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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1220

VI International Chestnut Symposium

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Convener   U. Serdar 
Editors   U. Serdar, H. Çelik 
1 November 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-17-4 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   32 
Place   Samsun, Turkey 
Online articles:
Ex situ conservation and characterization of the genetic diversity of Castanea spp. (M.G. Mellano, D. Torello-Marinoni, P. Boccacci, D. Donno, A.K. Cerutti, G.L. Beccaro)
Progress in chestnut breeding at the Institute of Fruit Tree and Tea Science, NARO, Japan (T. Saito, H. Kato, N. Takada, S. Nishio)
Classification of chestnut genotypes (Castanea sativa Mill.) by morphological traits (S.Z. Bostan, F. Üçkardeş, S. Koç Guler)
Development of a genetic linkage map for molecular breeding of chestnut (D. Torello-Marinoni, S. Nishio, E. Portis, N. Valentini, C. Sartor, F. Dini, P. Ruffa, S. Oglietti, G. Martino, A. Akkak, R. Botta)
Evaluation of chestnut genotypes from Düzce vicinity, Turkey (H. Zenginbal, U. Ertürk, M.B. Koşar, D. Ahı)
Evaluation of the descriptive characteristics of chestnut (U. Serdar, G. Bounous, U. Ertürk, B. Akyuz, D.W. Fulbright)
Molecular studies conducted in chestnut (B. Özdemir, Y. Okay)
Perspective chestnut elites obtained at UCV-SCDP Vâlcea (M. Botu, G. Achim, A. Scutelnicu, D. Chira, I. Manthos, A. Stancu)
Selection of chestnut (Castanea sativa MILL.) genotypes in İnegöl County (Bursa province, Turkey) (Z. Bilgen, S.Z. Bostan)
Some chestnut interspecific hybrids from Turkey (I. Macit, U. Serdar, E. Er, B. Akyuz)
Studies to determine phenology and pollination in the European × Japanese hybrid 'Colossal' in Michigan orchards (C. Medina Mora, A.M. Jarosz, D.W. Fulbright)
Diversity of fungi occurring in the bark of Castanea sativa in Azerbaijan (D.N. Aghayeva, D. Rigling, J.B. Meyer, E. Mustafabeyli)
Grading of blight resistance in different chestnut accessions (M. Bolvanskı, J. Pa¿itnı, K. Adamčíková)
Mechanical harvesting of sweet chestnut pruning residues: proposal of sustainable method promoting the establishment of Torymus sinensis (M. Pagano, M. Fedrizzi, M. Guerrieri, R. Tomasone, C. Cedrola, G. Sperandio, A. Acampora, D. Pochi)
Seasonal fluctuations of goat moth (Cossus cossus L.) in chestnut orchards in İzmir and Manisa, Turkey (C. Kaplan, T. Turanlı)
Studies on release methods of Torymus sinensis (Hymenoptera: Torymidae), parasitoid of Dryocosmus kuriphilus Yasumatsu), into Turkey from Italy (M. Doğanlar, K. Senan Savaş)
Testing chestnut hybrids for resistance to Cryphonectria parasitica (D. Chira, R. Teodorescu, C. Mantale, F. Chira, G. Isaia, G. Achim, A. Scutelnicu, M. Botu)
A multidisciplinary and multiscale interpretative model to plan and manage traditional chestnut landscape in Italy (M.G. Mellano, P. Gullino, F. Larcher, G.L. Beccaro)
Allometric equations for predicting mineralomass in high-forest chestnut stands in Portugal (M.S. Patrício, M. Tomé)
Chestnut R&D Centre, Piemonte (Italy): 10 years of activity (G.L. Beccaro, A. Alma, P. Gonthier, M.G. Mellano, C. Ferracini, L. Giordano, G. Lione, D. Donno, I. Boni, A. Ebone, E. Raina, M. Rocca, G. Bounous)
Early grafting of chestnut by green grafting (B. Cuenca, F.J. Lario, L. Luquero, L. Ocaña, M. Mandujano)
Effects of different substrates on the germination and growth performance of chestnut nursery trees (E. Ertan, G. Alkan)
Establishing a successful chestnut industry in Michigan: some problem solving strategies (D.W. Fulbright, M. Mandujano, C. Medina Mora, E. Lizotte, D.E. Guyer, I.R. Donis-González, A.M. Jarosz, J.C. Springer, R. Blackwell)
Increasing chestnut resilience to climate change with innovative management practices (J. Gomes-Laranjo, L.-T. Dinis, T. Marques, M. Mota, A. Carvalho, T. Pinto, R. Anjos, L. Martins, G. Marques, M.J. Gaspar, M. Gonzalez Pereira, F. Raimundo, J. Ferreira-Cardoso)
Photomixotropic and photoautotrophic micropropagation of Phytophthora resistant chestnut genotypes using liquid media (A. Aldrey, B. Blanco, B. Bogo, B. Cuenca, C. Sánchez, L. Luquero, L. Ocaña, M. Mandujano, N. Vidal)
The effect of irrigation on chestnut physiology and production (Castanea sativa) (M. Mota, T. Marques, T. Pinto, F. Raimundo, A. Borges, J. Caço, J. Gomes-Laranjo)
A gluten-free food: tarhana with chestnut (I. Koca, V.A. Yilmaz, B. Tekguler)
Analysis of volatile compounds in chestnut using solid-phase microextraction coupled with GC-MS (I. Mujić, J. Zivković, V. Savić, V. Alibabić, M. Staver, T. Jug, M. Franić, K. Damijanić)
Chestnut in beer production: applicability and effect on beer quality parameters (N. Velić, I. Mujić, V. Krstanović, D. Velić, M. Franić, S. Zec Sombol, K. Mastanjević)
Genotype influence on chemical composition and sensory traits of chestnut in 18 cultivars grown on the same rootstock and at the same agronomic conditions (M. De Biaggi, S. Rapalino, D. Donno, M.G. Mellano, G.L. Beccaro)
Optimization of drying parameters for chestnut fruits using central composite design (I. Koca, V.A. Yilmaz, I.H. Odabas, B. Tekguler)
Some physical, chemical and antioxidant properties of chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) honey produced in Turkey (I. Koca, B. Tekguler, B. Turkyilmaz, B. Tasci)

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