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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1155

VI International Symposium on Production and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants

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Convener   M. Beruto 
Editors   M. Beruto, E.A. Ozudogru 
31 March 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-51-1 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   92 
Place   Sanremo, Italy 
Online articles:
The role of stress on unravelling of somatic embryogenesis competence (S.J. Ochatt)
Factors affecting the axillary and adventitious shoot formation in woody plants in vitro (I.A. Iliev)
Trends in culture medium nitrogen requirements for in vitro shoot growth of diverse pear germplasm (S. Wada, B.M. Reed)
Castanea spp. hybrid clones in vitro conservation: synthetic seeds vs. slow growth storage (F. Gomes, M. Clemente, P. Figueiredo, F. Plácito, H. Machado, C. Santos, R. Costa)
A multi-year study on the regenerative potential of several Vitis genotypes (I. Gribaudo, G. Gambino, P. Boccacci, I. Perrone, D. Cuozzo)
Temporary immersion bioreactors for large scale Globba micropropagation (N. Topoonyanont, P. Pumisutapon, S. Klayraung, P. Poonnoy)
Encapsulation of lateral buds of Hancornia speciosa (D.O. Prudente, R. Paiva, F.C. Nery, M.V. Reis, P.D.O. Paiva, L.C. Silva)
Encapsulation of black mulberry microcuttings: studies on capsules and synthetic seeds (M. Micheli, V. Bececco, T. Gardi, L. Martorana, B. Chiancone, M.A. Germanà)
Comparison of two protocols for somatic embryo induction in a Sulawesi elite Theobroma cacao L. clone (M.U. Bustami, S. Werbrouck)
Are we able to modulate the response of somatic embryos of pines to drought stress? (O. García-Mendiguren, I.A. Montalbán, T. Goicoa, M.D. Ugarte, P. Moncaleán)
Micropropagation of mature Juglans hybrids (A. Meier-Dinkel, I. Wenzlitschke)
Micropropagation of common ash clones resistant to fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (J. ¿edivá, L. Havrdová, P. Mar¿ík)
In vitro conservation of fruit trees by slow growth storage (A. Arbeloa, J.A. Marín, P. Andreu, E. García, P. Lorente)
An efficient in vitro propagation for faba bean (Vicia faba L.) ecotypes (C. Ruta, A. Campanelli, A. Tagarelli, G. De Mastro, C. Vancini)
Gentian ‘Little Pinkie’ and the production of explants as influenced by ethephon and growth duration in vitro (M. Keshavarzi, J.A. Heyes, D.J. Woolley, K.A. Funnell)
Efficient Lilium longiflorum plantlet regeneration from transgenic callus culture lines after ten years of sub-culture (A. Lipsky, A. Cohen, Z. Machbash, S. Yariv, I. Yedidia)
The improvement of Iris pallida propagation by somatic embryogenesis (M. Lucchesini, L. Bedini, E.F. Florio, R. Maggini, F. Malorgio, B. Pezzarossa, A. Mensuali-Sodi)
Development, maturation and conversion of somatic embryos of Actaea racemosa L. (I. Pinker, M. Wernicke)
In vitro culture to improve breeding activities in Rosa hybrida (M. Caser, M. Ballardini, A. Cassetti, G.G. Ghione, A. Mansuino, A. Giovannini, V. Scariot)
Establishment and in vitro multiplication of Calophyllum brasiliensis (V.C. Stein, T.R. Ferreira, M. Rossato, B.F. Macedo, F.F. da Silva, R. Paiva, L.V. Paiva)
Development of tissue culture system for pear cultivars (J. Sedlak, F. Paprstein)
Identification of a cytokinin treatment for in vitro propagation of two sweet cherry cultivars in preparation of a sanitation protocol (F. Paprstein, J. Sedlak)
In vitro propagation of Italian cultivars of Vitis vinifera and evaluation of genetic stability by SSRs markers (E. Gatti, S.A. Imazio, E. Sgarbi)
Effect of 6-benzylaminopurine and coconut water on shoot multiplication of Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Pink' (M.D.M. Raizer, J.H. Iriarte-Martel, M.T. Lopes, R.C. Quisen)
In vitro organogenesis in Handroanthus serratifolius (A.C. Souza, R. Paiva, P.D.O. Paiva, M.V. Reis, D.P.C. Silva, P.A.A. Santos, L.C. Silva)
The effects of meta-Topolin and benzyladenine on in vitro organogenesis from epicotyl cuttings of Troyer citrange (Citrus sinensis [L.] Osbeck × Poncirus trifoliata [L.] Raf.) (B. Chiancone, L. Martorana, V. Gianguzzi, M.A. Germanà)
Optimization of in vitro growth medium for a wild Kazakhstan apricot, Prunus armeniaca (I.Y. Kovalchuk, Z.R. Mukhitdinova, T.T. Turdiyev, G.A. Madiyeva, B.M. Reed)
Tissue culture techniques as a tool to select snapdragon mutants with differential NaCl sensitivity (A. Trivellini, M. Lucchesini, G. Carmassi, F. Bertozzi, A. Ferrante, A. Mensuali-Sodi)
In vitro callogenesis and screening of local varieties of Vicia faba L. to salt tolerance (A.H. Al Maamory, A. Tarang, L. Chalak)
Moderate-abiotic stress increase in vitro tuberization and microtuber growth of potato (P. Pumisutapon, N. Topoonyanont)
Improving in vitro mass proliferation of carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) from seedling apices by temporary immersion systems (V. Cavallaro, C. Scalisi, A. Saita, A. Malvuccio, S. La Rosa, A. Pellegrino, C. Maucieri, A.C. Barbera)
Temporary immersion system: an efficient technique to improve the Plumeria rubra L. scale-up (M. Airò, M.M. Mammano, G. Giardina, A. Giovino)
Plant tissue culture contamination: challenges and opportunities (E.B. Herman)
Volatile indicators of contamination in tissue cultures (S. Werbrouck, P. Verholle, H. Van Langenhove)
Effect of carbon nanotubes in micropropagation of GF677 (Prunus amygdalus × Prunus persica) rootstock (H. Sarikhani, H. Ghorbanizad, M. Gholami)
Effect of BAP on growth, amino acid content and lipid fatty acid composition of curly birch in vitro shoots (L. Vetchinnikova, T. Kuznetsova, A. Titov)
The effects of low-level laser irradiation on growth of microshoots of blackberry (G.R. Verulidze, D.D. Surmanidze)
Molecular markers, clonal fidelity and antioxidant properties of micropropagated horticultural crops (S.C. Debnath)
Hyperhydricity: underlying mechanisms (G.-J.M. de Klerk, N. van den Dries, F.A. Krens)
Effect of plant growth regulators, light intensity and LED on growth and volatile compound of Hyptis suaveolens (L.) Poit in vitro plantlets (H.B. Andrade, A.F. Braga, S.K.V. Bertolucci, B.S. Hsie, S.T. Silva, J.E.B.P. Pinto)
Effects of Vitrofural, BAP and meta-Topolin in the in vitro culture of Dendrocalamus asper (T.S. Ornellas, D. Werner, D.F. Holderbaum, R.F. Scherer, M.P. Guerra)
In vitro propagation of Habenaria hybrids (C. Sotthikul, C. Kaewpoowat, N. Saimoon)
In vitro propagation as a tool to enhance the use of native ornamentals in archaeological sites of Greece (M. Papafotiou, A.N. Martini, G. Vlachou)
Effect of chemical and physical factors in in vitro propagation and volatile fraction analysis of Aloysia triphylla (L'Herit) Britton (G.M. Silva, J.P. Alvarenga, S.K.V. Bertolucci, M.C. Tavares, M.A. Rodrigues, J.E.B.P. Pinto)
Studies on in vitro propagation of Anthyllis barba-jovis L. (G. Vlachou, M. Papafotiou, K.F. Bertsouklis)
Propagation of pistachio applying in vitro culture techniques (J.A. Marín, E. García, P. Lorente, A. Arbeloa, P. Andreu)
In vitro propagation of Lippia citriodora (M. Papafotiou, N. Tsalouchos, A. Papagianni, K.F. Bertsouklis)
In vitro culture of clonal rootstocks of apple for their commercial exploitation (M. Modgil, M. Thakur)
Effects of cytokinin treatment of nodal cuts and petioles on shoot regeneration of Campanula portenschlagiana 'Blue Ocean' (Z. Ghayoor Karimiani, H. Mibus, M. Serek)
Effect of auxin and polyamines on protein contents and peroxidase activity during in vitro culture of taro (A.A. Francisco, P.R.R. Ramos, G.P.P. Lima, F. Vianello, S. Kanashiro, A.R. Tavares)
Effects of the natural cytokinin meta-Topolin on in vitro shoot proliferation and acclimatization of Prunus spp. (S. Monticelli, A. Gentile, A. Frattarelli, E. Caboni)
Meta-topolin improves lateral bud proliferation in micropropagation of Ginkgo biloba L. (L. Nacheva, P. Gercheva, V. Ivanova, O. Ibrahim)
In vitro regeneration, proliferation and growth of strawberry under different light treatments (F.H. Mohamed, G.F. Omar, M.A. Ismail)
In vitro propagation of red raspberry under light-emitting diodes (LEDs) (P. Poncetta, D. Ioratti, I. Mignani, L. Giongo)
Effectiveness of LED and fluorescent light on in vitro shoot proliferation of Staphylea pinnata (B. Szewczyk-Taranek, B. Pawłowska, B. Prokopiuk, M. Żupnik)
Influence of ozone treatments on in vitro propagation of Lilium in bioreactor (M. Cardarelli, C.M. Cardona Suárez )
Effect of weak magnetic fields on the in vitro propagation of Genista aetnensis (Raf. Ex Biv.) Dc. (M. Airò, G. Ala, P. Buccheri, M. Caruso, G. Fascella, A. Giovino, M.M. Mammano)
Influence of culture vessels on mesophyll protoplast yield of Pelargonium ssp. (E. Klocke, K. Weinzierl)
Effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium on in vitro growth and development of Aechmea blanchetiana (A.R. Tavares, A.N. Gonçalves, R.C.S. Ribeiro, T. Jocys, S. Kanashiro)
In vitro culture of Aloe arborescens shoots using light-emitting diodes (M. Cardarelli, V. Pizzinelli)
Asymbiotic seed germination of hand-pollinated terrestrial orchids (J. Calevo, A. Giovannini, L. Cornara, S. Peccenini)
Meristem tip culture of Dendrobium orchid for boosting efficiency of hygienic large scale micropropagation (N. Kunagorn, C. Roopkam, P. Aumroong, N. Anukul)
The use of in vitro chemotherapy in grapevine virus elimination (I.-C. Guţă, E.-C. Buciumeanu, C.M. Topală, L.D. Tătaru)
Virus elimination in peach using chemotherapy (M. Kudělková, R. Pavelková, E. Ondru¿iková)
Diversity and control of bacterial contamination of plants propagated in temporary immersion bioreactor system (S. Klayraung, P. Niamsup, P. Poonnoy, N. Topoonyanont)
Features of canna regeneration in vitro and plantlets adaptation in vivo (I.V. Mitrofanova, A.Sh. Tevfik, O.V. Mitrofanova, V.A. Brailko, N.P. Lesnikova-Sedoshenko)
Legume biotechnology: towards development of a genetic transformation system for commercial cultivars of soybean (Glycine max L.) (S.-I. Lee, M.B. Singh, P.L. Bhalla)
Reduction of the subculture frequency in three Mediterranean species during micropropagation (C. Mascarello, E. Sacco, D. Di Silvestro, M. Pamato, B. Ruffoni)
Effects of media and hormones on the adventitious shoot regeneration and development of Manchurian ash (C.P. Liu, H.L. Shen, L. Yang, P. Zhang, Z.B. Xing, Y.S. Tan, J. Huang)
Acclimation ex vitro: how to improve the root system (D. Neri, E.M. Lodolini, M. Bastianelli)
Commercial use of endophytes in micropropagation (C. Schneider, I Hutter, M. Döring)
Steering stomatal dynamics by chemicals during acclimatization of Spathiphyllum (E. Dhooghe, R. Dierck, J. Van Huylenbroeck)
New cytokinin-like compounds as a tool to improve rooting and establishment of micropropagated plantlets (A.O. Aremu, K. Dole¿al, J. Van Staden)
Adventitious root formation in Eucalyptus: the role of phytohormones (M. Nakhooda, M.P. Watt)
Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN promotes in vitro rooting and acclimatization of Helleborus (T. Orlikowska, K. Nowak, L. Ogórek)
Rooting response under LED systems in Rosa canina in vitro cultures (B. Pawłowska, B. Szewczyk-Taranek, E. Dziedzic, M. Żupnik)
Factors affecting shoot multiplication and rooting of walnut (Juglans regia L.) in vitro (P.N. Tuan, A. Meier-Dinkel, A.M. Höltken, I. Wenzlitschke, T. Winkelmann)
In vitro rooting of micropropagated shoots from Myrtus communis Linn: influence of activated charcoal and indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) (Y. Aka Kaçar, Ö. Şimşek, B. Biçen, B. Dal)
In vitro rooting of Acca sellowiana microshoots (S. Ross, E. Pechi, G. Speroni, B. Vignale, P. Speranza, A. Castillo, D. Cabrera)
Rooting and acclimatization of micropropagated Hypericum perforatum L. native to Sicily (G. Fascella, M. Airò, M.M. Mammano, G. Giardina, A. Carrubba, S. Lazzara)
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and micropropagation of Ranunculus asiaticus L.: a useful alliance? (R. Borriello, D. Maccario, S. Viglione, V. Bianciotto, M. Beruto)
Effect of a non-mycorrhizal endophyte isolated from Mentha piperita on in vitro culture of Ocimum basilicum cuttings (F. Dovana, A. Fusconi, G. Berta, W. Camusso, M. Mucciarelli)
Volatile compounds of ex vitro and wild plantlets of Artemisia umbelliformis subsp. eriantha (Apennines' genepì) (P. Fasciani, G. Marcozzi, S. Reale, L. Pace)
The potential of bioreactor technology for large-scale plant micropropagation (R. Ibrahim)
Biopharming Carica papaya compounds with antibacterial efficacy (N. Jamieson, R. Drew, I. Cock)
Usefulness of in vitro micropropagation for establishing plantations of self-rooted Hevea brasiliensis industrial clones (A. Masson)
Establishment of in vitro plants selected from heavy metal contaminated soils for further phytoremediation use (L. Pistelli, F. D¿Angiolillo , M. Bortolazzo, E. Morelli, B. Basso)
Establishment of vitroplants from female flowers of Aerva javanica (Burm. F) Juss ex Schult. (D. Chabane, F. Mouhoub)
Micropropagation of old cultivars of scented cut roses (A. Giovannini, L. De Benedetti, F. Crippa, A. Mercuri)
Micropropagation of rare and threatened medicinal plant species of South Africa – for propagation and preservation: an overview (V. Reddy)
In vitro propagation of Cotula bipinnata Thunb. and Chironia linoides L., South African ornamental species suitable for cultivation in Mediterranean area (E. Sacco, C. Mascarello, M. Pamato, D. Di Silvestro, B. Ruffoni)
Rosmarinus officinalis L.: micropropagation and callus induction for cell biomass development (C. Mascarello, E. Sacco, M. Pamato, D. Di Silvestro, L. Bassolino, C. Cervelli, B. Ruffoni)

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