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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1214

XVI International Symposium on Apricot Breeding and Culture

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Convener   W. Liu 
Editors   W. Liu, X. Ma, S. Liu 
30 October 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-10-5 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   50 
Place   Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China 
Online articles:
Analysis of bearing behaviors of 'Velkopavlovická' apricot clones (M. Mészáros, B. Krška, E. Costes)
Fluorescence microscopy as a tool for determining self-incompatibility in apricot cultivars (D. Milatović, D. Nikolić, A. Radović, B. Krška)
Chilling and heat requirements for flowering in apricot cultivars (M. Ruml, D. Milatović, D. Đurović, G. Zec, M. Jokić, M. Radović)
Plum and apricot industry: present status and future perspectives in Sichuan, China (J. Liu)
Effects of cross-pollination, self-pollination, and natural pollination on golden apricot (Prunus armeniaca) fertilization and embryogenesis (S.J. Qin, G.C. Liu, H. Li, W.J. Zhou, D.G. Lyu)
Preliminary study on the low self-fertility rate of 'Kuijin' apricots (X.P. Han, J.Z. Wang, X.M. Xue, P.X. Nie, R. Chen, C.M. Gao)
The ILLIAD project: sustainable, local or localized, innovative food chains - application to apricot production (S. Bureau, B. Gouble, J.M. Audergon, S. Costa, S. Tozanli)
Introduction of apricot to Moscow and surrounding regions: results of 32 years of work (L.A. Kramarenko)
Mechanical harvest: a realistic challenge for the processed apricot market? (B. Gouble, P. Reling, C.M.G.C. Renard, J.M. Broquaire, C. Chamet, J.M. Audergon)
Effect of cross-fertilizer pollination on fruit yield and fruit quality of Prunus armeniaca 'Küzlük Ürük' (S.R. Zhao, K. Liao, X.Q. An, J. Liu, M.X. Da, R.Q. Du, S.K. Zhang)
Determination of Sphaerolecanium prunastri Fonscolombe, 1834 (Hemiptera: Coccidae), and its parasitoids and predators in apricot areas of Malatya province, Turkey (T. Yiğit, H. Tunaz)
Preliminary results on the behaviour of two micropropagated and grafted apricot cultivars (C. Xiloyannis, A.C. Tuzio, B. Dichio, M. Evangelos, K. Zuccherelli, G. Zuccherelli)
Integrated life-cycle assessment in sustainable and conventional apricot orchards in southern Italy (E. Lardo, G. Montanaro, B. Dichio, C. Xiloyannis)
Propagation of some apricot clonal rootstocks and their influence on growth of nursery trees (A.I. Yordanov, S.G. Tabakov, P.V. Kaymakanov)
The PERPHECLIM ACCAF Project - perennial fruit crops and forest phenology evolution facing climatic changes (I. Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, J.M. Audergon, P. Bertuzzi, C. Anger, M. Bonhomme, I. Chuine, H. Davi, S. Delzon, E. Duchene, J.M. Legave, H. Raynal, C. Pichot, C. Van Leeuween)
Reproductive biology of Armenian apricot cultivars (A.A. Nebish, G.S. Santrosyan, R.M. Aroutiounian)
Protected cultivation of apricot in Liaoning province, China (N. Liu)
Development status and trend of apricot cultivation in Liaoyang, China (X.F. Xu, X.M. Han, H.Z. Han, L. Li, T.H. Wu)
A prototype of a stationary DA device to group apricot fruits in classes of homogeneous ripening (G. Costa, G. Fiori, L. Rocchi, S. Vidoni, N. Berthod, S. Besse, S. Knieling, J. Rossier)
Fruit quality and volatile compounds of 'Jinhong' plums harvested at different times (G.P. Wang, J.Z. Wang, X.M. Xue)
Analysis of aromatic constituents of apricot 'Jinkaite' at different developmental stages (X.M. Xue, A.N. Zhang, X.P. Han, J.Z. Wang)
A new technology for apricot frost disaster prevention (G.X. Ding, B.M. Wang, G.J. Qin, Y.F. Chen, B.G. Wang, P.F. Wen)
Water adhered on the fruit surface during maturation period is the main cause of apricot cracking (G.X. Ding, B.M. Wang, B.C. Fu, G.Y. Cang, X.Y. Niu, P.F. Wen)
Infrared spectroscopy as a rapid tool to assess apricot fruit quality: comparison of two strategies for a model establishment (S. Bureau, C.M.G.C. Renard, Z. Fakhfackh, J.M. Audergon)
Storage of apricot 'Hacıhaliloglu' under modified atmosphere and cold storage conditions (B. Öztürk, Y. Sarıtepe, K. Öztürk, M. Didin, R. Konak)
Influence of fruit maturity, 1-methylcyclopropene (1‑MCP) treatment and storage temperature on ethylene production and firmness of 'Goldrich' and 'Orangered' apricots (D. Christen, S. Gabioud Rebeaud, P.-Y. Cotter, F. Gasser)
Fruit ripening evolution in diverse commercial apricots by conventional and non-destructive methods: preliminary results (A. Ciacciulli, D. Bassi, L. Castellari, S. Foschi)
'Ruža', a new apricot cultivar from Serbia (D. Milatović, M.F. Akšić, G. Zec, D. Đurović)
Two specific apricot cultivars in Sichuan Province (J. Li)
'Meixiang', a new apricot cultivar (Y.L. Chen, Y.B. Feng, L.H. Xia)
Optimization of an algorithm for creating an apricot DNA fingerprint library (F.C. Jiang, Y.Z. Wang, J.H. Zhang, H.Y. Sun, L. Yang)
Three superior apricot lines from Liaoning Institute of Pomology, China (M. Xu, W.S. Liu, N. Liu, Q.P. Zhang, S. Liu, Y.P. Zhang)
Clonal rootstock selection suitable for apricot cultivars 'Hacıhaliloglu' and 'Kabaası' (A. Erdoğan, T. Yiğit, S. Şahin, K.U. Yılmaz, M.N. Demirtaş, H.Ş. Öylek, S. Ercişli)
Breeding of a fine apricot cultivar, 'Xiajin', for protected cultivation (Q.Y. Zhai, Z.H. Liu)
Genetic structure of a worldwide germplasm collection of Prunus armeniaca L. (H. Bourguiba, A. Lasnier, B. Krška, T. Zhebentyaeva, A. Remay, C. DżOnofrio, C.A. Ledbetter, H. Iketani, D. Christen, W. Liu, G. Roch, J.M. Audergon)
Selections issued from CEP Innovation, Centrex and INRA: the apricot breeding program in France (G. Fremondiere, A. Blanc, F. Gilles, G. Clauzel, J.M. Broquaire, G. Roch, B. Gouble, S. Bureau, C. Pitiot, J.M. Audergon)
An overview of apricot breeding in China (H.Y. Sun, J.H. Zhang, L. Yang, F.C. Jiang, Y.Z. Wang)
New apricot selections from the CEBAS-CSIC breeding program (Murcia, Spain) that broaden fruit ripening time (D. Ruiz, A. Molina, M.D. Nortes, A. Molina, E. Ortega, P. Martínez-Gómez, F. Dicenta, M. Rubio, J. Egea)
Allelic variations of endopolygalacturonase genes associated with fruit softening in apricot (Prunus armeniaca) (X. Wei, Q.P. Zhang, W.S. Liu, N. Liu, Y.P. Zhang, M. Xu, X.X. Ma, S. Liu, Y.J. Zhang)
Phenotypic, molecular and phytohormonal evidence of Plum pox virus silencing in susceptible apricot genotypes (M. Rubio, A. Albacete, F. Dicenta, P. Martínez-Gómez)
Multi-resistance of apricot cultivars to the most important diseases in Spain (M. Rubio, D. Ruiz, P. Martínez-Gómez, J. Egea, F. Dicenta)
Influence of apricot genotypes and their volatile profiles on their attractiveness to the European stone fruit yellows vector Cacopsylla pruni (Z.N. Andrianjaka-Camps, A. Retailleau, D. Christen)
Influence of the distribution and infection rates of psyllids on the vectoring ability of European stone fruit yellows in Switzerland (Z.N. Andrianjaka-Camps, S. Schaerer, S. Kuske, M. Bünter, N. Sauvion, D. Christen)
Evaluation of entomopathogenic fungi and nematodes against Capnodis tenebrionis L. (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) larvae in apricot orchards (T. Yiğit, M.K. Er, S. Hazır, S. Özcan, T. Çevik, H.Ş. Öylek)
Analysis of the morphological diversity of Daxigou wild apricot floral organs in Huocheng, Xinjiang, China (Q. Cao, K. Liao, J. Liu, X.F. Yang, H.Z. Si, M.M. Liu, X.X. Liao)
Establishment of a core collection of cultivated apricot based on phenotypic characters in Xinjiang (J. Liu, K. Liao, Q. Cao, Q. Sun, H. Liu, Y. Jia)
Linkage disequilibrium in North China and Xingjiang apricot cultivars (Prunus armeniaca L.) (S. Liu, Q.P. Zhang, D.C. Liu, N. Liu, A.M. Zhang, W.S. Liu)
Genetic diversity and subgroups of apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) from North China using a model-based method with simple sequence repeats (S. Liu, D.C. Liu, Q.P. Zhang, N. Liu, A.M. Zhang, W.S. Liu)
Diversity in fruit traits among different apricot (Prunus armeniaca) populations from different regions (X.X. Ma, W.S. Liu, Q.P. Zhang, N. Liu, Y.P. Zhang, M. Xu, Y.J. Zhang)
Fruit-setting rates in apricot accessions from different cultivation regions of China (Y.P. Zhang, X.X. Ma, N. Liu, W.S. Liu, M. Xu, Q.P. Zhang, S. Liu, T.X. Zhang)

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