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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposia on Postharvest Knowledge for the Future and Consumer and Sensory Driven Improvements to Fruits and Nuts

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Conveners   J.B. Golding, J.A. Heyes, P.M.A. Toivonen, D. Avanzato, R. Harker 
Editors   J.B. Golding, J.A. Heyes, P.M.A. Toivonen, D. Avanzato, R. Harker 
29 July 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-18-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   81 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Pre- and postharvest inhibition of ethylene production and action by 1-MCP and the quality of apples and other horticultural products (C.B. Watkins)
Replacement of existing cultivars with similar apples having better postharvest traits (P.M.A. Toivonen, C.R. Hampson)
Postharvest science and technology: enabling nutritional security and economic well-being (J.A. Heyes)
Storage potential of new kiwifruit selections under different storage scenarios (R.J. Feng, S.R. Olsson, M.J. Currie, A. White, I.C. Hallett, H.N. de Silva, D.P. Billing, P. Kashuba, M.S. Astill)
Effect of CPPU (Forchlorfenuron) on fruit retention and postharvest quality of 'Alphonso' mango (K.H. Pujari, A.V. Malshe, M.S. Shedge, V.V. Zagade, K.E. Lawande)
Accelerated fruit libraries to define the storage quality of 'Hayward' kiwifruit (A. Jabbar, A.R. East, J.A. Heyes, D.J. Tanner)
Evaluating the efficacy of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) to reduce mechanical injury and quality loss of broccoli (M. Thammawong, K. Nakano, H. Umehara, N. Nakamura, Y. Ito, T. Orikasa, T. Shiina)
Response of raspberry cultivars and selections to controlled atmosphere storage (C.F. Forney, A.R. Jamieson, K.D. Munro Pennell, M.A. Jordan, S.A.E. Fillmore)
Effect of different packaging and cold storage on quality of blueberry (L. Jia, S. Liu, Z. Liu, Y. Xie, Q. Sun, B. Wang, X. Feng)
Monitoring shelf life of fresh-cut apples packed in different atmospheres by electronic nose (G. Cortellino, S. Gobbi, A. Rizzolo)
Effects of continuous ethylene treatment on 'Navelina' orange fruit quality (C. Mahler, S.H. Satyan, L.J. Spohr, A.M. Harris, J.B. Golding)
Efficacy of Activebag® packaging on postharvest quality of purple passion fruit (Passiflora edulis Sims) (W.O. Owino, P. Yumbya, S. Shibairo, J. Ambuko)
Effects of very high carbon dioxide treatment and cold storage on the quality of Navel oranges (M. Kumar, W.B. McGlasson, P. Holford, J.B. Golding)
The role of temperature in directly modifying apoplastic viscosity in vivo (J.A. Heyes, K. Kasim, A.J. Carr, R.D. Hurst, E.M. O'Donoghue)
InPSR42, a putative 14-3-3 protein, regulates petal opening and senescence in Japanese morning glory (H. Ono, K. Ishii, T. Kozak, M. Kanekatsu, T. Yamada, K. Shimizu, K. Shibuya, K. Ichimura)
'Raja Bulu' banana MaACS1 and MaACO1 gene expression during postharvest storage (F.M. Dwivany, D. Hermawaty, R.R. Esyanti)
Quantitative proteomic investigations using stable isotope labeling by peptide dimethylation on fruit ripening, senescence and redox- antioxidant system (J. Song, L. Campbell Palmer, X.T. Yang, Z. Zhang, L. Li, X.H. Li)
Effects of different storage techniques and 1-MCP application on quality of 'Granny Smith' apple (Ö. Çalhan, C.E. Onursal, A. Güneyli, İ. Eren, M.A. Koyuncu)
1-MCP application to prolong avocado shelflife (I.A.H. Amin, R. Poerwanto, J.G. Kartika)
Identification of aroma-active compounds of whole and macerated 'Honeycrisp' and 'Ambrosia' apples (C.F. Forney, M.A. Jordan, K.R. Cue)
Tomato chilling injury threshold defined by the volatile profiles of pink harvested tomato fruit (A.I. Deltsidis, J.K. Brecht, J. Bai, E.A. Baldwin)
Using chlorophyll fluorescence as an indicator of brown stain (CO2 injury) in Romaine lettuce (E.D. Pliakoni, D.J. Huber, S.A. Sargent, J.K. Brecht)
Effect of physiological maturity at harvest and cool storage on chilling injury severity in peach and nectarine (J. Lopresti, G. Hale, D. Stefanelli, C. Frisina, J. Jaeger)
'Honeycrisp' apple disorders: soft scald development and management (I. Hanrahan, J. McFerson)
Skin spotting situation at retail level in Australian avocados (M. Mazhar, D.C. Joyce, L. Taylor, P.J. Hofman, J. Petty, N. Symonds)
A novel technique using ozone micro bubbles to control microbial contamination and browning of fresh-cut lettuce (N. Pongprasert, P. Jitareerat, V. Srilaong)
Salmonella growth and survival in rockmelon rind under different storage conditions (K.-Y. Phan-Thien, R. Mao, R. McConchie)
Antimicrobial effect of UV-C treated fresh-cut broccoli against Listeria monocytogenes (G.R. Gamage, J.A. Heyes, J.S. Palmer, J. Wargent)
Microbiological quality of freshcut jackfruit and pineapple and the antimicrobial potential of organic acids and probiotics (A. Acedo, J. Acedo, R. Troyo, A. Valida, M. Benitez)
Paraben sodium salts for the control of postharvest green and blue molds of citrus fruit (P.A. Moscoso-Ramírez, C. Montesinos-Herrero, L. Palou)
Evaluation of essential oil on the growth in vitro and in vivo of anthracnose in 'Hass' avocados (A.C.C. Muniz, K.M. Marques, V.C. Galati, F.D. Pereira, B.H. Mattiuz, E.M. Glória, C.F.M. Mattiuz)
Management of postharvest fruit rot of mango caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes (K.H. Pujari, M.S. Joshi, M.S. Shedge)
Screening of sorghum grain biorefinery by-products for growth inhibition of two common postharvest pathogens of mango (T.K. Do, E.K. Dann, R. Stanley)
Use of chitosan for the control of postharvest anthracnose and quality in avocados (K.M. Marques, V.C. Galati, J.D.R. Fernandes, J.E.R. Guimarães, J.P. Silva, B.H. Mattiuz, C.F.M. Mattiuz)
The use of hot water treatment for the control of Alternaria alternata in tomato (M.O. Animashaun, C.F.H. Bishop, J. Cullum)
Effect of sulfuryl fluoride fumigation on dried fig quality (F. Şen, K.B. Meyvacı, U. Aksoy, G. Tan)
Storage of pigeonpea grain (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.) in hermetic triple-layer bags prevents losses caused by Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) (H.D. Affognon, A.W. Njoroge, C.M. Mutungi, J. Manono, D. Baributsa, L.L. Murdock)
Reducing strawberry waste and losses in the postharvest supply chain via intelligent distribution management (J.K. Brecht, F.E. Loaza, M.C.N. Nunes, J.P. Emond, I. Uysal, F. Badia, J. Wells, J. Saenz)
How horticultural farmers in Balochistan benefited from the 'reform' value chain approach (M. Iqbal)
Use of boxes as an accessory to harvest vegetables in the Brazilian Federal District (R.F.A. Luengo, A.G. Calbo)
Cost reduction through weight loss minimisation of fresh ginger rhizomes utilising perforated carton liners (G.J. Harkness)
Low cost insulation for coolrooms using 'CoolBot' (N. Dubey, N.L.M. Raman)
A technical and environmental evaluation of implementation of the bulk container to the distribution of fresh Japanese radish and cabbage in Japan (T. Shiina, M. Thammawong, N. Nakamura, T. Kaneta, T. Orikasa)
Effect of different retailing conditions on quality of sweet corn after forced-air cooling and low temperature transportation (Y. Xie, H. Song, S. Liu, L. Jia)
Influence of temperature and package materials on loss of fresh vegetables during transport (H.T.T. Mai, H.T.L. Hang, N.T.T. Huong)
Effect of postharvest temperature and packaging on qualitative traits in strawberry (C. Nicoletto, S. Bonato, S. Santagata, G. Zanin, P. Sambo)
Methods to evidence mechanical injuries on 'Packham's Triumph' pears (J. Pasini, R.J. Bender, L.R. Antoniolli)
Effects of temperature conditions during transport and storage on tomato fruit quality (R. Dew, C.J. Seal, K. Brandt)
Reducing fruit over-pack by utilising an improved weighing process in a strawberry pack-house (G.J. Harkness)
Survey of vegetable sorting solutions used by Brazilian Federal District growers (R.F.A. Luengo, A.G. Calbo)
Internal defect detection in fruit by using NIR spectroscopy (B.P. Khatiwada, K.B. Walsh, P.P. Subedi)
Spray drying technology for producing fruit powders from tomatoes and tamarillo (S.A. Siddick, S. Ganesh)
The efficacy of grapefruit seed extracts as postharvest agents (J.W.H. van der Waal, M.H. Houtman)
Characterization of damages caused by impact and compression forces on apples (C.R.S. Montero, R.P. dos Santos, R.J. Bender)
Development of predictors for macadamia kernel deterioration (C. McConchie, A. Yang, R. Forrester, B. Salter)
A computational simulation of forced cactus drying (A. Rojano, T. Espinosa, F. Rojano, R. Salazar)
Drying kinetics and quality of tomato fruits dehydrated by a vacuum-microwave method (T. Orikasa, S. Koide, H. Sugawara, T. Watanabe, M. Okada, U. Matsushima, K. Kato, Y. Muramatsu, M. Thammawong, N. Nakamura, T. Shiina, A. Tagawa)
Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) produced under greenhouse conditions – effects of water content in the growing media on the content of bioactive compounds and the microbiology of the leaf surface (L. Mogren, M. Alam, B.W. Alsanius, S. Boqvist, I. Vågsholm)
The effect of carbohydrate availability on postharvest fruit quality in sweet cherry (E.F. Mertes, D.C. Close, R. Corkrey, J.E. Jones)
Rootstock selection, nitrogen and calcium influence postharvest disease in avocado (E.K. Dann, L.M. Coates, K.G. Pegg, J.R. Dean, A.W. Cooke, L.A. Smith, L. Shuey, A.W. Whiley, P.J. Hofman, R. Marques, B. Stubbings)
Changes in hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion contents and superoxide dismutase activity during the maturation of sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) fruit (H. Endo, Y. Imahori)
Influence of rootstock, harvest time, and storage conditions on triterpene content of apple peel (Y. Lv, I Tahir, M. Olsson)
Aroma compounds in apples from trees sprayed with calcium and nitrogen fertilizers (E. Vangdal, A. Gibalova, J. Børve, I.L. Knutsen, M. Korosec, R. Vidrih, A. Leufven)
Relationships between fruit quality traits at harvest for 'Cluthagold' apricot (C. Scofield, J. Stanley, R. Marshall, P. Alspach)
A preliminary assessment of tomato fruit susceptibility to in-transit damage in Fiji (S. Kumar, S.J.R. Underhill)
A comparative evaluation of quality and sensory characteristics of 'Apple' mango fruits produced under different agro-ecological zones in Kenya (J. Ambuko, N.K. Onsongo, M.J. Hutchinson, W.O. Owino)
A new method for measurement of fruit texture (N. Sakurai, S. Iwatani, M. Taniwaki, H. Akimoto)
Mango value preferences of consumers in Pakistan (H. Badar, A. Ariyawardana, R. Collins)
Branded pears? An exploration of German consumers' perceptions of the new club cultivar 'Angelys' (M. Rombach, M. Canavari, E. Pignatti)
Consumer driven selection of red bayberry cultivars for Australia (M.L. Perkins, C. Turner, D.C. Joyce)
Consumers' changing perceptions of quality: revisiting the science of fruit and vegetable cultivation for improved health benefits (B.S. Patil, R.M. Uckoo, G.K. Jayaprakasha, M.A. Palma)
Discrimination of pomegranate fruit at different harvest dates by instrumental and sensory measurements in consideration of long supply chains (O.A. Fawole, U.L. Opara, L. Chen)
Drivers of consumer preference for apple eating quality and appearance among South African consumers of different ethnic and age groups (I.A. Idun, M. Muller, K.I. Theron, T. Næs, M. van der Rijst, W.J. Steyn)
Fruit blemishes caused by abiotic and biotic factors in Kinnow mandarin (M.S. Mazhar, A.U. Malik, A. Jabbar, O.H. Malik, M.N. Khan)
Increasing consumer demand for fresh stone-fruit through market research in Australia (G. Hale, J. Lopresti, B. Tomkins, R. Jones, C. Clark, D. Hunter, R. Harker, M. Wohlers, A. White)
Pecan kernel antioxidant capacity and oil composition are affected by mechanical pruning and by nut position in tree canopy (R.J. Heerema, M.L. Wells, L. Lombardini, M. Nesbitt, C. Warren, R.B. Pegg, Y. Gong)
Perfect pears for the next generation of consumers (S.R. Turpin, D. Stefanelli, L. Jones, J. Norton, R. Probst, J. Konings, G. Langford)
Preliminary studies on sensory, instrumental and chemical evaluation of dried goji (Lycium barbarum L.) berries (G. Bellaio, E. Carnevale, S. Bona)
Production of the high anthocyanin plum cultivar, 'Queen Garnet', as a new ingredient for the functional food market (R. Berecry)
Stone fruit value chain: a systems approach for improved consumer satisfaction (D. Stefanelli, J. Lopresti, G. Hale, R. Jones, B. Tomkins, M. O¿Connell, S. Flett)
X-ray micro-computed tomography analysis of apple texture and structure (M.I. Hall, I.C. Hallett, J.W. Johnston)

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