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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1217

VIII International Symposium on Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops

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Conveners   M. Tagliavini, S. Cesco 
Editors   T. Mimmo, Y. Pii, F. Scandellari 
31 October 2018 
ISBN   978-94-62612-14-3 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   59 
Place   Bolzano, Italy 
Online articles:
Building resilience: future directions in mineral nutrition of woody perennial crops (D. Neilsen, G. Neilsen, T. Forge)
Nutrient availability in the rhizosphere: a review (T. Mimmo, Y. Pii, F. Valentinuzzi, S. Astolfi, N. Lehto, B. Robinson, G. Brunetto, R. Terzano, S. Cesco)
Breeding apple rootstocks for modulation of mineral nutrients in scions (G. Fazio, L. Cheng, J. Lordan, P. Francescatto, M.A. Grusak, T.L. Robinson)
Effects of compost made from pruned pear trees on the fruit, soil nutrients and microorganisms in pear orchards (N.W. Zhang, P. Zhao, H.X. Li, M.X. Zhao, C.X. Dong, Y.C. Xu)
Impact of reduced post-veraison leaf area on the relationship between petiole and fruit composition (G.C. Rossouw, J.P. Smith, B.P. Holzapfel)
Uptake efficiency and internal allocation of nitrogen in apple trees (M. Morris, N.D. Swarts, C. Dietz, D.C. Close)
Evaluating the efficacy of a preharvest combination of calcium and boron as foliar application to reduce sunburn on 'Cripps Pink' apples (E. Lötze, S. Daiber, S.J.E. Midgley)
Effect of soil P addition on growth, nutritional status and photosynthesis of potted grapevine plants grown under soil copper excess (E. Baldi, A. Miotto, G. Sorrenti, M. Quartieri, G. Brunetto, C.A. Ceretta, M. Toselli)
Peach rootstock tolerance to excess zinc in sandy acidic soil (G. Brunetto, T.L. Tiecher, R.K. Hammerschmitt, D.B. Facco, P.A.A. Ferreira, L. De Conti, L.O.S. Silva, N.A. Mayer, L.E.C. Antunes, S. Cesco, T. Mimmo)
Absorption of foliar applied micronutrients by apple leaves (G. Kurešová, A. Neumannová, P. Svoboda)
Black oats (Avena strigosa Schreb) solubilize rock phosphate and provide phosphorus to the successive crop, grapevine (Vitis labrusca L. 'Red Niagara') (G.W. Melo, J.A. Morais Neto, D.R. Borba, H. Iwamoto, K.P.C. Ozelame, J.L. Vieira, J. Zalamena, A. Nascimento Junior)
Differences in macronutrient uptake by apple rootstocks M9, M27 and MM106 (G. Kurešová, A. Neumannová, I. Raimanová)
Effect of nitrogen rates on 'Western' pecan tree development (J.H. Núńez-Moreno, J. Walworth, A. Pond, M. Kilby)
Effects of soil pH on the root growth of passion fruit and the mechanism of mineral uptake (S. Niwayama, H. Higuchi)
Growth evaluation and anatomical root structure of Campomanesia pubescens (Mart. ex DC.) O. Berg (Myrtaceae) under different concentrations of aluminum (E.V.E.J. Amaral, J.F. Sales, J.F.N. Pinto, L.C.S. Barbosa, E.F. Reis, S.C. Vasconcelos-Filho)
Induction and regression of early boron deficiency in grapevine in hydroponics: macro- versus micro-scale symptomatology (P. Ermacora, M. Contin, R. Musetti, A. Loschi, S. Borselli, G. Tarquini, L. Grizzo, R. Osler)
Influence of PRD and mulching on nutrient contents of raspberry (K. Lepaja, E. Kullaj, L. Lepaja, N. Krasniqi)
Influence of soil organic matter content on leaf minerals, fruit quality, and soil chemical properties in 'Gamhong'/M.9 apple orchard (S.E. Lee, J.M. Park, B.N. Chung, P.H. Yi, G. Selvakumar)
Influence of the magnesium content in apple leaves photosynthetic capacity (V. Blackhall, M. Curetti, G.A. Orioli, G.M. Colavita)
Interrelation of plant nutrients of strawberry leaf samples under Mediterranean climate condition (M.A. Sar, S. Paydaş Kargı, G. Nogay, Ş.H. Attar)
Long term response on nutrient contents at harvest and stored in cellar in young pear trees affected by regulated deficit irrigation (L. Lepaja, E. Kullaj, K. Lepaja, A. Zajmi)
Mycorrhizal species significantly increase citrus yield and nutrient concentration under field conditions (I. Ortas)
Photosynthesis and growth of young grapevines intercropped with native grasses in soils contaminated with copper (L. De Conti, G.W. Melo, C.A. Ceretta, C.P. Tarouco, A.C.R. Marques, F.T. Nicoloso, A. Tassinari, T.L. Tiecher, S. Cesco, T. Mimmo, G. Brunetto)
Response of peaches to fertilizer application and nutrient use efficiency in Bulgaria (I. Manolov, A. Yordanov, M. Apostolova, M. Nikolova, B. Stalev, H. Kirova)
The use of the 15N stable isotope technique to improve the management of nitrogen nutrition of fruit trees - a mini review (F. Scandellari, M. Tagliavini)
Using the nitrification inhibitor DMPP to enhance uptake efficiency in a fertigated peach orchard plantation (J.M. Villar, M. Pascual, A. Arbonés, M. Vilarrasa, J. Rufat)
Olive fertilization under intensive cultivation management (R. Erel, Y. Yermiyhu, A. Ben-Gal, A. Dag)
Effects of potassium nutrition on fruit yield and quality of 'Maltaise' citrus (Citrus sinensis L.) (M. Ben Mimoun, s. Dbara, k. Lahmar, m. Marchand)
The effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on the growth and quality of strawberries (Y. Pii, H. Graf, F. Valentinuzzi, S. Cesco, T. Mimmo)
Multiyear field trials to balance the nutrition of nitrogen and potassium for 'Conference' pear (A. Gomand, J. Vercammen, V. Siongers, D. Bylemans)
Cover crops effects on grape yield and yield quality, and soil nitrate concentration in three vineyards in Ontario, Canada (M. Sharifi, K. Carter, S. Baker, A. Verhallen, D. Nemeth)
Restoration of soil fertility and management of mineral nutrition in a peach orchard under a sustainable farming system in semi-arid conditions (A.N. Mininni, B. Dichio, S. Pascazio, C. Fausto, C. Crecchio, A. Sofo, C. Xiloyannis)
Uptake of nitrogen by cocoa (Theobroma cocoa L.) trees derived from soil decomposition of gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium Jacq.) shoots (J.S. Kaba, S. Zerbe, D. Zanotelli, A.A. Abunyewa, M. Tagliavini)
Role of mycorrhizae on mineral nutrition of fruit trees (I. Ortas)
Apple root systems for organic orchards: what might be the contribution of the rootstock? (D. Atkinson)
Vine performance and wine composition of 'Chardonnay' in relation to organic soil amendment in Mediterranean environment (L. Tarricone, D. Di Gennaro, G. Debiase, A.M. Amendolagine, G. Gentilesco, G. Masi)
Fertilization strategies to increase nitrogen content in organic apple trees in the flowering period (E. Vangdal, A. Koort)
Assessment of silicon biofortification and its effect on the content of bioactive compounds in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa 'Elsanta') fruits (F. Valentinuzzi, K. Cologna, Y. Pii, T. Mimmo, S. Cesco)
Comparison of animal bone biochar and plant based biochar in strawberry production (D. Koron, L. Lavrič, E. Someus)
Conifer wood biochar as growing medium for citrus nursery (G. Roccuzzo, P. Caruso, M.P. Russo, M. Allegra, B. Torrisi, F. Stagno, G. Fascella, F. Ferlito)
Contribution from vermicompost to trace element uptake in Capsicum baccatum L. var. pendulum grown under organic management at La Molina, Peru (P. Gutierrez, R. Vega, S. García, A. Casas)
Discriminant analysis in the selection of groups of peach cultivars (G.W. Melo, D.E. Rozane, G. Brunetto, D.S. Lattuada)
Effect of fertigation on yield and fruit quality of apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) in high-density orchards on chernozems in Central Russia (A.I. Kuzin, Yu.V. Trunov, A.V. Solovyev)
Relationship between internal breakdown and mineral nutrition in the flesh of 'Keitt' mango (X. Ma, Q. Yao, H. Ma, H. Wu, Y. Zhou, S. Wang)
Effect of potassium fertilizer, either KNO3, K2SO4 or KCl, in a saline fertigation solution on the growth of Medjool date palm plants pot-grown in river sand or river sand/calcium carbonate (S.A. Oosthuyse)
Leaf iron concentration of 'Kabarla' strawberry under various irrigation levels and a biostimulant application (M.A. Sarıdaş, B. Kapur, E. Celiktopuz, S. Paydaş Kargı)
Effects of N-fertilization and rootstocks on the performance of 'Red Delicious' Spur apple trees (M. Thalheimer, N. Paoli)
Foliar application of potassium-based fertilizer improves strawberry fruit quality (F. Valentinuzzi, M. Maver, S. Fontanari, D. Mott, G. Savini, R. Tiziani, Y. Pii, T. Mimmo, S. Cesco)
Influence of foliar application of calcium on physiological disorders in two apple cultivars (V. Pole, E. Rubauskis, I. Missa)
Influence of fertilization on growth and generative parameters of two short day strawberry cultivars grown in substrate, and evaluation of analysing tools for leaf nitrate and potassium (R. Nestby, T.L. Woznicki, A. Sřnsteby)
Influence of soil type on nutrients status of highbush blueberry leaves in Latvia (A. Osvalde, A. Karlsons, G. Cekstere, J. Pormale, J. Apse)
Potassium-calcium ratio of the nutrient solution: implications for fruit quality in June-bearing and day-neutral strawberry cultivars (N. Gallace, P. Lieten)
Sources and doses of fertilizers affect foliar and fruit mineral composition of 'Daiane' apples (L. Hahn, C. Basso, L.C. Argenta, M.J. Vieira)
The effect of foliar fertilization with sulphur on changes in mineral composition of leaves and fruits of Malus × domestica 'Gloster' (H. Belikova, T. Losak, M. Mezsaros, P. Conka)
Identification of the critical levels, sufficiency ranges and potential response to nutrient fertilization in vineyards by the DRIS method (G.W. Melo, D.E. Rozane, G. Brunetto)
Management of water and nutrient through fertigation and the impact of rootstock to optimize yield and maximize quality in apples (E. Fallahi, D. Neilsen)
Experiences with autumn fertilization in berry crops (T.L. Woznicki, O.M. Heide, A. Sřnsteby)
Quantity and quality of production, partitioning of dry matter and of mineral nutrients in apple trees subjected to four-year different fertilization strategies (D. Porro, S. Pedň, J. Pasqualini, D. Bertoldi)
Professor Dr. hab. Andrzej Witold Sadowski - memorial lecture (G. Neilsen, D. Wrona, D. Atkinson)

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