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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1228

XI International Symposium on Integrating Canopy, Rootstock and Environmental Physiology in Orchard Systems

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Convener   L. Corelli Grappadelli 
Editor   L. Corelli Grappadelli 
5 December 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-25-9 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   67 
Place   Bologna, Italy 
Online articles:
The Planar Cordon - new planting systems concepts to improve light utilisation and physiological function to increase apple orchard yield potential (D.S. Tustin, B.M. van Hooijdonk, K.C. Breen)
Demonstrative simulations of L-PEACH: a computer-based model to understand how peach trees grow (G. Lopez, D. Da Silva, I. Auzmendi, R.R. Favreau, T.M. DeJong)
Effects of orchard floor management on the peach rhizosphere (C.L. Fisk, C. Tu, S. Hu, D.F. Ritchie, M.L. Parker)
Simulation of tree growth for three almond cultivars with contrasting architecture with the L-ALMOND model (G. Lopez, C. Negron, M. Cieslak, E. Costes, D. Da Silva, T.M. DeJong)
Influence of nursery tree design on early infrastructure development in sweet cherry and apricot cultivars (C. Scofield, J. Stanley, R. Marshall, D.S. Tustin)
Early canopy development and production precocity in new orchard system designs for cherry (J. Stanley, C. Scofield, R. Marshall, D.S. Tustin)
Can greater understanding of macadamia canopy architecture lay the foundation for orchard productivity improvements? (B.D. Toft, J.S. Hanan, B. Topp, I. Auzmendi1, J.D. Wilkie)
Using functional-structural modeling of carbon acquisition and utilization to understand fruit size distribution in tree canopies (I. Auzmendi, J.S. Hanan)
The effects of alternative training and planting systems on light relations in mango (Mangifera indica) orchards in Far North Queensland (P.T. Ibell, R. Kolala, C. Wright, J.D. Wilkie, I. Bally)
The effects of cultivar and training system on vegetative growth of mango (Mangifera indica) orchards in Far North Queensland (P.T. Ibell, F. Normand, R. Kolala, C. Wright, N. White, I. Bally)
Shade netting reduces sunburn damage and soil moisture depletion in 'Granny Smith' apples (L. Kalcsits, L. Asteggiano, T. Schmidt, S. Musacchi, S. Serra, D.R. Layne, G. Mupambi)
Xylem manipulation techniques affecting tree vigour in peach and olive trees (S. Tombesi, D. Farinelli, A. Palliotti, S. Poni, T.M. DeJong)
To investigate the effect of four timings of mechanical pruning on yield and fruit quality compared to a hand pruned control in an intensive 'Gala' M9 orchard planted as a fruit wall (C.T. Biddlecombe, A. Dalton)
Solaxe and spindle - comparison of two apple training systems (N. Fajt, E. Komel, J. Jakopic, F. Stampar, M. Hudina, R. Veberic)
'Gala' apple performance with mechanical hedging in southern Brazil growing conditions (G.F. Sander, M. Magro, T.A. Macedo, F.K. Peters, L. Rufato, A.R. Rufato, T.L. Robinson)
Development and productivity of 'Maxi Gala' apple trees at different planting depths (T.A. Macedo, G.F. Sander, A.R. Rufato, L. Rufato, A.A. Kretzschmar, M. Magro)
Renewal pruning strategies for 'Montmorency' tart cherry on dwarfing rootstocks (B. Black, S. Hansen)
Canopy factors influencing sunburn and fruit quality of Japanese plum (Prunus salicina Lindl.) (B. Makeredza, M. Jooste, E. Lötze, M. Schmeisser, W.J. Steyn)
Use of nets in olive orchard management (E.M. Lodolini, P. Riolo, S. Bastianutto, S. Polverigiani, R.L. Minuz, P. Trobbiani, N. Isidoro, D. Neri)
The effect of different training systems on vegetative and productive performance of 'Maxigala' apple tree in southern Brazil (A.A. Kretzschmar, G.F. Sander, R.D. Arruda, A.P.F. Lima, T.A. Macedo, A.R. Rufato, L. Rufato)
The effects of training systems and crop load on stored starch in young stone fruit trees (D. Stefanelli, J. Jaeger, D. Haberfield, M. OżConnell)
Effects of apple (Malus × domestica) rootstocks on vigor and yield response on 'Honeycrisp' (J. Lordan, G. Fazio, P. Francescatto, T.L. Robinson)
The performance of Geneva apple rootstocks in the province of Trento (N. Dallabetta, M. Giordan, A. Guerra, J. Pasqualini)
Evaluating more yield efficient dwarfing, semi-dwarfing and semi-vigorous rootstocks for the South African apple industry (X.I. Siboza, W.P. Kotze, N.C. Cook, W.J. Steyn)
Identifying vigour controlling rootstocks for mango (A. Mizani, I. Bally, P.T. Ibell, C. Wright, C. Maddox, R. Kolala)
Graft compatibility for new released Prunus rootstocks (A.E. Salazar, J. Torrents, M. Bordas, J. Val, M.A. Moreno)
Rootstock performance in the 2009 NC-140 peach trial across 11 states (G.L. Reighard, W. Bridges, D. Archbold, A. Atucha, W. Autio, T. Beckman, B. Black, D. Chavez, E. Coneva, K. Day, M. Kushad, R.S. Johnson, T. Lindstrom, J. Lordan, I. Minas, D. Ouellette, M.L. Parker, R. Pokharel, TL.. Robinson, J. Schupp, M. Warmund, D. Wolfe)
Evaluation of some precocious sweet cherry cultivars on some Hungarian bred Mahaleb rootstocks (G. Bujdosó, K. Hrotkó)
Yield and fruit quality of 'Regina' sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) comparing five semi-dwarfing rootstocks in combination with Kym Green Bush or Vogel central leader training systems (L.E. Long, C. Kaiser, L.J. Brewer)
Rootstock and soil management effects on productive characteristics of 'Princess Seedless®' table grapes in Apulia region (southern Italy): first results (L. Tarricone, A.M. Amendolagine, D. Di Gennaro, G. Masi, G. Gentilesco)
Diversity of scion development in a grafted Pyrus seedling rootstock population (A.P. Friend, M. Knäbel, J.W. Palmer, R.N. Diack, D.S. Tustin)
Search for a more dwarfing rootstock for 'Conference' (J. Vercammen, A. Gomand, V. Siongers, D. Bylemans)
'Honeycrisp' apple fruit nutrient concentration affected by apple rootstocks (G. Fazio, J. Lordan, P. Francescatto, L. Cheng, A. Wallis, M.A. Grusak, T.L. Robinson)
The performance of different rootstocks in varying soil conditions (N. Dallabetta, A. Guerra, J. Pasqualini, M. Giordan)
Monitoring maturation evolution of 'Maxi Gala' apples by a non-destructive fruit analysis method (M. Magro, G.F. Sander, A.M. dos Santos, L. Rufato, A.R. Rufato, A.A. Kretzschmar, T.L. Robinson)
Chilling requirement and budburst uniformity of cultivar 'Maxi Gala' grafted on different rootstocks (T.A. Macedo, G.F. Sander, M.F. Michelon, J.F. Carminatti, A.R. Rufato, L. Rufato, T.L. Robinson)
Assessing ease of propagation of European pear cultivars and a Pyrus communis rootstock segregating population (R.N. Diack, A.P. Friend, M. Knäbel, J.W. Palmer, D.S. Tustin)
Performance of different vigour rootstocks in Latvia during eighteen years (E. Rubauskis, M. Skrīvele)
Peach rootstock differences in tree survival from bacterial canker in the southeastern United States (M.L. Parker, D.F. Ritchie, G.L. Reighard, B. Clark, R.M. West)
Rootstock effect on soil ecology in a young peach orchard (C.L. Fisk, C. Tu, D.F. Ritchie, M.L. Parker, G.L. Reighard)
Preliminary evaluation of six Prunus rootstocks for peach in Italy (A. Scalisi, R. Lo Bianco, T. Caruso, D. Giovannini, S. Sirri, F. Fontana)
Root distribution, vigor and productivity of European pear grafted on quince rootstocks (L. Rufato, B.D. Machado, M. Magro, D.S. Souza, A.A Kretzschmar, G.F. Sander, B. Marangoni, J.S. Hipólito)
Use of quince 'Adams' rootstock in European pear crop in southern Brazil (D.S. Souza, A.R. Luz, J.S. Hipólito, P.I. Mudrei, A.A. Kretzschmar, L. Rufato)
Influence of rootstock on plum trees performance during the early years after grafting (J. Lanauskas, N. Uselis, D. Kviklys, I. Gravite, E. Kaufmane, E. Rubauskis)
Early performance of three plum cultivars on different rootstocks in non-irrigated orchard (L. Laňar, M. Mészáros, J. Náměstek, J. Kosina)
Harvest index of apple and kiwifruit – how high can we go by optimising plant architecture and canopy management? (B.M. van Hooijdonk, D.S. Tustin, G.A. Dayatilake, M.J. Oliver, A. Richardson)
Apple fruit set is influenced by altered floral bud density but not by reduced carbohydrate reserves (K.C. Breen, D.S. Tustin, J.W. Palmer, H.L. Boldingh, D.C. Close)
Fruitlet shedding is affected by the position in the apple cluster (J. Jakopic, A. Cebulj, V. Schmitzer, R. Veberic)
Efforts to understand and improve crop load of 'Hass' avocado (H. Hofman, J.D. Wilkie, J. Griffin, R. Langenbaker)
Mechanical selective removal of flowers in a fruit tree canopy (C. Seehuber, L. Damerow, A. Solomakhin, M.M. Blanke)
Inducing sylleptic branching in the interspecific pear 'PremP109' (A.P. Friend, R.N. Diack, R. Lamberts, J.W. Palmer, D.S. Tustin)
Chemical thinning of 'Conference' with metamitron (Brevis) (J. Vercammen, A. Gomand, V. Siongers, D. Bylemans)
The use of plant growth regulators to increase apical extension growth of first-leaf apple trees (A.M. Müller, K.I. Theron)
PA and DA meter - providers of the new ripeness index? (M.M. Blanke, A. Kunz)
Phenology and flowering of the clove tree, an irregular bearing spice crop (J.T. Razakaratrimo, M. Jahiel, V. Jeannoda, F. Normand)
Integrated mango production: objectives and challenges (F. Normand, P.-É. Lauri)
Horticultural ecophysiology of Tasmanian native pepper (M.D. Wilson, R.C. Menary, D.C. Close)
Water and carbon economy in sustainable orchards in Mediterranean environments (B. Dichio, C. Xiloyannis, G. Montanaro)
Testing the effect of different light environments and water shortage on apple physiological parameters and yield (A. Boini, G. Lopez, B. Morandi, L. Manfrini, L. Corelli-Grappadelli)
Analysis of the impact of carbon source-sink relationships on flowering patterns reveals that apple tree growth and functioning are determined by mechanisms occurring at the tree and shoot scales (B. Pallas, J. Ngao, J.-B. Durand, S. Martinez, S. Bluy, J.-J. Kelner, E. Costes)
Sustainable irrigation strategy in organic 'Victoria' table grape in Apulia region (S.h.B. Al-Fadheel, V. Verrastro, G. Gentilesco, D. Di Gennaro, A.M. Amendolagine, L. Tarricone)
Increasing phosphorus concentration in soil as a possible strategy to overcome Cu excess toxicity symptoms (E. Baldi, A. Miotto, M. Toselli, C.A. Ceretta, G. Brunetto)
Towards apple bearing stability in strictly alternating orchard (D. Kviklys, A. Čeidaitė, J. Lanauskas, N. Uselis, L. Buskienė, G. Samuolienė)
Colour development of apple with reflective mulches and biostimulants (H. Schuhknecht, L. Damerow, A. Kunz, M.M. Blanke)
Efficiency of fruitlet thinning in 'Granny Smith' apples by use of metamitron (D. Radivojevic, J. Milivojevic, C. Oparnica, G. Zabrkic)
Effect of manure and digestate amendments on apple seedlings in the presence of homospecific residues (S. Polverigiani, M. Franzina, D. Neri)
Nitrogen fertilization of 'Chardonnay' grapevines: yield, must composition and their relationship with temperature and rainfall (G. Brunetto, L.O.S. Stefanello, C.A. Ceretta, R.R. Couto, P.A.A. Ferreira, V.G. Ambrosini, M. Borghezan, J.J. Comin, G.W. de Melo, E. Baldi, M. Toselli)

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