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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1223

XIV International Asparagus Symposium

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Conveners   B. Brückner, C. Feller, J. Graefe 
Editors   B. Brückner, C. Feller, J. Graefe 
15 November 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-18-1 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   35 
Place   Potsdam, Germany 
Online articles:
Plant genetic resources of asparagus - maintenance, taxonomy and availability (U. Lohwasser, A. Börner)
Production of somatic hybrids between Asparagus officinalis and A. amarus to transfer Asparagus virus 1 (AV-1) resistance (E. Klocke, T. Nothnagel, R. Krämer, H. Budahn)
Breeding programs to transmit Asparagus virus 1 resistance (S. Plath, R. Krämer, E. Lantos, T. Nothnagel)
New asparagus cultivars suitable for outdoor cultivation in Hokkaido, Japan (Y. Haihong, J. Zeng, T. Kumano, M. Fujii, H. Araki)
Introgression of wild relative Asparagus spp. germplasm into the Spanish landrace 'Morado de Huétor' (L. Amian, J. Rubio, P. Castro, J. Gil, R. Moreno)
Assessment of genetic diversity in Iranian Asparagus spp. related to garden asparagus (S.J. Mousavizadeh, M.R. Hassandokht, J. Gil, T. Millan, R. Moreno)
Commercial Productivity in the Fourth International Asparagus Cultivar Trial at Azul, Argentina (2016) (A.M. Castagnino, K.E. Diaz, W.J. Rogers, M.B. Tarantino, J. Marina, A. Guisolis)
A new robust codominant sex-linked STS marker for asparagus (N.K. Stone, Z.M. Thomas, M.L. Roose)
Exploiting the supermale genotype x environment interaction for breeding early all-male Asparagus varieties (A. Salvado, J. Rocherieux, C. Le Roux, D. Sanchez, A. Pierron-Darbonne)
Attempts of genetic transformation in Asparagus officinalis L. (T. Sala, A. Losa, L. Ferrari, P.E. Casali, B. Campion, M. Schiavi, G.L. Rotino)
Contribution of total nitrogen content in storage roots to multiple regression analysis for estimating yield of asparagus in rootstock-planting forcing culture (A. Uragami, R. Ueno, K. Matsuo, T. Yamaguchi, H. Sakai, S. Motoki, T. Takizawa, H. Tokiwa, T. Ikeuchi, S. Watanabe, Y. Shinzato, K. Matsunaga, H. Kitazawa, A. Yamasaki)
Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels in asparagus production (D. León, P. Gutierrez, R. Riojas, A. Casas)
Characterization of macro and micro nutrient deficiency symptoms in asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) (C. Feller, A. Müller)
Nitrogen management improves organic asparagus growth and productivity (D. Drost, K. Pedersen)
Irrigation effects on asparagus yield and spear quality vary with cultivar and season in Michigan (D.C. Brainard, B. Byl, Z. Hayden, D.C. Noyes, B. Werling, J. Bakker)
Cultivar-specific yield response of white asparagus towards different irrigation levels based on climate water balance (J. Zinkernagel, B. Artelt, N. Mayer)
Monitoring and modelling of water and heat fluxes from asparagus fields (J. Graefe, A. Sradnick)
Managing runoff and soil loss in asparagus production systems (J.C. Niziolomski, R.W. Simmons, R.J. Rickson, M.J. Hann)
Adaptation of Asparagus to overwinter in cold climates (D. J. Wolyn)
Effect of temperature on growth of roots of juvenile asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) plants (W. Chen, W. Krzesinski, A. Zaworska, M. Knaflewski)
Effects of incubation temperature on asparagus bud sprouting, abscisic acid content and sex (M. Fukuda, S. Matsuo, S. Watanabe, A. Uragami)
Cultivation of asparagus as an annual crop in the tropics: growth, spear yield and -size of two cultivars harvested at different plant age (T.M. Onggo, S. Mubarok)
Development of new harvest production system for asparagus (Whole harvest cultivation method of one-year-old plants) (T. Taguchi, Y. Kabuno, S. Motoki)
Comparison of spear yield and quality between male and female asparagus plants in protected mother fern culture (S. Watanabe, M. Matsuo, S. Furuya)
Productivity and calibre distribution of three green asparagus hybrids in the Province of San Luis, Argentina, in their sixth production year (2015) (P. Bazán, A.M. Castagnino, M. Martínez, M.B. Funes, K.E. Diaz, N. Martínez, A. Guisolis, W.J. Rogers)
The content of reserve carbohydrates in the crown of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) as a function of progressing senescence of fern (C. Feller, A. Müller)
Asparagus decline and replant problem: A look back and a look forward at strategies for mitigating losses (W. Elmer)
Virulence of Phytophthora asparagi, susceptibility of asparagus cultigens to spear and root rot, and the efficacy of seed treatments (C.A. Woods, M.K. Hausbeck)
Use of additives and asparagus cultivars to reduce problems with replanting (L. Aldenhoff)
Management of Stemphylium leaf spot (Stemphylium vesicarium) and rust (Puccinia asparagi) of asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) with cultivar selection and fungicides (J.M. Foster, M.R. McDonald)
Effects of Asparagus virus 1 (AV-1) on yield and quality components on asparagus (E. Lantos, R. Krämer, S. Plath, D. Ulrich, T. Nothnagel)
Reaction of 10 Asparagus cultivars to infested soil with Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. asparagi and Meloidogyne incognita (W. Apaza, A. Talledo, A. Casas)
Mechanisation of white asparagus harvest - overview and perspectives (M. Geyer)
Critical points during handling of white asparagus (Aspargus officinalis L.) (B. Brückner, M. Geyer, J. Surdilovic)
Differences in growth-inhibitory activity among different parts of asparagus and the effects of activated carbon on its reduction (T.L. Tang, S. Motoki)

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