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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1133

XI International Rubus and Ribes Symposium

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Convener   G.E. Fernandez 
Editors   G.E. Fernandez, K.E. Hummer 
19 May 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-15-3 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   83 
Place   Asheville, NC, USA 
Online articles:
A dedication: Hugh A. Daubeny (1931-2015): a wonderful small fruit legacy including being a critical driver of the Rubus and Ribes symposia (C.E. Finn, R.R. Martin, T. Baumann, B.C. Strik, C. Kempler, M. Dossett)
Breeding southern US blackberries, idea to industry (J.R. Clark)
The history of blackberry and raspberry breeding in the southern USA (J.R. Ballington)
New developments in raspberry breeding in Scotland (S.N. Jennings, J. Graham, L. Ferguson, V. Young)
Directions in raspberry and blackberry breeding program conducted in NIWA Berry Breeding Ltd., Brzezna, Poland (A. Orzeł, M. Simlat, J. Danek)
Blackberry production in the Pacific northwestern US: a long history and a bright future (C.E. Finn, B.C. Strik)
Raspberry breeding at Washington State University (P.P. Moore, W. Hoashi-Erhardt)
Rescue of red and white currant germplasm in the Czech Republic (F. Paprstein, J. Sedlak, J. Kaplan)
How crossing with East-Asian raspberry-relative species affects fruit color and shoot pigmentation in the seedlings of cultivated raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) (G. Kollányi, A. Almássy)
Botanical traits and cold hardiness of interspecific hybrids between European and Chinese raspberries (Hanping Dai, Siwen Liu, Du Xiao)
Phenotyping primocane fruiting trait in raspberry (Rubus idaeus) (M. Gambardella, E. Contreras, J. Alcalde, D. Neri)
Heritability of primocane-yield components in red raspberry (M.D. González)
Rubus ploidy assessment (K.E. Hummer, N.V. Bassil, L.A. Alice)
Development of a multiplexed fingerprinting set in blackberry (N.V. Bassil, A.M. Nyberg, C.E. Finn, J.R. Clark, C.P. Peace, A. Iezzoni)
SSR marker information mining in blackberry from transcriptome sequences (W.L. Li, C.H. Zhang, H.Y. Yang, W.L. Wu, L.F. Lyu)
Comparative RNA-seq for the investigation of tolerance to Verticillium wilt in black raspberry (J.M. Bushakra, N.V. Bassil, J.E. Weiland, C.E. Finn, K.J. Vining, S. Filichkin, M. Dossett, D.W. Bryant, T.C. Mocker)
Breeding raspberries for aphid resistance in British Columbia: progress and challenges (M. Dossett, C. Kempler)
Mapping a potential resistance gene for Raspberry bushy dwarf virus in red raspberry (M.J. Stephens, E.J. Buck, J. Tahir)
Evaluation of vigor and winter hardiness of black raspberry breeding populations (Rubus occidentalis) grown in the southeastern US (C.M. Bradish, G.E. Fernandez, J.M. Bushakra, P. Perkins-Veazie, M. Dossett, N.V. Bassil, C.E. Finn)
Evaluation of blackberry cultivars in Virginia (M.A. Conway, J.B. Samtani)
Production of YouTube videos on blackberry cultivars (J.R. Clark, F. Miller, A. Jecmen)
Cross-pollination increases the number of drupelets in the fruits of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) (E. Żurawicz)
Scarification and stratification protocols for raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) seed germination (E. Contreras, J. Grez, M. Gambardella)
Black currant physiology in a changing climate (A. Sřnsteby, O.M. Heide)
Biology of flowering species of the genus Rubus as a preliminary study in primocane fruiting blackberries (A. Orzeł, M. Bieniasz, M. Małodobry)
Effect of root age on growth and yield of red raspberries grown under high tunnel and open field in northern Canadian climate (Q.H. Xu, Ch.P. Qiu, L. Gaudreau, A. Gosselin, Y. Desjardins, L. Gauthier, A. Van Sterthem)
Effects of temperature and precipitation on yield and chemical composition of black currant fruits (Ribes nigrum L.) (T.L. Woznicki, O.M. Heide, A. Sřnsteby, A.-B. Wold, S.F. Remberg)
Development of a production area and long-term harvesting of red raspberries using plastic greenhouses in Japan (H. Imanishi, T. Miyairi)
Yield improvement of red raspberry by soilless cultivation with two propagation methods under northern Canadian climate (Ch.P. Qiu, Q.H. Xu, L. Gaudreau, A. Gosselin, L. Gauthier, A. Van Sterthem, Y. Desjardins)
Establishment of primocane blackberry cultivars in a northern climate (A. Debner, H. Hatterman-Valenti)
Evaluation of emerging interplant primocane thinning alternatives in an established 5-year-old 'Prime-Ark® 45' blackberry planting (M. Gaskell)
Organic production of raspberries in high tunnels in Sweden, 2008-2014 (B. Svensson)
Cultivar comparison and winter row covers for blackberry production in North Dakota (D. Mettler, H. Hatterman-Valenti)
Influence of training systems and of cultivars on profitability of red currant production for fresh consumption (A. Ançay, C. Carlen)
Vegetative and fruiting response of 'Polka' raspberry plants to partial rootzone drying (PRD), mulching, and their combinations (K. Lepaja, E. Kullaj, L. Lepaja, V. Avdiu)
Effects of partial rootzone drying and mulching on fruit quality and nutrient contents of 'Polka' raspberries (K. Lepaja, E. Kullaj, L. Lepaja, F. Selimi, N. Krasniqi)
Raspberry root frost hardiness (P. Palonen, T. Tommila, M. Rantanen)
Influence of position, age, and environmental factors on photosynthesis of red raspberry leaves (D.E. Deyton, S.K. Hunt, C.E. Sams)
Endodormancy and required chill units for raspberry canes of four raspberry cultivars (A. Almássy, G. Kollányi)
Organic high tunnel production of raspberries in a humid region (E. Hanson, T. Marks, R. Isaacs)
Growing blackberries in a cold climate using high tunnels (M.P. Pritts)
Effect of cold storage on growth, yield, and carbohydrate reserves of two raspberry cultivars (P.B. Oliveira, E.J.B. Sousa, C. Serrano, C.M. Oliveira)
Cropping potential in raspberry long cane plants as affected by the number of canes (P. Palonen, S. Karhu, M. Pohjola)
Management of primocane fruiting blackberries for extended harvest in a mild winter climate (M. Gaskell, O. Daugovish)
Influence of varying plastic films on plant and fruit performance of primocane raspberry 'Erika' (A. Zaar, H. Dietrich, E. Krüger)
Blackberry rooting for double crop production (D.M. Gonçalves, C.M. Oliveira, P.B. Oliveira)
Efficiency of some raspberry fertilization programs (P. Krawiec)
Leaf nutrient concentration in blackberry - recommended standards and sampling time should differ among blackberry types (B.C. Strik, A.J. Vance)
Estimation of yield in raspberry fields in Ontario (A. Dale, P. Fisher)
Weed control increases growth, cumulative yield, and economic returns of machine-harvested organic trailing blackberry (E.K. Dixon, B.C. Strik)
Isolation and lyophilisation of anthocyanins from fruits of blackcurrant (R. Mariychuk, A. Eliasova, J. Porubska, J. Poracova, V. Simko)
Black raspberry fruit composition over two years from seedling populations grown at four US geographic locations (P. Perkins-Veazie, G. Ma, G.E. Fernandez, C.M. Bradish, J.M. Bushakra, N.V. Bassil, C.A. Weber, J.C. Scheerens, L. Robbins, C.E. Finn, M. Dossett)
The comparison of the antioxidant activity of extracts and lyophilised samples of blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.) (V. Sedlak, J. Poracova, Z. Gogalova, J. Ondekova, R. Mariychuk, J. Porubska, T. Posivakova)
New cultivars for quality production of primocane fruiting raspberries enriched in healthy compounds (Z.N. Andrianjaka-Camps, M.S. Wittemann, A. Ançay, C. Carlen)
Phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity of organically grown fresh market blackberries (Moo Jung Kim, P. Perkins-Veazie, G.E. Fernandez)
The antioxidant effects of lyophilisated extracts of berry fruit (J. Poracova, V. Sedlak, J. Porubska, Z. Gogalova, R. Mariychuk, J. Vaskova, L. Vasko, M. Mydlarova Blascakova, T. Posivakova)
Does primocane management affect raspberry fruit yield or anthocyanin content? (T.W. Miller, D.A.M. Jarret, R.M. Brennan, R.D. Hancock)
Evaluation of vegetative growth and fruit chemistry of some raspberry and blackberry cultivars grown in southern Poland (A. Orzeł, K. Król-Dyrek, A. Kostecka-Gugała, M. Bieniasz, J. Augustynowicz, G. Wyżgolik)
Extended evaluation of postharvest quality and shelf-life potential of blackberries (A. Salgado, J.R. Clark)
Sustainable storage of raspberries: first experiences of biodegradable films in the warehouse (R. Briano, N.R. Giuggioli, V. Girgenti)
Commercial attributes of fresh blackberries identified by sensory panels (R.T. Threlfall, O.S. Hines, J.R. Clark)
Influence of evolution of off-flavors and quality for raspberry 'Grandeur'® storage with a modified atmosphere packaging in the supply chain management (R. Briano, N.R. Giuggioli, C. Baudino, C. Peano)
Evaluation of a new type of firm and reduced reversion blackberry: crispy genotypes (A. Salgado, J.R. Clark)
Environmental ethanol as a reproductive constraint on spotted wing drosophila and implications for control in Rubus and other fruits (B.J. Sampson, E.T. Stafne, D.A. Marshall-Shaw, S.J. Stringer, T. Mallette, C.T. Werle, D. Larson)
Drosophila suzukii infestation in ripe and ripening caneberries (K.A. Swoboda-Bhattarai, H.J. Burrack)
Redberry mite population differences in two Rubus spp. on California's Central Coast (M.E. Murrietta, M. Gaskell)
Management of arthropods on blackberries and raspberries in Arkansas, USA (D.T. Johnson, M.E. Garcia, C. Rom, L. Freeman, Soo-Hoon Kim, B. Lewis)
Management of Pseudaulacaspis pentagona in French blackcurrant (M.C. Dalstein, P. Guignebault, P. Kreiter)
Efficacy of fungicides for control of rosette and fruit diseases of 'Kiowa' and 'Chickasaw' erect blackberries grown in the southeastern United States (B.J. Smith, M. Miller-Butler)
Evaluation of blackberry cultivars adapted to the southeastern United States for susceptibility to postharvest fruit diseases (B.J. Smith, M. Miller-Butler)
The use of laminarin as an effective tool for anti-resistance management in chemical control of grey mould in raspberry (P. Krawiec, M. Krawiec, I. Szot)
Eliminating Raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV) from infected raspberry tissue cultures with ribavirin (C.A. Weber)
Certified plant propagation of Ribes and Rubus in Sweden (E. Martinsson)
Towards a national certification scheme for Rubus in the United States (R.C. Gergerich, I.E. Tzanetakis, R.R. Martin)
Micropropagation of blackberry genotypes (J. Sedlak, F. Paprstein)
Plant regeneration of 'Amethyst' purple raspberry (Rubus occidentalis × R. idaeus 'Amethyst') from in vitro leaf tissues (R.R. Lenz, V.A. Magnusson, Wenhao Dai)
Assessment of algicides, disinfectants and fungicides for control of orange cane blotch caused by the alga Cephaleuros virescens (F.B. Browne, L.A. Fall, P.M. Brannen, J. Taylor, J. Shealey, E.D. Beasley)
Fungicide resistance in Botrytis cinerea: a challenge for conventional small fruit production (M.J. Hu, G. Schnabel)
An integrating Badnavirus infects blackberry (M.S. Shahid, I.E. Tzanetakis, N. Aboughanem-Sabanadzovic, S. Sabanadzovic)
Detection and management of Rubus stunt, a phytoplasma disease in Rubus species (H. Linck, E. Krüger, A. Reineke)
Controlling powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca mors-uvae) of gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa) with potassium bicarbonate and risk of phytotoxicity (M. Wenneker)
Natural microbiota of raspberries (Rubus idaeus) and strawberries (Fragaria × ananassa): microbial survey, bacterial isolation and identification, and biofilm characterization (J.L. Baugher, L.A. Jaykus)
A comparison between fertigation and granular fertilizer applications on yield and leaf nitrogen in red raspberry (D.R. Bryla)

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