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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1215

International Symposium on Greener Cities for More Efficient Ecosystem Services in a Climate Changing World

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Conveners   T. Georgiadis, F. Orsini, G.P. Gianquinto 
Editors   G. Pennisi, L. Cremonini, T. Georgiadis, F. Orsini, G.P. Gianquinto 
31 October 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-12-9 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   82 
Place   Bologna, Italy 
Online articles:
Influence of urban green on human thermal bioclimate - application of thermal indices and micro-scale models (A. Matzarakis, D. Fröhlich)
Urban green technologies for energy saving: numerical simulation of heat transfer between green façades and green roofs and the local outdoor environment (A. Bonoli, B. Pulvirenti)
Multifunctional peri-urban agriculture: some ecosystem services of a sustainable olive grove (A.N. Mininni, G. Montanaro, B. Dichio, C. Fausto, C. Xiloyannis)
Trento City MicroClimate changes (A. Codemo, M. Ricci)
Sous les paves, la plage: urban forests for the parking lots in Ostiense (A. Soto Aguirre, M. Rabazo)
Effects of urban Pinus sylvestris (L.) plantation sites on thermal comfort (S. Yilmaz, H. Yilmaz, M.A. Irmak, A.C. Kuzulugil, A. Koç)
A preliminary assessment of green areas of Matera city and their potential role in climate change (A. Ippolito, I. Macaione, C. Rizzi, G. Montanaro, A.N. Mininni, B. Dichio)
Diachronic biodiversity analysis of a metropolitan area in the Mediterranean region (R.M.S. Costa, P. Pavone)
Increasing evapotranspiration of extensive roof greenings by using plants with high transpiration rates and irrigation with grey water (H.J. Schmitz, M. Jauch, I. Krummradt, R. Walker, D. Lohr, E. Meinken)
Invasive plants and natural habitats: the role of alien species in the urban vegetation (R.M.S. Costa, P. Pavone)
The influence of the gas exchange and transpiration of C3 and CAM-facultative species on the green roof's cooling performance (M. D¿Arco, T. Blanusa, M. Speranza)
Quantification of thermal comfort based on different street orientation in winter months of urban city Dadaşkent (S. Yilmaz, E. Mutlu, H. Yilmaz)
Green walls for building microclimate control (E. Schettini, C.A. Campiotti, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, I. Blanco, G. Vox)
URBESS - nature based assessment tool for smart and sustainable urban planning (T. Georgiadis, M. Nardino, L. Cremonini, C. Carbone, G. Zanini, L. Ciancarella, A. Piersanti, M. Villani)
Green roof: benefits analysis and development of a simplified dynamic energy model (F. Lisi, G. Santi, F. Leccese, D. Testi, F. Cinelli)
Monitoring thermal comfort on urban spaces with varying greenery density in Santiago of Chile during the hottest summer in the last 30 years (L.A. Cárdenas-Jirón, L. Morales, V. Bravo)
Hydrological and plant performance of green roofs in the climate context of the Veneto Plain (north-eastern Italy): preliminary results (G. Zanin, F. Bettella, L. Bortolini)
Construction and maintenance factors affecting most the growth of shrubby Mediterranean native plants on urban extensive green roofs (Μ. Papafotiou, L. Tassoula, K. Mellos)
Effects of saline irrigation management on growth of a Euonymus hedge in Mediterranean urban spaces (J. Ochoa, J.A. Fernández, S. Bañón)
Evaluation of water stress tolerance of some species suitable for extensive green roofs (L. Martinetti, A. Tosca, P. Spoleto, M. Valagussa, A. Gatt)
Hydrological performance of Sedum species compared to perennial herbaceous species on a full-scale green roof in Italy (I. Stojkov, S.S. Cipolla, M. Maglionico, A. Bonoli, A. Conte, L. Ferroni, M. Speranza)
Monitoring of weeds in an extensive green roof (A. Tosca, L. Martinetti, P. Spoleto, M. Valagussa, A. Gatt)
Euphorbia ×lomi produced considerable amount of flower racemes after exposure to Mediterranean winter temperatures (A. Giovino, M.M. Mammano, S. Saia)
Use of paper mill sludge for the acclimation of nursery trees planted in urban soil (F. Bretzel, B. Pezzarossa, M. Scatena, F. Vannucchi, F. Cinelli)
Gemmorhizogenesis in poysean (Euphorbia × lomi Rauh): the production of 'likely-asexuate' vivipary offsprings (A. Spina, A. Giovino, S. Saia)
A small-scale floating system for the domestic production of vegetables (A. Lenzi, S. Secci, C. Casazza, L. Boganini, M. Sala)
The combined effect of green-waste compost and fertilization on growth of Ficus benjamina (Μ. Papafotiou, K. Mellos, I. Chatzipavlidis)
Call for projects "Parisculteurs": catalyst for urban agriculture development on rooftops in Paris (M. Collé, A.C. Daniel, C. Aubry)
Agrotopia, a living lab for high-tech urban horticulture within Europe (I. Pertry, P. Bleyaert, P. Demyttenaere, M. Demeulemeester)
Babyleaf NFT production and water management in aquaponic system (C. Nicoletto, C. Maucieri, Z. Schmautz, M. Borin, P. Sambo, R. Junge)
"Agricultural factory": industrial reuse for innovative production towards more sustainable cities (M. Negrello)
Food production on greening of roofs and façades (F. Demling)
Maintaining urban landscape health and services on reduced irrigation: a multi-site study in best management practices (K. Reid, D. Fujino, L. Oki, J. Hartin, C. Ingels, D. Haver, B. Baker, B. Duenow)
Medicinal plants in the agricultural family (R.G.R. das Dores, M.C.M. Fonseca, M.A.N. Sedyama, F.L. Finger, V.W.D. Casali)
The strategic challenge in marketing products from family farming (A.H. Santos Silva, R.M. Ferreiro Silva, R.D.S. Musser, F.C. de Carvalho Silva, M.B. Bovet, R.A. Deiga Ferreira, M.G. Pereira de Melo, E.A. de Sousa, T.M. da Silva, J.M.S. do Nascimento)
Urban agriculture in Mexico City (R. Salazar-Moreno, E. Fitz-Rodríguez, I.L. López-Cruz, A. Aguilar-Rojano, U. Schmidt, D. Dannelh)
Urban farming opportunities: a comparative analysis between Italy and Argentina (B. Torquati, G. Giacchè, D. Marino, R. Pastore, G. Mazzocchi, L. Niño, C. Arnaiz, A. Daga)
Green urban planning strategies for climate change resilience of the Catania metropolitan area (L. Riguccio, S. D¿Urso, G. Schippa, F. Branca)
New food supply chain systems based on a proximity model: the case of an alternative food network in the Catania urban area (G. Timpanaro, V.T. Foti, A. Scuderi, G. Schippa, F. Branca)
Peri-urban allotment gardens: a successful experience in Recife/Pernambuco, Brazil (A.H. Santos Silva, E.A. de Sousa, A.B. Isidore Ducoux, A.P. Gonçalves, M.D.G. Pereira de Melo, A.D.O. da Costa, R.D.S. Musser)
Dementia protective efficacy by the combination of active and passive horticultural therapy for all persons concerned (S. Koura, H. Okawa, T. Oshikawa, T. Ueda, C. Nishikawa, A. Ikeda, K. Kamijyo)
Cut flowers and leaves farmer market in Recife-PE, Brazil (S.S.L. Silva, I.V.S. Ferreira, F.C.C. Silva, R.S. Musser, M.G.P. Melo, V. Loges)
Growth and spread of native perennial herbaceous species on a green roof (M. D¿Arco, L. Ferroni, A. Velli, M. Speranza)
Plant diversity and grassland naturalness of differently managed urban areas of Torino (NW Italy) (M. Lonati, M. Probo, A. Gorlier, M. Pittarello, V. Scariot, G. Lombardi, S. Ravetto Enri)
Characterization and selection of Brazilian native grasses for use as turfgrass (S.Á.C. Gomes da Silva, A.G. Santos, S.S.L. Silva, V. Loges, F.H.D. de Souza, A.C. Castro)
Increasing the plant species selection in traffic environment (E.M. Tuhkanen, S. Juhanoja, T. Myllymäki, A.M. Haakana)
The biodiversity of Sicilian traditional gardens (S. Toscano, A. Tribulato, D. Romano)
Designing greener cities with water use efficient medicinal and aromatic plants (M. Caser, S. Demasi, W. Gaino, M. Devecchi, V. Scariot)
Heat fluxes in green walls (G. Vox, G. Scarascia Mugnozza, I. Blanco, E. Schettini)
Impact assessment of green infrastructure on surrounding microclimate (case study: Tehran's Nature Bridge) (O. Noori, R. Ebrahimnejad, R. Deihimfard)
Influence of precipitation in the energy balance in urban building (A.J.S. Omar, J.J.F. Cordeiro-Junior, C. Guiselini, F.G. Bezerra, R.B. Vigoderis, V. Loges)
Green roof flood mitigation in the Mediterranean region (M. Valagussa, A. Gatt, A. Tosca, L. Martinetti)
Thermal comfort in rural buildings with green roofs (C.R. Costa Junior, J.J.F. Cordeiro-Júnior, A.J.S. Omar, C. Guiselini, V. Loges, G.R. Silva-Júnior, H. Pandorfi)
Green roofs as a strategy for urban heat island mitigation in Bologna (Italy) (S.S. Cipolla, M. Maglionico, G. Semprini, V. Villani, A. Bonoli)
Food recovery and food redistribution in Italy (M. Rombach, F. Ricchieri, V. Bitsch)
Green restoration of the industrial area of the city of Catania for improving urban resilience and sustainability (G. Schippa, S. Interlandi, P. Russo, F. Branca)
Role of mycorrhization in the phytoremediation of heavy metals in urban soils (S. Demasi, A. Berruti, F. Ajmone Marsan, V. Bianciotto, V. Scariot)
Urban agriculture as a tool for sustainable social recovery of metropolitan slum area in Italy: case Catania (G. Timpanaro, V.T. Foti, A. Scuderi, S. Toscano, D. Romano)
Integrated analysis of urban green spaces and recreation areas: transferability and applicability (G. Kothencz, F. Albrecht, D. Hölbling, K. Pürmayr, A. Osberger)
Evaluating the current state of rooftop agriculture in Western Europe: categories and implementation constraints (E. Sanyé-Mengual, R. Kahane, G. Gianquinto, E. Geoffriau)
Green roofs and green façades for improving sustainability of towns (C. Bibbiani, A. Campiotti, G. Giagnacovo, L. Incrocci, A. Pardossi, A. Latini, E. Schettini, G. Vox)
Green roofs: effects of hydrogel on hydrological and ecological behavior (S.S. Cipolla, L. Ferroni, M. Maglionico, M. Speranza)
A spin-off as an effective result of transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of living wall systems (F. Larcher, R. Giordano, E. Montacchini, S. Tedesco)
The role of urban agriculture for the governance of high natural values areas. New models for the city of Turin CollinaPo (D. Genovese, L. Battisti, I. Ostellino, F. Larcher, L.M. Battaglini)
The "jardinu" of Pantelleria as a paradigm of resource-efficient horticulture in the built-up environment (G. Barbera, C. Chieco, T. Georgiadis, A. Motisi, F. Rossi)
Urban agriculture and city development in Bologna (Italy): notes in historical perspective (F. Casadei, G. Bazzocchi)
Flowers for edible gardens: combinations of species and colours for northwestern Italy (V. Scariot, W. Gaino, S. Demasi, M. Caser, B. Ruffoni)
Permeable pavements – green infrastructures as 
a flood mitigation measure (M.L. Afonso, M. Dinis-Almeida, C.S. Fael)
Supporting producers in designing more efficient and low-impact green roofs through the Life Cycle Analysis: environmental and energy performance (C. Bibbiani, F. Fantozzi, C. Gargari, C.A. Campiotti, L. Incrocci, A. Pardossi)
Sustainable and energy saving urban horticulture on rooftop gardens in Mediterranean climatic conditions (R. Di Bonito, D. Biagiotti, G. Giagnacovo, C. Viola, C.A. Campiotti)
Growing vegetables in the circular economy; cultivation of tomatoes on green waste compost and food waste digestate (K. Stoknes, E. Wojciechowska, A. Jasińska, A. Gulliksen, A.A. Tesfamichael)
Hydroponics and community gardens: insights on the interaction between urban farmers and technology (S. Caputo, H. Rumble, M. Schaefer)
Innovative strategies for evaluating stressful conditions in urban environments (A. Ferrante, G. Cocetta, M. Alberti, R. Pietricola, I. Vagge)
Multidisciplinary approaches for programming ecosystem services of urban green spaces (L. Bortolini, P. Semenzato, B. Almási, D. Csizmadia, P. Kowalski, K. Racoń-Leja, E. Aarrevaara, C. Scherzer)
Innovation system in the metropolitan agriculture of Bologna: some evidences from the MADRE project (R. Paltrinieri, S. Spillare, M. Cavallo)
New approaches in securing more sustainable urban food futures: case from Cologne-Bonn region (Z. Heuschkel, D. Hirsch, W. Terlau, W. Lorleberg)
Using the ecosystem services' approach for addressing peri-urban farming in Turin Metropolitan Area (L. Battisti, P. Gullino, F. Larcher)
Training pioneering entrepreneurs in urban agriculture: a model of curriculum based on the URBAN GREEN TRAIN project experience (F. Magrefi, E. Geoffriau, R. Kahane, B. Pölling, F. Orsini, G. Pennisi, G. Bazzocchi, H. Renting, F. Hoekstra, R. Morgenstern, M. Dubbeling, W. Lorleberg, G. Gianquinto)
Valorisation of biorefinery by-products in potted ornamental shrub cultivation: effects on growth, water relations and leaf gas exchanges (C. Cirillo, Y. Rouphael, C. El-Nakhel, A. Pannico, M. Sorrentino, V. Cirillo, R. Caputo, S. De Pascale)
Application of protein hydrolysate-based biostimulant as new approach to improve performance of bedding plants (C. Cirillo, Y. Rouphael, A. Pannico, C. El-Nakhel, G. Colla, S. De Pascale)
Allometric model for leaf area estimation in Bougainvillea genotypes (G. Fascella, Y. Rouphael, C. Cirillo, M.M. Mammano, A. Pannico, S. De Pascale)
Collecting landrace vegetable crops in Puglia region: case study of Foggia Province (G. Conversa, A. Bonasia, A. Elia)

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