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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1222

X International Workshop on Sap Flow

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Convener   H.J. Schenk 
Editors   L.S. Santiago, H.J. Schenk 
15 November 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-21-1 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   36 
Place   Fullerton, California, USA 
Online articles:
X International Workshop on Sap Flow (H.J. Schenk, L.S. Santiago)
Changes in xylem conducting capacity and water storage across species: how can variable air content of xylem cells affect sap flow? (A.J. McElrone, J.M. Earles, T.M. Knipfer, C.P. Albuquerque, C.R. Brodersen, I.F. Cuneo)
Challenges in understanding air-seeding in angiosperm xylem (S. Jansen, M. Klepsch, S. Li, M.M. Kotowska, S. Schiele, Y. Zhang, H.J. Schenk)
Water absorption into stems affects the measurement of vulnerability curves as a function of plant water status (J. Zinkernagel, N. Mayer)
Revised sap flow driven stem diameter model for tomatoes grown under assimilation lighting (J. Vermeiren, S. Fabri, L. Wittemans, R. Moerkens, W. Vanlommel, H. Marien, K. Steppe)
Normalization of 11C-autoradiographic images for semi-quantitative analysis of woody tissue photosynthesis (J. Mincke, M. Hubeau, J. Cortyn, B. Brans, C. Vanhove, S. Vandenberghe, K. Steppe)
The hydraulic architecture of the leaf lamina fits an area preserving design (S. Lechthaler, M. Gazzabin, T. Anfodillo)
Lag in gas exchange recovery following natural drought associated with embolism formation (R.P. Skelton, T.J. Brodribb)
Stem water storage of New Zealand kauri (Agathis australis) (J. Kaplick, M.J. Clearwater, C. Macinnis-Ng)
Silver birch ability to refill fully embolised xylem conduits under tension (Y. Salmon, A. Lintunen, L. Lindfors, H. Suhonen, S. Sevanto, T. Vesala, T. Hölttä)
Using sap flow to measure whole-tree hydraulic conductance loss in response to drought (C.B. Eller, P.R.L. Bittencourt, R.S. Oliveira)
Building a tree observatory (C.H. Cannon, C.L. Scher, A. Gao, T. Khan, C.-S. Kua)
Transpiration at leaf and tree level in a poplar short-rotation coppice culture: seasonal and genotypic differences (A. Navarro, M. Portillo-Estrada, S.P.P. Vanbeveren, C. Ariza-Carricondo, R. Ceulemans)
Belowground hydraulic conductance in a mature boreal Scots pine tree (A. Lintunen, T. Paljakka, Y. Salmon, T. Hölttä)
Sap flux measurements in wet tropical forests: unique challenges and opportunities (G.W. Moore, L.M.T. Aparecido)
Quantifying stand water use of a multi-species afforestation site through sap flow and groundwater measurements (H. Voigt, A. Khamzina, B. Diekkrüger)
Growth, transpiration and water use efficiency of Larix sibirica, Larix gmelinii and Pinus sylvestris forest in Siberia (J. Urban, A.V. Rubtsov, A.V. Shashkin, V.E. Benkova)
Water use efficiency of Norway spruce with bud blight disease (I. Tomášková)
Water movement via adventitious roots of the prostrate shrub Juniperus sabina in semiarid areas of China (N.H. Miki, K. Sato, M. Aoki, L. Yang, N. Matsuo, G. Zhang, L. Wang, K. Yoshikawa)
Sap flow of black locust trees in response to supplementary interception of throughfall rainfall (Q.Y. He, C.M. Niu, M.J. Yan, S. Du)
Improving winegrowing with sap flow driven irrigation - a 10-year review (T. Scholasch)
Apple sap flow in different light environments (A. Boini, K. Bresilla, G.D. Perulli, L. Manfrini, L. Corelli Grappadelli, B. Morandi)
Comparisons of xylem sap flux densities in immature hybrid rubber tree clones under varied environmental conditions (S. Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, R. Rattanawong, S. Meetha, N. Silvera, F.C. Do, P. Kasemsap)
Irrigation scheduling strategies to reduce the environmental impact of Ontario's ornamental nurseries (J.A. Stoochnoff, N. Tran, T. Graham, M.A. Dixon)
Assessment of olive transpiration derived from a remote sensing energy balance model compared with sap flow measurements (C. Riveros-Burgos, S. Ortega-Farías, L. Ahumada-Orellana)
Five years of sap flow records to estimate the effect of transplanting on Magnolia grandiflora water uptake (S. Takeuchi, S. Iida, A. Matsuda)
Sap flow in mango and guava seedlings irrigated with treated waste water in Jericho City, Palestine (S. Takeuchi, H. Fujimaki, H. Aoki, H. Maaba, R. Alary, M. Bsharat)
Sap flow in Al Ghaf trees growing in the hyper-arid desert of Abu Dhabi (W. Al Yamani, S.R. Green, R. Pangilinan, S. Dixon, P. Kemp, B.E. Clothier)
Trunk sap flow in date palms growing in the United Arab Emirates (A. Al-Muaini, S.R. Green, A. Dakheel, S. Dixon, B.E. Clothier)
Influences of treated waste water on citrus sap flow, water relations and growth in two soils (I. Paudel, A. Bar Tal, A. Shaviv, J. Ephrath, S. Cohen)
Towards reduced heating duration in the transient thermal dissipation system of sap flow measurements (F.C. Do, N. Puangjumpa, A. Rocheteau, M. Duthoit, S. Nhean, S. Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya)
Analysis of changes in the current supplied to heat dissipation sensors (J. Gutierrez Lopez, H. Asbjornsen, T. Pypker, J. Licata)
Analysis of sap flow dynamics in saplings with mini-HFD (heat field deformation) sensors (J.D.M. Schreel, K. Steppe)
Improved installation and validation of sap flow sensors on maize plants (L.H. Comas, M.G. van Bavel, J.S. Young, K.A. Chesus)
Measurement of sap flow in young apple trees using the average gradient heat-pulse method (S.R. Green, G. Oliver, N. Swarts, M. Hardie, B.E. Clothier, D. Close)
Determining mid-day stem water potential from sap flow measurements (O. Ahiman, A. Naor, S. Friedman, S. Cohen)

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