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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1174

Proceedings of the 2016 Annual Meeting of the International Plant Propagators' Society

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Convener   C.W. Heuser Jr. 
Editor   C.W. Heuser Jr. 
30 October 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-70-2 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   75 
Place   Bellefonte, PA, USA 
Online articles:
Palletised nursery logistics (D. Hancock)
Plant production system: testing and implementation (E.-L. Louw)
Climate change: risks and opportunities in nursery production (L. Burton)
Container blueberries as an “ornamental edible” (P.R. Fisher)
An introduction to pot-in-pot nursery production (R.L. Geneve)
Novel genetic marker technologies revolutionize apple breeding (S.E. Gardiner)
The advantages of sprinklers over mist nozzles (J. Elliott)
Lean production and your plant factory (S.A. Langlois)
An evaluation of yellow-flowering magnolias and magnolia rootstocks (D.C. Fare)
The edible landscape: an interesting market niche (C.E.H. Coker)
If I knew then what I know now (J. Barnett)
IPPS Western Region exchange 2015 (K. Scott)
IPPS Japan exchange 2015 (K. Wood)
Capers: from wild harvest to gourmet food (B. Noone)
Innovation through adversity: tricks of the horticultural trade (D. Austin)
Threatened plant species: Amorphophallus titanum propagation (M. Coulter, R. Baldock)
Growing African violets: learning from IPPS experiences (B. Higgs)
Connecting opportunities to a wider audience (I. Tolley)
Bridging the green gap (K. Smith)
Hardwood and softwood cutting propagation of MKR1, persimmon dwarfing rootstock (Z. Hejazi, S. Ishimura, C. Honsho, T. Tetsumura)
Comparison of growth between own-rooted and grafted 'Aikou' mango trees, and the effects of soil volume on the growth, yield, and fruit quality of potted own-rooted trees (M. Fumuro)
Breaking dormancy by successive low and high temperature on the seed germination of Glehnia littoralis (A. Noguchi, K. Takahata, W. Amaki)
Weed management assessment for public flower beds (K. Matsushima, C. Hirama, Y. Mitarai, Y. Koike)
Effects of a plant enhancement liquid, FFC Vegemake, for plant growth (K. Ichikawa, J. Ueda, T. Fujimori)
Morpho-histological consistency on petiole length elongation of Anthurium under partial shades (Z.K. Roni, S. Islam, A.M.M. Shamsuzzaman, A.F.J. Uddin, K. Shimasaki)
Shoots formation by rhizome culture of Anemone keiskeana (S. Horai, H. Ohashi)
Compare the grafting methods for landscaping roses (M. Irimajiri)
Micropropagation of Australian native ornamental grevilleas (J. Puthiyaparambil)
Propagation of Cannabis sativa for commercial production (A. Casillas)
Expanding the Southwestern plant palette (G. Starr)
New Zealand horticulture and lean manufacturing at Ardmore Nurseries (P. Watt)
A New Zealand experience: review of the IPPS Western Region member exchange for 2016 (A. Shireman)
All-America Selections winners for 2016: ornamentals and edibles with proven performance for North American gardens (D. Blazek, E.K. Blythe)
2016 trial garden winners at the Mississippi Truck Crops Branch Experiment Station (S.R. Broderick)
Propagation of Gambel oak (Quercus gambelii) by layering (L.A. Rupp)
Increasing blue light from LEDs reduces leaf length in kale (B. Swan, B. Bugbee)
The response of kamanomano (Cenchrus agrimonioides var. agrimonioides) root and shoot growth to pre-plant hormone soaking and simulated hydromulch establishment procedure (O.C. Baldos, J. DeFrank, S.B. Lukas)
Fluorescent and LED lighting effects on hydroponically grown 'Winter Density' bibb lettuce (K.D. Kobayashi, T.D. Amore)
Broken Arrow Nursery plants: an exploration of underutilized plants, our introductions and the future (A.R. Wheeler)
Foliar applications of rooting hormone at Decker Nursery (B.M. Decker, D. Graff)
Propagation of Aronia by seed, cuttings, tissue culture and grafting (M.H. Brand)
Update on greenhouse coverings (J.W. Bartok)
What's holding back the native shrub market? (J.D. Lubell)
American chestnut restoration (K. Collins, S. Fitzsimmons, T. Saielli, J. Westbrook)
Propagation of challenging plants: creating a system that works (J. Johnson)
Panel discussion on branding (S. Castorani)
Using brands to launch new products: a breeding company's perspective (N. Hamill)
Growing using hydroponics in the Northeast (S. Weinstein)
A look at GMOs, GAO and GE plants as they apply to horticulture (H.W. Barnes)
Evaluating hydrangea performance (M. Condon)
Evaluation of hop cultivation feasibility in Connecticut (K.A. Maurer, A.B. DeFrancesco, J.A. LaMondia)
New Plant Forum (C. Vanden Bosch, T. Brotzman, S. Castorani, B. French, S. French, R. Hesselein, B. Horvath, W. Mezzitt)
Using a novel cover crop blend to increase the sustainability of ornamental plant nursery production (T. Buechel, W. Hoch)
Evaluation, propagation, and tissue culture of hybrid white oaks (Quercus) for the urban environment (M. Schwartz Sax, N. Bassuk, B. Denig, M. Bridgen)
The U.S. National Arboretum was assigned to be the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Cercis (D. Kidwell-Slak, M. Pooler)
Micropropagation of Vitex agnus-castus (N.K.A. Nor Hisham Shah, M. Bridgen)
IPM techniques for unique horticultural situations (M. Kolaczewski)
Challenges of introducing new plants (G. Spencer)
Adding value the European way (A. Engels)
Responsible sourcing of growing media in the UK (C. Dawson)
Technical sessions, Monday morning, 24 October 2016 (L.M. Miller)
Going nuts: continuing a 40-year-old woody ornamental breeding program (T.J. Molnar)
Changes in the physical, chemical, and hydrologic properties of pine bark over twelve months of aging (L.E. Kaderabek, B.E. Jackson, W.C. Fonteno)
Impacts of preemergence herbicide formulation on cost and weed control efficacy for container nursery crop producers (D. Saha, C. Marble, N.S. Boyd, S. Steed)
Cardinal temperatures and thermal time for seed germination of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) (E.W. Janes, R.L. Geneve, S.T. Kester)
Scheduling propagation year round (D. Threatt)
Plant gems from China (D. Peng, L. Chen, M. Gu)
Gulf Coast Appalachia—a new frontier: exploring the trees and shrubs of the Red Hills of Alabama (B. Green)
Trulieve: the production of medicinal marijuana in Florida (G. Hackney)
What are they teaching kids in school these days? A look at plant propagation courses at North Carolina State (L. Meyer)
Woody ornamentals for a 21st century landscape: a Texas perspective (D. Creech)
Recycled water quality dynamics and implications for ornamental crop production (C. Hong)
Using mind control tactics to manipulate employees (L. Day)
Effects of Tween 20 on growth and drought tolerance of coleus 'Wasabi' (Plectranthus scutellarioides) (D.P. Greenwell, J.L. Sibley, A.F. Newby, C.W. Robinson, D.J. Eakes)
All particles matter: the impact of characterizing horticultural substrates (P.C. Bartley III, B.E. Jackson, W.C. Fonteno)

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