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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1244: XII International Mango Symposium

U.S. mango performance benchmark

Authors:   W. McManus, R. Muņoz, L. Ortega, M. Michel
Keywords:   mango, promotion, consumer demand, market penetration, market intensity, return-on-investment
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1244.30
Retail data are important for mango performance benchmarking because it allows one to compare years and observe trends. Mango sales data from US grocery store chains with more than $ 2 million in annual sales was collected and analyzed in 2014 and 2015. Data came from approximately 18,000 stores nationwide and represented fruit items sold in the produce department. A descriptive analysis of mango performance (volume, price, and sales) store‑1 week‑1 was conducted per region, quarter and year. Volume was measured by unit (one whole mango=one unit), price in dollars ($) per mango unit, and sales in $. Overall, retail fruit sales increased 3% in 2015. Mango sales store‑1 week‑1 increased 6% and mango contribution to the produce department increased slightly, maintaining the same position (#20) in fruit sales ranking, as in 2014. Mango volume store‑1 week‑1 increased 16% to 213 units after a decline of 13% in 2014, and the mango retail price decreased 8% to $ 0.98 each. In 2015, most sub-regions experienced mango increases in dollars and volume. The East North Central sub-region had the largest dollar increase, (13% to $ 173 mango dollars store‑1 week‑1), and the West South Central sub-region had the largest mango dollar contribution to department sales at 0.52%, up from 0.47% in 2014. The highest sub-regions, based on volume store‑1 week‑1, were West South Central, Pacific, New England and Mountain. East North Central was the sub-region with the greatest growth in volume with a 43% increase. All sub-regions except Pacific had a decline in average mango price. The West South Central sub-region had the lowest average retail price at $ 0.76 each and the Mid Atlantic sub-region had the highest average retail price at $ 1.22 per mango.

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