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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1235

VIII International Cherry Symposium

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Conveners   S. Taira, R. Tao, H. Murayama 
Editors   K. Beppu, H. Bessho, T. Haji, H. Yaegaki, D. Matsumoto 
28 February 2019 
ISBN   978-94-62612-32-7 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   70 
Place   Yamagata, Japan 
Online articles:
Present and future of marker-assisted breeding in sweet and sour cherry (J. Quero-García, J.A. Campoy, T. Barreneche, L. Le Dantec, B. Wenden, M. Fouché, E. Dirlewanger, H. Silva, L. Cai, A. Iezzoni)
Development of DNA marker for distinguishing flesh colour in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) (Y. Saito, E. Adachi, K. Isuzugawa, K. Shirasawa, M. Ikenaga, H. Sato)
Development of DNA markers for breeding yellow cherries (S. Sato, Y. Saito, K. Shirasawa, K. Ikeda)
QTL analysis and candidate gene SNP for harvest day in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) (K. Isuzugawa, K. Shirasawa, S. Kurosaka, Y. Takahashi, Y. Saito, E. Adachi, M. Ikenaga, T. Yamamoto)
Firmness QTL mapping using an 'Ambrunés' × 'Sweetheart' sweet cherry population (F. Balas, M. López-Corrales, M.J. Serradilla, L. Cai, A. Iezzoni, A. Wünsch)
Building international partnerships for the collation of historical data to study the environmental stability of genomic predictions in sweet cherry (C. Hardner, C. Peace, J. Quero-Garcia, S. Vanderzande, D. Giovannini, T. Barreneche, J.A. Campoy, G. Charlot, A. Liverani, N. Oraguzie, M. Villamil-Castro, L. Cai, M. Ordidge, A. Wünsch, T. Sotiropoulos, K. Kazantzis, A. Patocchi, S. Perren, D. Graetz, A. Iezzoni)
Construction of a high-density SNP marker linkage map of 'Vic' × 'Cristobalina' in sweet cherry (A. Calle, L. Cai, A. Iezzoni, A. Wünsch)
Genetic diversity of wild Prunus pseudocerasus populations from China based on SSR markers (Y.-L. Cai, T.-X. Gao, B.-B. Li, T. Wan, Y. Feng)
Evaluation of genetic diversity within sweet cherry accessions of Czech genetic resources by molecular SSR markers (J. Patzak, A. Henychová, F. Paprštein, J. Sedlák)
Genetic analysis of a germplasm collection of sweet cherry with a set of SSR markers (A. Bayo-Canha, G. López-Ortega, M. Hernández-Munuera, D. Frutos-Tomás)
A draft genome of Prunus avium 'Karina' as a tool for genomic studies (J. Cáceres-Molina, K. Rothkegel, E. Sánchez, T. Carrasco-Valenzuela, C. Meneses, H. Prieto, A.M. Almeida)
Cloning of PcWRKY3 gene and its expression in response to abiotic stress factors in cherry rootstocks (L. Xu, X. Chen, D.Z. Zhu, X.J. Zong, H.R. Wei, J.W. Wang, Y. Tan, Q.Z. Liu)
New ornamental cherry cultivars induced by heavy-ion beam irradiation (Y. Hayashi, S. Ishii, T. Hirano, K. Ichinose, Y. Kazama, T. Abe)
Breeding of new sour cherry cultivars at the Research Institute of Horticulture, Skierniewice, Poland (E. Żurawicz, M. Szymajda, J. Kubik)
Sour cherries for fresh consumption (M. Schuster)
The cherry industries in the USA: current trends and future perspectives (G.A. Lang)
Sweet cherry growing in China (K. Zhang, G. Yan, X. Zhang, J. Wang, X. Duan)
Evolution of the sweet cherry industry in Chile (J.M. Donoso, G. Lemus, D. Arribillaga, B. Sagredo)
Cherry production in Afghanistan (M.T. Mohtasebzada, T. Esumi)
Partnering with the Australian cherry industry: 
a responsive and participatory extension approach (R.J. Nissen, P.A. Measham, R. Corkrey, D.C. Close)
Insights for orchard design and management using intensive sweet cherry canopy architectures on dwarfing to semi-vigorous rootstocks (G.A. Lang, T. Wilkinson, J.E. Larson)
Training systems of sweet cherries in Belgium (J. Vercammen, A. Gomand, N. Claes, D. Bylemans)
Training systems for high-density cherry orchards in Trento province (N. Dallabetta, S. Franchini, T. Pantezzi, P. Zucchi)
Canopy architecture assessment of cherry trees by cover photography based on variable light extinction coefficient modelled using artificial neural networks (E.J. Tongson, S. Fuentes, M. Carrasco-Benavides, M. Mora)
Effect of rain protective covering of sweet cherry orchard on fruit quality and cracking (P. Suran, R. Vávra, M. Jonáš, L. Zelený, A. Skřivanová)
New cherry rootstock and cultivar interactions directly affect orchard profitability (L.E. Long, A. Iezzoni, C. Seavert, T. Auvil, C. Kaiser, L.J. Brewer)
Cultivars and rootstocks in the cherry producing countries (G. Bujdosó, K. Hrotkó)
Selection of myrobalan rootstocks for sweet cherry (F.R. De Salvador, C. Fideghelli, P. Engel, A. Frattarelli, E. Caboni)
Preliminary study of a hybrid progeny of 'Adara' (Prunus cerasifera Ehrh.) rootstock (G. López-Ortega, A. Bayo-Canha, C. Frutos-Ruiz, D. Frutos-Tomás)
Identification of cherry rootstock (Prunus spp.) using SSR markers (A.R. Han, J.H. Noh, G.H. Kim, C. Choi)
Evaluation of Hungarian bred sweet cherry cultivars on Hungarian bred Mahaleb rootstocks (G. Bujdosó, K. Hrotkó)
Development of cherry growing in Shaanxi province of PR China (Y.-L. Cai, X. Zhao, K. Hrotkó)
Cherry production in South Africa: status quo and new initiatives (F. Voigt)
Cherry production and research in Zhejiang Province, the warm winter and hot summer area in China (Y.J. Wu, H.C. Chen, Z.H. Chen, J.Y. Chen, G.N. Fan)
Preliminary physicochemical and sensory characterization of new "Picota"-type cherry cultivars (Prunus avium L.) (B. Velardo-Micharet, M. Palomino-Vasco, M.J. Serradilla, P. Bańuls, M.A. Manzano, M. López-Corrales)
Sweet cherry cultivar testing in Slovenia (V. Usenik, N. Fajt)
Testing of sweet cherry cultivars in Belgium (J. Vercammen, A. Gomand, N. Claes, D. Bylemans)
Search for sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars suitable for warm climate in the southwestern region of Japan (H. Itamura, T. Esumi, S. Kramchote, N. Yasuda)
Phenotypic characterisation of early-ripening sweet cherry cultivars in the Czech germplasm collection (F. Paprštein, J. Sedlák, J. Patzak)
Evaluation of late-ripening sweet cherry cultivars in Czech germplasm collection (J. Sedlák, F. Paprštein, J. Patzak)
Preliminary results of new sweet cherry (Prunus avium) breeding program in Chile (M. Ayala, M. Gebauer, F. Castro, J.P. Zoffoli)
Cherry nutrition: the balancing act of feeding fruit for high-quality cherries (D.C. Close, N.D. Swarts, E.F. Mertes, R. Corkrey, M.H. Hardie, M.D. Whiting)
Effects of whole-volume fertilizer application after harvesting on 'Satonishiki' sweet cherry growth and yield (T. Ando, H. Shiono)
Application of an Ecklonia maxima seaweed product at two different timings can improve the fruit set and yield in 'Bing' sweet cherry trees (A. Ureta Ovalle, C. Atenas, P. Larraín)
Assessment of species richness and diversity of Prunus avium rhizosphere and bulk soil bacterial communities (S. Qin, P. Zhang, W. Zhou, D. Lyu)
Response of adult sour cherry trees to woodchip mulch and drip irrigation (D. Feldmane, M. Butac, M. Militaru, E. Kalva, S. Grotuze, I. Missa, L. Sproģe, E. Cirsa)
Physiological characterization of re-oxygenation responses in mahaleb seedlings (Z. Peng, J. Luting, Q. Sijun, L. Deguo)
Sweet cherry production in controlled environment (M. Meland, F.M. Maas, Ĺ. Jřrgensen)
Recent advances in our understanding of the S-RNase-based gametophytic self-incompatibility system in Prunus (T. Morimoto, R. Tao)
Phylogenetic analysis of S-RNase-like genes from Fragaria provides evidence for ancestral S-RNase duplication in the Rosaceae lineage (T. Morimoto, T. Akagi, R. Tao)
Transient transformation of sweet cherry pollen with a hairpin gene construct targeting S haplotype-specific F-box, the pollen S determinant of Prunus self-incompatibility (D. Matsumoto, S. Ishizawa, Y. Sasaki, S. Tomura)
Determination of self-incompatible genotypes in sweet cherry accessions of Czech genetic resources (J. Patzak, A. Henychova, F. Paprštein, J. Sedlák)
Phenolic profile of pollen collected from different 'Oblačinska' sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) clones (M. Fotirić Akšić, B. Guffa, U. Gašić, D. Dabić Zagorac, M. Natić, M. Meland)
Pollen meiosis and chilling requirements in sweet cherry (E. Fadón, M. Herrero, J. Rodrigo)
Single-base resolution of the methylome in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) during dormancy (K. Rothkegel, J. Cáceres-Molina, C. Meneses, A.M. Almeida)
Dynamics of bud metabolites during dormancy in sweet cherry genotypes with contrasted chilling requirements (R. Beauvieux, B. Wenden, P. Ballias, H. Christmann, Y. Gibon, E. Dirlewanger)
The presence of H3K4me3 histone mark is positively correlated with expression at the DAM loci in sweet cherry during dormancy (N. Vimont, R. Beauvieux, M. Arkoun, J.C. Yvin, E. Dirlewanger, S. Cortijo, P.A. Wigge, B. Wenden)
Effects of chilling accumulation on DORMANCY-ASSOCIATED MADS-box gene expressions in 'Satonishiki' sweet cherry (K. Masuda, H. Yamane, K. Ikeda, T. Tetsumura, M. Takai, R. Tao)
Effect of temperature on expression of B- and C-class MADS-box genes in flower buds of sweet cherry (K. Beppu, T. Tsujita, I. Kataoka)
Variations in flower differentiation period and flowering time in Japanese cherry cultivars (T. Esumi, Y. Tada, H. Itamura)
Proline content and related gene expression in response to seasonal temperature variation in three Rosaceae fruit trees (S. Oh, K. Kim, H. Han, H. Shin, Y. Oh, D. Kim)
Effect of blue light on red color development and anthocyanin accumulation of sweet cherries (O. Arakawa, P. Pungpomin, S. An, N. Tanaka)
Anatomical and histochemical studies of maturation and the accumulation of polysaccharides or volatile organic compounds in Japanese wild cherry fruit following ethephon application (S. Omori, T. Yamada, T. Kobayashi, T. Tabuchi)
Effects of hydrogen cyanamide on physiological changes during endodormancy releasing and flowering of sweet cherries in warm region (L. Wang, C. Zhang, C. Ma, W. Xu, S. Wang)
Gummosis and leaf abscission in Yoshino cherry (Prunus yedoensis): relevance to hormonal regulation and chemical composition of gums (K. Miyamoto, M. Saniewski, J. Ueda)
Molecular characterization of the coat protein gene of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus infecting sweet cherry in China Shandong (D.Z. Zhu, X. Zong, L. Xu, J. Wang, H.R. Wei, X. Chen, Y. Tan, Q.Z. Liu)
Nuclear magnetic resonance as a tool for the assessment of postharvest changes in the metabolome of the skin of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) (D. Kokalj, D. Gođevac, B. Anđelković, B. Cigić, E. Zlatić, J. Hribar, R. Vidrih)
Anatomical and histochemical studies of the abscission process on the juncture tissues between peduncle and fruit on cherry (T. Yamada, S. Omori, T. Kobayashi, T. Tabuchi)
Physiological changes in sweet cherry fruit in response to physical damage (A.G. Sediqi, S. Kramchote, H. Itamura, T. Esumi)
Protection against radiation frost damage of sweet cherries in the bloom stage by use of rain covers (R. Vávra, M. Jonáš, V. Kadlecová, A. Bílková, I. Ždárská, V. Falta, T. Litschmann)

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