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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1227

International Symposium on New Technologies for Environment Control, Energy-Saving and Crop Production in Greenhouse and Plant Factory - GreenSys 2017

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Conveners   Q. Yang, W. Luo, W. Jiang 
Editors   Q. Yang, T. Li 
20 November 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-24-2 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   88 
Place   Beijing, China 
Online articles:
Sustainable crop production in greenhouses based on understanding crop physiology (L.F.M. Marcelis, E. Kaiser, A. van Westreenen, E. Heuvelink)
Innovative systems for sustainable greenhouse production (J.I. Montero, A. Antón, P. Lorenzo)
Benefits, problems and challenges of plant factories with artificial lighting (PFALs): a short review (T. Kozai)
Greenhouse and screenhouse cover materials: literature review and industry perspective (M. Teitel, H. Vitoshkin, F. Geoola, S. Karlsson, N. Stahl)
Computational fluid dynamics modelling of crop-microclimate interactions for plants under water restriction inside a greenhouse compartment (H. Bouhoun Ali, P.E. Bournet, P. Cannavo, E. Chantoiseau)
Climatisation of a closed greenhouse in the Middle East (J.B. Campen, H.F. de Zwart, M. Al Hammadi, A. Al Shrouf, M. Dawoud)
Climate control inside a greenhouse by means of a solar cooling system (G. Puglisi, G. Vox, E. Schettini, G. Morosinotto, C.A. Campiotti)
An app to quantify radiative heat loss from greenhouse crops (H.F. de Zwart, E.J. Baeza Romero, A.J. van Breugel, V. Mohammadkhani)
Green façades to enhance climate control inside buildings (E. Schettini, C.A. Campiotti, I. Blanco, G. Vox)
Computational fluid dynamics-based decision-support tool for early warning against pests and diseases in greenhouse crops (H. Fatnassi, T. Boulard, R. Suay, B. Paris, C. Poncet)
Analysis of air-temperature profile in a solar-heated greenhouse with computational fluid dynamics (E. Fitz-Rodríguez, I.L. López-Cruz, R. Salazar-Moreno, A. Rojano-Aguilar, J.E. Rosales‑Vicelis, J.H. López-Díaz)
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the wind drag force in a typical Mexican screenhouse (J. Flores-Velazquez, A. Arzeta, W. Ojeda, F. Villarreal-Guerrero)
Adapting to climate change with greenhouse technology (M. Bisbis, N. Gruda, M. Blanke)
Effect of airflow control on temperature distributions in a greenhouse with a fan-and-pad evaporative cooling system (T. Tokairin, A. Sumi, T. Kumazaki, K. Suzuki)
A preliminary study on the factors affecting the thermal performance of the solar-capillary system (L. Yue, W. Song, W. Ji, X. He)
Increase of light transmission of a Venlo-type greenhouse during winter by 10%: a design study (F. Kempkes, G.J. Swinkels, S. Hemming)
Insights into the potential of semi-closed greenhouses and future perspectives for tomato crops (V. Truffault, S. Le Quillec, E. Brajeul)
Impact of solar energy on greenhouse climate and crop production (S.A. Rao, L. Abbey, M. Khakbazan)
Characterization of air velocities near greenhouse internal mobile screens using 3D sonic anemometry (E.J. Baeza Romero, S. Hemming, A.J. van Breugel, V. Mohammadkhani, H. Jansen, F. Kempkes)
Effect of wind speed and direction on forces acting on shade nets covering orchard trees (P. Ibanez, M. Teitel, J. Tanny)
Analysis of temperature and humidity in a large-scale asymmetric plastic-covered greenhouse with a water-controlled brewed hot system (X. Hu, X. Song, J. Xiao, Y. Guo, J. Li)
Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of zucchini (Cucurbita pepo L.) cultivated in hydroponic greenhouses in the western region of Portugal (F.J. Baptista, L.L. Silva, D. Murcho)
Comparative studies of patterns of variation of daily temperature differences inside the north wall in Chinese solar greenhouses of three different designs during cold periods (Y. Yang, Y.L. Li, X.Z. Wen)
Air-circulator effects on the greenhouse environment and tomato photosynthetic parameters in a Chinese solar greenhouse (Y. Zhuang, Y. Zhang, S. Zhao, W. Song, C. Ma, X. Chen, T. Zhang)
Vertical profiles of temperature, humidity ratio and air velocity in different types of insect-proof screenhouse (M. Teitel, M. Garcia-Teruel Rguez, H. Liang, J. Tanny, S. Ozer, H. Alon)
Comparison of solar transmittance through a small single-span greenhouse covered by diffusive and clear films (M. Tamaki, T. Usui, T. Takakura)
A method to quantify the energy-saving performance of greenhouse screen materials (S. Hemming, E.J. Baeza Romero, A.J. van Breugel, V. Mohammadkhani)
Crop production and energy generation in a greenhouse integrated with semi-transparent organic photovoltaic film (K. Okada, I. Yehia, M. Teitel, M. Kacira)
A mixing-length model of screenhouse ventilation: momentum and energy fluxes (I. Seginer, V. Lukyanov, M. Neiman, S. Cohen, M. Teitel, J. Tanny)
Preliminary application of diffuse light film in a Chinese solar greenhouse (K. Zheng, S. Zhao, Q. Zhou, Y. Qu, P. Wang)
Mapping greenhouse plastic wastes in the west region of Portugal (M. Nanna, M.T. Batista, F.J. Baptista, E. Schettini, G. Vox)
A comparison of VegSyst and mod-VegSyst models in predicting dry matter, nitrogen uptake and transpiration of greenhouse-grown tomatoes (I.L. López-Cruz, A. Ruiz-García, A. Martínez-Ruiz)
Effects of prolonged water restriction on plant interactions with their environment - the case of potted ornamental crops grown in greenhouses (E. Chantoiseau, H. Bouhoun Ali, P.E. Bournet, P. Cannavo)
Simulating lettuce production in a multilayer moving gutter system (O. Körner, J.S. Pedersen, J. Jægerholm)
Dynamic temperature control strategy with a temperature drop improves responses of greenhouse tomatoes and sweet peppers to long photoperiods of supplemental lighting and saves energy (X. Hao, Y. Zhang, X. Guo, C. Little, J. Zheng)
Control of Ralstonia solanacearum in tomato hydroponics using a polyvinylidene fluoride ultrafiltration membrane (M. Itoh, Y. Iwasaki)
Effect of increasing humidity on flowering, fruit-setting and pollen characteristics of tomato under heat stress (S.S. Wang, Y.L. Li, X.Z. Wen)
Effect of low temperature and solar radiation on dry-matter production, fruit yield and emergence of malformed fruit in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) (Y. Mochizuki, H. Umeda, T. Saito, T. Higashide, Y. Iwasaki)
Production of organic potted herbs with LED supplementary lighting, organic biostimulants and silicon (M. Dorais, A. Brégard, C. Ménard, N. Zyromski, B. Dansereau, S. Pepin)
Integrated nutrient management for protected cultivation of lettuce and Chinese cabbage (S.M. Mantur, M.S. Biradar, M. Dhotre)
Horizontal and vertical hydroponic systems for strawberry production at high densities (J.A. Ramírez-Arias, U. Hernández-Ibarra, J. Pineda-Pineda, E. Fitz-Rodríguez)
Impact of heating location and mechanical ventilation on climate distribution inside a greenhouse cucumber crop (P.E. Bournet, E. Brajeul, V. Truffault, E. Chantoiseau, C. Pinoit)
Yield of two cultivars of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) in hydroponic and aquaponic systems (J. Pineda-Pineda, A. Valdez-Zamora, I. Miranda-Velázquez, J.E. Rodríguez-Pérez, J.A. Ramírez-Arias, A. Lozano-Toledano)
Culture of lily (Lilium sp.) 'Table Dance' in an aquaponic system (J. Pineda-Pineda, I. Miranda-Velázquez, J.A. Ramírez-Arias, R. Rivera-Del Rio, M. Vargas‑Hernández, V. Roldán-Guzmán, A. García-Jaimes)
Arbuscular-mycorrhiza-induced salt tolerance and resistance to Fusarium root rot in asparagus plants (S.I. Haque, Y. Matsubara)
Effect of secondary metabolites in lemon balm on anthracnose control in strawberry (Y. Hiraki, Y. Matsubara)
A new agro-industry compost as medium for growing baby-leaf lettuce in floating systems (J.A. Fernández, A. Giménez, C. Egea-Gilabert, M. Ros, J.A. Pascual)
Development of three-dimensional shape measurement technology for strawberries (M. Takahashi, H. Umeda, Y. Iwasaki, O. Koike, S. Takayama, H. Kano, Y. Honma, N. Goto, W. Sugeno, M. Yusa)
Application of a balanced sowing model for production of four fast-growing leafy vegetables in a tropical climate (R. Xiao, Z. Pang, D. Liao, B. Zhu, H. Wu, Y. He)
Developing techniques for counting strawberry flowers in movable-bench systems in a greenhouse (H. Naito, K. Yoshinaga, T. Fukatsu, S. Hayashi, S. Tsubota, S. Yamamoto)
Phytoextraction of metals by native plants from mining wastes in Zacatecas, Mexico (A.R. Ibarra-García, I.D. Barceló-Quintal, J. García-Albortante, A.L. López-Lafuente, C. González-Huecas, J.R. Quintana-Nieto, V. Mugica-Alvarez)
Impact of different rhizobial strains and reduced nitrogen supply on growth, yield and nutrient uptake in cowpea grown hydroponically (D. Savvas, G. Ntatsi, M. Vlachou, C. Vrontani, E. Rizopoulou, C. Fotiadis, A. Ropokis, A. Tampakaki)
Effects of a set of water restrictions on potted ornamental crops grown in greenhouses - influence on New Guinea impatiens quality (E. Chantoiseau, H. Bouhoun Ali, P.E. Bournet, P. Cannavo)
Current nutrient management practices and technologies used in North American greenhouse and nursery industries (Y. Zheng)
Beneficial effects of using silicon for organic greenhouse cucumber (M. Dorais, M. Thériault)
Prospects and challenges of double recirculating aquaponic systems (DRAPS) for intensive plant production (J. Suhl, D. Dannehl, L. Zechmeister, D. Baganz, W. Kloas, B. Lehmann, G. Scheibe, U. Schmidt)
Observation of root behavior in a controlled soil water retention zone (Q. Li, T. Sugihara, M. Kodaira, S. Shibusawa)
Effects of mixed corn stalk substrates on growth and photosynthesis of tomato seedlings (S. Chen, S. Song, C. Zhao, J. Zhao, Y. Li)
Rhizobacterium Bacillus subtilis reduces toxic effects of high electrical conductivity in soilless culture of lettuce (M. Seifi Kalhor, S. Aliniaeifard, M. Seif, E. Javadi, F. Bernard, T. Li, O. Lastochkina)
Assessing the effects of salinity on yield, leaf gas exchange and nutritional quality of spring greenhouse lettuce (I. Di Mola, Y. Rouphael, L. Ottaiano, L.G. Duri, M. Mori, S. De Pascale)
Influence of fertigation on growth and yield of broccoli and red cabbage under nethouse conditions (M.S. Biradar, S.M. Mantur, M. Dhotre)
Uncovering LED light effects on plant growth: new angles and perspectives - LED light for improving plant growth, nutrition and energy-use efficiency (Z. Bian, N. Jiang, S. Grundy, C. Lu)
A review on smart application of supplemental lighting in greenhouse fruiting vegetable production (X. Hao, X. Guo, J. Lanoue, Y. Zhang, R. Cao, J. Zheng, C. Little, D. Leonardos, S. Kholsa, B. Grodzinski, M. Yelton)
Changes in mineral element content of microgreens cultivated under different lighting conditions in a greenhouse (A. Brazaitytė, V. Vaštakaitė, A. Viršilė, J. Jankauskienė, G. Samuolienė, S. Sakalauskienė, A. Novičkovas, J. Miliauskienė, P. Duchovskis)
Morphology and growth of ornamental seedlings grown under supplemental light-emitting diode lighting and chemical plant-growth regulators (C.E. Collado, B.E. Whipker, R. Hernández)
The aerial environment modulates plant responses to blue light (S.N. Innes, S.B. Jakobsen, A. Niday, H. Ali, L.E. Arve, S. Torre)
Effect of supplemental far-red light with blue and red LED lamps on leaf photosynthesis, stomatal regulation and plant development of protected cultivated tomato (C. Jiang, M. Johkan, T. Maruo, M. Hohjo, S. Tsukagoshi, M. Ebihara, A. Nakaminami)
Investigating the interaction between photosynthetic photon flux density and far-red radiation in petunia seedlings under sole-source lighting (Y. Park, E.S. Runkle)
Irradiation with UV-B fluorescent bulbs suppresses strawberry powdery mildew (W. Sugeno, Y. Iwasaki, Y. Hachiya)
Transplant lettuce response to different blue:red photon flux ratios in indoor LED sole-source lighting production (H. Spalholz, R. Hernández)
Effects of using LED supplementary lighting to improve photosynthesis on growth and yield of strawberry forcing culture (N. Goto, Y. Honma, M. Yusa, W. Sugeno, Y. Iwasaki, H. Suzuki, T. Yoneda, S. Hikosaka, Y. Isigami, E. Goto)
Using radiation to enhance quality attributes of leafy vegetables: a mini-review (Q. Meng, E.S. Runkle)
Pulsed LED light increases the phytochemical level of basil microgreens (V. Vaštakaitė, A. Viršilė, A. Brazaitytė, G. Samuolienė, J. Miliauskienė, J. Jankauskienė, P. Duchovskis)
White LED light with wide wavelength spectrum promotes high-yielding and energy-saving indoor vegetable production (H. Nozue, K. Shirai, K. Kajikawa, M. Gomi, M. Nozue)
Bioponics for lettuce production in a plant factory with artificial lighting (W. Fang, H. Chung)
LED-integrated vertical aeroponic farming system for vegetable production in Singapore (J. He, L. Qin, P.K.D.T. Alahakoon, B.L.J. Chua, T.W. Choong, S.K. Lee)
Analysis of environmental uniformity in a plant factory using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis (Y. Zhang, M. Kacira)
Factors critical to plant factory performance (M.P.C.M. Krijn, R.F.M. van Elmpt, S.L. van de Voort, C.C.S. Nicole, G. van der Feltz, T. van den Bergh)
Supplemental upward LED lighting for growing romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa) in a plant factory: cost performance by light intensity and different light spectra (S. Saengtharatip, N. Lu, M. Takagaki)
Diagnosing method for plant growth using a 3D depth sensor (H. Umeda, Y. Mochizuki, T. Saito, T. Higashide, Y. Iwasaki)
A recirculated hydroponic system for strawberry nursery production in plant factories (P. Huang, R. Chen, W. Yang, W. Fang)
Supplemental lighting applied within or underneath the canopy enhances leaf photosynthesis, stomatal regulation and plant development of tomato under limiting light conditions (C. Jiang, M. Johkan, T. Hohjo, S. Tsukagoshi, M. Ebihara, A. Nakaminami, M. Maruo)
Growth and nutrient level of water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica Forssk.) in response to LED light quality in a plant factory (J. Khwankaew, D.T. Nguyen, N. Kagawa, M. Takagaki, G. Maharjan, N. Lu)
Nitrate control using LED lights (C.C.S. Nicole, J. Mooren, A. Stuks, M.P.C.M. Krijn)
LED lighting for reduced nitrate contents in green vegetables (A. Viršilė, A. Brazaitytė, S. Sakalauskienė, J. Jankauskienė, J. Miliauskienė, V. Vaštakaitė)
Greenhouse vapour pressure deficit and lighting conditions during growth can influence postharvest quality through the functioning of stomata (S. Aliniaeifard, U. van Meeteren)
Influence of irrigation regimes and fertigation levels on fruit yield and quality of polyhouse-grown bell pepper (M. Dhotre, S.M. Mantur, M.S. Biradar)
Nutritional quality of hydroponically grown basil in response to salinity and growing season (Y. Rouphael, M. Giordano, A. Pannico, E. Di Stasio, G. Raimondi, C. El-Nakhel, I. Di Mola, M. Mori, S. De Pascale)

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