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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1197

International Symposium on Sensing Plant Water Status - Methods and Applications in Horticultural Science

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Conveners   W.B. Herppich, M. Zude-Sasse 
Editor   W.B. Herppich 
25 April 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62611-93-1 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   29 
Place   Potsdam, Germany 
Online articles:
Xylem sap flow and trunk growth of 5 hybrid rubber tree clones (S. Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, R. Rattanawong, S. Meetha, P. Songsri, P. Kasemsap)
Understanding microstructural deformation of apple tissue from 4D micro-CT imaging (Z. Wang, S. Rogge, M. Abera, M. van Dael, V. Van Nieuwenhove, P. Verboven, J. Sijbers, B. Nicolaï)
Soil bulk density impacts on root water potential and ABA export in drying soil (S.M. Donaldson, I.C. Dodd, A.P. Whitmore)
Effects of thermal gradients in sapwood on stem psychrometry (D.D. Quick, S. Espino, M.G. Morua, H.J. Schenk)
Opportunities and pitfalls in the use of thermal sensing for monitoring water stress and transpiration (H.G. Jones)
Water management in space - examples of hydration systems for cultivation in microgravity and future prospects (S.A. Wolff, L. Coelho, T.M. Hauan, A.I. Kittang Jost, G. Aronne)
Smartphone tools for measuring vine water status (M. Skewes, P.R. Petrie, S. Liu, M. Whitty)
Intra-vineyard variability description through satellite-derived spectral indices as related to soil and vine water status (E. Borgogno-Mondino, V. Novello, A. Lessio, L. Tarricone, L. de Palma)
Combination of proximal and remote sensing methods for mapping water stress conditions of grapevine (A. Matese, R. Baraldi, A. Berton, C. Cesaraccio, S.F. Di Gennaro, P. Duce, O. Facini, M.G. Mameli, A. Piga, A. Zaldei)
Whole-canopy gas exchange chambers to accurately estimate canopy water use of ‘Tempranillo’ grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) under various irrigation regimes in a semi-arid climate (V. Pagay)
Continuous in situ measurements of crop water stress in 'Shiraz' grapevines using a thermal diffusivity sensor (V. Pagay, A. Skinner)
Integrating thermal surface temperature into Penman-Monteith model for estimating evapotranspiration and crop water stress of orange orchard in semi-arid region (S. Er-Raki, A. Amazirh, A. Ayyoub, S. Khabba, O. Merlin, J. Ezzahar, A. Chehbouni)
A multi-tool approach for assessing fruit growth, production and plant water status of a pear orchard (L. Manfrini, P. Losciale, B. Morandi, E. Pierpaoli, M. Zibordi, S. Anconelli, F. Galli, L. Corelli Grappadelli)
Utilization of reflectance indices to evaluate the impact of grey or recycled irrigation water on Festuca arundinacea turfgrass (K. Fotia, N. Ntoulas, C. Koliopanos, I.L. Tsirogiannis, P. Nektarios)
The effect of variable fetch on flux-variance estimates of sensible and latent heat fluxes in a pepper screenhouse (J. Tanny, O. Achiman, Y. Mazliach, V. Lukyanov, S. Cohen, Y. Cohen)
Sensing crop reflectance for water stress detection in greenhouses (N. Katsoulas, A. Elvanidi, T. Bartzanas, K.P. Ferentinos, C. Kittas)
Effects of mild water shortage on water relations, leaf gas exchanges, fruit growth and vascular flows of two different cherry cultivars (B. Morandi, L. Manfrini, A. Boini, F. Ponzo, L. Corelli Grappadelli)
Does irrigation frequency affect stomatal response to drying soil? (S.M. Anderson, J. Puertolas, I.C. Dodd)
Monitoring spatial variability in an apple orchard under different water regimes (R. Rud, J. Käthner, J. Giesser, R. Pasche, A. Giebel, J. Selbeck, C. Shenderey, D. Fleury, M. Zude-Sasse, V. Alchanatis)
Temperature correction of substrate moisture measurements made in coir in polytunnel-grown strawberries (M.S. Goodchild, K.D. Kühn, C. Nicholl, M.D. Jenkins)
A novel dielectric tensiometer enabling precision irrigation control of polytunnel-grown strawberries in coir (M.S. Goodchild, M.D. Jenkins)
Determining plant available water to practically implement deficit irrigation strategies in strawberry production (B.E. Belayneh, J.D. Lea-Cox)
Using sensor-based control to optimize soil moisture availability and minimize leaching in commercial strawberry production in Spain (S. Guéry, J.D. Lea-Cox, M.A. Martinez Bastida, B.E. Belayneh, F. Ferrer-Alegre)
Irrigation and mulching effects on raspberry leaf temperatures measured by thermal imaging camera (M. Pavlovic, R. Stricevic, M. Cosic, N. Djurovic, I. Bogdan)
Irrigation and seed-type effects on tuber yield, culinary attributes, and economic performance of French fry, chipping, and fresh market potato under short growing conditions of the Canadian Prairies (J. Wahab, B. Bizimungu, E. Mupondwa, G. Larson)
Pilot operation and evaluation of a meteorological data fed water budget system for turfgrass (I.L. Tsirogiannis, N. Malamos, A. Christofides, S. Anastasiadis, C. Koliopanos, K. Fotia, P. Baltzoi)
Numerical HYDRUS 2D simulation of root zone water uptake dynamics by drip irrigated asparagus (P. Janssens, A. Elsen, L. Wachters, J. De Nies, I. Bhatta, J. Diels, H. Vandendriessche)
Automated sensor-control strategies for drip irrigation of containerized chrysanthemum (A.G. Ristvey, B.E. Belayneh, J.D. Lea-Cox, J. Iferd)
Optimising a sensor-based irrigation protocol for a large-scale cut-flower operation in southern California (J.D. Lea-Cox, J. Williams, M.A. Mellano)

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