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ISHS Acta Horticulturae 1141: III International Conference on Fresh-Cut Produce: Maintaining Quality and Safety

Simulation studies for export of minimally processed durian by air shipment to Hong Kong

Authors:   R. Nur Azlin, M.N. Latifah, A. Siti Aisyah, M. Pauziah, M.Z. Zaipun, M. Nurul Adibah, M.Y. Zainab, M. Hairiyah, M. Habsah, M. Razali, O. Zaulia, G. Nur Syafini, C.L.Y. Joanna, O. Nur Alisha
Keywords:   durian 'Mousang King', packing system, polypropylene, microbiology, quality
DOI:   10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1141.35
A simulation study for export of minimally processed durian by air shipment to Hong Kong was conducted using newly dropped 'Mousang King' durian. Two packing systems were evaluated, using (A) square polypropylene (PP) containers (110110mm) with seal packing at 200 g pack-1 and (B) rectangular PP containers (185125mm) with shrink wrapping at 400 g pack-1. All samples were stored at -18C for 5 weeks. Following that, samples were transferred to 2C for 7 days to simulate retail conditions in Hong Kong. Physical changes (colour and visual appearance), chemical changes (total soluble solids) and sensory acceptance were observed daily. Microbial counts (yeasts and moulds, total coliforms, mesophilic aerobes) were also monitored to relate to product safety. Minimally processed durian in both packing systems (A and B) maintained its quality until the end of the 7 days of storage, as noted by only slight variations in chemical and physical data. However, there were significant differences in microbial counts, as minimally processed durian packed in square PP containers with seal packing (A) showed lowered counts of microbial aerobes as compared with packing using shrink wrap (B). Total coliforms, yeasts and moulds also showed similar findings. Thus, the results revealed that the smaller packing system using seal packing was more suitable for packing minimally processed durian for export by air shipment to Hong Kong.

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