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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1173

V International Symposium on Fig

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Conveners   T. Caruso, B. Basile 
Editors   T. Caruso, B. Basile, C. Cirillo 
20 October 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-69-6 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   70 
Place   Napoli, Italy 
Online articles:
Conventional and molecular breeding systems in fig (Ficus carica L.) (M.A. Flaishman, R. Peer, Z.E. Freiman, Y. Izhaki, Z. Yablovitz)
Diversity of figs (Ficus carica L.) from the east Adriatic coast (T. Knap, A. Baruca Arbeiter , J. Jakše, M. Čizmović, M. Adakalić, R. Popović, B. Lazović, F. Strikić, M. Podgornik, D. Bandelj)
Multivariate analysis of molecular and morphological diversity in fig (Ficus carica L.) (M. Aradhya, J.E. Preece, D. Velasco)
Morphological and molecular variability within the fig cultivar 'Dottato' in the Italian protected designation origin area “Fichi di Cosenza” (R. Mafrica, A. Marchese, M. Bruno, F. Costa, S. Fretto, F.P. Marra, S. Pangallo, A. Quartararo, T. Caruso)
Investigation of leaf characteristics in 'Sarılop' and 'Kaba ilek' fig hybrids (M. Özen, Z. Dalkılıç, H. Kocataş, A. Belge, B. Ertan)
Fruit-set and SSR markers of fig cultivars from Puglia region, Southeastern Italy (G. Ferrara, A. Mazzeo, A. Gallotta, C. Pacucci, A.M.S. Matarrese, A. Tarantino, O. Incerti, I. Marcotuli, D. Nigro, A. Blanco, A. Gadaleta)
Preliminary results on morpho-pomological traits and pollinizer characterization of some caprifig genotypes grown in Eastern Mediterranean region of Turkey (O. Caliskan, S. Bayazit, M. Ilgin, N. Karatas, H. Kocataş)
Genetic diversity assessment of Tunisian fig (Ficus carica L.) using conserved DNA-derived polymorphism (S. Haffar, A. Ben Abdelkrim, A. Salhi-Hannachi, G. Baraket)
An overview on fig production and research and development in Turkey (S. Arpaci)
Intraspecific differentiation of Tunisian Ficus carica L. based on in silico atpB-rbcL PCR-RFLP fingerprinting (G. Baraket, A. Ben Abdelkrim, S. Haffar, A. Salhi Hannachi )
An insight into structure and composition of the fig genome (E. Barghini, F. Mascagni, T. Giordani, L.J. Solorzano Zambrano, L. Natali, A. Cavallini)
Genetic diversity of fig (Ficus carica L.) genotypes grown in Southern Italy revealed by the use of SSR markers (F. Costa, A. Marchese, R. Mafrica, C. Di Vaio, G. Ferrara, S. Fretto, A. Quartararo, F.P. Marra, C. Mennone, F. Vitale, S. Reale, T. Caruso)
Biochemical and genetic characterization of a red fig cultivar (Ficus carica) from Southern Italy (L. De Masi, F.M. Vella, B. Laratta, M.G. Volpe, M. Tiseo, F. La Cara)
Novel microsatellite markers for common fig, Ficus carica L. (T. Knap, J. Jakše, D. Bandelj)
Mutation breeding studies on fig (M. Özen, H. Kocataş, F. Çobanoğlu, B. Ertan, İ. Kösoğlu, N. Tan, B. Şahin, A. Belge, R. Konak, U. Aksoy, O. Gülşen)
Protocol for flow cytometric estimation of nuclear DNA amount in fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivars (R. Pio, A.C.L. de Oliveira, M. Pasqual, L.A.S. Pio, P.N. Curi, R.B. Bisi)
Preliminary study and preservation of traditional variegated cultivars of fig in the Balearic Islands (M. Pons Boscana)
Traditional and heritage cultivars of fig trees at the experimental farm of Son Mut Nou (M. Pons Boscana )
Tree and fruit characteristics of fig cultivars grown in Punjab (H.S. Rattanpal, G.S. Sidhu, H.K. Bons)
Genetic diversity of early ripening breba accessions (Ficus carica L.) found in the “Pomona” Apulian collection (G.A. Vivaldi, A. Quartararo, S. Camposeo, P. Belloni, P. Volo, T. Caruso)
The unique fig caprification system and its effects on productivity and fruit characteristics (M. Mars, M. Trad, B. Gaaliche)
Tolerance and physiological response of young Ficus carica L. plants irrigated with saline water (G. Caruso, C. Gennai, F. Ugolini, F. Marchini, M.F. Quartacci, R. Gucci)
An overview on Ficus pollination (D. Eisikowitch, M. Ghara)
Agro-phenological behaviour of several caprifigs grown in two different ecological areas in Tunisia (B. Gaaliche, I. Zarrouk, M. Mars)
Gas exchange and growth response of young Ficus carica L. plants to water deficit and relief (G. Caruso, C. Gennai, F. Ugolini, R. Gucci)
Regression model for leaf area estimation in Ficus carica L. (M. Giaccone, A. Pannico, P. Scognamiglio, C.M. Rivera, C. Cirillo, Y. Rouphael, S. De Pascale, B. Basile)
Fig production in subtropical south-western Saudi Arabia (H. Khemira, M. Mars)
Studies on propagation of fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivars by budding (H.S. Rattanpal, G.S. Sidhu)
Fertigation with potassium increases size and yield in fresh figs growing in California (H. Holstein, G.M. Crisosto, C.H. Crisosto)
Effects of gibberellic acid on growth, yield and fruit quality of fig (Ficus carica L.) (A.R. Kurubar, T.B. Allolli, M.K. Naik, S.G. Angadi)
Increasing the tolerance of fig tree to drought stress by trunk thinning (M. Jafari, M. Rahemi, H. Zare)
Effect of in vitro thermotherapy application on shoot development in some fig cultivars (G. Günver Dalkılıç , B. Ertan, S. Dağ, P. Görücüoğlu)
Variation in graft compatibility of wild Ficus species as rootstock for common fig trees (Ficus carica) (A. Hosomi)
GIS based soil suitability evaluation for fig orchards in Southern Peloponnese, Greece (A. Kotsiras, T. Amorgianiotis, E. Tsiavtari, D.F. Antonopoulos, V. Demopoulos)
Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on fruit characters, quality and economics of fig production (Ficus carica L.) (A.R. Kurubar, T.B. Allolli, M.K. Naik, S.G. Angadi)
Rooting of apical cuttings of fig trees with a lopping system (P.M. Peche, P.H.A. Moura, P.N. Curi, E.T. Melo, A.L. Figueiredo, C.R. Zambon, G. Coutinho, R. Pio)
Description of the growth and development of the fig tree (Ficus carica) and its environmental interaction in Costa Rica (R. Orozco-Rodríguez, R. Chacón-Cerdas, J. Rosales-Flores, F. Arguello-Delgado, A. Schmidt-Durán, L. Alvarado-Marchena, C. Alvarado-Ulloa, D. Flores-Mora)
The effect of explant cut and cytokinin type on micropropagation of fig (Ficus carica L.) 'Brown Turkey' (P. Volo, J.E. Preece, T. Caruso)
In vitro production of fig (Ficus carica L.) plantlets (M. Moniruzzaman, Z. Yaakob, R.A. Taha)
Virus diseases of fig and their control (A. Minafra, V. Savino, G.P. Martelli)
Evaluation of fig germplasm against insect and mite pests in North-West India (S. Singh, G. Kaur)
Investigations on alternative control measurements to produce healthy caprifigs reducing fig endosepsis disease caused by Fusarium spp. (Ö. Doğan, H. Kocataş, M. Gülce, B. Ertan, E. Tutmuş)
Biodiversity of insect and mite pests infesting fig in the Indian Punjab (S. Singh, G. Kaur)
Evaluation of the effectiveness of some fungicides against fig endosepsis disease (Ö. Doğan, S. Benlıoğlu)
Mass trapping for the control of the Mediterranean fruit fly Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) on fig trees in Southern Portugal (Algarve) (M.A. Gonçalves)
Viruses infecting different Mediterranean genotypes of Ficus carica and their distribution in different plant organs (E. Yahyaoui, D. Frasheri, M.A. Germanà, S. Burruano, A.M. D’Onghia, T. Elbeaino)
Transmission of fig mosaic disease agents to fig 'Sarılop' by Aceria ficus in Aydın, Turkey (S. Yorgancı, S. Acıkgöz)
Developing the California fresh fig industry (C.H. Crisosto, L. Ferguson, J.E. Preece, T.J. Michailides, M.T. Haug, M. López Corrales , G.M. Crisosto)
Analysis of psoralen and mineral elements in the leaves of different fig (Ficus carica) cultivars (R. Sun, L. Sun, M. Jia)
Effect of drying under plastic tunnels on drying rate and quality of fig (Ficus carica L. 'Sarılop') (R.E. Oksar, F. Şen, U. Aksoy)
Effects of dried fig fruits quality parameters and location on fumonisin B1 and B2 occurrence (İ. Kösoğlu, R. Pehlivan)
Impact of yearly conditions on major physical and chemical properties of fresh, semi-dried and sun-dried fig (Ficus carica L. 'Sarılop') fruit (F. Şen, U. Aksoy, K.B. Özer, H.Z. Can, İ. Köseoğlu, R. Konak)
The effect of passive atmosphere on quality of 'Dottato' breba fig stored at low temperature (A. Allegra, G. Colelli)
Nutraceutical content in 'Melanzana' and 'Dottato' fig fruit (Ficus carica L.) (A. Allegra, V. Alfeo, A. Gallotta, A. Todaro)
Fig fruit latex yield and protease activity as influenced by cultivar, maturity stage and harvesting time (H. Lazreg Aref , F. Zaouay, M. Hammami, M. Mars)
Fig (Ficus carica L.) fruit: some physical and chemical properties (N. Ersoy, S. Gozlekci, V. Gok, S. Yilmaz)
Effects of different drying methods on phenolic content, antioxidant capacity and general characteristics of selected dark colored Turkish fig cultivars (R. Konak, İ. Kösoğlu, A. Yemenıcıoğlu)
Sun drying and hot air drying of figs: performance evaluation (E. Manolopoulou, E. Tsiavtari, V. Demopoulos)
The effects of pre-treatments on color, composition and storability of dried 'Sarılop' fig fruit (R.E. Oksar, F. Şen, U. Aksoy)
Postharvest quality and sensory attributes of Ficus carica L. (G. Sortino, E. Barone, S. Tinella, A. Gallotta)
Effect of cabinet drying method on dried fruit quality and functional properties of 'Sarilop' (Ficus carica L.) fig cultivar (N. Tan)
Application of modified atmosphere packaging with moisture absorber to extend the shelf life of 'Domenico Tauro' breba fruit (M.C. Villalobos, F. Ansah, M.L. Amodio, M.J. Serradilla, G. Colelli)
Ethnobotanical use of fig (Ficus carica L.) in southern Italy (G. Salerno, A. Stinca, M. Giaccone, P. Scognamiglio, B. Basile)
The dried fig management and the potential for new products (U. Aksoy)
Consumer preferences for fig fruit (Ficus carica L.) quality attributes and postharvest storage at low temperature by in-store survey and focus group (M. Ingrassia, S. Chironi, A. Allegra, G. Sortino)
Agro-economical selection of the best horticultural practices for reducing drought damages of rainfed fig cultivar 'Sabz' (E. Zare, H. Zare)
An economic sustainability assessment of “Fichi di Cosenza” PDO production compared with other profitable permanent crops (T. Stillitano, G. Falcone, E. Spada, A.I. De Luca, N. Grillone, A. Strano, G. Gulisano)
Investigation of the practices intended for reducing of aflatoxin risk in dried fig firms in terms of economic perspective (B. Şahin, F. Çobanoğlu, M. Gülce, H. Uçar)
A review of fig sector in Turkey (S. Yilmaz, S. Gozlekci, N. Ersoy)

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