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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1150

VIII International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops

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Convener   J. Marsal 
Editors   J. Marsal, J. Girona 
25 January 2017 
ISBN   978-94-62611-45-0 
ISSN   0567-7572 (print)   2406-6168 (electronic) 
Number of articles   71 
Place   Lleida, Spain 
Online articles:
Estimation of olive evapotranspiration using multispectral and thermal sensors placed aboard an unmanned aerial vehicle (S. Ortega-Farías, S. Ortega-Salazar, T. Poblete, C. Poblete-Echeverría, M. Zúñiga, D. Sepúlveda-Reyes, A. Kilic, R. Allen)
Are simple empirical crop coefficient approaches for determining pecan water use readily transferrable across a wide range of conditions? (N.J. Taylor, J.G. Annandale, N.A. Ibraimo, J.M. Steyn, M.B. Gush)
Calibration and validation of the Penman-Monteith model for estimating evapotranspiration of an orange orchard in semi-arid region (A. Ayyoub, S. Khabba, S. Er-Raki, O. Merlin, A. Bahlaoui)
Comparing evapotranspiration rates estimated from atmospheric flux, soil water balance and FAO56 method in a small orange orchard in Tunisia (R. Zitouna-Chebbi, I. Mahjoub, I. Mekki, N. Ben Mechlia)
Measurement and modelling of water use by high yielding apple orchards and orchards of different age groups in the winter rainfall areas of South Africa (S. Dzikiti, M.B. Gush, N.J. Taylor, T. Volschenk, S. Midgley, E. Lötze, M. Schmeisser, Q. Doko)
Modified TOMGRO outputs as guide factors to estimate evapotranspiration and water use efficiency of three tomato fresh cultivars, grown in a low-tech Italian glasshouse (P. Battista, B. Rapi, A. Raschi, M. Romani, D. Massa, G. Carmassi, C. Diara, L. Incrocci, A. Pardossi)
A new irrigation controller to improve water use in the hard ornamental nursery stock industry in Italy (L. Incrocci, G. Incrocci, P. Marzialetti, A. Ieri, M. Biondi, S. Landi, A. Castellano, A. Manes, A. Pardossi)
Energy balance components and evapotranspiration measurements over a superintensive olive orchard (R. López-Olivari, S. Ortega-Farías, C. Poblete-Echeverría)
Grapevine crop coefficient (Kc) determined by surface renewal method at different phenological periods (C. Poblete-Echeverría, D. Sepúlveda-Reyes, M. Zúñiga, S. Ortega-Farías)
Integrating new technologies into the effective planning of irrigation schedules towards efficient water use and minimum loss (Y.A. Al-Mulla, S. Siddiqi, I. McCann, M. Belhaj, H. Al-Busaidi)
The timing of irrigation modifies the sensitivity to water stress of plant water indices derived from trunk diameter fluctuation in extra early nectarine trees (A. Pérez-Pastor, J.M. de la Rosa, M.R. Conesa, R. Domingo)
The fruit as a potential indicator of plant water status in apple (B. Morandi, F. Boselli, A. Boini, L. Manfrini, L. Corelli)
Analyzing the effect of environmental conditions on vineyard eco-systemic water use efficiency under semi-arid field conditions (C. Balbontín, I. Campos, N. Franck, A. Calera)
Estimation of stem water potential in drip-irrigated peach trees (I. Abrisqueta, W. Conejero, M.F. Ortuño, M. Valdés-Vela, J. Vera, M.C. Ruiz-Sánchez)
Usefulness of the ZIM-probe technology for detecting water stress in clementine and persimmon trees (C. Ballester, M. Castiella, U. Zimmermann, S. Rüger, M.A. Martínez Gimeno, D.S. Intrigliolo)
Water relations in almond trees under moderate water deficits (M. Espadafor, V. González-Dugo, F. Orgaz, L. Testi, M. López, E. Fereres)
Water stress indicators and stress functions to calculate soil water depletion in deficit irrigated grapevine and kiwi (M.I. Ferreira, N. Conceição, A.C. Malheiro, J.M. Silvestre, R.M. Silva)
Physiological responses of 'Arbequina' olive trees to summer deficit irrigation (A. Centeno, M. Gómez-del-Campo)
Water availability effect on gas exchanges and on phenology of 'Cabula' orange (C.R.M. de Oliveira, P.C. Mello-Farias, D.S.C. de Oliveira, A.L.S. Chaves, F.G. Herter)
Assessing irrigation scheduling by FAO method using soil-plant atmosphere water stress indicators on four orange cultivars (I. Mahjoub, R. Zitouna-Chebbi, I. Mekki, N. Ben Mechlia)
Evaluation of deep percolation in irrigated citrus orchards in the semi-arid region of Tensift Al Haouz, Morocco (H. Nassah, S. Er-Raki, S. Khabba, Y. Fakir, J. Ezzahar, L. Hanich, O. Merlin)
Plant-soil approach for irrigation scheduling of mango trees in the Sultanate of Oman (S.A. Al Jabri, R.A. Al Yahyai)
Water stress assessment at tree scale: high-resolution thermal UAV imagery acquisition and processing (D. Gómez-Candón, J. Torres-Sanchez, S. Labbé, A. Jolivot, S. Martinez, J.L. Regnard)
In-field assessment of grapevine water status using a portable NIR spectrophotometer (J. Fernández-Novales, S. Gutiérrez, J. Tardaguila, B. Millan, M.P. Diago)
Optimization of irrigation schemes in 'Conference' pear orchards using Worldview-2 multispectral imagery (P. Janssens, W. Odeurs, A. Elsen, W. Verjans, T. Deckers, J. Van Beek, L. Tits, P. Coppin, D. Bylemans, H. Vandendriessche)
Estimation of water requirements for a drip-irrigated apple orchard using Landsat 7 satellite images (D. de la Fuente-Sáiz, S. Ortega-Farías, S. Ortega-Salazar, M. Carrasco-Benavides, A. Kilic, R. Allen)
Analysis of crop water stress index (CWSI) for estimating stem water potential in grapevines: comparison between natural reference and baseline approaches (C. Poblete-Echeverría, D. Espinace, D. Sepúlveda-Reyes, M. Zúñiga, M. Sanchez)
Precise sustainable irrigation: a review of soil-plant-atmosphere monitoring (J. Vera, I Abrisqueta, W. Conejero, M.C. Ruiz-Sánchez)
Thermal remote sensing measurements as a tool to monitor evaporation/transpiration in vineyards (J.M. Sanchez, R. López-Urrea, J. Cuxart, A. Montoro, V. Caselles, F. De la Cruz, C. Dona, L. Martinez)
Water application for optimum yield, quality, and mineral partitioning in apples under different irrigation systems (E. Fallahi, B. Fallahi, M. Kiester, S. Mahdavi, B. Shafii)
Drought water management: an Australian perspective (I. Goodwin, M.G. O¿Connell)
The effect of irrigation regime on histological parameters of Japanese plum fruits ('Angeleno') (C. Gennai, M.H. Prieto, F. Blanco-Cipollone, R. Gucci, H.F. Rapoport)
Effect of supplementary irrigation at high ambient temperatures on sunburn, plant physiology, soil and canopy environment of ‘Granny Smith’ apple (G. Mupambi, M. Schmeisser, E. Lötze, C. Malan, S. Dzikiti, W.J. Steyn)
Precision irrigation management of apple with an apple-specific Penman-Monteith model (T.L. Robinson, A.N. Lakso, J. Lordan, P. Francescatto, D. Dragoni, A.T. DeGaetano, K. Eggleston)
Deficit irrigation of almond trees did not decrease yield (D.P. Monks, C. Taylor, K. Sommer, M.T. Treeby)
Deficit irrigation during oil synthesis period did not affect vegetative growth and return bloom in olive tree ('Arbequina') (H. Rodríguez-Marrero, C. Ruiz, P. Junquera, E.R. Trentacoste, A. Hueso, M. Gómez-del-Campo)
The effect of the timing of water deficit on yield components and oil quality of olive trees (G. Caruso, C. Gennai, R. Gucci, S. Esposto, A. Taticchi, S. Urbani, M. Servili)
Does irrigation method affect both root physiology and orchard ecology? (E. Xylogiannis, A. Sofo, A.N. Mininni, G. Montanaro, B. Dichio)
Evapotranspiration measured in a traditional rainfed and an irrigated intensive olive orchard during a year of hydrological drought (N. Conceição, M. Häusler, S. Lourenço, C. Pacheco, L. Tezza, M.I. Ferreira)
The effect of some soil properties on nutrient movement in sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) leaves (V. Pole, D. Feldmane, S. Ruisa, M. Butac)
Response of 'Flame Seedless' vines to different levels of irrigation water in the Aconcagua Valley, Chile (C. Zuñiga, C. Aspillaga, R. Ferreyra, G. Selles)
Effect of one-time olive-mill waste water application on yield and water relations of olive trees (A. Tubeileh, M. Abdeen)
Subsurface insert irrigation is more efficient for soil moisture conservation in olive groves (A. Tubeileh, A. Bruggeman, F. Turkelboom)
The effect of some soil properties on nutrient movement in sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) leaves (V. Pole, D. Feldmane, S. Ruisa, M. Butac)
Water productivity in fruit trees orchards under water scarcity (M. Ghrab, M.M. Masmoudi, N. Ben Mechlia)
Response of avocado postharvest life to irrigation regimes in 'Hass' (Persea americana) (R. Ferreyra, B. Defilippi, G. Selles, J. Saavedra)
Nitrogen use efficiency of processing tomato under deficit irrigation in semi-arid climate (C. Patanè, A. Pellegrino, A. Saita)
High-throughput phenotyping of an apple core collection: identification of genotypes with high water use efficiency (G. Lopez, B. Pallas, S. Martinez, P.E. Lauri, J.L. Regnard, C.E. Durel, E. Costes)
The use of local promising almond cultivars as an adaptation strategy against water scarcity (P. Losciale, L. Gaeta)
Seasonal irrigation volumes and water footprint in a Mediterranean peach orchard (E. Xylogiannis, S. Green, B. Dichio, G. Montanaro, B. Clothier)
Characterization of 'Valencia' orange peel maturation: effect of water stress and growth regulators (S. Alam-Eldein, G. Albrigo, E. Etxeberria, J. Burns, R. Rouseff, A. Tubeileh)
Sustainable irrigation and nitrogen management of fertigated vegetable crops (R.B. Thompson, L. Incrocci, W. Voogt, A. Pardossi, J.J. Magán)
Adaptation of VegSyst model to open air lettuce crops to be used in a decision support system (C. Giménez, T. García-López, E.M. Suárez-Rey, M. Gallardo, C.O. Stöckle)
Water relations of asparagus crop under different water supply and implications for plant-based irrigation scheduling (J. Zinkernagel, K. Kahlen)
Increased plant quality and water savings in Pelargonium × hortorum in response to reduced irrigation frequency (R.K.A. Boyle, M. McAinsh, I.C. Dodd)
Using sensor networks to maximize irrigation water use efficiency in strawberry production (B.E. Belayneh, J.D. Lea-Cox)
Long-term effect of irrigation with saline reclaimed water on adult mandarin trees (E. Nicolás, J.F. Maestre-Valero, F. Pedrero, O. Mounzer, P.A. Nortes, C. Romero-Trigueros, J.M. Bayona, R. Alcobendas, J.J. Alarcón)
Effects of applied water amounts and trellis/training system on grapevine water relations, berry characteristics, productivity and wine composition of ‘Cabernet Sauvignon’ (L.E. Williams, H. Heymann)
Effects of water regime on vine performance and quality of 'Sublima Seedless' table grape covered with plastic films (L. Tarricone, L. de Palma, E. Schettini, D. Di Gennaro, A.M. Amendolagine, G. Gentilesco, G. Vox)
Evaluation of deficit irrigation strategies for Vitis labruscana 'Concord' in central Washington (J.E. Stout, J.R. Davenport)
Grapevines hydraulic diversity – a critical consideration for irrigation management? (U. Hochberg, A. Degu, A. Fait, S. Rachmilevitch)
Different irrigation regimes affect xylem ABA concentrations and the physical berry quality of table grapes at harvest and during postharvest life (A. Pérez-Pastor, M.R. Conesa, J.M. de la Rosa, R. Domingo, I.C. Dodd, F. Artés-Hernández)
Effects of an early-summer drought stress on leaf photosynthesis, growth and yields of grapevine in mountain conditions (A. Wenter, D. Zanotelli, L. Montagnani, M. Tagliavini, C. Andreotti)
Vineyard trellis system orientation and inclination effects on water use efficiency and productivity of potted and field-grown grapevines (I. Buesa, G. Caccavello, M.C. Merli, H. Puerto, A. Ruiz-Canales, J.M. Molina, D.S. Intrigliolo)
Tools for management of irrigation in vineyards: an approach to farmers (J.J. Cancela, B.J. Rey, M. Fandiño, E.M. Martínez, C.M. Lopes, R. Egipto, J.M. Silvestre)
Different behaviour of two grapevine cultivars under similar irrigation management (A. Montoro, E. Valdés, M. Vilanova, D. Moreno, K. Serrano, R. Salinas, F. Mañas, L. Sánchez-Felipe, R. López-Urrea)
Grape and wine quality of Vitis vinifera 'Nero di Troia' in response to moderate deficit irrigation (L. Tarricone, V. Alba, D. Di Gennaro, A.M. Amendolagine, G. Gentilesco, G. Masi)
Effects of timing of water deficit induction on 'Doña Blanca' white grapevine under semi-arid growing conditions of south-western Spain (D. Uriarte, L.A. Mancha, D. Moreno, M.A. Bejarano, E. Valdés, I. Talaverano, M.H. Prieto)
Water stress integral as indicator of grape quality and yield parameters in a 'Carménère' vineyard with regulated deficit irrigation (M. Zúñiga, C. Poblete-Echeverría, C. Riveros, S. Ortega-Farías)
Demonstrated benefits of using sensor networks for automated irrigation control in nursery and greenhouse production systems (J.D. Lea-Cox, B.E. Belayneh, J. Majsztrik, A.G. Ristvey, E. Lichtenberg, M.W. van Iersel, M. Chappell, W.L. Bauerle, G. Kantor, D. Kohanbash, T. Martin, L. Crawford)
Can crop coefficients improve the economics of irrigated crops? (E. Guerra, F. Ventura, D. Viaggi, R.L. Snyder)

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