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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1242

III International Symposium on Horticulture in Europe - SHE2016

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Conveners   P. Kalaitzis, G.A. Manganaris 
Editors   P. Kalaitzis, K.N. Blazakis, G.A. Manganaris 
10 July 2019 
ISBN   978-94-62612-39-6 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   141 
Place   Chania, Crete, Greece 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1242 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
The "one health"-concept and organic production of vegetables and fruits (B.W. Alsanius, E. von Essen, R. Hartmann, I. Vĺgsholm, O. Doyle, U. Schmutz, H. Stützel, A. Fricke, M. Dorais)
Mulch films biodegradation rate in different types of soil (E. Duarte, A. Saraiva, R. Costa, N. Fortes, G. Souza, P. Fortes Neto)
Innovative sprayer with optimized sensor-based gap detection for precision application of plant protection products (V. Overbeck, T. Pelzer, J. Huhs, C. Kämpfer, J.K. Wegener)
Elimination of PDV from sweet cherry cultivars by in vitro chemotherapy (F. Paprstein, J. Sedlak, J. Polak, S. Kumari)
Effect of different processing methods on the quality of obtained pomegranate juice (P. Catania, M. Alleri, C. De Pasquale, M. Vallone)
Yield, quality and soil greenhouse gas emissions in organic and conventional fava bean crops (V. Sánchez-Navarro, R. Zornoza, A. Faz, J.A. Fernández)
Induced production of indol-3-ylmethyl glucosinolates in hairy roots of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis): perspectives to enhance the content of bioactive compounds (A. Aires, M. Neumann, J. Ludwig-Müller, M. Schöpe, K.H. van Pée)
The effect of organic and conventional fruit cultivation system on mineral composition and sensory properties of cloudy apple juice (L. Heinmaa, P. Pőldma, T. Tőnutare, K. Kahu, U. Kidmose, R. Lo Scalzo, U. Moor)
Quality differences between organic and conventional field grown vegetables - experiences from a Swedish long-term field trial (L. Mogren, P. Modig, A. Gunnarsson)
Examination of ion accumulation and some physiological characteristics of grafted eggplants grown under salinity conditions (M. Talhouni, K. Sönmez, S. Kıran, Ş. Kuşvuran, Ş.Ş. Ellialtıoğlu)
Characterization of the polyphenolic pattern in Prunus domestica cultivars with different fruit skin colour by analysing their fruit juices (S. Vio Michaelis, M. Neumüller, J. Hadersdorfer, D. Treutter)
Anthocyanin elicitation for bio-sustainable colourant production in carrot (G. Barba-Espín, H. Lütken, S. Glied, C. Crocoll, B. Joernsgaard, R. Müller)
Effects of nitrogen level on purslane antioxidant activity (S. de Jesus, I. Alves-Pereira, R.V. Santos, R.M.A. Machado, R.M.A. Ferreira)
Impact of partial root-zone drying and mulching on fruit quality and nutrient contents after storage of 'Polka' raspberries (K. Lepaja, E. Kullaj, L. Lepaja)
Influences of soil ameliorative plant species on organic edible rose culture (A.C. Butcaru, F. Stănică, G.M. Matei, S. Matei)
Relationships among the rootstock and morphogenetic behaviour of apple tree in aspect for fruit quality (G. Samuolienė, A. Viškelienė, R. Sirtautas, D. Kviklys)
The influence of crown shapes on quantitative and qualitative parameters of nectarine yield (C. Moale)
Choosing the opposite - consumer attitudes and their choice of tomato (S. Spendrup, L. Ekelund, F. Fernqvist, F. Hĺkansson)
The role of mulching materials on Lactuca sativa production - Brazil case study (P. Fortes Neto, G. Souza, N. Fortes, A. Saraiva, R. Costa, E. Duarte)
Influence of mild saline stress and growing season on yield and leaf quality of baby lettuce grown in floating system (Y. Rouphael, P. Vitaglione, G. Colla, F. Napolitano, G. Raimondi, M.C. Kyriacou, A. Colantuono, M. Giordano, A. Pannico, R. Maiello, S. De Pascale)
Impact of cooling temperature and wrapping on storage quality of lamb's lettuce (Valerianella locusta L.) (A. Decombel, B.A.J.G. Jacobs, J. Van Lommel, I. Vandevelde, B.E. Verlinden, P. Bleyaert)
Effect of woodchips mulch on performance of eight blackcurrant cultivars (V. Laugale, S. Dane, L. Lepse, S. Strautina)
The crop of grafted peppers, an alternative - concerning the yield and quality - for vegetable growers (M. Bogoescu, D. Iorga, L. Dumitrescu, M. Vintilă)
Dissipation studies of acetamiprid in apples under field conditions (S. Lazić, D. Šunjka, S. Vuković, S. Petrović)
Strawberry yield and quality in intercrop with legumes (S. Dane, V. Laugale, D. Šterne)
The properties of rice hull in soilless agriculture technique and the effect of plant development parameters in lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. crispa) cultivation (G. Çakırer, K. Demir, Ç. Temiz)
Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on growth components, yield and tuber quality characteristics of two potato cultivars grown under organic production system (A.A. Alexopoulos, T. Varzakas, S. Karras, A. Koriki, A. Kotsiras, I. Xynias)
Vegeto-productive behaviour and fruit quality of two cultivars of apricot, 'Orange Rubis®' and 'Farbaly®', as influenced by different biostimulants (G. Lopriore, F. Lops, A. Tarantino)
Influence of nitrogen form and concentration on yield and quality of pot grown basil (C. Frerichs, D. Daum, R. Koch)
Low residue apple production: higher production risk and lower profit (E. Bravin, S. Perren, A. Naef)
The effect of two boron compounds on growth and chemical composition of two fruit rootstocks (G. Sismanidis, S. Ntoumanidou, V. Christodoulou, C. Chatzissavvidis)
Tools for strategic management of postharvest technology: an application to the Portuguese pear industry (D.P.F. Almeida)
Effect of sulfate anions on nitrates accumulation and total Kjeldahl nitrogen content in lettuce plants cultivated in peat-perlite mixture (Ch. Karipidis, D. Douma, P. Yfanti, K. Zisis, G. Patakioutas)
The effect of conventional and organic fertilization on yield and fruit quality of pomegranate (Punica granatum L. 'Hicaznar') (K. Yazici, A. Sahin, C.F. Özkan, B. Sayin, E.I. Demirtas, A. Öztop, S.B. Gölükçü, E.A. Isik)
New dwarf bean cultivars obtained in Romania (E. Teodorescu, F. Burnichi, C. Petre)
Potential nitrogen contribution from symbiotic fixation of dwarf pea (Pisum sativum) and clover (Trifolium resupinatum) in crop rotation and intercropping systems (M. Tempesta, G. Gianquinto, M. Hauser, M. Tagliavini)
EMAP technique application to obtain minimally processed eights and slices fresh cut of 'Spinoso Sardo' globe artichoke (A.B. Pisanu, L. Baghino, D. Sanna, E.A. Scano)
Chilling requirements of Mediterranean fruit crops in a changing climate (H. Kaufmann, M.M. Blanke)
Evaluation of highbush blueberry clonal progenies for fruit quality (I. Ancu, M. Sturzeanu, Y.U. Song, M.K. Kwon, D.W. Suh)
The effects of preharvest 1-methylcyclopropene (Harvista) treatments on harvest maturity of 'Santa Maria' pear cultivar (M. Sakaldas, M.A. Gundogdu, E. Gur)
Management of sanitary and phytosanitary risks in the apple value chain: the Sustain'Apple project (J.M. Codron, F. DeMaria, S. Drogué, P.Y. Le Gal, P. Lubello, I. Pavez, S. Pissonnier, D. Scandella, X. Vernin)
Comparison of plant types on some fruit quality characteristics of new strawberry cultivars in Turkey (K. Erçik, E. Kafkas, M. Kaya, K. Çelik, N. Opanoğlu, M.A. Saridaş, H. Özcan)
Evaluation of legume-cereal seed mixtures for enhancement of soil fertility, carbon storage and biodiversity in a low-intensity olive orchard (O.A. Fakher, G. Doupis, G. Psarras, A. Papafilippaki, G. Koubouris)
The effect of leonardite, vermicompost, farmyard manure on yield and leaf quality of garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) (N. Akbudak, O. Zambi)
Influence of seed pre-treatments on seed germination and early seedling developments of jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) (S. Gozlekci, N. Adak, I. Tozlu)
Increased phosphorus use efficiency in basil grown hydroponically with low phosphorus concentration and saline water (D. Massa, R. Germano, G. Carmassi, L. Incrocci, F. Montesano, A. Parente, G. Burchi, A. Pardossi)
Effects of active modified atmosphere packaging with argon and nitrogen on postharvest quality of loquat (T. Öz, E. Kafkas, T. Eker)
Chemical composition and quality of various garlic (Allium sativum L.) genotypes cultivated in Greece (S. Petropoulos, G. Ntatsi, Â. Fernandes, L. Barros, I.C.F.R. Ferreira)
The effects of different nitrogen and potassium levels on yield and quality of two early grape cultivars grown in different soilless media (S. Tangolar, S. Tangolar, G. Tarım, M. Ada, A. Alkan Torun, E. Ertargın)
Prunus rootstock testing for peach tolerance to Pseudomonas and Armillaria diseases in South Carolina (G.L. Reighard, W.G. Henderson, D.R. Ouellette)
'Lemonato' peach: a series of cultivated clones with high fruit quality (N.K. Mitsopoulou, G.D. Nanos, E. Grigoriadou, N. Katis)
The resistance of apricot genotypes to the attack of certain pathogens in Romania (C. Moale, L. Septar)
Studies regarding the new peach assortments in south-eastern Romania (C. Gavat, L.M. Dumitru, V.A. Oprita, L. Miron)
The behaviour of some apricot cultivars with late blooming in south-eastern Romania (V.A. Oprita, C. Gavat)
Effect of different carbon sources on in vitro propagation of yellow passion fruit (S.I. Costa, P.C. Mello-Farias, A.S. Copatti, I.C. Albuquerque)
Flowering and yield potential of promising peach hybrids from crossing combination 'Flaminia' × 'Hale Tardiva Spadoni' (D. Nikolić, V. Rakonjac, A. Radović)
Adaptation of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) to cultivation in Elvas region, South Portugal (O. Póvoa, N. Farinha, C. Claré)
Structural and functional features of leaves in some Ficus carica L. cultivars in situ and in vitro (I.V. Mitrofanova, V.A. Brailko, O.V. Mitrofanova)
Investigations on the formation of dihydrochalcones in apple (Malus sp.) leaves (G.N. Adamu, C. Gosch, C. Molitor, I. Kampatsikas, O. Hutabarat, S. Miosic, A. Rompel, H. Halbwirth, A. Spornberger, K. Stich)
Status of research, breeding and protection of cucurbits in relation to cucurbit downy mildew: their limits and perspectives (A. Lebeda, E. Křístková, B. Sedláková, M. Kitner, M.P. Widrlechner)
Hybridization in wild pear (Pyrus pyraster) from various regions in Germany and from Luxembourg with respect to Pyrus × communis (I. Wagner, R. Büttner)
Proteolytic activity, identification and expression profile of a KDEL-CysEP gene in common lilac flowers depending on the flowering conditions (A. Jędrzejuk, A. Łukaszewska, M. Serek)
Genome wide association studies and whole transcriptomic survey decipher the fruit texture regulation in apple towards the selection of novel superior accessions (M. Di Guardo, A. Tadiello, B. Farneti, N. Busatto, M. Delledonne, W. Guerra, T. Letschka, L. Lozano, R. Velasco, E. Van de Weg, M. Bink, F. Costa)
A multidisciplinary approach reveals new aspects of superficial scald aetiology and cold resistance mechanism in 'Granny Smith' apples (N. Busatto, B. Farneti, M. Delledonne, U. Vrhovsek, F. Spinelli, F. Biasioli, R. Velasco, G. Costa, F. Costa)
Morphologic variability in Portuguese Mentha cervina accessions (O. Póvoa, N. Farinha, L. Rodrigues, A. Monteiro)
Different expression of ATP-dependent RNA helicases in artificially and naturally induced mango fruitlet abscission (P. Winterhagen, M.H. Hagemann, J.N. Wünsche)
Biological and economic characteristics of new peach and hybrids in the steppe Crimea (T. Latsko, A. Smykov, O. Fedorova)
New cultivars of high quality nectarines at the Crimea (S. Tsiupka, E. Shoferistov, I. Ivashchenko)
Study concerning the main characteristics of climbing bean seeds belonging VRDS, Romania germplasm collection (E. Teodorescu)
The behaviour of some new cherry tree cultivars during the first years after planting (I. Caplan, G. Lamureanu, C. Alexe)
Diversity of citrus germplasm in the Black Sea Region in Turkey (K. Yazici, M. Akbulut, B. Göksu, N. Bakoğlu)
Current status of registered pome fruit saplings in Lebanon (N. Tabaja, M. Siblini, L. Chalak)
Effect of cytokinins on in vitro blastogenesis of Thymelaea tartonraira ssp. tartonraira (L.) All. (A.N. Martini, M. Papafotiou)
The identification of walnut cultivars from Nikita Botanical Gardens by SSR-markers (S. Khokhlov, E. Panyushkina, I. Balapanov, I. Suprun, S. Tokmakov)
Susceptibility of SEO/'Harlayne' type resistant apricot cultivars to PPV-T (K. Gürcan, S. Teber, K.U. Yılmaz)
Genetic engineering of PPV resistance in plum rootstock 'Elita': an initial study (T.N. Sidorova, A.S. Pushin, S.V. Dolgov)
In silico polymorphism analysis for the development of simple sequence repeat markers in pistachio (M. Khodaeiaminjan, S. Kafkas, E. Ziya-Motalebipour, N. Çoban, H. Gozel)
Genetic relationships among Pistacia vera L. cultivars based on simple sequence repeat markers (E. Ziya-Motalebipour, S. Kafkas, M. Khodaeiaminjan, N. Çoban, H. Gozel)
Construction of an almond genetic linkage map using F1 population 'Gulcan-2' × 'Lauranne' by SSR markers (A. Paizila, S. Kafkas, E. Ziya-Motalebipour, I. Açar, N. Turemiş)
Determination of the effects of growth regulators on pollen viability and germination level of tulip (A. Akçal, Z. Gokbayrak, H. Engin)
Phonological and pomological characteristics of some important apricot cultivars grown in Turkey (M.A. Saridaş, S. Paydaş Kargı, E. Kafkas)
Effect of various culture media on in vitro propagation of grapevine cultivars 'Giouroukiko' and 'Serifiotiko' (Vitis vinifera L.) (S. Kypraiou, M. Stavrakaki, D. Bouza, K. Biniari)
Artichoke transplant production: effects of nutrient solution delivery and leaf clipping (G. Colla, M. Cardarelli, W. Stefanoni, A. Fiorillo, G. Bernabei, M.C. Kyriacou, Y. Rouphael)
Biochemical characterization of leaves, burs and shells of 'Bouche de Bétizac' chestnut cultivar (B. Laratta, F.M. Vella, L. De Masi, A. Morana, F. La Cara)
Micropropogation of Sideritis pisidica Boiss. et Heldr. Apud Bentham (B. Sevindik, M. Tütüncü, T. İzgü, E.M. Tagipur, P. Çürük, G. Kaynak, Ö. Yilmaz, Y.Y. Mendi)
Tracing the nitrogen flow between Gliricidia and cocoa trees in intercropping system using the 15N natural abundant method (J.S. Kaba, S. Zerbe, A.A. Abunyewa, M. Tagliavini)
Job satisfaction and preferences regarding job characteristics of young professionals in German horticulture (S.G.H. Meyerding)
Phenology and fruit set of promising North American shrubs in the genus Dirca (W.R. Graves)
Development of an optimal model-based ion-specific nutrition control system for horticultural crops (T. Rocksch, U. Schmidt, H.-P. Kläring)
Influence of drip irrigation on peach tree growth in the chernozem of Dobrogea, Romania (L. Septar, C. Moale, C. Paltineanu)
Evaluation of the biodegradation rate of mulch films (S. Gustavo, N. Fortes, A. Saraiva, R. Costa, E. Duarte, P. Fortes Neto)
Non-invasive detection of surface features of three plum types (D. Zemke, L. Damerow, M.M. Blanke)
Studies of chlorophyll fluorescence intensity in apricot leaves during wilting processes (V. Gorina, N. Mesiats, V. Korzin, Y. Ivashchenko)
Improving fruit coloration of horticultural crops (H. Schuhknecht, A. Kunz, L. Damerow, M.M. Blanke)
Effects of low chill supplying on dormancy dynamics of different apple tree cultivars (I. de Albuquerque, P.C. Mello-Farias, R.R. Yamamoto, A.L. Soares Chaves, F.G. Herter)
InducTomE: optimizing plant performance under controlled stress conditions aiming towards increased accumulation of secondary metabolites in tomato leaves (S. Schmittgen, T. Groher, M. Hunsche, G. Noga)
Modern training systems for forcing sweet cherries - slender spindle or hedgerow for protected growing? (V. Overbeck, M.M. Blanke, M. Schmitz)
Biofortification of Ocimum basilicum L. plants with selenium (M. Puccinelli, F. Malorgio, R. Maggini, I. Rosellini, B. Pezzarossa)
Hypochlorite application in hydroponics with all its benefits and hazards for tomato production (D. Dannehl, I. Schuch, R. Salazar, U. Schmidt)
The potential of double recirculating aquaponic systems for intensive tomato production (J. Suhl, D. Baganz, W. Kloas, D. Dannehl, S. Jobs, G. Scheibe, U. Schmidt)
Non-invasive detection of russet on pome fruit by a luster sensor (M. Klemm, O. Röttger, L. Damerow, M.M. Blanke)
Protocol for rapid in vitro shoot multiplication of ancient apple cultivars and landraces, grown in Czech Republic (J. Sedlak, F. Paprstein)
New approach of electrotherapy for grapevine virus elimination (I.-C. Guţă, E.-C. Buciumeanu, L.D. Tătaru, B. Oprescu, C.M. Topală)
Commissioning and optimization of an innovative system for electrolytic water disinfection in greenhouses (J. Berberich, I. Schuch, D. Dannehl, Y. Gao, U. Schmidt)
Effect of surface coating with waxes on the dormancy of potato tubers grown from true potato seed (TPS) (T. Karanisa, A.A. Alexopoulos, K.A. Akoumianakis, I.C. Karapanos, H.C. Passam)
Process-based simulation models and plant phenotyping (M. Génard, D. Bevacqua, F. Lescourret)
Detection of salinity stress in soilless tomato based on crop reflectance (N. Katsoulas, A. Elvanidi, E. Zagari, T. Bartzanas, P. Kalaitzis, C. Kittas)
The effect of modified atmosphere packaging on postharvest performance of two loquat cultivars (M. Hadjipieri, K. Gavriel, G. Sismanidis, G.A. Manganaris)
Efficient vegetative propagation of various clones of mastic tree (Pistacia lentiscus 'Chia') through rooting of shoot cuttings (S. Kostas, E. Hatziloukas, S. Hatzilazarou, A.S. Economou)
Mulching combined with regulated deficit irrigation can be successfully applied to young pear trees (L. Lepaja, E. Kullaj, K. Lepaja, A. Zajmi)
Implementation of photovoltaics on greenhouses and shading effect to plant growth (A. Kavga, G. Trypanagnostopoulos, A. Koulopoulos, Y. Tripanagnostopoulos)
Development of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) and apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) cultivars and production systems in California and Europe (S. Southwick)
Propagation of Scabiosa hymettia (Boiss. & Spruner) by stem cuttings (G. Vlachou, M. Papafotiou, A. Akoumianaki, K.F. Bertsouklis)
Effect of indolebutyric acid (IBA) and cane position on rooting of rootstock's cuttings (I. Daskalakis, K. Biniari, D. Bouza)
The control of Epicometis hirta Poda in apple orchards with azadirachtin (S. Vuković, S. Lazić, S. Gvozdenac, D. Šunjka)
Research on freezing behaviour of 'Augusta' and 'Simultan' blueberry fruits grown in Romania (M. Vintilă, D. Veringă, M. Bogoescu, C. Sorică)
Effects of electric power supply for artificial illumination of greenhouse crops at volatile current supply (T. Ramírez, H.-P. Kläring)
Agro-industry composts as growing medium for growing baby-leaf lettuces in a floating system - added-value to suppress Pythium irregulare (A. Giménez, J.A. Fernández, C. Egea-Gilabert, A.B. Santísima-Trinidad, M. Ros, J.A. Pascual)
Yield and quality of lettuce in response to the plant position in photovoltaic greenhouse (A. Sirigu, G.R. Urracci, G. Carboni, F. Chessa, M. Maxia, P.A. Deligios, M. Cossu, L. Ledda)
DiRT-qPCR for molecular biological detection of RNA encoded viruses (J. Stammler, J. Hadersdorfer, A. Kellermann, D. Treutter)
Optimal spectrum modeling calculation with light emitting diodes set based on relative quantum efficiency (N.U. Niangoran, L. Canale, F. Tian, T.C. Haba, G. Zissis)
The effect of biostimulant seed treatment on breeding of Aster novi-belgii (M. Cojocariu, L. Draghia, E.L. Chelariu)
Next generation sequencing technologies for the development of molecular markers and the analysis of genome diversity in Capsicum spp. (T. Cardi, N. DżAgostino, C. Cantarella, V. Colonna, B. Greco, R. Tamburino, F. Taranto, N. Scotti, P. Tripodi)
Long-term prediction of biosignals from greenhouse-grown tomato (L. Miranda, B. Lara, T. Rocksch, D. Dannehl, U. Schmidt)
Effects of plant density and the number of emitters by styrofoam box on plant growth and nitrate concentration in spinach cultivated in substrate (R.M.A. Machado, I. Alves-Pereira, R.M.A. Ferreira)
Digital picture analysis for precision screening of sour cherry progeny for necrotic leaf tissue caused by Blumeriella jaapii (M. Jensen)
Towards zero-liquid discharge in hydroponic cultivation (J. van Ruijven, E. van Os, E. Beerling, C. Blok, J. Janse)
The VAT directive for ornamental flowers and plants (F.H.J. Bunte, M.A. van Galen)
Survival and rooting capacity of ornamental cuttings as related to total nitrogen, storage condition and shift in metabolic N pools (I.M. Matzner, U. Druege, S. Zerche)
Re-investigating substrate specificity of dihydroflavonol 4-reductase with respect to the B-ring hydroxylation pattern of substrates (H. Halbwirth, S. Miosic, M. Milosevic, D. Nitarska, J. Thill, K. Stich, C. Gosch)
Fruit canopy position and crop load influence on watercore severity in 'Fuji' apples (C. Şerban, R.J. McCormick, I. Hanrahan, D.A. Neuwald)
Aromatic and medicinal plants vegetative propagation using reduced-cost nursery facilities (O. Póvoa, A. Vitorino, J.P. Mendes, N. Farinha)
New peach cultivars by Nikita Botanical Gardens with high resistance to leaf curl (Taphrina deformans Tul.) (A. Smykov, O. Fedorova, I. Ivashchenko, T. Shishova)
Efficient adventitious root formation in Petunia hybrida cuttings: when signals meet resources (U. Druege, Y. Klopotek, S. Zerche, M.-R. Hajirezaei, H. Yang, P. Franken)
Effects of gibberellic acid applications on induction of partenocarpy in black myrtle fruits (H.I. Uzun, E. Alim, I. Baktır)
Winter-hardy sweet cherry cultivars and forms of Nikita Botanical Gardens (E.V. Tarasova)
Identification of SSRs in Gardenia jasminoides Ellis de novo transcriptomic analysis (G.F. Tsanakas, M.E. Manioudaki, A.S. Economou, P. Kalaitzis)
Anti-feedant activity of selected botanical extracts and their combinations on Plutella xylostella larvae (N. Jababu, T. Kopta, R. Pokluda)
Flower colour and flavonoid pigments composition of the petals in ornamental peach cultivars obtained by crossing with Prunus mira (L.D. Komar-Tyomnaya, G.P. Zaitsev)
Inclusion in German horticulture (R. King, M. Rombach, V. Bitsch)
Symptoms of Cu, Zn, Mn and B toxicity in ornamental Vriesea (B. Vanhoutte, J. Ceusters, M.P. De Proft)

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