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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 347: II International Symposium on Integrated Fruit Production


Author:   A. Kvale
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.1993.347.58
In Norway IFP is organised by a national board in which our two grower organisations, Norges Bondelag, Norsk Bonde- og Smabrukarlag, the growers' cooperative Gartnerhallen, the Norwegian Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers Organisation and the Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Service are represented. The growers' organisations hold the majority on the committee of this national board.

On a local level IFP is organised by regional groups to which growers, local advisers and researchers have been appointed.

Integrated fruit production is not localised in certain growing areas but is spread over the major fruit producing regions of Norway.

In each region the regional committee has appointed control groups of three to six members. According to a rule made by the National Board there has to be a minimum of two advisers and one grower in a control group.

Our national guidelines are in accordance with the international IOBC guidelines. Growers who want to join the system have to sign a declaration in which the grower states his knowledge of the guidelines, his willingness to comply with the guidelines and that the control system set out in the guidelines will be accepted.

Inspection of the orchard has to be carried out twice. One inspection should be carried out during the growing season before the end of July and one at harvest. The field notebook will be inspected to see if there are any discrepancies between the findings in the orchard and the notes taken. A satisfactorily completed notebook and up-to-date records are mandatory. In case of doubt soil or fruit samples will be taken in order to check if there has been any violations if the guidelines. The samples taken will be analysed by The Norwegian State Pesticide Laboratory. Also, storage and handling practices at the storehouses will be inspected.

The certification is based on a scoring system where abuses to the rules give scores from minus 1 to minus 5. A score of minus 5 leads to exclusion. For instance, insufficient field records or use of plant protection chemicals not permitted incur a score of minus 5.

1992 will be the first year that IFP is organised in Norway. About 10% of the growers have joined the system representing about 220 hectares, or about 9% of the total acreage. However, a larger percentage of the growers are practising integrated production methods. Currently only apples and pears are produced following IFP standards.

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