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XXIX International Horticultural Congress on Horticulture: Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes (IHC2014): IV International Symposium on Papaya, VIII International Pineapple Symposium, and International Symposium on Mango

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Conveners   R. Drew, M. Fitch, J. Zhu, G. Sanewski, C. Honsho 
Editors   R. Drew, M. Fitch, J. Zhu 
29 February 2016 
ISBN   978-94-62611-05-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   58 
Place   Brisbane, Australia 
Online articles:
Papaya genome analysis for disease resistance genes and molecular markers in Carica papaya and wild relative: Vasconcellea goudotiana (Y.J. Zhu, R. Jia)
Update on gene transfer biotechnology of papaya (M.M.M. Fitch)
The Hawaiian transgenic papaya story: "And the beat goes on" (D. Gonsalves)
Occurrence of phytoplasma diseases of papaya in Sri Lanka (S. Abeysinghe, W.G.S.M. Kumari, I.M.M. Arachchi, M. Dickinson)
A preliminary characterization of putative leucine-rich repeat (LRR) genes in C. papaya and V. pubescens for PRSV-P resistance (M.R. Razean Haireen, R.A. Drew)
A kinase gene potentially implicated in resistance to Papaya ringspot virus in Vasconcellea quercifolia (C. Kanchana-udomkan, R.A. Drew, R. Ford)
Protection and coexistence of conventional papaya productions with PRSV resistant transgenic papaya (T.K. Matsumoto, J.Y. Suzuki, R. Hollingsworth, L.M. Keith, S. Tripathi)
Morphological traits, growth and yield performance, and Papaya ringspot virus strain papaya reaction in Vasconcellea cauliflora in Pune, India (S.K. Sharma, V.V. Datar, S. Tripathi, A.U. Sonawane)
Papaya breeding – a conventional approach (A.J. Louw)
Double-cross: a suitable method to improve Malaysian Eksotikas (J. Sarip, P. Raveendranathan, M.R. Razean Haireen)
Mutation breeding as an effective tool for papaya improvement in South Africa (J.H. Husselman, M.S. Daneel, A.D. Sippel, A.A. Severn-Ellis)
Progress in marker-assisted breeding of papaya in Australia (U. Nantawan, C. Kanchana-udomkan, R.A. Drew)
Papaya production in India - history, present status and future prospects (S.K. Sharma, S.K. Mitra, S. Saran)
Developing local seed production systems for 'Fiji Red' papaya (K.N. Stice, L. Tora, M. Iranacolaivalu, T. Waqainabete)
Performance, character correlation, and nutritional composition of papaya (Carica papaya L.) lines in Edo State of Nigeria (T.O. Emede, B.S. Ajayo, I.P. Eduep)
Effects of salicylic acid immersion on physicochemical quality of Thai papaya fruit 'Kaek Dam' during storage (S. Promyou, S. Supapvanich)
Investigation into various fungicides and alternative solutions for controlling postharvest diseases in papaya fruit (R. Henriod, Y. Diczbalis, D. Sole, K.N. Stice, L. Tora)
Modified atmosphere packaging effects on the postharvest quality of papaya fruit (D. Sole, R. Henriod, Y. Diczbalis, K.N. Stice, L. Tora)
Developing a commercial hot water treatment to control post-harvest rots on 'Fiji Red' papaya (K.N. Stice, L. Tora, R. Henriod, Y. Diczbalis, D. Sole)
DNA polymorphism of two ß-galactosidase genes (ß-gal1 and ß-gal2) in Thai local and commercial cultivars (P. Burns, S. Nacharen, J. Siripanich, T. Chaisan, S. Wasee)
Fresh-cut papaya with lemon myrtle as a value added product (D. Liu, A. Cusack, M. Chaliha, S. Pun, K. Abberton, R. Stanley, Y. Sultanbawa)
Genetic diversity of lycopene epsilon cylase, a carotenoid synthetic gene, among Thai local and commercial papaya cultivars (P. Burns, P. Saengmanee, J. Siripanich, T. Chaisan)
Understanding papaw and papaya consumption in Australia (R.E. Roberts, C. Burns)
Bioprotection of pineapple in ecological cropping systems (A. Soler, P.A. Marie-Alphonsine, C. Corbion, P. Fernandes, N. Portal Gonzalez, R. Gonzalez, A. Repellin, S. Declerck, P. Quénéhervé)
Measuring nitrous oxide emissions from conventional and controlled release fertilisers in south-east Queensland pineapple production (Z.A. Nicholls, S.D. Price)
Leadership training and regular communication identified as key strategies for the development of the Australian pineapple industry (S.D.E. Newett)
The application of DArTseq technology to pineapple (A. Kilian, G. Sanewski, L. Ko)
Development of novel SSR markers from the genome sequence of pineapple (K. Nashima, F. Hosaka, S. Terakami, C. Nishitani, M. Kunihisa, T. Yamamoto, M. Shoda, M. Takeuchi, C. Moromizato, K. Yonamine, N. Urasaki, K. Tarora)
Evaluation of new clones of 'Josapine × 53-116' on Malaysian peat and mineral soil (M. Noorman Affendi, Z. Rozlaily)
Pineapple is a super fruit, but how much can it be consumed? (F.A. Abdul Majid, L.C. Teh, L.F. Yap, S.S. Poh, M. Mashudin, M. Abdul Gani)
Effect of wheat gluten-based edible coating and irradiation on quality of fresh-cut pineapple (L. Pilon, M.C. Tetelboim, C.R. Gallo, S.B.S. Sarmento, M.H.F. Spoto)
Physicochemical and microbiological changes in fresh-cut pineapple coated with wheat gluten and alginate (L. Pilon, M.C. Tetelboim, C.R. Gallo, S.B.S. Sarmento, M.H.F. Spoto)
Pineapple production on Dole farms in Latin America (R.A. Young)
Understanding the effects of slip pruning on pineapple fruit quality (V.N. Fassinou Hotegni, W.J.M. Lommen, E.K. Agbossou, P.C. Struik)
Evaluation of the efficacy of Eclipse® in reducing sunburn in 'Queen' pineapple of South Africa (E.C. Rabie, B.W. Mbatha)
'D' leaf and fruit characteristics in 'BRS Imperial' pineapple cultivar (D.T. Junghans, S.A. Santos Filho, D.R.M. Leal)
Pineapple plantation information system – application of geo-informatics and unmanned aerial sensing technology for efficient land use management (F. Jung-Rothenhaeusler, K. Traut, C. Gauggel, A. Brooke Smith, R. Umali)
'Pérola' pineapple growth under semi-arid climate conditions (V.M. Maia, F.S. Oliveira, R.F. Pegoraro, I. Aspiazú, M.C.T. Pereira)
Vegetative growth stages of irrigated 'Pérola' pineapple (V.M. Maia, F.S. Oliveira, R.F. Pegoraro, B.A.M. Souza, L.B. Ferreira, I. Aspiazú)
Genetic resistance to the root rot pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi in Ananas (G. Sanewski, L. Ko, J. DeFaveri, A. Kilian)
Mango production in the world – present situation and future prospect (S.K. Mitra)
Market-driven-technology-push initiative: the application of controlled environment agriculture production system for mango-on-demand (M.N. Jaafar, R. Kamaruddin, M.H. Che Mat, A.A. Nordin, R.S.M. Farook, A.Y.M. Shakaff, A. Zakaria)
Improvement of green skin Indonesian mango 'Arumanis 143' by crossing with yellow skin cultivars (T. Wardiyati, M. Roviq, S. Ashari)
Evaluation and ex situ conservation of indigenous (Naati) mango cultivars (M.R. Dinesh, K.V. Ravishankar, P. Nischita, B.S. Sandya, B. Lavanya, B. Stapit)
Development of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers from the mango (Mangifera indica) transcriptome for mapping and estimation of genetic diversity (D.N. Kuhn, N.L. Dillon, D.J. Innes, Le-Shin Wu, K. Mockaitis)
Effect of paclobutrazol soil drenching on flowering of 'Mahachanok' cultivar (R. Muengkaew, P. Chaiprasart)
Panicle emergence and harvest dates influence the maturity and quality of mango fruit (M. Amin, A.U. Malik, A.S. Khan, H.U. Asad, F. Azeem, S. Khalid, M. Shafique)
Effect of fruit position on fruit quality of 'Num Dok Mai Sithong' mango (S. Kawphaitoon, S. Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, S. Techawongstien)
3D modelling of mango fruit skin blush in the tree canopy (X. Yu, N. White, A. Lisle, S.F. Cao, Y. Zhang, D.C. Joyce, P.J. Hofman)
Response of 'Apple' mango fruit to 
1-methylcyclopropene as affected by agro-ecological zone and maturity stage (J. Ambuko, N.K. Onsongo, M.J. Hutchinson, W.O. Owino)
Indigenous weaver ants and fruit fly control in Tanzanian smallholder mango production (N. Kirkegaard, J. Offenberg, T.J. Msogoya, B.W.W. Grout)
Chemical and cultural management of die back disease of mango in Pakistan (M.T. Malik, M. Ammar, M. Ranan, A. Rehman, I.S.E. Bally)
Production locality influences postharvest disease development and quality in mangoes (M. Fiaz, A.U. Malik, M. Amin, A.S. Khan, A. Rehman, M.W. Alam, P.J. Hofman, P. Johnson)
Pre-harvest bagging and coating treatment effects on lenticel discolouration in 'B74' mango fruit (T.M. Nguyen, D.C. Joyce, M. Gupta, P.J. Hofman, A.J. Macnish, J.R. Marques)
Postharvest treatment effects on 'B74' mango fruit lenticel discolouration after irradiation (G.Q. Li, M. Gupta, A.T. San, D.C. Joyce, P.J. Hofman, A.J. Macnish, J. Marques)
γ-Irradiation effects on appearance and aroma of 'Kensington Pride' mango fruit (A.T. San, H.E. Smyth, D.C. Joyce, R. Webb, G.Q. Li, P.J. Hofman, A.J. Macnish)
Postharvest light treatments increase skin blush in mango fruit (S.F. Cao, Y. Zhang, X. Yu, C. Braun, D. Harrison, D.C. Joyce, P.J. Hofman)
Evaluation of temperature management and packaging options to reduce under-skin browning in 'Honey Gold' mango fruit (J.R. Marques, P.J. Hofman, A.J. Macnish, D.C. Joyce)

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