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Effects of hydropriming and osmopriming in germinability and storability of 'Bang Chang' pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) seeds

Authors:   P. Kaewsorn, K. Chotanakoon, P. Chulaka, W. Chanprasert, J. Chunthawodtiporn
Keywords:   germination, KNO3, mean germination time, PEG, seedling growth, seed vigor
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1245.7
Commercial seedling production of ‘Bang Chang’ pepper often has problems with delayed and non-uniform germination. This study investigated the effects of hydropriming and osmopriming on germinability and storability of pepper seeds on germination uniformity. Initial seed qualities were: 7.6% seed moisture content, 52.0±2.7% germination, and 13.37±1.6 days of mean germination time (MGT). A completely randomized design with 4 replicates was used. Treatments were non-primed seeds (control), hydropriming (soaked seeds in reverse osmosis water for 8 h plus non-incubation or incubation at 20±2°C and 100% RH for 24 h), osmopriming (soaked seeds in 3% KNO3 or -1.5 MPa polyethylene glycol (PEG) 6000 for 8 h plus non-incubation or incubation for 24 h). Seeds were then dried to 7% moisture content. A standard germination test was carried out immediately after priming treatments. Seeds were kept in aluminium foil zip-lock bags at 20±2°C for 6 months in order to determine seed longevity. Germination percentage and MGT were recorded at two-month intervals for 6 months. Seeds osmoprimed with 3% KNO3 plus incubation before storage had the highest germination (83.0±1.1%), the fastest and uniform MGT (9.34±0.2 days) and highest seedling growth (plant height, stem diameter, dry weight of shoot and root) at 28 days after sowing comparing with seeds primed by other methods and control seeds (52.0±2.7%). Primed seeds maintained quality for 4 months. Seeds osmoprimed with 3% KNO3 and -1.5 MPa PEG 6000 plus incubation had germination of 78.5±1.2 and 68.0±1.4%, respectively, when compared with control seeds (48.0±2.3%). In addition, MGT of seeds osmoprimed with 3% KNO3 was faster than that of seeds osmoprimed with -1.5 MPa PEG 6000 (10.02±0.5 and 10.81±0.4 days, respectively). Thus, osmopriming with 3% KNO3 plus incubation was the best technique for improving germination, speed of germination and uniformity of ‘Bang Chang’ pepper seeds.

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