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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1198

III International Symposium on Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants and III Conference of National Institute of Science and Technology for Tropical Fruits

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Convener   N. Narain 
Editor   N. Narain 
25 April 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62611-94-8 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   47 
Place   Aracaju (Sergipe), Brazil 
Online articles:
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Synadenium umbellatum in vitro (A.P.S. Ramos, L. Gaban, S.H.P. Oliveira, C.D.L. Ramos)
Antifungal activity of essential oils of Lippia species of Colletotrichum sp. in vitro (E.R. Ara˙jo, R.R. Costa-Carvalho, M.G. Fontes, D. Laranjeira, A.F. Blank, P.B. Alves)
Characterization of the essential oil of Thymus vulgaris by supercritical fluid extraction (B.C.A. Rocha, K.Y.F. Kawase, G.L.V. Coelho)
Comparative analysis of resveratrol production in plants and in vitro materials of Arachis repens (Handro) (L.C. Garcia, R. Garcia, E. Kazan, G. Pacheco, E. Mansur)
Effect of essential oils from different accessions of Lippia gracilis on control of Thielaviopsis paradoxa (R.R. Costa-Carvalho, M.G. Fontes, E.R. Ara˙jo, I.L. Coelho, J.L.S. Carvalho Filho, D. Laranjeira, A.F. Blank, E.M. Cruz, P.B. Alves)
Effect of essential oils from Lippia sidoides and Lippia gracilis on growth inhibition of Rhizoctonia solani (V.M. Silva, R.R. Costa-Carvalho, M.G. Fontes, D. Laranjeira, A.F. Blank, P.B. Alves)
Effect of essential oils from plants of the genus Lippia on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici (M.G. Fontes, R.R. Costa-Carvalho, I.L. Coelho, E.R. Ara˙jo, J.L.S. Carvalho Filho, D. Laranjeira, A.F. Blank, J.O. Melo, P.B. Alves)
Effect of essential oils on in vitro control of Lasiodiplodia theobromae (R.R. Costa-Carvalho, S.R.O. Lins, M.A. Oliveira, J.L.S. Carvalho Filho, D. Laranjeira, A.F. Blank, J.O. Melo, P.B. Alves)
Fungi toxicity of essential oils in controlling Sclerotium rolfsii (Y.L. Guerra, E.R. Ara˙jo, A.F. Blank, P.B. Alves, R.R. Costa-Carvalho, D. Laranjeira)
Evaluation of the genotoxic effects of Erythrina velutina (Fabaceae) using the in vivo micronucleus test (B. Oliveira, F.S. Matos, D.S.B.S. Silva, B. Barboza, R. Scher, F.T. Silva, S.M. PantaleŃo)
Germination of coffee seed treated with medicinal plants (M.F. Ribeiro, E.F. Ara˙jo, C.L.O. Pinto, R.F. Ara˙jo, M.R.F. Ribeiro)
Growth and production of volatiles in fertilized mint (A.G. Costa, J.H. Chagas, S.K.V. Bertolucci, J.E.B.P. Pinto)
The folk medicine as tool for discovery of new anti-inflammatory drugs: the example of Spermacoce verticillata (I.C. Lima, R.N. Castro, D.S.A. Chaves, R.T. Ferreira, M.F. Carvalho, D. do C. Malvar, F.A. Vanderlinde)
Analysis of the total phenolics and antioxidant activity in tropical fruits: ašai, cashew apple and cupuašu (S.C. Oliveira, V.S. Bastos, A. Souza, M.T.S. Leite Neta, M.L. Barreiros, A.L.B.S. Barreiros, N. Narain)
Antioxidant activity of mangaba (Hancornia speciosa) and acerola (Malpighia emarginata) fruit pulp and residues (A.G.P. Santos, E.M. Dantas, S.A. Ramalho, G.M. Pastore, N. Narain)
Assessment of antioxidant activity of ethanolic extracts of marjoram (Origanum majorana L.) evaluated by different in vitro methods (L.F. Serafini, C.A.P. Schmidt, T.L.C. Oldoni, S.T. Carpes, C.W.I. Haminiuk, I.S. Ribeiro)
Investigation on the interaction between nanocarriers and functional compounds of flavonoids (═.P. Caruso, W. Vilegas, F.P. Souza, M.A. Fossey, M.L. CornÚlio)
Potential of jabuticaba (Myrciaria spp.) fruit in obtaining the natural functional colors for foods (G.J.F. Silva, P.B.L. Constant, A.G. Silva, N. Narain, S.M. Moura)
Quality index and bioactive compounds during postharvest of Byrsonima cydoniifolia A. Juss. fruits: effect of maturity stage (M.F.O. Prates, R.P. Campos, P.A. Hiane, M.M.R. Filho, M.L.R. Macedo)
Ultrasound extraction and quantification of tormentic acid by HPLC in Cecropia pachystachya Trec. (I.T. Souza, C.K.B. Pereira, A.E.G. Sant┐ana, B.H. Oliveira)
Assessment of nutritional properties of sesame and flaxseed oil using quality indexes (R.C.A. GuimarŃes, M.L.R. Macedo, C.L. Munhoz, M.C.B.L. Silva, L.H. Viana, W. Filiu, P.A. Hiane)
Effect of organo-mineral fertilizer rates on nutrient uptake and fruit quality of snake tomato (Trichosanthes cucumerina L.) (O.O. Olubode, O.J. Idogun, S.F. Sulaimon)
Antioxidant activity of citrus fruits cultivated in Brazil (A.G. Duzzioni, A.G. Franco, V.M. Lenton, C.M. Sylos)
Characterization and alternatives to use acerola residue (A.K.S. Abud, N. Narain)
Chemical composition of essential oil of fresh umbu fruit and pulp (A.R.C. Ribeiro, A. Souza, M.T.S. Leite Neta, M. Denadai, N. Narain)
Dynamic study of ascorbic acid degradation in fresh juices of orange, lemon and tangerine as a function of temperature: experimental data and kinetic modelling (G.N. Sarturi, W.S. Robazza, A.C. GalvŃo)
Effect of thermal treatment of must on quality of fermented beverage elaborated by using umbu (Spondias tuberosa Arruda Camara) fruit pulp (A.A.O. Santos, A.K.S. Abud, A.G.T. de Araujo, R.C.A. Santos, P.L. Santos, N. Narain)
Evaluation of freezing, lyophilization and rehydration on the kinetic behavior of the seriguela pulp (D.S. Souza, J.D.R. Pimentel, L.G. Marques, A.A. Castro Pagani, N. Narain)
Evaluation of the antioxidant activity of eight tropical fruits by DPPH method (M.L. Barreiros, R.A. de Jesus, A.L.B.S. Barreiros, T.S. Sandes, S.A. Ramalho, N. Narain)
Evaluation of the mechanical properties of tablets obtained from the lyophilized avocado pulp (D.S. Souza, J.D.R. Pimentel, J.A.B. dos Santos, N. Narain)
Fatty acids profile of pulp and peel of mango (Mangifera indica Linn.) cultivar 'Espada' from Brazilian northeast region (M.T.S. Leite Neta, K.L. de Santana, R.A.R. dos Santos, M.S. GalvŃo, A.S. Fontes, N. Narain)
Fruit development and ripening of acerola 'Okinawa' cultivar (C.M.C. MaranhŃo Ribeiro , T.P.A. Sousa, H.J. Holschuh, M.T.J. de B. Ribeiro, S. de M. Silva, M.I.S. Maciel)
Harnessing passion fruit peel flour (Passiflora edulis f. Flavicarpa) for the preparation of stuffed cookies (J.K.S. Andrade, L.C. de O. Barretto, M. Denadai, N. Narain, J.A.B. dos Santos)
Influence of the coating of edible starch and antioxidant on physiological characteristics of minimally processed yam (Dioscorea sp.) (M.C. Furtado, J.F. de Souza, P.N. Matos, H.G.G.S. de Ara˙jo, M.S. de Jesus, N. Narain, M.A.G. Carnelossi)
Impact of sugar and fruit pulp contents on physico-chemical and sensory parameters of cajß-umbu jelly (R.A.R. dos Santos, M.A.A.P. da Silva, M.A.G. Carnelossi, M.T.S. Leite Neta, K.L. de Santana, N. Narain)
Kinetics of ascorbic acid thermal degradation in Valencia orange juices and evaluation of its shelf life (F. Fidler, R.C. Souza, A.C. GalvŃo, W.S. Robazza)
Kinetics of drying and stability of yellow passion fruit peel flour as a function of storage time and temperature (J.K.S. Andrade, J.A.B. dos Santos, N. Narain)
Kinetics of freezing of cashew apple: experiments and modeling (V.S. Bastos, N. Narain, Y.B.S. Menezes, R.A. Costa, S.C. Oliveira, A.M. Oliveira J˙nior)
Physico-chemical parameters of noni powder (Morinda citrifolia L.) and rehydration kinetics of lyophilized powder (D.S. Souza, J.D.R. Pimentel, J.A.B. dos Santos, N. Narain)
Physico-chemical, microbiological, and antioxidant activity of fresh bee pollen, dried bee pollen, and bee pollen powder of Apis mellifera (Y.L.F.M. Araujo, E.D. Araujo, Y.R.R. Santos, G.K.C. Silva, N. Narain, M.E. Correia-Oliveira)
Post-harvest conservation of mangaba fruit by application of biofilm containing cassava starch and chitosan (J.D.R. Pimentel, T.V. Oliveira, D.S. Souza, M.L. Nunes, N. Narain, M.A.A.P. da Silva)
Quantification of total polyphenols in fruits of genus Spondias stored at different temperatures (A.F. Santos, M.F. Lopes, J.B. Medeiros, E.T.R. Farias, F.V.G. Silva)
Sensory evaluation of fermented beverages of cajß-umbu and cashew apple fruits (S.M. Ara˙jo, C. Ferraz, J.J.S. Moreira, A.V.F. Silva, M.A. EuzÚbio, N. Narain)
Study on the freezing kinetics of passion fruit pulp (D.S. Souza, J.D.R. Pimentel, J.A.B. dos Santos, N. Narain)
Volatile constituents of cajß-umbu (Spondias sp.) fruit obtained by simultaneous distillation and extraction and solid phase microextraction (M.L. Barreiros, A.L.B.S. Barreiros, A.R.C. Ribeiro, M.T.S. Leite Neta, N. Narain)
Volatile profile of soursop (Annona muricata L.) using HS-SPME-GC/MS (M.S. de Jesus, M.T.S. Leite Neta, H.C.S. Ara˙jo, R.D.D. Sandes, N. Narain)
Volatiles retention profile in bread prepared by the use of umbu pulp (A.S. Fontes, M.T.S. Leite Neta, K.L. Santana, A.L.J. Leal, R.A.R. dos Santos, R.D.S. Santos, N. Narain)

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