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III EUFRIN Plum and Prune Working Group Meeting on Present Constraints of Plum Growing in Europe

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Conveners   A. Papachatzis, D. Avanzato 
Editors   A. Papachatzis, D. Avanzato, M. Botu 
30 October 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-71-9 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   17 
Place   Skopelos Island, Greece 
Online articles:
Local products as a tool of development for the local economies (A. Goulas)
Production of dried plums in Skopelos Island (A. Papachatzis, H. Kalorizou)
Processing of plums into brandy - a matter of the economic feasibility of growing plum (Prunus domestica) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Ž. Vaško, M. Cvetković)
Plum culture in Turkey (I. Bolat, B.E. Ak, I. Acar, A. Ikinci)
PRUNDOC – a project to define accessions for the European Collection (S.H. Hjeltnes, D. Giovannini, M. Blouin, D. Benedikova, P. Drogoudi, M. Höfer, G. Lacis, V. Ognjanov, M. Lateur, J.M. Engels, L. Maggioni)
Challenges to prune production in increasingly variable Californian weather conditions (T.M. DeJong, S. Castro, F. Niederholzer)
Old autochthonous Romanian plum genotypes - a source for breeding program (M. Butac, M. Botu, M. Militaru, E. Chitu, C. Plopa, M. Sumedrea, D. Sumedrea)
Use of predicting models to forecast the appearance of brown rot (T. Thomidis, G. Zakyntinos, N. Koutinas, A. Papachatzis)
Leader management techniques to induce vegetative bud development in plum (M. Cvetković, N. Micic, G. Djuric, B. Bosancic)
The rootstock's role in modernizing plum culture (G. Achim, I. Botu, M. Botu, I. Duţu, F. Stănică, C. Mazilu)
Evaluation of intensive plum culture system in the north of Oltenia - Romania (M. Botu, I. Botu)
Physiological characteristics of several cultivars of European plum (Prunus domestica) in the conditions of northern Oltenia - Romania (M. Botu, F. Ştefan, I. Botu, I. Manthos, I. Nicolae)
Influence of boron foliar fertilization on plum pollen viability, germination and fruit set (I. Grāvīte, E. Kaufmane, M. Militaru)
Application of putrescine and spermidine affect fruit quality of 'Shiro' Japanese plum (B. Baninasab)
Comparative study on polyphenols content and antioxidant effect of plum cultivars from the island Skopelos, Greece (A. Papachatzis, N. Gougoulias, H. Kalorizou, D. Kalfountzos, E. Wogiatzi, P. Vyrlas, I. Manthos, N. Koutinas, D. Pateras)
Chemical composition and heavy metals content in distilled products from plums obtained in the northwest of Romania (L. Giurgiulescu, I. Vagelas, N. Gougoulias, L. Mihaly-Cozmuta)
Variation in minerals of skin and pulp of different cultivars of plum (S. Cosmulescu, I. Trandafir, V. Nour, M. Botu)

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