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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1191

III International Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone

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Convener   S.C. Hokanson 
Editor   S.C. Hokanson 
28 February 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62611-87-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   33 
Place   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 
Online articles:
Durable disease resistance in woody ornamentals: the breeders' challenge (J. Van Huylenbroeck, L. Leus, G. Luypaert, K. Van Laere)
Cytogenetic approaches enhance advanced breeding in woody ornamental species (K. Van Laere, I. Kirov, J. Van Huylenbroeck, L. Khrustaleva)
The use of chloroplast gene sequences to confirm maternal backgrounds of powdery mildew resistant, putatively interspecific hybrid dogwood (Cornus kousa C. florida) seedlings (M. Muehlbauer, J. Honig, T. Molnar)
Woody plant evaluation, selection and breeding in a changing climate (T.P. West)
Ten-year performance of elms in the National Elm Trial (J.J. Griffin, W. Jacobi)
Bloom time and flowering duration of Pieris cultivars in two USDA hardiness zones (S.E. Svenson)
Mutagenesis breeding for seedless varieties of popular landscape plants (A.G. Smith, A.K. Noyszewski)
Serviceberry biotypes in North Dakota: new woody edible ornamental trials (J. Hinrichsen, H. Hatterman-Valenti)
Heat-induced predisposition to Phytophthora root rot disease in Rhododendron (S.L. Krebs)
Preliminary characterization of a virus associated with Euonymus alatus dieback (S.A. Bratsch, B.E. Lockhart)
Dogwood anthracnose: the story continues (R.N. Trigiano, D. Hadziabdic, K. Mantooth, M.T. Windham, B.H. Ownley, M.E. Staton, S. Miller, N. Zhang)
Breeding for form and fire blight resistance in Cotoneaster (R.N. Contreras)
Partial characterization of two new viruses in ash belonging to the families Partitiviridae and Caulimoviridae (S.A. Bratsch, B.E. Lockhart, D.S. Mollov, N.A. Tisserat)
Rooting cuttings of Pieris species and hybrids in two propagation systems (S.E. Svenson)
Investigation of chlorotic foliage on European aspen (Populus tremula L.) (D. Huang, W. Dai)
Hybrid hazelnut: micropropagation, rooting and acclimatization (R.P. Pincelli-Souza, M. Tillmann, M. Esler, C.C.D. Alves, J.D. Cohen)
Root cold tolerance of three temperate zone Viburnum species (C.A. Neal)
What do we know about the invasive potential of Lonicera caerulea L. cultivars in North America? (B.J. Peterson, L.B. Stack, D.J. Hayes)
Carbon footprint and ecosystem services during the life cycle of woody landscape plants (D.L. Ingram, C.R. Hall, J. Knight)
Pyrolysis temperature and heating time affect rice hull biochar properties (J. Altland, J. Locke, J. Boldt)
An economic value assessment of ecological services in the tree community at Winona State University Arboretum (B. Borsari, N. Mundahl, G. Landby, L. Mueller)
Geocomposite use in container nursery production of selected ornamental shrubs (M. Pancerz, P. Bąbelewski, R. Dębicz)
Gas exchange and growth of landscape tree species in response to drought and post establishment applied organic mulch (T. Montague, C. McKenney)
Rooting of selected ornamental shrubs in substrates based on miscanthus straw (P. Bąbelewski, M. Pancerz)
Nutrient loading from initial watering of container plants (T. Yeager, T. Gardner, K. Nyhuis)
Clean WateR3: developing tools to help specialty crop growers understand the costs and benefits of recycling water (J.C. Majsztrik, D.R. Hitchcock, S. Kumar, D. Sample, S.A. White)
Clean WateR3: integrating research and extension to help specialty crop growers recycle water (S.A. White)
Clean WateR3: evaluation of three treatment technologies to remove contaminants from recycled production runoff (N.L. Bell, L.M. Garcia, S.A. White)
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi as natural biofertilizers: current role and potential for the horticulture industry (V. Bianciotto, I. Victorino, V. Scariot, A. Berruti)
An update on Hydrangea macrophylla breeding targets and genomics (T.A. Rinehart, P.A. Wadl, M.E. Staton)
The genetic diversity of disjunct populations of Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) in Minnesota (E. Ellingson, S. McNamara, J.M. Bradeen, S.C. Hokanson)
Development of spatially balanced collection schemes to better detect adaptive genetic variation in woody species (A.Q. Susko, J.M. Bradeen, S.C. Hokanson)
Floriculture and territory - the protection of the traditional Italian tipicity: the case of “La Camelia del Lago Maggiore (PGI)” (M. Caser, A. Berruti, R. Bizioli, V. Bianciotto, M. Devecchi, V. Scariot)

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