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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1180

XI International Vaccinium Symposium

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Convener   J.W. Olmstead 
Editor   J.W. Olmstead 
25 November 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-76-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   75 
Place   Orlando, FL, USA 
Online articles:
Consumer preferences for fresh blueberry attributes (C. Yue, J. Wang)
Florida native blueberries and their use in breeding (P.M. Lyrene)
Molecular cloning and expression analysis of the transcription factor gene SabZIP from Vaccinium corymbosum L. (Q.-Z. Liu, X. Chen, L. Xu, X. Zong, J. Wang)
Botryosphaeria stem blight on blueberries: effect of Vaccinium cultivar, Botryosphaeriaceae species and temperature (B.J. Smith, M.A. Miller-Butler)
Novel formulation of gibberellic acid and coconut oil fatty acids to enhance rabbiteye blueberry maturation, berry size, and yield: a review (B.J. Sampson, D.A. Marshall-Shaw, S.J. Stringer, H.F. Sakhanokho, C.T. Werle)
A novel caulimovirus associated with a complete fruit drop symptom in 'Bluecrop' blueberry (A. Diaz-Lara, R.R. Martin)
Screening small fruit germplasm for resistance to southern populations of invasive spotted wing drosophila, SWD (Diptera: Drosophilidae) (S.J. Stringer, B.J. Sampson, K.E. Hummer)
Effect of cultural practices and fungicide treatments on plant vigor and mortality of blueberries grown in Phytophthora infested soil (B.J. Smith, M.A. Miller-Butler)
Effect of nitrogen fertilization and fungicides on Botryosphaeria stem blight lesion development on detached blueberry stems (B.J. Smith, M.A. Miller-Butler)
Extraction optimization of oleanolic and ursolic acids from blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) fruit (X. Chen, L.-S. Liang, Q.-Z. Liu, H.-R. Wei, Y. Tan, D.-Z. Zhu)
Effects of prior freezing conditions on the performance of the freeze drying process of blueberry (N.T. Hien, S. Tojo, T. Chosa, T. Ban)
Blueberry culture in Turkey, today and in the future (H. Celik)
Effect of Phytophthora cinnamomi isolate, inoculum delivery method, and flood and drought conditions on vigor, disease severity scores, and survival of blueberry plants (B.J. Smith, M.A. Miller-Butler, K.J. Curry, H.F. Sakhanokho)
Managing blueberry rust under an evergreen system (M. Simpson, P. Wilk, D. Collins, D. Robertson, R. Daniel)
Clonal fidelity and morphological and chemical variations in micropropagated Vaccinium plants (S.C. Debnath)
Effects of inoculation with ericoid mycorrhizal fungi on leaf nutrients of two field-grown rabbiteye blueberry cultivars (E.T. Stafne, F.B. Matta, T.C. Barickman)
Evaluation of sulfur dioxide-generating pads and modified atmosphere packaging for control of postharvest diseases in blueberries (S. Saito, C.L. Xiao)
Prevalence and incidence of postharvest diseases of blueberries in California (C.L. Xiao, S. Saito)
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of highbush blueberry domestication - the contribution by Frederick Vernon Coville and Elizabeth Coleman White (C.M. Mainland, M.K. Ehlenfeldt)
Wild blueberry systems approach economic and risk analysis (X. Chen, D. Yarborough, J. D¿Appollonio)
Maine wild blueberry systems analysis (D. Yarborough, F. Drummond, S. Annis, J. D¿Appollonio)
Opportunities for better nutrient management in blueberry (P. Barlow, A. McCurran, S. Miller)
Root production, distribution, and turnover in conventional and organic northern highbush blueberry systems (D.R. Bryla, L.R. Valenzuela-Estrada, O.L. Vargas)
Botanical survey of two Norwegian forest fields, dominated by European blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) (R. Nestby, T. Krogstad, K.A. Hovstad)
Physicochemical characteristics of half-highbush blueberry fruits dependent on genotype and cultivation conditions (M. Starast, A. Koort, T. Paal, K. Karp, E. Vool)
Fruit quality profiling of blueberries for parental choice in breeding: aroma and texture at harvest and in postharvest (L. Giongo, M. Grisenti, I. Khomenko, P. Poncetta, P. Loretti, M. Ajelli, F. Biasioli, B. Farneti)
Symptomology and epidemiology of Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot of blueberry (R.J. Ingram, R.M. Allen, H. Scherm)
Management of Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot disease of blueberry (P. Brannen, H. Scherm, R.M. Allen)
National blueberry certification scheme in the United States (I.E. Tzanetakis, R.C. Gergerich, R.R. Martin)
Biochar and compost soil amendments affect soil carbon and greenhouse gas emissions (J. Cox, M. Davy, L. Van Zwieten, S. Morris, S. Kimber)
Potential for commercial unmanned aerial vehicle use in wild blueberry production (D.C. Percival, D. Gallant, T. Harrington, G. Brown)
Use of biofungicides to address conventional Botrytis blight control challenges in wild blueberry production (D.C. Percival, J. Abbey, H. Lu, L. Harris)
Integration of laboratory sensitivity analysis into Monilinia blight management technologies for wild blueberry production (D.C. Percival, L. Guo, L. Harris, A. Schilder, B. Prithiviraj, A.R. Olson)
Prolific triploid production in 4x V. corymbodendron by 2x section Cyanococcus crosses (M.K. Ehlenfeldt, J.R. Ballington)
Furthering the utilization of Vaccinium constablaei and V. virgatum germplasm in cultivar development (M.K. Ehlenfeldt)
The effect of soil pH on plant growth, leaf chlorophyll fluorescence and mineral element content of two blueberries (Y. Jiang, Y. Li, Q. Zeng, J. Wei, H. Yu)
First detection of silverleaf (Chondrostereum purpureum) on rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium virgatum) and disease damages (A. France, D. Grinbergs, J. Carrasco)
Identification of biorational insecticides for managing spotted wing drosophila in organic blueberry production (L. Iglesias, O.E. Liburd)
Blueberries in Romania: past, present and future perspective (A. Asănică, A. Bădescu, C. Bădescu)
Climate change affects blueberry production in Romania (A. Bădescu, A. Asănică, F. Stănică, C. Bădescu, M. Ungurenuș)
Monitoring and distribution of blueberry gall midge, Dasineura oxycoccana, in rabbiteye blueberries in Florida (E.M. Rhodes, N. Benda, O.E. Liburd)
Comparison of controlled release and soluble granular fertilizers on cranberry growth, yield, and soil nutrients (C.J. DeMoranville, C.D. Kennedy)
Influence of light and temperature conditions on anthocyanin accumulation in Vaccinium spp. berries (L. Jaakola, L. Zoratti, L. Giongo, K. Karppinen, E. Uleberg, I. Martinussen, H. Häggman)
Assessing soil health in highbush blueberry with the Solvita® CO2 respiration test (W. Sciarappa, S. Murphy, V. Quinn, R. Barresi, D.L. Ward)
Towards a semi-mechanical harvesting platform system for harvesting blueberries with fresh-market quality (B. Hu, W.Q. Yang, H. Andrews, C. Li, F. Takeda)
Comparison of liquid, granulated, and controlled release fertilizer in blueberry on fruit quality and growth (E.D. Smith, G. Harris Jr.)
Weed management strategies in long-term organic blueberry production systems - impact of mulch type and weed control methods on economics (B.C. Strik, A.J. Vance)
Use of pine bark in soil management of southern highbush blueberry (L. Mejia, R. Darnell, J. Williamson)
Development of an efficient DNA test for genetic identity confirmation in blueberry (A. Bidani, K.E. Hummer, L.J. Rowland, N.V. Bassil)
Evaluating tensiometers and moisture sensors for cranberry irrigation (P. Jeranyama, C.J. DeMoranville, C.D. Kennedy)
Microsatellite markers for genetic analyses in southeastern Vaccinium species (A. Bidani, K.E. Hummer, J.W. Olmstead, P.M. Lyrene, L.J. Rowland, N.V. Bassil)
Evaluations of pre- and postemergence herbicides for dodder management in cranberry (K.M. Ghantous, H.A. Sandler)
Technical improvement of a new bioreactor for large scale micropropagation of several Vaccinium cultivars (M. Welander, A. Sayegh, F. Hagwall, T. Kuznetsova, A. Holefors)
Evaluation of fruit quality traits in southern highbush and rabbiteye blueberries (R.A. Itle, D.S. NeSmith)
Determination of blueberry acreage and soil type in North Carolina using web-based resources (W.O. Cline, B.K. Bloodworth)
Dissecting the blueberry soil microbiome to assess soil health (J.J. Polashock, P.V. Oudemans)
The organic blueberry industry in Oregon: results of in-person, on-site interviews with growers in 2015 (J.A. Fernandez-Salvador, B.C. Strik, G.O. Stephenson)
Wild Vietnamese relatives of blueberries (K.E. Hummer, J. Oliphant, T. Thi T. Hoai, K.V. Nguyen)
Identifying blueberry germplasm that is slow to get Blueberry shock virus in the Pacific Northwest United States (C.E. Finn, T.A. Mackey, J.D. Postman, R.R. Martin)
Potential global distribution of blueberry twig blight (Phomopsis vaccinii) predicted by two species distribution modeling approaches (A.H.C. van Bruggen, H.A. Narouei-Khandan, C.L. Harmon, P. Harmon, J.W. Olmstead)
Characterization of backcross blueberry populations created to introgress Vaccinium arboreum traits into southern highbush blueberry (H.P. Rodríguez-Armenta, J.W. Olmstead, P.M. Lyrene)
Causes and effects of poor drainage in cranberry farms (C.D. Kennedy, P. Jeranyama, C.J. DeMoranville)
Agronomic behaviour of 35 blueberry cultivars in central Italy (F.R. De Salvador, R. Hargreaves, G. Proietti, P. Puleo, P. Engel)
Effectiveness of living and compostable mulches for weed control in Pacific Northwest highbush blueberry (T.W. Miller, L.W. DeVetter)
Organic farming systems increase anthocyanin and vitamin C content of rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade 'Tifblue') on a heavy soil (G.K. Panicker, A. Nanjundaswamy, J.L. Silva, F.B. Matta)
The frequency of freeze events in subtropical blueberry growing regions in Florida (E.K. Conlan, M.A. Olmstead, J.W. Olmstead)
Spotted wing drosophila in high elevation and culturally significant Vaccinium species in southwest Washington State and northwest Oregon (T.A. Murray, N.C. Aflitto, P.W. Shearer, S.P. Castagnoli)
Temperature and photon flux density effects on carbon assimilation in cranberry (P. Jeranyama, J. Sack)
Solar dehydration of blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) (N. Arellanes, P. Benito, M.E. Pérez, B.H. Zárate, M.G. Alonso)
Studies on quality of southern highbush blueberry cultivars: effects of pulp temperature, impact and hydrocooling (S.A. Sargent, A.D. Berry, J.K. Brecht, M. Santana, S. Zhang, N. Ristow)
Physical and chemical characterization of pine bark for the production of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) in containers (B.H. Zárate, M.G. Alonso, V.J. Morales, A. Vásquez, P. Benito, N. Arellanes)
Chilling effect on three highbush blueberry cultivars (P.B. Oliveira, R.M. Pinto, M. Mota, C.M. Oliveira)
Effect of substrate type and pot size on blueberry growth and yield: first year results (R.M. Pinto, M. Mota, C.M. Oliveira, P.B. Oliveira)
Spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) baiting and trapping (H. Lee, G. Krewer, E. Weibelzahl)
The blueberry industry of China: the past 10 years and the future (Y. Li, H. Sun, L. Chen)

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