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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): International Symposia on Water, Eco-Efficiency and Transformation of Organic Waste in Horticultural Production

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Conveners   R.L. Snyder, S. Ortega-Farias, W.R. Carlile, M. Raviv, M. Nichols, B. Clother, I. Goodwin, R. Gentile 
Editors   R.L. Snyder, S. Ortega-Farias, W.R. Carlile, M. Raviv, M. Nichols, B. Clothier, I. Goodwin, R. Gentile 
22 March 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-06-1 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   63 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Water footprint assessment of bananas produced by small banana farmers in Peru and Ecuador (L. Clercx, E. Zarate Torres, J.D. Kuiper)
Feedback regulation of irrigation via soil moisture monitoring and its effects on plant growth and physiology (A. Fiebig, I.C. Dodd)
Irrigation application efficiency calculation of sprinkler irrigated container plants grown under sensor based irrigation scheduling (R. Geneve, S. Nambuthiri, A. Fulcher, E. Hagen)
The ANOVApot® and Twinpot reduce root escape and save water (M.N. Hunter, W.J. Scattini)
Increasing adoption of on-farm water recycling technology in culturally and linguistically diverse communities in a peri-urban context – key challenges and lessons (L.P. Jewell)
Photosynthetic activity as an indicator of drought stress in vegetables (A. Jezdinský, R. Pokluda)
Plasticity in stomatal density and morphology in okra and tomatoes in response to soil and water salinity (J. Kamululdeen, I.A.M. Yunusa, J.J. Bruhl, C. Prychid, A. Zerihun)
Maize and climate change in Sri Lanka: progress, trends, and challenges in simulating impacts (A.S. Karunaratne, T.R. Wheeler)
Reflectance indices for the detection of water stress in greenhouse tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) (C. Kittas, A. Elvanidi, N. Katsoulas, K.P. Ferentinos, T. Bartzanas)
A thermal-based remote sensing modelling system for estimating crop water use and stress from field to regional scales (W.P. Kustas, M.C. Anderson, K.A. Semmens, J.G. Alfieri, F. Gao, C.R. Hain, C. Cammalleri)
Seasonal variation of night-time sap flow of a young olive orchard: the unconsidered process for evapotranspiration estimations (R. López-Olivari, S. Fuentes, S. Ortega-Farías)
Water stress, yield and oil characteristics of partial rootzone drying and deficit irrigated very-high density olive orchard (Olea europaea L. 'Arbequina') (G. Lopriore, G. Gatta, D. Scelsa, M.C. Lo Storto, I.A. Abatantuono, S. Pati)
Salinity tolerance of ornamental grasses adapted to semi-arid environments (C.B. McKenney, T.R. Mahato, U.K. Schuch)
Drought stress alleviation of cabbage seedlings by citric acid application (K. Miyazawa)
The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in establishment and water balance of tomato seedlings and sweet cherry cuttings in low phosphorous soil (H.A. Mohamed, K.M. Barry, P.F. Measham)
Satellite-based benchmarking of yield and water use of perennial fruit crops in South Eastern Australia (M. O'Connell, D. Whitfield, A. McAllister, L. McClymont, M. Abuzar, K. Sheffield)
Effect of microsprinkler location on tree performance in citrus (N. O¿Connell, L. Schwankl)
Nutrient salt balance differences on the growth of potted banana, orange or tomato plants growing in sand or sand/CaCO3 and fertigated with highly saline solutions (S.A. Oosthuyse, H.T. Holwerda)
Studies on efficient use of water in onion (Allium cepa L.) through drip irrigation under semi-arid conditions (M.G. Patil, M.S. Reddy, S.S. Patil, M.S. Ayyangoudar, B.K. Desai)
Plant water stress detection based on aerial and terrestrial infrared thermography: a study case from vineyard and olive orchard (C. Poblete-Echeverría, D. Sepulveda-Reyes, S. Ortega-Farias, M. Zuñiga, S. Fuentes)
An empirical model predicting xylem sap ABA concentration from root biomass and soil moisture distribution in plants under partial root-zone drying (J. Puértolas, I.C. Dodd, M.C. Conesa)
Evaluation of ornamental plant performance on four deficit irrigation levels: working with industry to promote sustainable plant choices for summer-dry regions (K. Reid, L.R. Oki)
Effect of water stress on growth and dry matter partitioning of Conocarpus erectus (A. Riaz, U. Tariq, M. Qasim, M.R. Shaheen, A. Iqbal, A. Younis)
Impact of water deficit on tomato fruit growth and quality depending on the fruit developmental stage (J. Ripoll, B. Brunel, J.-C. L¿Hôtel, G. Garcia, N. Bertin, L. Urban)
Deficit irrigation for enhancing 'Tarocco' orange fruit quality (G. Roccuzzo, F. Stagno, F. Ferlito, F. Intrigliolo, G.L. Cirelli, S. Consoli)
Testing the potential of two-source surface energy balance to monitor plant transpiration in vineyards (J.M. Sánchez, F. de la Cruz, L. Martínez, A. Montoro, R. López-Urrea)
Response of desert-adapted landscape trees to deficit irrigation (U.K. Schuch, T.R. Mahato, J. Subramani, E.C. Martin)
Differential response of muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) cultivars to deficit irrigation (S.P. Sharma, D.I. Leskovar, K.C. Crosby, A.M.H. Ibraim, A. Volder)
On-farm management of citrus in drought – a statistical analysis (M.A. Skewes, C. Dyson, M.G. McCarthy)
Impact of soil variability on evapotranspiration of wine grapes (R.L. Snyder, J.J. Lambert)
Evaluation presentation and development of a web based irrigation management tool (I.L. Tsirogiannis, V. Fragaki, E. Fillis, L. Scamarcio, A. Parente, N. Malamos, P. Barouchas, A. Christofides, S. Vanino)
Effects of salt stress on photosynthetic characteristics of beach plum and other Prunus species (X.M. Wang, T. Huang, W.L. Wu, W.L. Li, H. Zhu)
Enhancing irrigation efficiency for pecans in humid climates (L. Wells)
Effect of water stress on citrus physiological characteristics, jasmine acid biosynthesis and correlative gene expression (Shenxi Xie, Zhao Xiaoli, Xiaopeng Lu, Chengneng Huang, Yuming Xiao, Jing Li)
Evaluation of the effect of soil moisture condition on crop bioelectrical potential (K. Yuge, M. Anan, K. Hamagami, K. Hamada)
Schedule of drip irrigation under film for watermelon growth in plastic shed based on E601-B pan evaporation in northwest China (Zhang Xian, Ren Zili)
New growing media and value added organic waste processing (C. Blok, E. Rijpsma, J.J.M.H. Ketelaars)
Substrate's end-of-life: environmental and horticultural considerations (M. Raviv)
Effect of humic based soil conditioner, effective microbes and fertiliser on growth and flowering of sunflower (Helianthus annus L. 'Dwarf Sunsation') (A.M. Abobaker, S.A. Bound, N. Swarts, D.C. Close)
Influence of irrigation management on the quantity and quality of Agaricus bisporus produced on spent mushroom substrate (SMS) based casings (J. Barry, O. Doyle, J. Grant, H. Grogan)
Influence of rate and grading of sugar beet lime (SBL) waste on the properties and yield potential of a peat-based mushroom casing (J. Barry, O. Doyle, J. Grant, H. Grogan)
Whole almond orchard recycling and the effect on second generation tree growth, soil carbon, and fertility (B.A. Holtz, D. Doll, G. Browne)
Potential for bioenergy generation and nutrient recycling in horticultural crop production systems in New Zealand (L.H.J. Kerckhoffs, R. Renquist)
A systematic approach to recycling organics for horticulture: comparing emerging and conventional technologies (J. Kochanek, R.S. Swift, M.A. Kochanek, J. Cox, G.R. Flematti)
Bio-prospecting for potential microbial biocontrol agents from composted waste materials (C.F. McGee, O. Doyle, M.T. Gaffney)
Market-place and other organic wastes as nutrient sources for horticulture in Nepal (D.J. Midmore, S.P. Bhattarai, D.D. Dhakal, T.C. Bhattarai)
Kitchen waste as organic matter for composting in Bangladesh (U.R. Palaniswamy, N. Uddin, F. Islam)
Effects of biochar addition on plant available water of a loamy sandy soil and consequences on cowpea growth (K. Pudasaini, K.B. Walsh, N. Ashwath, T. Bhattarai)
Challenges of using organic fertilizers in hydroponic production systems (K.A. Williams, J.S. Nelson)
Organic by-product substrate components and biodegradable pots in the production of Pelargonium ×hortorum Bailey and Euphorbia pulcherrima L. (G. Zanin, L. Coletto, M. Passoni, C. Nicoletto, S. Bonato, G. Ponchia, P. Sambo)
Use of organic fertilizers in nursery production of ornamental woody species (G. Zanin, V. Gobbi, L. Coletto, M. Passoni, C. Nicoletto, G. Ponchia, P. Sambo)
Life cycle management: a new way of doing business (S.J. McLaren)
AusAgLCI - the business case for investment in a national life cycle inventory for horticulture (S.J. Eady, T. Grant, J. Hercule, P.L. Deuter)
Model-based life cycle assessment of nitrogen fertilization in a cauliflower-leek rotation system (R.F. Heuts, E. Schrevens, J. Vansteenkiste, J. Diels)
Benchmarking energy and water efficiency in New Zealand wine production: eco-verification and incentivising improvement using the New Zealand Sustainability Dashboard (A.J. Barber, J. Manhire, V. Gasso-Tortajada, F. Oudshoorn, C. Sørensen, H. Moller)
Environmental impact in floriculture: LCA approach at farm level (J.E. Bonaguro, L. Coletto, B. Samuele, G. Zanin, P. Sambo)
Effects of using raw and composted manures on nitrous oxide emissions: a review (J. Biala, D.W. Rowlings, D. De Rosa, P. Grace)
Negotiating the problems of irrigation through social learning based around an irrigator code of practice (R.J. Stirzaker, M. Cutting)
Market oriented assessment of the environmental impact of the New Zealand kiwifruit value chain (A.D. Mowat)
Eco-efficiency of organic and integrated kiwifruit production (K. Müller, M. Deurer, B.E. Clothier, A. Holmes)
Carbon budget of a temperate-climate vineyard - 
a green future for viticulture? (F. Meggio, A. Pitacco)
Quantifying the potential contribution of soil carbon to orchard carbon footprints (R.M. Gentile, E. Périé, K. Müller, M. Deurer, K. Mason, C. van den Dijssel, B.E. Clothier, A. Holmes, M. Hardie, S.J. McLaren)
Environmental impact of tomato production under different hydroponic systems (F.T. Tewolde, M. Takagaki, T. Oshio, T. Maruo, T. Kozai, Y. Kikuchi)

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