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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1156

VIII International Strawberry Symposium

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Conveners   Y. Desjardins, A. Gosselin 
Editor   Y. Desjardins 
20 April 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-52-8 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   140 
Place   Québec City, Canada 
Online articles:
Advances in strawberry breeding at the University of Florida (V.M. Whitaker, S. Lee, L.F. Osorio, S. Verma, J.A. Roach, J. Mangandi, Y.-H. Noh, S. Gezan, N. Peres)
The current progress in strawberry breeding in China (Y. Zhang, G. Wang, J. Dong, C. Zhong, L. Chang, H. Zhang)
Genomics tools available for unravelling mechanisms underlying agronomical traits in strawberry with more to come (B. Denoyes, I. Amaya, A. Liston, J. Tennessen, T.-L. Ashman, V.M. Whitaker, T. Hytönen, E. van de Weg, S. Osorio, K.M. Folta, J. Slovin, R.J. Harrison, A. Monfort, N.V. Bassil)
Lessons learned from DNA-based tool development and use in a genebank (N.V. Bassil, K.E. Hummer, C.E. Finn)
The Fragaria species native to China and their geographical distribution (J.J. Lei, L. Xue, R.X. Guo, H.P. Dai)
Breeding F1 hybrid day-neutral strawberries in eastern North America (A. Dale, B.M. Santos, C.K. Chandler, B.R. Hughes, T. Taghavi)
‘Yotsuboshi’, a new F1 hybrid strawberry of seed propagation type for year-round production (T. Mochizuki, T. Mori, J. Kohori, H. Kitamura, T. Inokuchi, I. Kato, K. Sone, M. Ishikawa, F. Maeda, M. Fukami, S. Isobe, S. Sato)
Domestication effects in European breeding history of strawberry demonstrated by aroma compound pattern (K. Olbricht, D. Ulrich)
Progress in strawberry breeding at NIAB-EMR, East Malling, UK (A.B. Whitehouse, D.W. Simpson, A.W. Johnson, K.J. McLeary, A.J. Passey, C.F. Nellist, H. Bates, R.J. Harrison)
Development and evaluation of the Axiom® IStraw35 384HT array for the allo-octoploid cultivated strawberry Fragaria ×ananassa (S. Verma, N.V. Bassil, E. van de Weg, R.J. Harrison, A. Monfort, J.M. Hidalgo, I. Amaya, B. Denoyes, L. Mahoney, T.M. Davis, Z. Fan, S. Knapp, V.M. Whitaker)
Molecular approaches for monitoring clonal fidelity and epigenetic variation in in vitro-derived strawberry plants (S.C. Debnath)
A high-throughput genotyping system combining rapid DNA extraction and high-resolution melting analysis in allo-octoploid strawberry (S. Lee, Y.-H. Noh, J.A. Roach, J. Mangandi, S. Verma, V.M. Whitaker, K.R. Cearley)
Functional analyses of cultivated strawberry FT and TFL1 homologs (K. Koembuoy, R. Nakajima, S. Otagaki, T. Kurokura, H. Takahashi, M. Nakazono, K. Shiratake, S. Matsumoto)
Studies on diversity of wild Fragaria species in Yunnan, China (J. Wang, H.M. Yu, W.J. Cai, M.Z. Zhao)
Seeking the northern boundary of the Cascade strawberry (K.E. Hummer, T.M. Davis)
Morphological analysis of Fragaria chiloensis accessions and their relationship as parents of F. × ananassa hybrid (M. Gambardella, S. Sanchez, J. Grez)
Current strawberry programmes at the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (Y. Zhang, G. Wang, J. Dong, C. Zhong, L. Chang, H. Zhang)
A new strawberry cultivar ‘Zijin Jiuhong’ (M.Z. Zhao, Z.W. Wang, H.M. Yu, Q.L. Wang, W.J. Cai)
Strawberry shape: phenotypic variation in length and width (A.R. Jamieson)
Two new pink-flowered strawberry cultivars ‘Sijihong’ and ‘Xiaotaohong’ (L. Xue, J.J. Lei, H.P. Dai)
Cultivars developed in the strawberry breeding program of Fresas Nuevos Materiales S.A. (A. Refoyo, J.M. Arenas)
Verification of linkage group using PRINS labeling technique in cultivated strawberry (K. Tantivit, S. Isobe, P. Nathewet, N. Okuda, T. Yanagi)
Advances in strawberry breeding in Mexico: genotypes selection with high productivity, good fruit quality, and tolerance to the local viral complex and Fusarium oxysporum (P.A. Dávalos-González, A.E. Jofre-Garfias, L.F. Díaz-Espino, L.A. Mariscal-Amaro, M.G. López-Pérez)
New strawberry cultivars and breeding activities in Brazil (A.F. Fagherazzi, A.J. Bortolini, D.S. Zanin, L. Bisol, A.M. Dos Santos, F. Grimaldi, A.A. Kretzschmar, G. Baruzzi, W. Faedi, P. Lucchi, L. Rufato)
Characterization of strawberry cultivars by SSR and CAPS markers (S. Günaydın, S. Kafkas)
Updates on Italian strawberry breeding programs coordinated by CREA-FRF (G. Baruzzi, L. Ballini, G. Baroni, M. Birolli, G. Capriolo, A. Carullo, F. D¿Anna, M. Funaro, P. Lucchi, S. Magnani, M.L. Maltoni, P. Sbrighi, P. Turci, W. Faedi)
'Malling Centenary', a short-day strawberry cultivar from NIAB-EMR (A.B. Whitehouse, D.W. Simpson, A.W. Johnson, K.J. McLeary, A.J. Passey, S.W. Troop)
A new strawberry cultivar 'Shimei 8' (L. Yang, L. Li, L. Yang, J.-J. Zhang, H. Dong)
Irrigation management based on soil matric potential improves water use efficiency of field-grown strawberries in California (L. Gendron, G. Létourneau, C. Depardieu, L. Anderson, G. Sauvageau, R. Levallois, J. Caron)
Vigorous strawberry lines developed from recurrent selection under forcing culture (S. Kataoka, Y. Noguchi)
Fragaria viridis Weston: diversity and breeding potential of an underutilised strawberry species (P. Gruner, D. Ulrich, C. Neinhuis, K. Olbricht)
Fragaria germplasm: the "Professor Staudt Collection" (K. Olbricht)
Fruit diversity in a natural European habitat of Fragaria moschata Weston (S.S. Lesemann, N. Bölke, C.E. Tejeda Fernández, S. Buschmann, U. Gerischer, C. Neinhuis, V. Herklotz, C.M. Ritz, K. Olbricht)
Electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution: implications for flowering and yield in day-neutral cultivars (N. Gallace, M. Boonen, P. Lieten, D. Bylemans)
Strawberry cultivation on substrate: comparison of a continuous cultivation and a fresh spring planting (E. Braet, J. Simoen, J. Hanssens)
The dynamic characteristics of soil enzyme activity and nematode diversity in replanted strawberry rhizosphere soil (W.H. Li, Q.Z. Liu)
Vegetative and crop responses of strawberry to elevated hill cultivation systems in high latitude conditions (S.T. Karhu, P.K. Parikka)
Six years of strawberry trials in commercial fields demonstrate that an extract of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum improves yield of strawberries (D. Holden, R. Ross)
The effect of nitrogen on fruit shape and production in short day 'Opera' strawberry trayplants (P. Lieten, N. Gallace)
Comparison of manual and automatic irrigation systems in strawberries (A. Ançay, V. Michel, C.A. Baroffio)
Sawdust and bark-based substrates for tray plants strawberry production under greenhouse conditions (C. Depardieu, V. Prémont, C. Boily, J. Caron)
Developing substrate culture strategies for the production of day-neutral strawberries (T. Taghavi, J.-P. Fortin, B.R. Hughes, J. Zandstra, A. Dale, B. Wright)
Analysis of nutrient contents and change rate of the drainage solution in hydroponics of strawberries (H.C. Lee, M.H. Nam, H.S. Kim, W.S. Jang, T.I. Kim, E.M. Lee)
Effects of reducing fertilization and irrigation on strawberry productivity and fruit quality in Verona area (I. Quacquarelli, G. Baruzzi, M. Birolli, A. Bresolin, D. Boscaini, P. Lucchi, S. Magnani, M.L. Maltoni, F. Mirandola, P. Turci, W. Faedi)
Effect of substrate and container type in the strawberry soilless cultivation (F. Massetani, G. Savini, D. Neri)
Physiological performance reflecting in yield and quality of strawberry under vertical soilless culture system (B.N.S. Murthy, F. Karimi, R.H. Laxman)
Tension-based irrigation management and leaching monitoring using electrical conductivity in strawberry production (G. Sauvageau, S. Pepin, C. Depardieu, L. Gendron, L. Anderson, J. Caron)
Programming production potential and harvest spread through fertilisation in 'Elsanta' trayplants (P. Melis, K. Stoffels, M. Vervoort, T. Van Delm)
Effects of fertigation on yield of day-neutral strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) cultivars grown hydroponically in high tunnels (C. Sarraf, L. Gauthier, A. Gosselin, Y. Desjardins)
Effects of runner removal on productivity and plant growth of two day-neutral strawberry cultivars in Ontario, Canada (B.R. Hughes, J. Zandstra, T. Taghavi, A. Dale)
Effect of combined fertilization of NPK on the first inflorescence yield of 'Ningfeng' strawberry (W.J. Cai, M.Z. Zhao, Y. Qian, J. Wang, H.M. Yu, H. Yuan)
Side-dressing fertilization on strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) 'Aromas' at three locations in Huaura Valley - Peru (A. Casas, R. Calle, E. Castillo, D. Aquino, A. Gamboa, P. Gutierrez, D. Leon)
Effects of various calcium nitrate application on ester profiles of some strawberry cultivars (M.A. Sarıdaş, S.P. Kargi, M. Zarifikhosroshahi, E. Kurt, E. Kafkas)
The effects of strawberry bioactive compounds on human health (M. Battino, T.Y. Forbes-Hernandez, M. Gasparrini, S. Afrin, B. Mezzetti, F. Giampieri)
A10-48-3 and A7-32-10, two strawberry selections with well-balanced nutritional and organoleptic quality (A.G. Pérez, R. García-Rodríguez, C. Sanz, A. Refoyo)
Evaluation of vitamin C content in fruit and leaves of different strawberry genotypes (C.F. Zhong, L. Mazzoni, F. Balducci, L. Di Vittori, F. Capocasa, F. Giampieri, B. Mezzetti)
Evaluation of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) Alba sensorial and nutritional quality, and its in vitro effects against human breast cancer cells viability (L. Mazzoni, J.M. Alvarez Suarez, F. Giampieri, M. Gasparrini, T.Y. Forbes Hernandez, B. Mezzetti)
Effects of in vitro gastrointestinal digestion on strawberry polyphenols stability (M.T. Ariza, T.Y. Forbes-Hernandez, F. Giampieri, M. Gasparrini, C. Soria, E. Martínez-Ferri, M. Battino)
The photoprotective effects of strawberry-based cosmetic formulations on human dermal fibroblasts (S. Afrin, T.Y. Forbes-Hernandez, F. Giampieri, M. Battino, M. Gasparrini)
Effects of three genetically-modified strawberry selections on human dermal fibroblasts exposed to AAPH-induced oxidative stress (M. Gasparrini, F. Giampieri, S. Afrin, J.M. Alvarez-Suarez, M. Battino, T.Y. Forbes-Hernandez)
The effect of an enzymatic digestion process on strawberry antioxidant capacity (T.Y. Forbes-Hernandez, M. Gasparrini, S. Afrin, M. Battino, F. Giampieri)
Salt stress induces differential responses in yield, fruit quality, vegetative growth and physiological parameters in commercial (Fragaria × ananassa) and Chilean strawberry (F. chiloensis) genotypes (M. Garriga, P.D.S. Caligari, J.B. Retamales)
Effect of long days and high temperatures in the nursery on the fruit production pattern of the short-day strawberry cultivar 'Gariguette' (J.P. Bosc, F. Massetani)
Induction and floral differentiation in white strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis subsp. chiloensis f. chiloensis) (J. Grez, F. Massetani, D. Neri, M. Gambardella)
Investigations on the chemical composition of cuticular waxes in twelve Fragaria L. genotypes (H. Wagner, M. Riedel, M. Riederer, K. Olbricht)
Physiology of strawberry plants under controlled environment: diurnal change in leaf net photosynthetic rate (K. Garcia, C. Kubota)
Heat before flowering decreases albinism in strawberries (A. Dale, S. Pirgozliev, S. Kermasha)
Selective inflorescence thinning as a tool to improve yield quality of everbearing strawberry (P. Zucchi, P. Martinatti, S. Conci, T. Pantezzi)
Forecasting strawberry yields ('eascape') three weeks in advance: validation and optimisation of a method developed under commercial production conditions in Quebec (P. Deschênes, C. Boivin)
Photoperiod and temperature interaction on inflorescence architecture and receptacle size of everbearing 'Capri' strawberry (P. Zucchi, P. Martinatti, T. Pantezzi, L. Giongo)
Flowering responses of North American strawberry cultivars (K. Garcia, C. Kubota)
Relationship between sugar content and °Brix as influenced by cultivar and ripening stages of strawberry (F. Pistón, A.G. Pérez, C. Sanz, A. Refoyo)
Effects of GA3 on vegetative growth in strawberry (A.F. Fagherazzi, F. Grimaldi, A.A. Kretzschmar, L. Rufato, P. Lucchi, M.L. Maltoni, W. Faedi, G. Baruzzi)
Does nitrate accumulate in strawberry leaves as nutrient nitrate concentration increases? (F. Shafiee, T. Taghavi)
Effect of chilling duration on runner production and vegetative growth of 'Pajaro' strawberry (T. Taghavi, M. Aghajani)
Effect of fruit gas exchange on photosynthate accumulation and fruit growth of strawberries (K. Hidaka, Y. Miyoshi, A. Okamoto, K. Dan, H. Imamura, T. Takayama, D. Yasutake, M. Kitano)
Overcoming climatic limitations: cultivation systems and winter production under assimilation lighting resulting in year-round strawberries (T. Van Delm, K. Stoffels, P. Melis, M. Vervoort, R. Vanderbruggen)
Controlled environment strategies for tipburn management in greenhouse strawberry production (M. Kroggel, C. Kubota)
Covered soilless strawberry production in the field by raised substrate beds (M. Boonen, N. Gallace, D. Bylemans)
Remote sensing as a useful tool in strawberry cultivation (M. Boonen, N. Gallace, S. Delalieux, A. Sima, B. Delauré, D. Bylemans)
Strawberry cultivar performance in high tunnels under sustainable and organic production practices in three climatic regions of Arkansas (M.E. Garcia, T. Ernst, D.T. Johnson, D.A. Dickey)
Use of low tunnels to improve the productivity of day-neutral strawberry plants under the Québec climatic conditions (A. Van Sterthem, Y. Desjardins, L. Gauthier, Y. Medina, A. Gosselin)
Preliminary results on the polyphenol content of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch. 'Florida Fortuna') fruits during ripening (E. Kafkas, S. Kafkas)
Strawberry cultivation in Chinese solar greenhouse with three thermal walls in northern China (H.P. Dai, L. Xue, C.H. Tan, J.J. Lei)
Influence of low tunnels on strawberry production time and yield (V. Laugale, S. Dane, L. Lepse, S. Strautina, I. Kalnina)
Effects of organic substrate reuse on growth and yield of everbearing 'Capri'strawberry (P. Zucchi, C.M.O. Longa, D. Bertoldi, P. Martinatti, T. Pantezzi)
Assessment tool to compare the environmental, economic and social sustainability of strawberry production systems in Quebec (M. Gendron, V. Gravel, O. Carisse)
Weed and pathogen control with steam in California strawberry production (M. Hoffmann, A. Barbella, T. Miller, J. Broome, F. Martin, S. Koike, J. Rachuy, I. Greene, N. Dorn, R. Goodhue, S. Fennimore)
Delizzimo®: development of a sustainable strawberry production system in winter season (G.C.M. Bentvelsen, D. Souillat)
Accomplishments and impacts of the National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative, 2013-2015 (H. Friedrich, C.R. Rom, M.E. Garcia, L. Freeman, R. Rainey, J. Popp)
Yield and fruit quality of strawberry cultivars grown in organic farming in the mid-Adriatic area (F. Capocasa, F. Balducci, C. Martellini, A. Albanesi)
Spreading of diseases in strawberry - legume intercropping (S. Dane, V. Laugale, D. ¿terne, G. Bim¿teine)
'Renaissance' of flavor: portrait of a new European strawberry cultivar (K. Olbricht, U. Gerischer, K. Weiß, D. Ulrich)
Extending shelf life of strawberry using some pre-storage treatments (S. Samadi, A. Ghasemnezhad, J. Imani)
Searching for chemical and sensory parameters for flavor enhancement in strawberry breeding (D. Ulrich, K. Olbricht)
Correlation between phosphorus content and fruit quality in strawberries (Zhihong Zhang, Fei Cao, He Li, Xiaoming Li, Hongyan Dai)
Effect of ethylene on postharvest strawberry fruit tissue biochemistry (F. Elmi, I. Pradas, R. Tosetti, K. Cools, L.A. Terry)
Analysis of aroma compounds in new strawberry advanced genotypes (G. Bianchi, P. Lucchi, M.L. Maltoni, A.F. Fagherazzi, G. Baruzzi)
Fragaria cascadensis K.E. Hummer: first investigation of volatile organic compounds of fruit (D. Ulrich, K. Olbricht, K. Weiß, K.E. Hummer)
Identification and quantification of some fruit quality characteristics of new strawberry cultivars in Turkey (E. Kafkas, D.A. Sönmez, M. Zarifikhosroshahi, M.A. Sarıdaş, S. Paydaş Kargı, E. Kurt)
Identification of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa 'Rubygem') volatiles using various SPME fibres by GC/MS (E. Kafkas, S. Kafkas)
Rapid volatile metabolomics and genomics in large strawberry populations segregating for aroma (C.R. Barbey, K.M. Folta, V.M. Whitaker, S. Verma, J. Bai)
Aroma profiles of organically grown 'Benicia' and 'Albion' strawberries (E. Kafkas, N. Türemiş, B. Bilgili, M. Zarifikhosroshahi, A. Burgut, S. Kafkas)
Integrated approach of powdery mildew control on strawberry cultivar 'Elsanta' in Belgium (P. Melis, K. Stoffels, M. Vervoort, T. Van Delm)
Antifungal effect of Lamiaceae herbs on Fusarium wilt in strawberry (Y. Matsubara, J. Liu, S.I. Haque)
Epidemiology of Erwinia pyrifoliae, a new pathogen on strawberry in The Netherlands (M. Wenneker, M. Bergsma-Vlami, J.J.M. van der Steen)
DNA barcode identification and virulence testing of Phytophthora spp. and Pythium spp. isolated from soil of strawberry fields (A.R. Toljamo, L.J. Granlund, H.I. Kokko)
Protecting fungicide chemistry used in Australian strawberry production for more sustainable control of powdery mildew and leaf blotch (A.O. Gomez, S.W. Mattner, D. Oag, P. Nimmo, M. Milinkovic, O.N. Villalta)
Testing strawberry genotypes for resistance to Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in Queensland (J.M. Neal, H.L. Ko, A.O. Gomez, J. De Faveri, A. Verbyla, R. Mayer, M.E. Herrington)
Possibilities for biological control of red core (Phytophthora fragariae) (P.K. Parikka, M. Vestberg, S.T. Karhu, T. Haikonen, J. Hautsalo)
Evaluation of a new biopesticide against angular leaf spot in a commercial operation system (C. Dubois, G. Arsenault-Labrecque, J. Pickford)
Strawberry germplasm response to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. fragariae under greenhouse conditions, and identification of sources for resistance in Mexico (A.L.A. Mariscal, P.A. Dávalos-Gonzáles, A.E. Jofre-Garfias, M.D. Ávila)
Integrated control of strawberry powdery mildew (A.M. Hall, X. Jin)
Strawberry cultivar and breeding lines susceptibility to Phytophthora crown and root rot in Huelva (Spain) (C. Borrero, A. Refoyo, C. Sanz, M. Avilés)
Crown rot in strawberry caused by Pestalotiopsis (W. Van Hemelrijck, A. Ceustermans, J. Van Campenhout, P. Lieten, D. Bylemans)
Isolation and expression profiling of FaCERK1 during Colletotrichum gloeosporioides infection of strawberry plants (Mengmeng Chen, Feng Wang, Zhiheng Liu, Junfan Fu, Zhihong Zhang, Yue Ma)
The occurrence and control to strawberry anthracnose in China (C.H. Wang, Z.T. Jiang, R.J. Huang, G.C. Shi, P.P. Wang, L. Xue)
Advances in characterization and epidemiology of strawberry viruses and phytoplasmas in Argentina (V.C. Conci, C.E. Luciani, M.C. Merino, M.G. Celli, M.C. Perotto, A.K. Torrico, E. Pozzi, G. Strumia, A.C. Dughetti, F. Asinari, L.R. Conci, F.D. Fernandez, S.M. Salazar, N.G. Meneguzzi, D.S. Kirschbaum)
Biological control of root pathogens in strawberry cultivation in tunnel (S. Khalil, B. Svensson)
A hybrid state space modelling study on effects of cultivation management on biological pest control for strawberry plants (I. Zamani, M. Hosseini Farahi)
Silicon location in strawberry plants to improve resistance to powdery mildew (Podosphaera aphanis) (Y.P. Sun, A.M. Hall, Y.J. Huang, B. Liu)
Current spotted wing drosophila IPM tactics and their practical implementation in berry crops in Switzerland (M. Dorsaz, F. Kuonen, C.A. Baroffio)
Thrips control with predatory mites A. limonicus and A. swirskii in different strawberry cultivation systems (M. Vervoort, P. Melis, J. Hanssens, S. Craeye, M. Pisman, G. Smagghe, R. Clymans, T. Beliën)
Toxicity of erythritol, a sugar alcohol and food additive, to Drosophila suzukii (Matsumara) (J. Goffin, N. Gallace, N. Berkvens, H. Casteels, M. De Ro, D. Bylemans, T. Beliën)
Pupation depth of spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) and effects of field sanitation in Florida strawberries (J.M. Renkema, S. Devkota)
Damage and potential of fungus gnat as a Fusarium vector in the strawberry plants in Korea (M.H. Nam, H.S. Kim, M.S. Park, T.I. Kim, E.M. Lee, H.G. Kim)
Matching commercial thrips predating phytoseids with the highly diversified climatic conditions of different strawberry production systems (R. Clymans, H. Trekels, M. Boonen, S. Craeye, J. Hanssens, G. Smagghe, M. Vervoort, P. Melis, D. Bylemans, T. Beliën)
Development and performance of soil-less systems for strawberry transplant production in Australia (M. Milinkovic, S.W. Mattner, L.T. House, F.C. Greenhalgh)
Genetic stability of 'Festival' and 'Rubigem' cultivars in different subcultures by SSR markers (D. Ayvaz-Sönmez, S. Kafkas)
Effects of NaCl and NaHCO3 stress on the growth of in vitro culture seedlings of Fragaria × ananassa Duch. (X. Zhao, G. Li, L.J. Li, P.P. Hu, H.C. Zhou)
Delizz®: development of a strawberry product concept for the consumer gift market (G.C.M. Bentvelsen, D. Souillat)
Productivity of strawberry plants growing under dry and wet conditions in subtropical Queensland (C.M. Menzel, L.A. Smith, J.A. Moisander)
Strawberry growing in Turkey: current status and future prospects (E. Kafkas)
Strawberry cultivation in southern Punjab Pakistan (I.A. Rajwana, K. Razzaq, S.B. Hussain, M. Amin, A.S. Khan, A.U. Malik)
Challenges and opportunities for early strawberry production in Greece: incorporating new cultivars in the production system (E. Tsormpatsidis, E. Vysini, T. Papanikolopoulos)
Strategies to increase strawberry competitiveness among fruit growers, marketers and consumers in Kenya (M. Mwangi, A. Egesa, F. Matheri)
Smallholder farmers' logic to promote strawberry value chain in the rural Commune of Tsiafahy, Analamanga Régions, Antananarivo (R. Randrianarison, H.F. Ranaivoarisoa, N.L. Rabibisoa, L.A. Rasamimanana, S. Ramananarivo, R. Ramananarivo)
Strawberry production progress in Brazil (A.F. Fagherazzi, F. Grimaldi, A.A. Kretzschmar, A.R. Molina, M.A. Gonçalves, L.E.C. Antunes, G. Baruzzi, L. Rufato)
Growth and production patterns of strawberries grown in the Atlantic coast of Argentina (D.S. Kirschbaum, E.G.A. Adlercreutz, N. Gariglio)
Strawberry in South America: from the Caribbean to Patagonia (D.S. Kirschbaum, C.E. Vicente, M.A. Cano-Torres, M. Gambardella, F.K. Veizaga-Pinto, L.E.C. Antunes)

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