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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1178

XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposium on Tropical Fruits

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Conveners   R. Nissen, S.K. Mitra, S. Somsri 
Editors   S.K. Mitra, R. Nissen 
25 November 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-74-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   31 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Available technology to overcome flowering and fruit-set problems in lychee (R.A. Stern, S.K. Mitra)
Expression of flowering genes in the subtropical fruit tree Dimocarpus longan (P. Winterhagen, P. Tiyayon, M. Hegele, J.N. Wünsche)
Correlations between production and quality characteristics of the yellow passionfruit selection 'Ovalado Grande' in southern Brazil (D. Weber, J.C. Fachinello, J. Saavedra del Aguila)
Management of nutrient constraints in passionfruit (Passiflora edulis Sims.) (M. Ndang, K.A. Pongener, P. Alila)
Performance of dragon fruit (Hylocerus undatus) in the low country wet zone (LCWZ) of Sri Lanka (A.J. Warusavitharana, K.H.S. Peiris, K.M.D.G. Wickramatilake, A.T. Ekanayake, H.A.D.S. Hettiarachchi, J. Bamunuarachchi)
Glasshouse studies of inherent root growth of seedling avocado rootstock cultivars (M.J. Neilsen, A. Drenth, E.K. Dann, P.R. Campbell)
Germination studies on passionfruit cultivars with different pre-sowing seed treatments (P. Alila)
Changing of macronutrients in leaves in yearly growth stages of pummelo (S. Isarangkool Na Ayuttaya, P. Yangyuen, P. Songsri, S. Meetha, S. Techawongstien)
Growth and yield potential of seed plants with an additional root system of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) (M.K. Thantirige, C.D. Wickremasinghe, M.S. Karunatilake, W.D. Jayalatha)
Effects of paclobutrazol on flower induction and fruit production of off-season rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum Linn. 'Rongrien') (S. Na Nakorn, V. Intramanee, R.T. Nijkamp)
Phenological parameter responses gauge banana fruit production potential in the coastal region of Alabama, USA (E.L. Vinson III, E.D. Coneva, J.M. Kemble, F.M. Woods, J.L. Sibley, P.M. Perkins-Veazie, E.G. Fonsah)
Water use of date palms in the saline desert soils of the United Arab Emirates (W. Alyamani, S.R. Green, I. McCann, B.E. Clothier, M. Abdelfattah, R. Pangilinan)
Effect of fruit load on yield and quality of pummelo (S. Meetha, S. Techawongstien, S. Isarangkool Na Ayuttaya, P. Songsri, P. Yangyuen)
Effect of spray and/or soil application of paclobutrazol, and spray application of potassium nitrate during flowering on new shoot growth and cropping of ‘Mendez’ avocado (S.A. Oosthuyse, M. Berrios)
Dwarfing rootstocks for 'Valencia' sweet orange (W. dos S. Soares Filho, Y.C. Ramos, A.L.V. da Silva, A.L. Fadel, E.S. Stuchi, E.A. Girardi, H.C. de Leão, A. da S. Gesteira, O.S. Passos)
The effect of trunk scoring on fruit set, fruit size and shoot growth in non-astringent persimmon (G.W. Bignell, D.R. Bruun)
Effects of neutralization of acidic soil on vegetative growth, flowering, and leaf mineral contents of passion fruit cultivated in Okinawa (T. Kondo, H. Higuchi, N. Kozai, T. Ogata)
Quality of mixed tropical fruit following irradiation treatment (M.M. Wall, P.A. Follett)
Volatiles and enzymes involved in off-flavor development in trimmed young coconut water during low temperature storage (K. Meethaworn, J. Siriphanich)
Effect of modified atmosphere storage on the extending shelf life of 'Nam Dok Mai Sri Tong' mango fruits (N. Phakdee, P. Chaiprasart)
Reduction of maltodextrin contents during microencapsulation enhances overall quality of fruit powders obtained from Amazonic fruits (R.O. Díaz S., J.E.C. Cardona, M. Carrillo, M.S. Hernández, R.H. Gutiérrez, J.P. Fernández-Trujillo)
Development of a microencapsulated Amazonic natural ingredient with potential interest as a functional product (R.O. Díaz S., M. Carrillo, M.S. Hernández, R.H. Gutiérrez, M. Lares, J.P. Fernández-Trujillo)
Pitaya quality during refrigerated storage (M.A. Brunini, S.S. Cardoso, J.E.R. Guimarães, A.L. Oliveira, M. Pereira, L.A. Kanesiro, J.C. Kanesiro, M.C. Lopes)
Nutraceutical potential of fruit bars obtained from asaí (Euterpe precatoria) and copoazú (Theobroma grandiflorum) (P. Vallejo, M.S. Hernández, M. Lares, A. Herrera, J.P. Fernández-Trujillo)
Ethylene and the adaptive response of mango to hypoxia (M.C.C. Lizada, R.A. Rumbaoa)
Use of green propolis extract in controlling of anthracnose in 'Palmer' mangoes (J.E.R. Guimarães, J.P. Silva, J.D.R. Fernandes, K.M. Marques, V.C. Galati, A.C.C. Muniz, B.H. Mattiuz)
Effects of ethyl formate, a posthavest fumigation controlling fruit surface insect pests, on mangosteen quality (C. Ormking)
Growth response of the cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.) to waterlogging stress and Fusarium oxysporum infection (A. Villarreal-Navarrete, G. Fischer, L.M. Melgarejo, G. Correa, L. Hoyos-Carvajal)
Fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) population and its insecticidal control in 'Taptim Siam' pomelo (Citrus maxima Merrill) in the Nakhon Si Thammarat Province of Thailand (T. Thongjua, J. Thongjua)
Stem bulging disorder in passionfruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) (S.D.R. Wanniarachchi, M.S. Karunatileke, P.G.R.K. Wickramasekara, V.K. Peiris, C.D. Wickramasinghe)
Sustainable control of powdery mildew (Pseudoidium nephelii) of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum Linn.) using medicinal plant crude extracts (C. Preecha, V. Visuthipath, P. Sripiak)

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