa Silva)
The Rpv3-3 haplotype and stilbenoid induction mediate downy mildew resistance in a grapevine interspecific population (S. Vezzulli, G. Malacarne, D. Masuero, A. Vecchione, C. Dolzani, V. Goremykin, Z. Haile Mehari, E. Banchi, R. Velasco, M. Stefanini, U. Vrhovsek, L. Zulini, P. Franceschi, C. Moser)
The molecular dialogue between grapevine inflorescence/berry and Botrytis cinerea during initial, quiescent and egression infection stages (Z. Mehari, G. Malacarne, S. Pilati, P. Sonego, K. Engelen, V. Lionetti, D. Bellincampi, U. Vrhovsek, M. Zottini, E. Baraldi, C. Moser)
Durable powdery mildew resistance in grapevines: myth or reality (S. Riaz, A. Tenscher, D. Pap, N. Romero, M.A. Walker)
Contrasting susceptibilities to Flavescence dorée in Vitis vinifera cultivars and progenies suggest segregation of genetic traits involved in disease response (C. Jollard, S. Malembic-Maher, F. Labroussaa, D. Khalil, M. Perrin, D. Desqué, P. Salar, F. Razan, T. Lusseau, C. Hévin, L. Bordenave, S. Julliard, X. Foissac, J.E. Masson, S. Eveillard)
Evidence for sexual reproduction and fertile oospore production by Plasmopara viticola on the leaves of partially resistant grapevine cultivars (L. Delbac, L. Delière, C. Schneider, F. Delmotte)

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