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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1299: XXX International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: VII International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits, Avocado, II International Symposium on Jackfruit and Other Moraceae and II International Symposium on Date Palm

Research on adaptation of different tropical fruit species to Antalya conditions

Authors:   B. Biner, H. Gübbük, B. Dal, I. Yıldırım, D. Taşgın
Keywords:   subtropic, pitaya, passiflora, litchi, mango, quality, yield, marketing
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1299.38
All the tropical fruit consumed in Turkey has been imported with the exception of banana (partial) and avocado. Banana, pineapple, coconut, avocado and mango are major tropical fruit species among this importation. Importations of the other tropical crops are limited due to sensitivity to transport and country of origin for the products. Therefore, it is economically and scientifically necessary to start adaptation studies in suitable ecologies through production of materials these tropical species. In this study, adaptation of some guava, litchi, longan, mango, passiflora and pitaya cultivars to Antalya (Gazipaşa) conditions were investigated in between 2013 and 2016. In this research, adaptation of the species to different locations by means of; growth responses to ecological conditions, yield and quality performances and fruitmarketability were investigated. The results showed that all tested species can be grown in Gazipasa locations which represent microclimatical (warmer) conditions. Besides, pitaya and passiflora species those were superior for yield, quality, early fruiting and marketing. Guava was superior for plant adaptation but not for marketing due to the short shelf-life. In addition, taste and flavour of guava was not appealing for most of the consumers. While the taste of mango was found very appealing, plants were found to be quite sensitive to cold and sunburn in the first years of planting. Litchi has found attractive in terms of fruit taste, appearance and marketing. It was found that mango, litchi and longan trees could reach high yield in longer time. On the contrary, pitaya, passiflora and guava were bear in shorter time. In conclusion; guava, passiflora, pitaya, longan, litchi and mango species were found in adaptation respectively while mango and litchi were superior for their fruit taste; pitaya was superior for fruit color, appearance, and marketability.

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