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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1140

Proceedings of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the International Plant Propagators' Society

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Convener   C.W. Heuser Jr.  
Editor   C.W. Heuser Jr. 
15 August 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-25-2 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   97 
Place   Bellefonte, PA, USA 
Online articles:
Evaluation of mini-cuttings as a propagation system for Eucalyptus hybrids (D. Naidu, N. Jones)
Current nursery industry issues in Australia (D.J. Hancock)
Lets’ not re-invent the wheel: simple tools for a tree nursery (B. Dippie)
Semi-selective herbicide use in nursery weed control (D.J. Hancock)
New Zealand natives for hedging and screening (T. Hatch)
Naming and trading for cultivars (C. Barnaby)
IPPS Japan exchange 2014 (J. Ransom)
Buying quality nursery stock - a consumer perspective (B. Cadwallader)
Food for thought – nurseries into the future (M. Adamson)
Revegetating farmlands in northern New South Wales: problems and solutions (S.L. Brown)
Climate variability and risk management in nursery production (L. Burton)
Onwards and outwards (R. Clark)
Breeding for sterility in invasive ornamental plants (R. Freyre)
Semi-selective herbicide use in nursery weed control (D.J. Hancock)
Towards new nursery industry protocols for Phytophthora control on supply of stock for restoration and revegetation (D.J. Hancock)
In vitro Grevilleas (J. Puthiyaparambil)
Seed propagation of two native Australian species important for land restoration (L.F.R. Talonia, N.C.H. Reid, R. Smith)
Effects of rare sugars on growth and development in Phalaenopsis tissue culture (R. Norikoshi, M. Nakazaki, Y. Koike)
In vitro shoots formation by inflorescence apex culture of Primula polyantha (Y. Matsumoto, H. Ohashi)
Induction of polyploidy plants through colchicine treatments in balloon vine (Cardiospermum halicacabum) (Y. Adachi, M. Ochiai, H. Fukui)
Effects of light intensity, soil acidity, and nitrogen concentration on the vegetative growth of pitaya seedlings (M. Fumuro)
Improvement in rooting of cuttings of FDR-1, a dwarfing rootstock for kaki (T. Tetsumura, S. Ishimura, C. Honsho, H. Chijiwa)
Production of interspecific hybrid plants between Hydrangea scandens subsp. chinensis and Hydrangea macrophylla via ovule culture (N. Kudo)
Study of native Hosta species on Shikoku Island, Japan (K. Shimasaki, M. Tanabe)
Both the stable production and stable supply get trust from the consumer - production system of Central Rose Co. Ltd. (T. Ohnishi)
Effects of soil conditioner FFC-Ace on inhibited plant growth under acidic soil conditions (K. Ichikawa, J. Ueda, T. Fujimori)
The role of botanical gardens in plant conservation (D. Justice)
Plant propagation in the Micronesian region: challenges and measures for sustainable production (V.M. Verma)
Growth and development of container grown crops in coir based soils (M. Vietti)
Slow sand filters: a biological treatment method to remove plant pathogens from nursery runoff (L.R. Oki, L.L. Nackley, B. Pitton)
Landscape plant irrigation trials (L.R. Oki, K. Reid, J. Sisneroz)
Overcoming the challenges of endogenous contamination in micropropagation of fruit and nut trees (H. Sohi, P. Randhawa)
Monitoring pathogens and preventative control programs at a nursery producing container-grown plants (K. Ash)
Alternatives to pesticides in controlling pests and diseases (J.J. Stapleton)
Development of novel plant phenotypes using plant pigment-associated genes (S.A. Dhekney, R. Kandel, D. Bergey, B. Asanakunov, V. Sitther, Z.T. Li, D.J. Gray)
Instant bonsai: successfully rooting very woody grapevine cuttings (N. Schramm)
New plant session: Western region (R. Contreras, R. Freyre, C.T. Pounders, H.F. Sakhanokho, E.K. Blythe, J.M. Ruter, V. Sikkema)
All-America Selections winners for 2015: ornamentals and edibles with proven national and regional garden performance (D. Blazek, E.K. Blythe)
Grafted watermelon transplants: a new business opportunity (S. Dabirian, C.A. Miles)
Non-grafted and grafted seedless watermelon transplants: a comparative economic feasibility analysis (S.P. Galinato, J.A. Wimer, C.A. Miles)
Effect of four root-pruning nursery containers on biomass, root architecture and media temperature (K. Simshaw, T. Woodward, L. Saulsbury, W.A. Hoch)
Light source effects on hydroponically grown compact 'Winter Density' bibb lettuce (K.D. Kobayashi, T.D. Amore)
Non-targeted mutagenesis of Ornithogalum candicans through exposure to ethyl methanesulfonate (K. Shearer Lattier, R. Contreras)
Propagation and growth parameters of preselected pomegranate (Punica granatum) cuttings from the USDA-ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository (J.M. Chater, D.J. Merhaut, J. Preece)
Effect of ploidy level on vegetative propagation of two Prunus laurocerasus ‘Schipkaensis’ cytotypes (J. Schulze, R. Contreras)
The effects of auxin and substrate on rooting blueberry softwood cuttings (A.L. Witcher, C.T. Pounders)
Propagation of selected Kentucky natives (W.C. Dunwell)
Developing a LEAN culture at your workplace: fueling your bottom line (S. Castorani)
Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens: 2020 vision (B. Harkey)
Perennial plant breeding at Chicago Botanic Garden (J.R. Ault)
Weigela species and cultivar genome size and ploidy estimations: shrub breeding (E. Pfarr, J.J. Rothleutner)
A perspective on the importance of managing juvenility in plants: focus on plant improvement and propagation (B. McCown)
From hands and feet to robots and spreadsheets (M. Miller)
Winter is coming: protecting container nursery stock from adverse weather events (M. Emmons)
Embracing technology and innovation at Spring Meadow Nursery (D. Joeright)
New Plant Forum (J.R. Ault, B. Hendricks, B. Horvath, M.D. Yanny)
Light-emitting diode lights can make rooting cuttings easier and safer (J.-M. Versolato)
Where ecology meets economy (M.D. Yanny)
Identifying invasive plant species: what plant propagators need to know about the science behind invasive plant assessment protocols (T.M. Culley)
Sterile cultivars (or close to it) ― is this a viable option for the nursery industry? (M. Brand)
Protocols for testing the invasiveness of plants in Florida (D. Lieurance)
Increasing diversity and availability of native woody plants in the nursery industry (B. Hendricks)
Two sides of the same coin ― finding common ground among plant conservation professionals and commercial propagators (J.R. Clark)
Abscisic acid: a new management tool to improve quality and marketability of vegetable transplants (S. Agehara, D.I. Leskovar)
Establishment and multiplication of firechalice in plant tissue culture (A.A. Alosaimi, R.R. Tripepi)
Micropropagation of a selected clone of Amelanchier alnifolia (A.A. Alosaimi, R.R. Tripepi)
Seed germination studies of Vitex agnus-castus (N.K.A. Nor Hisham Shah, M. Bridgen)
Traditional and in vitro development of new clover (Trifolium spp.) plants (V. Pennetti, M. Bridgen)
Non-grafted and grafted seedless watermelon transplants: comparative economic feasibility analysis (S.P. Galinato, J.A. Wimer, C.A. Miles)
Grafted tomato propagation and production: relative seedling vigor, graft compatibility, and on-farm yield of 23 cultivars (B. Hu, J. Moyseenko, S. Short, S. Walker, M. Kleinhenz)
Towards improvement of Impatiens (J.E. Keach, M. Bridgen)
Grafted tomato propagation: effects of light intensity and temperature on graft healing and plant regrowth (B. Hu, P. Ling, M. Kleinhenz)
The effect of 6-benzylaminopurine, a cytokinin, on bud-forcing of twelve oak species (A. Brennan, V. Pence, M. Taylor, B. Trader, M. Westwood)
Techniques for melon grafting (W. Guan, X. Zhao)
Adventitious root formation in Juglans nigra: a time and place for everything (M.E. Stevens, P.M. Pijut)
Grafted watermelon transplants: a new business opportunity (S. Dabirian, C.A. Miles)
The importance of USA National Arboretum crapemyrtles in the USA nursery industry (D. Kidwell-Slak, M. Pooler)
Qualitative review of plant extract HB-101 (M. Kolaczewski)
The use of light-emitting diode systems for improving plant propagation and production (P.A. Davis)
Methods to simplify nursery operations and dispatch at Gunnar Christensen's Planteskole (B. Jensen)
Performance of plant protection products against Thielaviopsis on Viola (E. Wedgwood)
Technical sessions, Monday morning, 12 October 2015 (M. van der Giessen)
Hydrangea culture at Stephen F. Austin Gardens (D. Creech)
Growth performance of container-grown flowering dogwoods with different shade intensity and color (M.W. Burrows, D.C. Fare, C.H. Gilliam, D.J. Eakes)
Amending pine bark with swine lagoon compost: is poo the answer? (M.T. Williams, H.T. Kraus, E.D. Riley)
IPPS young propagator exchange program (B.G. Arthur)
Evapotranspiration based irrigation at Saunders Brothers Nursery (L. Day)
Who wants to be a researcher? Getting meaningful results from on-site nursery research trials (C. Marble, J. Pickens)
A simple and efficient method of germinating cycad seeds (B. Schutzman)
Efficiency through innovation (J. Harden)
Recycling used container media with solarization (S.T. Steed)
Rain gardens: understanding their benefits and their beauty (E.D. Riley, H.T. Kraus)
How newcomers and millennials will succeed in the green industry (E. Hallum)
Update on crapymyrtle bark scale (X. Cai, H. Dou, M. Gu, M. Merchant, E. Vafaie)
Developing a risk assessment tool for evaluating potential invasiveness of ornamental plants (J.M. DiTomaso, C. Conser, J. Merryweather)
Mulch type affects degradation and weed control potential in container production (P. Bartley, M.W. Burrows, G. Wehtje, C.H. Gilliam)
Effects of maintained substrate water contents from transplant to early stage of potted Impatiens (A.T. Bowden, A.F. Newby, G.B. Fain, D.E. Wells)

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