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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1226

IX International Congress on Hazelnut

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Convener   C. Tuncer 
Editors   C. Tuncer, V. Erdoğan 
20 November 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-23-5 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   68 
Place   Atakum, Samsun, Turkey 
Online articles:
Advances in genetic improvement of hazelnut (S.A. Mehlenbacher)
Hazelnut production in Turkey: current situation, problems and future prospects (V. Erdogan)
Construction of a high-density genetic linkage map and QTL analysis for hazelnut breeding (D. Torello Marinoni, N. Valentini, E. Portis, A. Acquadro, C. Beltramo, R. Botta)
An updated linkage map for hazelnut with new simple sequence repeat markers (S.A. Mehlenbacher, G. Bhattarai)
Genomic resource development in hazelnut breeding (J.W. Snelling, V.R. Sathuvalli, B.C. Colburn, G. Bhattarai, E.R. Rowley, T.C. Mockler, C.A. Saski, D. Copetti, S.A. Mehlenbacher)
New hazelnut cultivars from Oregon State University (D.C. Smith, R.L. McCluskey, S.A. Mehlenbacher)
Clonal selection in 'Tombul' hazelnut: preliminary results (H.İ. Balık, S.K. Balık, V. Erdogan, S. Kafkas, N. Beyhan, Ö. Duyar, Ç. Köse)
Resources and production of hazelnut in China (G.X. Wang, Q.H. Ma, T.T. Zhao, L.S. Liang)
Survey of hazelnut germplasm (Corylus avellana L.) in central-south and southern Chile (M. Ellena, A. González, P. Sandoval, F. Marchant)
Breeding hazelnuts resistant to eastern filbert blight (S.A. Mehlenbacher)
Progress breeding for resistance to eastern filbert blight in the eastern United States (T.J. Molnar, J.J. Lombardoni, M.F. Muehlbauer, J.A. Honig, S.A. Mehlenbacher, J.M. Capik)
Population structure analysis of European hazelnut (Corylus avellana) (K. Gürcan, S.A. Mehlenbacher, M.A. Köse, H.İ. Balık)
Genetic diversity and genetic comparison of hazelnuts (Corylus avellana L.) of Kayseri province of Turkey to major accessions of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, Spain, and Turkey (M.A. Köse, K. Gürcan)
Genetic characterization in local hazelnut (Corylus avellana) accessions of Hizan province in Turkey (M.A. Köse, K. Gürcan, A. Danacı)
Italian-Chinese cooperation for a fruitful management and utilization of hazelnut (Corylus spp.) genetic resources (X.J. Song, X.J. Sun, X.X. Peng, V. Cristofori, L. Bacchetta, Z.X. Wu)
Corylus americana: a valuable genetic resource for developing hazelnuts adapted to the eastern United States (T.J. Molnar, J.A. Honig, A. Mayberry, R.S. Revord, S.T. Lovell, S.A. Mehlenbacher, J.M. Capik)
Phenology and yield evaluation of hazelnut cultivars in Latium region (V. Cristofori, A.L. Pica, C. Silvestri, S. Bizzarri)
Flowering of hazelnut cultivars and how it relates to temperature in southern Ontario (T. Taghavi, A. Dale, P. Saxena, D. Galic, A. Rahemi, J. Kelly, E. Suarez)
Determination of male flower characteristics of Turkish hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) cultivars (A. Aygün, M. Yılmaz)
Artificial pollination on hazelnut in South Africa: preliminary data and perspectives (L. Ascari, D. Guastella, M. Sigwebela, G. Engelbrecht, O. Stubbs, D. Hills, T. De Gregorio, C. Siniscalco)
Variations in some traits affecting yield in different hazelnut cultivars (Y. Akçin, S.Z. Bostan)
Yield and nut characteristics of 'Tombul'hazelnut growing at different elevations and in different orientations (A. İslam, L. Çalış)
Variation in yield of 'Çakıldak' hazelnut at different elevations and years (E. Bozkurt, S.Z. Bostan)
Effect of elevation and number of nuts per cluster on nut traits in 'Cakıldak' hazelnut (M.F. Balta, T. Yarılgaç, F. Balta, E. Kul, O. Karakaya)
Nut characteristics of 'Fosa' and 'Kargalak' hazelnuts related to number of nuts per cluster (M.F. Balta, F. Balta, T. Yarılgaç, O. Karakaya, S. Uzun, H. Kirkaya)
Altitudinal variation of leaf area index of Corylus avellana L. along mountainous agricultural landscapes in Ordu, Turkey (M. Öztürk, T. Tonkaz, E. Gökyer)
Stomatal sensitivity in Corylus avellana (L.): first analysis from a global dataset (G. Pasqualotto, V. Carraro, S. Conati, C. Chloé, G. Salaün, M. Mercadal, A. Vacca, A. Castagna, G. Utili, M.J. Lisperguer, T. De Gregorio, T. Anfodillo)
Preliminary application of a simulation model to reproduce hazelnut development and growth in Italy, Georgia and Chile (S. Bregaglio, F. Orlando, L. Ascari, A. Castagna, F. Fabrizi, M.J. Lisperguer, C. Novara, E. Suarez, T. De Gregorio)
Adaptability of hazelnut material from Asturias (northern Spain), in Tarragona area (northeastern Spain) (M. Rovira, J.J. Ferreira, A. Campa)
Nut and kernel characteristics of hazelnut cultivars in an area outside the commercial production region in Turkey (V. Erdogan, B. Özdemir)
Different behavior of hazelnut cultivars under the ecological conditions of the Oltenia region, Romania (M. Botu, I. Botu, A. Scutelnicu, S. Giura)
Cutting propagation of European hazelnut cultivar 'Tombul' (B. Özdemir, H. Dumanoğlu)
Application of additive light increases leafy cutting rooting and survival in hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) (S. Tombesi, M. Micheli, M. Boco, D. Farinelli)
Advances in micropropagation of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) in Chile (M. Ellena, A. González, J. Abarzúa, Y. Mancilla, S. Escobar)
Further progress with in vitro anther culture of European hazelnut (C. Silvestri, E. Rugini, V. Cristofori)
Advantages of high density hazelnut orchards in south Chile (M. Ellena, A. González, P. Sandoval, F. Marchant)
Cultivation of hazelnut tree trained with double vertical spindle shape (M. Sokol)
The effects of single-axis and multi-axis training systems on cumulative yield and nut quality of 'Barcelona' and 'Tonda di Giffoni' in two different agroecological zones in southern Chile (M. Ellena, A. González, P. Sandoval, F. Marchant)
Efficacy of Manvert Foliplus (complete biostimulant) in two hazelnut cultivars in Tarragona, Spain (M. Rovira, A. Romero, N. del Castillo)
Effect of colemanite boron fertilization on hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) yield and nutrient concentration of leaf (F. Özkutlu, A. Aygün, K. Korkmaz, M. Akgün, Ö. Ete, Ö. Şahin, B. Özcan, B. Taşkin)
Total foliar nutrition applied on European hazelnut (V. Cristofori, A. Bortolato, R. Valentini, R. Stelliferi, B. Valentini)
Soil applied nitrogen and foliar fertilizers together with biostimulators increase productivity but decrease antioxidative potential in hazelnut (A. Solar, J. Jakopic, F. Stampar, R. Veberic)
The effects of hazelnut biochar and mycorrhiza applications on some biological characteristics of pak choi (Brassica rapa L. subsp. chinensis L.) plant (F. Eryilmaz Acikgoz, S. Adiloglu, F. Irmak Yilmaz, A. Adiloglu)
Effect of some applications on delaying leaf bud opening to protect hazelnuts from spring frost damage (A. Sezer, Ç. Köse, E. Gümüş, Y. Bilgen)
Effect of irrigation regimes by mini sprinkler on yield and pomological traits in 'Tombul' hazelnut (A. Külahçilar, T. Tonkaz, S.Z. Bostan)
Sucker management methods in hazelnut cultivation (U. Serdar, B. Akyuz)
Sustainable long-term weed control strategies with glyphosate programs in hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) orchards in Turkey (H. Mennan, I. Brants, J. Costa, E. Kaya-Altop, K. Haghnama)
Project for enhancing quality and productivity in hazelnut (N. Genç)
Examination of modern and traditional applications in hazelnut production (S. Karata, A. İslam, T. Tonkaz, F. Özkutlu, M. Rovira, A. Romero, V. Cristofori, C. Silvestri, S. Speranza, S. Çetin, G. Yılmaz)
Influence of genotype and geographical origin on lipid fraction of hazelnuts (Corylus avellana) in Europe (L. Bacchetta, M. Aramini, S. Procacci, A. Zinni, V. Di Giammatteo, M.R. Battarelli, D. Spera)
Effect on fruit quality traits of hazelnut cultivars when picking by hand from branch and ground (M. Çırak, S.Z. Bostan)
Variations in quality traits of 'Tombul', 'Palaz' and 'Kalınkara' hazelnuts separated from husks by husker and hand (A. Akar, S.Z. Bostan)
Postharvest differences between 'Tombul' and 'Palaz' (A. Turan, A. İslam)
Effect of gamma irradiation on microbiological and pest load of natural hazelnut kernels (S.K. Güler, S.Z. Bostan, A.H. Çon, F. Turanlı)
Risks and solutions for harvesting, storage and processing of organic hazelnuts (N.Ş. Üstün, H. Karaosmaoğlu, A. Turan)
Determination of aflatoxin, protein and fat content of 'Tombul' hazelnut under different drying conditions used by farmers in Giresun province of Turkey (S.Z. Bostan, S.K. Güler)
Monitoring damage caused by harmful pests in hazelnut orchards in Samegrelo region, Georgia (M. Kereselidze, G. Goderdzishvili, Z. Khidesheli)
Halyomorpha halys invasion: a new issue for hazelnut crop in northwestern Italy and western Georgia? (S.T. Moraglio, L. Bosco, L. Tavella)
Ladybeetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) species composition and seasonal fluctuations in hazelnut orchards in the Black Sea region of Turkey (C. Tuncer, İ. Saruhan, I. Akca)
Determination of fungal flora on Anisandrus dispar Fabricius and Xylosandrus germanus Blandford (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) (C. Tuncer, R. Kushiyev, I. Erper)
Molecular and morphometric characterization of root lesion nematode Pratylenchus thornei Sher and Allen, 1953 from hazelnut orchards in Ordu, Turkey (F. Akyazi, S. Joseph, A.F. Felek, T. Mengistu)
Incidence and severity of stink bugs damage on kernels in Turkish hazelnut orchards (K. Ak, C. Tuncer, A. Baltacı, Ü. Eser, İ. Saruhan)
Genetic analysis of powdery mildew disease in Turkish hazelnut (S.J. Lucas, A. Sezer, Ö. Boztepe, K. Kahraman, H. Budak)
Molecular characterization and sequence detection of Apple mosaic virus hazelnut isolates (F. Ertunc, A. Sezer, D.C. Orel)
World hazelnut trade networks (M. Aydoğan, K. Demiryürek, N.İ. Abacı)
Sustainability of organic versus conventional hazelnut production in Turkey (K. Demiryürek, N.İ. Abaci, V. Ceyhan)
Comparison between conventional and organic hazelnut farmers: a case study in Terme District of Samsun, Turkey (A.G. Tuncer, I. Boz)
Farming training project to implement good agricultural practices in Turkish hazelnut farms (B. Pancino, N. Passeri, S. Franco, G. Arıkoğlu, E. Arisoy)

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