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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1209

II International Conference on Quality Management of Fresh Cut Produce: Convenience Food for a Tasteful Life

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Convener   S. Nicola 
Editors   S. Nicola, P.M.A. Toivonen, C.B. Watkins 
30 August 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-06-8 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   68 
Place   Torino, Italy 
Online articles:
Issues in ensuring safety of fresh-cut produce (D. O’Beirne)
1-MCP before and after processing of fresh-cut produce: from science evidence to technology transfer (P.M.A. Toivonen)
The impact of raw material selection for fresh-cut quality - with carrots as an example (M. Edelenbos, H.T. Petersen)
Assessment of the vitamin C content in selected baby leafy species over the season (L. Mogren, J. Reade, J. Monaghan)
Importance of seed quality for the fresh cut chain (L.C. Deleuran, M.H. Olesen, N. Shetty, R. Gislum, B. Boelt)
Growing radish (Raphanus sativus var. radicula) in plug trays in a floating system (M. Jakše)
Exogenous application of polyamines influences fruit quality of 'Zaferani' peach (B. Baninasab)
Impact of climate change and global trends on the microbial quality of leafy greens (A. Martínez-Sánchez, A. Allende, C. Luna, M.V. Selma, J.A. Tudela, M.I. Gil)
The floating growing system can assure a low microbial contamination of baby leaf vegetables at harvest (S. Nicola, G. Pignata, G. Tibaldi)
Emerging soil-borne and foliar diseases on leafy vegetables for fresh-cut production in northern Italy (G. Gilardi, M.L. Gullino, A. Garibaldi)
Influence of controlled atmospheres and antioxidants on enzymatic browning and shelf life of fresh-cut persimmon 'Rojo Brillante' (E. Sanchís, C. Ghidelli, C. Rojas-Argudo, M.B. Pérez-Gago, M. Mateos)
Fresh-cut fruit industry in Malaysia: status and challenges (M.N. Latifah, H. Abdullah, I. Ab Aziz, M.P. Nur Aida, O. Fauziah, Y. Talib)
Optimising packaging conditions of fresh-cut nectarine (E. Róth, J. Barriobero, B. Ozcoz, J. Mir-Bel, R. López)
Fresh-cut apple: effect of CaCl2 dips on firmness and quality (G. Giacalone, V. Chiabrando)
Factors affecting the quality of fresh-cut sweet cherry (V. Chiabrando, G. Giacalone)
Potentiality of mint leaves as a ready-to-use product: postharvest evaluation (S. Nicola, G. Tibaldi, G. Pignata)
Effect of inclusion of ethylene absorbent to the quality of the fresh-cut jackfruit stored at 10°C (M.N. Latifah, I. Ab Aziz, O. Fauziah, Y. Talib)
Hot water treatment after harvest preserves nutritional quality of spinach during storage (M. Glowacz, J. Reade, J. Monaghan, L. Mogren)
Fresh-cut chain for soilless grown 'Mara des Bois' strawberries: the cutting process reduces the shelf-life of the produce (S. Nicola, G. Pignata, G. Tibaldi)
Effect of modified atmosphere packaging in minimally fresh industrially processed Batavia lettuce (A.M. Fernández-León, S. Nogales-Delgado, J. Delgado-Adámez, M.T. Hernández-Méndez, D. Bohoyo-Gil, J.A. González)
Changes in quality of cut vegetable mixes during the storage (E.Cs. Csajbokne, M.P. Gilingerne)
Antioxidant activity of fresh cut green and dried spices (M.P. Gilingerne, Cs. Orban, E.Cs. Csajbokne)
The comparison of gooseberry biochemical composition in different ripening stages (S. Kampuse, Z. Kruma, K. Dorofejeva, E. Ungure, K. Kampuss)
Edible coatings with antioxidant properties for fresh-cut 'Conference' pear (J. Barriobero, B. Ozcoz, E. Róth, J. Mir-Bel, R. López)
Microbiological quality of enzymatically peeled persimmon fruit for fresh-cut slices (H. Izumi, Y. Murakami, Y. Ozaki)
Effects of surface coating treatments on the quality of washed fresh ginseng during marketing (H.S. Kim, S.I. Hong, M.C. Jeong, H.J. Lee, D.M. Kim, G.H. Kim)
Effects of MAP conditions on the quality of washed fresh ginseng during storage (H.S. Kim, S.I. Hong, M.C. Jeong, H.J. Lee, D.M. Kim, G.H. Kim)
Screening of various anti-browning agents for apple slices (M.S. Chang, G.H. Kim, M.C. Jeong, D.M. Kim)
Market life of diced red onion subjected to modified atmosphere packaging and antimicrobial dips (C.F. Forney, L. Fan, C. Doucette, M.A. Jordan, R. Grant)
The effect of sweeteners and inhibitors on the quality of fresh-cut pear slices after freezing (D. Seglina, I. Krasnova, J. Kviesis, K. Kviesis, I. Gailite)
Quality maintenance of fresh-cut apple salad by using different anti-browning agents (I. Krasnova, D. Seglina, A. Aboltins, K. Juhnevica, D. Karklina)
Changes in physical-chemical parameters in minimally processed faba bean (Vicia faba L.) (A. Palma, S. D’Aquino)
Effect of edible coating in physical-chemical parameters in minimally processed cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) (A. Palma, N.P. Mangia, D. Mura, S. D’Aquino)
Controlling enzymatic browning of fresh-cut eggplant by application of an edible coating and modified atmosphere packaging (C. Ghidelli, E. Sanchís, C. Rojas-Argudo, M.B. Pérez-Gago, M. Mateos)
Volatile profile of fresh-cut 'Rocha' pear under various temperatures and oxygen levels (M.H. Gomes, R.M. Beaudry, D.P.F. Almeida)
Use of UV-C radiation and ozonated water for the reduction of microbial load of minimally processed melon (R.D.A. Amaral, M.L.B. Bachelli, B.C. Benedetti)
Effect of citric acid on browning of fresh-cut potatoes and on texture after frying (R.D.A. Amaral, B.C. Benedetti, M. Pujolà, I. Achaerandio)
Postharvest quality of whole and fresh-cut pomegranates cultivated under deficit irrigation (M.E. Peña Estevez, F. Artés-Hernández, E. Aguayo, F. Artés, P.A. Gómez)
Effect of nitrogen fertilizer level on quality and shelf-life of fresh cut Swiss chard (A. Miceli, V. Mineo, D. Planeta)
Quality and shelf-life of minimally processed cauliflower (A. Miceli, F. Vetrano, C. Romano)
Cutting and temperature of preservation effect on the physiological activity and quality of fresh cut 'Packham's Triumph' and 'Shinco' pears (A. Oyarzún, J.M. Obando-Ulloa, L. Mery, A. Machuca, V.H. Escalona, A.C. Silveira)
Effect of calcium and anti-browning agents on total phenols and antioxidant capability of 'Packham's Triumph' pears packed in modified atmosphere (L. Mery, J.M. Obando-Ulloa, A. Machuca, L. Luchsinger, V.H. Escalona, M.I. Gil)
Effect of alternative sanitizers on functional parameters of watercress leaves (Nasturtium officinale) stored under modified atmosphere (M. Verdugo, M. Ospina, A. Hinojosa, C. Char, A. Machuca, V.H. Escalona)
Alternative sanitation techniques applied to minimally fresh industrially processed cherry and plum salad (F. Cañada-Cañada, A.M. Fernández-León, S. Nogales-Delgado, J. Delgado-Adámez, M. Lozano, M.T. Hernández-Méndez, D. Bohoyo-Gil)
Modified atmosphere affected marketability of peeled cactus pear (M. Cefola, M. Renna, F. Baruzzi, V. Achille, B. Pace)
Browning of fresh-cut lettuce as affected by preprocessing storage and heat treatments (A. Koukounaras, A.S. Siomos, E. Sfakiotakis)
Effects of packaging on shelf-life and quality of minimally processed fennel (A. Miceli, A. Moncada, F. D’anna)
Quality changes of lamb's lettuce during postharvest storage (A. Spinardi, G. Cocetta, L. Martinetti, I. Mignani, A. Ferrante)
Yeasts and Listeria monocytogenes inactivation after ultra-high pressure treatments of smoothies at various temperatures (G. Scolari, C. Zacconi, P.G. Sarra)
Firmness behaviour of sliced tomato (R. Schouten, A. Natalini, E. Woltering, L.M.M. Tijskens)
Translucency in cut tomatoes (L.M.M. Tijskens, R. Schouten, O. van Kooten, M.M. Lana)
Emerging sanitizing techniques on inoculated fresh-cut Bimi® broccoli (G.B. Martínez-Hernández, J. Navarro-Rico, P.A. Gómez, F. Artés, F. Artés-Hernández)
The impact of proportion of different cut-fruits on respiration rate of fruit salad (P.V. Mahajan, M.J. Sousa-Gallagher)
Respiration rate and changes in composition of volatiles during short-term storage of minimally processed root vegetables (H. Helland, A. Leufvèn, G.B. Bengtsson, H. Larsen, E.M. Nicolaisen, M. Thomsen, A. Hermansen, A.B. Wold, L. Berge)
Electrochemical disinfection of process wash water for the fresh-cut industry (F. López-Gálvez, V. Gómez-López, G.D. Posada-Izquierdo, M.V. Selma, F. Pérez-Rodríguez, J. Gobet, M.I. Gil, A. Allende)
Microbiological and qualitative aspects of minimally processed pomegranate seeds (A. Continella, C. Restuccia, S. Brighina, C. Pannitteri, S. La Malfa)
Effect of hot water treatments on quality of fresh-cut muskmelon fruit (Cucumis melo L.) 'Honeyworld' (S. Supapvanich, J. Ngiwpa, W. Yarprakhon)
Effect of type of fertilization and maturity on quality of fresh-cut red and yellow peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) (F. Piazzolla, M.L. Amodio, R. Rinaldi, F. Raimo, G. Colelli)
Cutting shape, film and storage temperature affect the shelf-life of fresh-cut pumpkin (S. Nicola, G. Tibaldi, W. Gaino, G. Pignata)
Mixing and dipping fresh-cut 'Gala Brookfield' and 'Granny Smith' apples (G. Pignata, G. Tibaldi, W. Gaino, S. Nicola)
Shelf-life of minimally processed table grapes packed in snack-size containers (E. Nicolosi, F. Ferlito, M. Amenta, P. Rapisarda)
Effect of controlled atmosphere and temperature on the quality maintenance of minimally processed 'Galia' melon (A.C. Silveira, E. Aguayo, J.L. Vicéns-Moltó, F. Artés, V.H. Escalona)
Effects of heat treatment and various browning inhibitors on the quality of fresh-cut burdock (M.S. Chang, S.J. An, G.H. Kim, J.G. Kim)
Screening of various anti-browning agents in lotus root and burdock and consumers' acceptance (M.S. Chang, G.H. Kim, J.G. Kim)
Influence of aeration of the nutrient solution on quality changes of two baby leaf lettuce cultivars grown in a floating system at harvest and during shelf-life as fresh-cut product (D. Niñirola, C. Egea-Gilabert, E. Conesa, F. Artés-Hernández, J.A. Martínez, F. Artés, J.A. Fernández)
Analysis of commercially available packages of fresh-cut fruits (P.V. Mahajan, M.J. Sousa-Gallagher)
Survey conducted by a consumer organization for the presence of bacterial and viral pathogens on high risk fresh produce from the Belgian market (A. De Keuckelaere, L. Baert, A. Stals, M. De Vocht, D. Li, S. Delbeke, S. Lauryssen, L. Jacxsens, B. Sas, M. Uyttendaele)
Connecting fresh-cut chain actors, from seed to produce - a European perspective (L.C. Deleuran, S. Nicola)

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