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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1231

II International Workshop on Floral Biology and S-Incompatibility in Fruit Species

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Convener   E. Ortega Pastor 
Editors   E. Ortega Pastor, J. Halász, P. De Franceschi 
31 January 2019 
ISBN   978-94-62612-28-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   29 
Place   Murcia, Spain 
Online articles:
Acta Horticulturae 1231 - cover - colophon - contents - authors
Flower bud development and winter dormancy in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) (E. Fadón, M. Herrero, J. Rodrigo)
Chilling and heat requirements of 'Tardona', the latest flowering almond cultivar released in the world (A.S. Prudencio, P. Martínez-Gómez, F. Dicenta)
Flowering phenology, flower sterility and pollen germination in olive cultivars (G. Vuletin Selak, S. Goreta Ban, S. Perica)
A review of current progress in our research on sex determination in Diospyros (R. Tao, T. Akagi)
Reproductive biology of avocado (Persea americana) (M.L. Alcaraz, J.I. Hormaza)
How to choose the best pollinizer cultivars for 'Conférence' pear (Pyrus communis) in Belgium? (M. Quinet, C. Buyens, A.L. Jacquemart)
Pollination strategies of Berberis microphylla G. Forst, a Patagonian barberry (S. Radice, M.E. Arena, F.J. Suárez, L.I. Landi, J.F. Calň)
Different factors involved in the low fruit set of mango (Mangifera indica) (V. Pérez, M. Herrero, J.I. Hormaza)
The effect of temperature on olive pollen germination (G. Vuletin Selak, S. Goreta Ban, S. Perica)
Reproductive behaviour of new South African cultivars of Japanese plum (M.E. Guerra, C. Casadomet, J. Rodrigo)
Monitoring pollinator activity in an apple and pear orchard, linked with the analysis of the nectar composition (J. Smessaert, O. Honnay, W. Keulemans)
Development of floral structures of Campomanesia xanthocarpa (Myrtaceae) (C.M. Ribas-Santos, M. Santos, M.P. Guerra)
Effect of different pollination treatments on Berberis microphylla G. Forst, a Patagonian barberry (S. Radice, M.E. Arena)
First results of new raspberry breeding programme in western Spain (M.E. Guerra, C. Casadomet, G. Domínguez, M. López-Corrales)
Functional characterization of Prunus SLFLs in transgenic Petunia (T. Morimoto, R. Tao)
Analysis of S-incompatibility in Campomanesia xanthocarpa (Myrtaceae) (C.M. Ribas-Santos, M. Santos, M.P. Guerra)
In vitro pollen tube growth inhibition by partially purified S-RNase from styles of Prunus avium L. (D. Matsumoto, Y. Machida, S. Taira)
Characterization of Sf-RNase and SFBf adjacent regions in the S-locus of almond (E.M. Gómez, A.S. Prudencio, F. Dicenta, E. Ortega)
Plasticity of the self-incompatibility phenotype in Brassica oleracea (H. Hadj-Arab, A.M. Chčvre, V. Chable)
New genetic achievements on gametophytic self-incompatibility of fruit trees (P. De Franceschi, L. Dondini, S. Sansavini)
Self-compatibility in Prunus: accidents in transposon traffic? (J. Halász, O. Kodad, A. Hegedűs)
Use of semi-compatible crosses in breeding for apple scab resistance (P. De Franceschi, V. Cova, S. Tartarini, L. Dondini)
Data mining for apple S-RNase alleles in resequencing datasets (P. De Franceschi, L. Bianco, A. Cestaro, L. Dondini, R. Velasco)
Molecular markers for high-throughput detection of a self-fertility (Sf) allele in almond (S.N.S. Goonetilleke, A.E. Croxford, M.G. Wirthensohn, T.J. March, D.E. Mather)
S-allele constitution of hexaploid European plum cultivars (N. Makovics-Zsohár, A. Hegedűs, J. Halász)
Identifying self-incompatibility alleles in selected hazelnut genotypes (T. Taghavi, A. Rahemi, A. Dale, S. Munholland, L.-S. Chia, W. Crosby, J. Kelly)
S-genotyping of Hungarian sour cherry cultivars (J. Halász, E. Balogh, N. Makovics-Zsohár, A. Hegedűs)
Transcriptomic analysis of floral incompatible and compatible reactions in Prunus dulcis (E.M. Gómez, M. Buti, D.J. Sargent, F. Dicenta, E. Ortega)
Self-incompatibility and S-allele identification in new apricot cultivars (J. Lora, J.I. Hormaza, M. Herrero, J. Rodrigo)

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