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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1251: XXX International Horticultural Congress IHC2018: II International Symposium on Root and Tuber Crops: Value Added Crops for the Next Generation

Physical and physiological characteristics during storage at cold and ambient temperature of carrot and cenourete® cultivars

Authors:   D.V. Chaves, F.L. Zanatta, J. Karsten, F.L. Finger
Keywords:   Daucus carota, minimally processed, relative fresh weight loss, whitening index, phenolic compounds
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1251.24
The mechanical damage caused by the cut stimulates surface discoloration, dehydration and the accumulation of secondary metabolites in the carrot root, being proportional to the intensity of the cut. The objective was to characterize physical and physiological changes in three cultivars of processed and whole carrots treated with ethylene and stored at two temperatures. The cultivars 'Alvorada', 'Brasília' and 'Esplanada' were harvested and the separation of whole carrots and baby carrots type cenourete®. In each of the groups, half received application of ethylene (10 ppm for 24 h) and the other half control. Afterwards, carrots were conditioned in plastic bags and stored at 8 and 25°C for 6 days. Samples were taken at every three days for analyses of the relative fresh weight loss, whitening index and total phenolic compounds. It was observed that the application of ethylene had no marked effect on all analyzes, regardless of the storage temperature. The roots stored at room temperature lost more weight, and the loss was higher in baby carrot. Regardless of the processing or not, all the carrots exceeded the maximum fresh weight loss (8%). The baby carrot has greatly increased the values of whitening index between 0 and 3 days, independent of treatment. There was an increase in total phenolic compounds during storage, in the three cultivars and for all treatments. Application of ethylene, the concentration used did not change the physical and physiological characteristics of carrots; there were differences between storage temperatures, cenourete® and carrots; and there were differences between cultivars during storage.

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