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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1190

International Symposium on the Role of Plant Genetic Resources in Reclaiming Lands and Environment Deteriorated by Human and Natural Actions

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Convener   A. Gharaghani 
Editors   A. Gharaghani, M. Khosh-Khui 
22 January 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62611-86-3 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   32 
Place   Shiraz, Iran 
Online articles:
Persia is the center of apple and pear diversity and this irreplaceable treasure needs to be protected (E. Fallahi, A. Gharaghani, H. Sheikhsofla, D. Hassani)
Ex situ conservation of Dracaena serrulata in Dhofar province, southern Oman (A. Al Hosni, I. Oliver, Y. Al Jabri, A. Al Saidi, A. Al Rawahi, H. Al Hinai)
Models for estimation of the existing grapevine gene pool bioversity and for the breeding of new cultivars (V.A. Volynkin, S.V. Levchenko, A.A. Poluliah, V.V. Likhovskoi)
Genetic diversity of Pyrus pashia (Rosaceae) revealed by microsatellite loci (Y. Teng, J. Liu, C. Hu)
Spatial genetic structure of common walnut (Juglans regia L.) in central Asia (S. Mapelli, P. Pollegioni, K.E. Woeste, F. Chiocchini, S.D. Lungo, I. Olimpieri, V. Tortolano, J. Clark, G.E. Hemery, M.E. Malvolti)
Thirteen years collection and evaluation of local apple germplasm in Iran (S. Damyar, D. Hassani, R. Dastjerdi)
The production of new Iranian genetically salt tolerant polyploid Tritipyrum lines via normal crossing program in Iran and Germany (IPK) (H. Shahsavand Hassani, A. Borner, G. Mohamadinejad, F. Roudbari, Kh. Zeinali)
Physiological responses of two grapevine cultivars to combined drought and high temperature stresses in the presence of arbuscular mycorrhiza (F. Shahsavandi, S. Eshghi, A. Gharaghani)
Genetic variations of cold hardiness within Iranian ornamental pomegranates (A.A. Ghasemi Soloklui, A. Gharaghani, A.M. Yavari, S. Eshghi, M.E. Nasrabadi, M. Vazifeshnas)
Investigating some challenges in domesticating native plants of Iran-o-Turanian phytogeographical region for Iran's urban landscaping (F. Kazemi, M. Abbasi)
Carob tree: a suitable species for the future (S. Eshghi, A.A. Rostami, B. Jamali)
Natural genetic variation in stomatal response can help to increase acclimation of plants to dried environments (S. Aliniaeifard, U. Van Meeteren)
Clematis ispahanica Boiss., performances under drought and salinity stresses in Isfahan region (J. Razmjoo, H. Aslani)
Effect of different levels of water salinity and biochar on wheat yield under greenhouse conditions (N. Rezaei, F. Razzaghi)
The effect of water stress on tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) root system characteristics under pop-up sprinkler irrigation system (A. Rezaee, A.A. Ghaemi)
Walnut: a potential multipurpose nut crop for reclaiming deteriorated lands and environment (K. Vahdati, S. Sarikhani Khorami, M.M. Arab)
Quinoa: a new crop for plant diversification under water and salinity stress conditions in Iran (R. Talebnejad, A.R. Sepaskhah)
Rainfed fruit orchards in sloping lands: soil erosion reduction, water harvesting and fruit production (R. Roointan, A. Yadollahi, S. Sarikhani Khorami, M.M. Arab, K. Vahdati)
Old Persian cypress accessions, a rich and unique genetic resource for common cypress (Cupressus sempervirens L.) in the world (H. Farahmand, H.R. Karimi)
Comparison of tree and nut characteristics in Amygdalus scoparia and A. elaeagnifolia (A. Ansari, A. Gharaghani, S. Eshghi)
Genetic diversity of Iranian jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) ecotypes from Isfahan Region based on fruit physiochemical characteristics (G. Jalaie-Esfandabadi, H.A. Asadi-Gharneh)
Callus induction via thin cell layer culture of two native blackberry genotypes of Iran (N. Sabooni, A. Shekafandeh)
The production of somatic embryogenesis in miracle multiple purpose tree (jojoba 'Arizona') by direct and indirect techniques (H. Shahsavand Hassani, M.J. Arvin, M.J. Hosseini, F.S.A. Baghizadeh, A.A.S. Pahlavanpoure-Farde-Jahrome)
Characterization of volatile organic compounds from leaves of Rosa iberica Stev. (A. Jowkar, A. Karami)
Common sage (Salvia officinalis L.) responses to salinity and drought stresses in Isfahan region (H. Aslani, J. Razmjoo)
Comparison of salinity tolerance of three olive cultivars based on growth characteristics and leaf sodium and potassium concentrations (F. Khademi, M. Ghasemnezhad, M.M. Salehi)
Effect of biochar and irrigation levels on faba bean productivity (S. Poormansour, F. Razzaghi)
Improving drought tolerance of two species of cover crop dichondra and lysimachia by spraying trinexapac-ethyl (S.M. Shaabani, A. Hatamzadeh, M.H. Biglouei)
Effects of drought and salinity stresses on milfoil yarrow (Achillea millefolium) in Isfahan (A. Soleimanipour, J. Razmjoo)
Evapotranspiration of cherry tomatoes under drip irrigation with fish effluent in hydroponic system (F. Rezaei, A.A. Ghaemi)
Overcoming the unavailability of phosphorus in high soil pH by phosphorus foliar spray in pistachio (Pistacia vera L. 'Kalleh-Ghoochi') (H. Hasanpour, D. Bakhshi, H. Hokmabadi)
Fruit characteristics of wild rose hip (Rosa spp.) genotypes from Isfahan region of Iran (M. Javanmard, H.A. Asadi-Gharneh, P. Nikneshan)

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