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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1212

Proceedings of the 2017 Annual Meeting of the International Plant Propagators' Society

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Convener   C.W. Heuser Jr. 
Editors   C.W. Heuser Jr., W.G. Roberts, C. Larkman, S. Gunn, M. Tomita, H. Foulds, F.T. Davies, E. Blythe 
5 October 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-09-9 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   87 
Place   Bellefonte, PA, USA 
Online articles:
Impact of seed technology on seed germination in horticultural crops© (R.L. Geneve)
The "wicked" problem that is herbicide resistance of weeds© (C.F. Reinhardt)
Growing the urban forest movement: opportunities and challenges© (G. Priest)
Selecting compact cultivars for horticulture from wild plant populations© (A. Stewart)
PlantSelect website: connecting designers and growers© (G. Mostafa)
An integrated methodology for propagation from seed of Perth, Western Australian provenance, native plants© (M. Patel)
Biosecurity matters—challenges to New Zealand's biosecurity system© (K. Hurr)
Plant breeding at Auckland Botanic Gardens© (J. Hobbs, E. Bodley)
IPPS Western Region Exchange 2016© (P. Watt)
Rotoroa Island: from rehabilitation to revegetation© (A. Maloy)
Subantarctic islands: an intrepid journey and brief history© (T. Hatch)
Assessing fertility in horticultural selections of Agapanthus© (M. Dawson, E. Bodley, R. Stanley, I. Duncalf, E. Morgan)
Ornamental pumpkin selection© (D. Grant)
Iran, a significant horticultural country© (N. Askari)
Take control over horticulture by listening to the genes© (P. Balk)
Plant trials in the Netherlands and Europe© (R. Houtman)
Negative hydrostatic pressure is an unnoticed but significant source of contamination in tissue culture© (N. Askari, G.-J. De Klerk)
Keeping nutrients in their place: irrigation management to enhance nutrient retention in container production© (R.T. Fernandez)
Green roofs: plant production and installation methods© (D.B. Rowe)
Marketing the ecosystem services provided by food plants for pollinators© (D. Smitley)
Lighting plants with LEDs: a panel discussion© (D. Koschmann)
Plant propagation for successful hydroponic production© (H.-J. Kim, T. Yang, M.-Y. Lin, P. Langenhoven)
Grow your business© (D. Deppe)
Production cycles at Sheridan Nurseries© (B. Brusse)
Midwest groundcovers lean flow journey with Flow Vision© (M. Fredrickson)
The rooting response of evergreen and deciduous cuttings to foliar applications of the rooting hormone indole-3-butyric acid© (A. Phillips)
Restoration horticulture: propagation, production, and marketing of native plants© (B. Schneider)
Plant breeding at North Dakota State University© (T.P. West)
What's old and new about phase change and propagation© (R.L. Geneve)
Managing water and oxygen for optimum rooting© (E. Yafuso, P. Fisher)
New Plant Forum© (J.R. Ault, B. Horvath, T. Ranney, T.P. West, T. Wood)
Seed dormancy in seven-son flower (Heptacodium miconiodes)© (R.L. Geneve, S.T. Kester)
Use of K-IBA as a foliar spray for softwood cutting propagation© (T. Gregory, R.L. Geneve)
Developing a modified hydroponic stock plant system for redbud© (V. Lewis, S.T. Kester, R.L. Geneve)
Using Osmocote® Bloom in propagation and production© (T. Bosma)
A screening to study the effect of smoke solutions, gibberellic acid, and cold-moist stratification on various grass species© (D. Schoemaker, S. Ebelhar, D.L. Sanford)
Characterization of microbial community structure in pine bark substrates© (J. Altland, F.C. Michel, S. Valles)
Irrigation water alkalinity, not pH, affects substrate pH© (J. Altland)
Water temperature and exposure time for killing weed seed on recycled plastic containers© (J. Altland)
A screening to study the effect of various smoke solutions and cold-moist stratification on Carex© (D. Schoemaker, S. Ebelhar, D.L. Sanford)
Seasonal emergence of invasive ambrosia beetles in Western Kentucky in 2017© (Z. Viloria, G. Travis, W. Dunwell, R. Villanueva)
Use rooting hormones or not¿multiple applications may be best© (J. Kroin)
Automating a propagation nursery© (J. Cooley)
The development of fertilizer from the early years to today© (N. Lafaille)
Biological control in propagation© (M. LaChapell Schalock)
Adapting automation to your operation© (J. Kupillas)
The struggle is real (but fun!): long-term breeding at a public university© (R. Contreras)
Soil digestive system: functions and benefits of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria© (S.J. Becker)
Highlights of the IPPS 2017 Western Region/New Zealand Region exchange and ornamental plant breeding in New Zealand© (D. Marinkovich)
2017 New Zealand exchange experience© (K. Broadlick)
The hordes: emerging pest threats to plants in the Western USAA(c) (R. Rosetta)
What’s your problem? Diagnosing plant disease for nursery growers© (L. Santamaria)
Nuggets of knowledge© (D. Takao, L. Rupp)
All-America Selections winners for 2017: outstanding ornamentals and edible crops for producers and home gardens© (D. Blazek, E.K. Blythe)
Vegetable propagation by grafting and its importance© (P. Devi, A.S. Attavar, C. Miles)
Enhancing perennial stock plant production through the use of plant growth regulators© (S. Markovic, J. Klett)
Selecting salt tolerant pistachio rootstocks using tissue culture© (D.P. Sharma)
Optimized micropropagation protocol to establish high-yielding true-to-type plantations of elite genotypes of Tinospora cordifolia for consistent production of therapeutic compounds© (V. Srivastava, R. Chaturvedi)
Decreasing blue light increases growth of four diverse species© (B.V. Swan, B. Bugbee)
What is a "good" root system?© (C.E. Whitcomb)
Evolution of plant production in containers© (C.E. Whitcomb)
Improved air layering system for tropical hardwood ornamentals in Hawaii© (J. DeFrank)
Technical sessions, Monday morning, 30 October 2017© (K. Gantt)
Nursery innovation on a budget-making every penny count© (J.C. Harden)
Foodscaping: revolution or evolution?© (B.G. Arthur)
Commentary on woody plant breeding opportunities© (M.A. Dirr)
How scary is this? Two emerging pests: emerald ash borer and crapemyrtle bark scale© (M.E. Merchant)
Hartmann and Kester's Principles and Practices of Plant Propagation: a sneak preview of the 9th edition© (S.B. Wilson, F.T. Davies, R.L. Geneve)
Mulching for weed control: influence of type, depth, herbicide formulation and activation irrigation level on germination and growth of three container nursery weed species© (D. Saha, C. Marble, B.J. Pearson, H.E. Perez, G.E. Macdonald, D. Odero, A. Chandler)
Are cuttings a viable alternative to seeds for sweet basil production?© (D. Haijie, G. Mengmeng, N. Genhua)
Isopropyl alcohol and auxin application method affect phytotoxicity of herbaceous stem cuttings© (J.T. Ray, E.K. Blythe, Guihong Bi, P.R. Knight, D.B. Reynolds, G.R. Bachman)
IPPS European exchange 2016© (L. Kenealy)
Back to the future: insights learned over many years¿relevant then, now, and for the future© (C.E. Whitcomb)
What's new in the biology of cutting propagation© (F.T. Davies)
Flying dangerous: drones and the nursery industry© (J. Robbins, J.M. Maja)
Lifelong learners: guilt by association© (J.P. Wilhite)
Beyond kungpao chicken: the plants of eastern China© (D. Peng, J. Li, M. Gu)
The history of the Texas Superstar Program© (G. Grant)
The Bailey Nursery approach to sourcing, evaluating, and introducing new plants© (N. Hamill)
Pre-emerge herbicides and mulches for weed control in container-grown tree seedlings© (A.L. Witcher)
Effects of chicken manure compost and high percentage of biochar on container-grown basil (Ocimum basilicum)© (L. Huang, P. Yu, M. Gu)
Propagation and out planting of Chrysopsis species endemic to the Florida Panhandle© (G.E. Campbell-Martínez, N. Hooton, M. Thetford, D. Miller, S.B. Wilson)
Indoor plant toxicity concerns some consumers© (S.A. Keene, T.N. Kalk, D.G. Clark, T.A. Colquhoun, H.R. Moskowitz)
Influence of herbicide application volume on weed control in non-irrigated nursery production areas© (C. Conner, C. Marble, A. Chandler)
Which is better for mother stock of leaf-bud cuttings of kaki (Diospyros kaki), root-sucker or hedge?© (T. Tetsumura, S. Ishimura, C. Honsho)
Comparison of growth, yield, and fruit quality of own-rooted and grafted 'Spirit of '76' mango trees grown in pots© (M. Fumuro)
Micropropagation of ornamental aquatic plants, Glossostigma, Microcarpaea and Limnophila 2. Effect of CaCl2・2H2O, KH2PO4, Fe-EDTA concentrations on the growth of explants© (M. Minamiyama, A. Noguchi, W. Amaki)

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