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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1160

X International Symposium on Modelling in Fruit Research and Orchard Management

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Convener   E. Costes 
Editor   E. Costes 
10 May 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-56-6 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   58 
Place   Montpellier, France 
Online articles:
Tree crown parameters assessment using 3D photo reconstruction as a tool for selection in olive breeding programs (L. León, R.A. Díaz-Varela, P.J. Zarco-Tejada, R. de la Rosa)
HortShape: a tool for generating 3D geometrical models of horticultural products (S. Rogge, T. Defraeye, M. van Dael, P. Verboven, B.M. Nicolaï)
Reconstructing three-dimensional oil palm architecture from allometric relationships (R. Perez, B. Pallas, S. Griffon, H. Rey, J.P. Caliman, G. Le Moguédec, J. Dauzat, E. Costes)
A 3D digitizing tool to determine fruit quality distribution within the canopy (N. Dallabetta, F. Costa, M. Giordan, A. Guerra, J. Pasqualini, R. Wehrens, G. Costa)
Combining 3D digitizing data and architectural modelling to simulate shoot growth and geometry in apple (B. Pallas, J. Ngao, M. Saudreau, E. Costes)
A design pattern in XL for implementing multiscale models, demonstrated with a fruit tree simulator (W. Kurth, Y. Ong)
The L-ALMOND model: a functional-structural virtual tree model of almond tree architectural growth, carbohydrate dynamics over multiple years (T.M. DeJong, D. Da Silva, C. Negron, M. Cieslak, P. Prusinkiewicz)
IMapple: a source-sink developmental model for 'Golden Delicious' apple trees (M. Fi¿er, J. Ravi, B. Benes, B. Shi, P. Hirst)
Coupling the functional-structural plant models MAppleT and QualiTree to simulate carbon allocation and growth variability of apple trees (B. Pallas, D. Da Silva, Weiwei Yang, O. Guillaume, P.-E. Lauri, G. Vercambre, P. Valsesia, Mingyu Han, M. Génard, E. Costes)
Modeling developmental growth stages in mango on the basis of absolute vs. relative growth rates (A. Dambreville, F. Normand, P.-E. Lauri, Y. Guédon)
Modeling final leaf length as a function of carbon availability during the elongation period (I. Auzmendi, J. Hanan, D. Da Silva, R. Favreau, T.M. DeJong)
The role of structural and temporal factors in the architectural development of the mango tree: evidences from simulation (F. Boudon, A. Jestin, A.-S. Briand, P. Fernique, P.-E. Lauri, A. Dambreville, Y. Guédon, I. Grechi, F. Normand)
Morphological descriptors for studying the entry into the first-flowering of Olea europaea L. (A. Mezghani, I. Laaribi, B. Gaaliche, M. Mars, H. Gouta, I. Zouari, F. Labidi)
Relationships between flower position, shoot structure and fertility for the main Tunisian almond cultivar 'Achaak' (H. Gouta, A. Mezghani, A. Daynouni, F. Labidi, A. Bouaza, A. Tej, M. Gouiaa)
A multi-scale pipeline for reproducible analyses of tomato leaf expansion and its plasticity (G. Koch, A. Dambreville, G. Rolland, N. Bertin, C. Granier)
Effect of root pruning on vegetative-reproductive balance of young olive trees (E.M. Lodolini, S. Polverigiani, F. Paolasini, G. Evangelista, A. Tarragoni, D. Neri)
Reproductive patterns of 1-year-old mixed shoots in different olive cultivars in Central Italy (E.M. Lodolini, A. Tarragoni, T. Cioccolanti, F. Massetani, L. Pollastri, D. Neri)
Architectural characteristics of six olive cultivars with respect to their suitability for high density orchards (E.M. Lodolini, A. Tarragoni, T. Cioccolanti, L. Pollastri, D. Neri)
Analysis of bearing and branching behavior of two apricot cultivars (M. Mészáros, Y. Guédon, B. Kr¿ka, E. Costes)
Modelling of pruning technique effects on branch architecture and subsequent year shoot flowering in hazelnut (S. Tombesi, D. Farinelli)
Effect of soil and land factors on olive (Olea europaea L.) yield and oil concentration in a rainfed Mediterranean system (A. Tubeileh, F. Turkelboom, M. Abdeen, K. Sultan-Tubeileh, S. Alam-Eldein)
Effect of foliar fertilization on flowering of Olea europaea L. 'Chemlali' (I. Zouari, A. Mezghani, F. Labidi, A. Ben Diab, F. Attia, B. Mechri, M. Hammami)
Patterns of vegetative growth and reproductive behavior of two olive cultivars 'Koroneiki' and 'Chemlali' with different crop loads (A. Mezghani, H. Gouta, I. Zouari, I. Laaribi, F. Labidi, K. Annabi, M. Ghribi, A. Bouaza)
Recent innovations in the implementation and management of the hazelnut orchards in Italy (V. Cristofori, E. Blasi, B. Pancino, R. Stelliferi, M. Lazzari)
Organs topology in strawberry plants depending on different nursery systems (F. Massetani, F. Pica, D. Neri)
Modeling spring phenology and chilling requirements using the chill overlap framework (K.S. Pope, T.M. DeJong)
Using several flowering phenology models to statistically determine 'Cripps Pink' apple chilling requirement (R. Darbyshire, I. Goodwin, K.S. Pope)
Sequential modeling to understand and predict differentiated flowering time responses to warming in apple tree in contrasting climatic regions (G. Malagi, A. El Yaacoubi, I. Citadin, M. Bonhomme, I. Farrera, J.L. Regnard, J.M. Legave)
Modeling apple bloom phenology (B. Chaves, M.R. Salazar, T. Schmidt, N. Dasgupta, G. Hoogenboom)
Modelling changing suitability for tree fruits in complex terrain (D. Neilsen, S. Smith, G. Bourgeois, B. Qian, A. Cannon, G. Neilsen, I. Losso)
Statistical analysis of trends in sweet cherry flowering data across Europe (B. Wenden, M. Mariadassou, J.A. Campoy, J. Quero-Garcia, E. Dirlewanger)
Different thermal conditions during ecodormancy in Japanese pear affect floral bud necrosis, water and carbohydrate dynamics (H.M. Horikoshi, Y. Sekozawa, S. Sugaya, R.R. Yamamoto, F.G. Herter)
Do olive vegetative buds undergo a real dormant state in winter? (A. López-Bernal, F.J. Villalobos, O. García-Tejera, L. Testi, F. Orgaz)
Flowering and heat requirements of four olive cultivars grown in the south of Tunisia (I. Zouari, A. Mezghani, F. Labidi)
Effects of light availability and training systems on apple fruit quality (N. Dallabetta, F. Costa, A. Guerra, J. Pasqualini, M. Giordan, R. Zorer, R. Wehrens, E. George, E. Magnanini, G. Costa)
Light interception characteristics estimated from three-dimensional virtual plants for two apple cultivars and influenced by combinations of rootstocks and tree architecture in Loess Plateau of China (Weiwei Yang, Xilong Chen, Manrang Zhang, Chenxi Gao, Hangkong Liu, M. Saudreau, E. Costes, Mingyu Han)
Physical modeling of leaf wetness duration at the tree scale: considering leaf properties and tree architecture to estimate water interception (A. Leca, B. Boissonnier, V. Joubert, V. Philion)
Orchard level simulation of fruit tree light interception (Liqi Han, J. Hanan, E. Costes)
Carbon transport revisited: a novel approach for solving quasi-stationary carbon transport in a system with Michaelis-Menten sources and sinks (A.N. Seleznyova, J. Hanan)
Modelling water use of subtropical fruit crops: the challenges (N.J. Taylor, J.G. Annandale, J.T. Vahrmeijer, N.A. Ibraimo, W. Mahohoma, M.B. Gush, R.G. Allen)
A multi-scale model to explore carbon allocation in plants (F. Reyes, D. Gianelle, B. Pallas, E. Costes, C. Pradal, M. Tagliavini, D. Zanotelli)
Elements for a model of carbon transport from sources to sinks within the carrier branch of apple (E.B. Bairam, J. Fanwoua, M. Delaire, C. Le Morvan, G.H. Buck-Sorlin)
How many insects can a great tit population prey on in apple organic orchards? A modelling bioenergetics study (M. Génard, J.C. Bouvier, T. Delattre, C. Lavigne, F. Lescourret, J.F. Toubon, T. Boivin)
Modelling the impact of an insecticide treatment on codling moth populations (D. Cormier, F. Pelletier, G. Chouinard, F. Vanoosthuyse, R. Joannin)
Environmental and economic benefits of the pre-harvest fruit bagging technique: trade-off evaluation in a Mediterranean area (E. Blasi, B. Pancino, N. Passeri, S. Franco)
Modeling the development of transport structures in apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) fruit using X-ray micro-computed tomography (µCT) (D. Cantre, E. Herremans, P. Verboven, M.L.A.T.M. Hertog, M. van Dael, T. De Schryver, L. Van Hoorebeke, B.M. Nicolaï)
A 3D fruit tissue growth algorithm based on cell biomechanics (M.K. Abera, W.A. Aregawi, P. Verboven, B.M. Nicolaï)
Modeling fruit growth of apple (B. Chaves, M.R. Salazar, T. Schmidt, N. Dasgupta, G. Hoogenboom)
Impact assessment of global warming on past changes in coloring of grape berry skins by using a model for estimating berry skin coloring (T. Sugiura, D. Sakamoto, Y. Koshita, H. Sugiura, S. Konno)
Characterization of citrus peel maturation: multivariate and multiple regression analyses (S. Alam-Eldein, G. Albrigo, R. Rouseff, A. Tubeileh)
Peach cell number and size is affected by crop load and cultivar (G.L. Reighard, F.B.M. Souza, R. Pio)
A kinetic model of sugar metabolism allows the simulation of sugar concentrations and their genetic variability during peach fruit growth (E. Desnoues, M. Génard, V. Baldazzi, B. Quilot-Turion)
A biophysical model of fruit development with distinct apoplasmic and symplasmic pathways (A.J. Hall, P.E.H. Minchin, N. Gould, M.J. Clearwater)
Mathematic model for simulating anthocyanin composition during grape ripening: another way of phenotyping (Zhanwu Dai, G. Hilbert, E. Gomès, N. Bobeica, S. Poni, M. Génard, S. Delrot)
Determination of the best 24-eBL application for the accumulation of antioxidant compounds in 'Alphonse Lavallée' grape cultivar by using fuzzy logic modelling (T. Yiğit, A. Şahiner, N.G. Baydar, Z. Babalık, T. Demirci)
Effects of irrigation on yield and oil quality of different olive cultivars grown in semi-arid conditions of Tunisia (A. Mezghani, H. Gouta, A. Sahli, F. Labidi, I. Zouari, I. Laaribi, N. Kammoun)
Flower development and timing of avocado (Persea americana) growing under Tunisian conditions (M.K. Aounallah, S.B.M. Hammami, R. Farah, A. Sahli, T. Bettaieb)
Effect of partial rootzone drying on growth, yield and fruit quality of 'Starkrimson' apple cultivar (Malus domestica Borkh) (M. Ben Messaouda, M.K. Aounallah, S. Hammami, T. Bettaieb, A. Sahli)

ISBN-13: 9789462611566

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